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“Fukuyama tourist product fair” will be held at the Hiroshima brand shop TAU! Holding period: Saturday, March 11, 2017, Sunday the 12th

“Fukuyama tourist product fair” will be held at the Hiroshima brand shop TAU! Holding period: Saturday, March 11, 2017, Sunday the 12th

Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which attracts attention as Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU (Tatou) as a place related to the end of Edo era / Restoration, will hold “Fukuyama Tourist Fair”. Fukuyama’s tasty products will be gathered at Ginza’s Hiroshima brand shop TAU for a limited time! In this fair, besides the Fukuyama brand recognition product, tea using tea using “Fisher of Daiei of Toraya” sticking to the long-established store of Fukuyama, fishery processed products using shrimp and olive in the Seto Inland Sea, the flower of the city “rose” Candy etc. are sold. 【Outline of Fukuyama tourism product fair】 1 period: Saturday, March 11 – Sunday 12 th (Sunday) 2017

Tokyu Plaza Ginza launches campaign 1 year anniversary campaign Spring is celebrating the 1st anniversary of “BLOOMING DAYS 1st ANNIVERSARY”, develops events and special projects on the theme of “BLOOM”.

  The installation “BLOOM DANCE” where about 6,000 petals dance in the large spill space appears on the 6th floor “KIRIKO LOUNGE”! · March 15 (Wednesday) – April 7 (Fri) “BLOOM DANCE” (Installation) · March 15 (Wednesday) 18: 00 ~ / 19: 30 ~ “BLOOMING DAYS Opening Act” (Dance Performance) Tokyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Uemura) and Tokyu Land Management SC Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato- ku, Tokyo; President: Kazushi Sato) announced that “Tokyu Plaza Ginza” On March 1 (Wednesday) – April 7 (Friday), we will hold a campaign “BLOOMING DAYS 1st ANNIVERSARY TOKYU PLAZA GINZA” with the theme of “BLOOM” We will carry out.

A limited-time bars appearing where you can enjoy authentic plum wine “The CHOYA”! “The CHOYA BAR GINZA” opened in commemoration of the first anniversary of release – Wednesday, March 8, 2017, until March 18 (Sat)

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the release of the authentic plum wine “The CHOYA” released on March 8, 2016, Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Shigehiro Kimuro, hereinafter referred to as Choiya) “The CHOYA BAR Ginza” will be opened in Tokyo, Ginza from Wednesday, August 8th to Saturday, March 18th. “The CHOYA BAR GINZA” is a place where you can experience the charm of The CHOYA, including the world’s first gold medal of ISC (International Spirits · Challenge) “The CHOYA AGED 3 YEARS” as plum wine, We planned to send The CHOYA from the world to the world. During the period, we also prepared an

Finally to Tokyo! Kitakyushu City comic book Museum the Kitakyushu City Kyoto traveling exhibition at the Office! 3/31/2017 (Friday)

Kitakyushu City comic book museum boasts a Kitakyushu City with cartoon has produced more than 50 prominent cartoonist for a limited time in Kitakyushu City Beijing Office, traveling exhibits! Contents welcome introduction of Kitakyushu City comic book Museum, Ryo and Kaori! Yukari writer library (in fact you can read), “City Hunter” Memorial for Panel and past planning exhibition poster collection, Kitakyushu international cartoon contest, (yonkoma manga contest) award-winning exhibition, it is a lot! Kitakyushu City capital moved to Yurakucho, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 10/2016 offices at the sunflower terrace currently conducts traveling exhibition of Kitakyushu City comic book Museum. Kitakyushu City is Reiji Matsumoto, has produced more than 50 prominent cartoonist

Tempur® Ginza showroom, Fukuoka showroom renewal open!

Once again, Tempur, Sealy, Japan (representative: Kim Mortensen head office: Chuo-ku, Kobe) is a flagship store in Ginza showroom 2/16 (Thursday), Fukuoka showroom 3/2 (Thursday) renewal open. Redesigned the toys store concept Tempur® Ginza showroom 4/2008, Tempur (R) Fukuoka showroom was opened in 1/2011 and has been patronized as a showroom to bring sleep, Scandinavian style, with all five senses, but renewed suggests the sleep technology pioneer along the needs of our customers. Tempur® name to the world known became damp pillow “original NEC pilot’ and futon, mattress, beds, Tempur® products are stocked in the lineup. We have the Tempur® “sleep consultants” qualified professional staff to the showroom. It’s a

三井不動産グループの新ホテルブランド 『ザ セレスティンホテルズ』誕生 ~滞在そのものが目的となる「デスティネーション型ホテル」~

『ホテル ザ セレスティン京都祇園』2017年 9月 7日(木)開業 『ホテル ザ セレスティン銀座』  2017年10月 5日(木)開業   三井不動産株式会社および株式会社三井不動産ホテルマネジメントは、このたび、新ホテルブランド『ザ セレスティンホテルズ』を開発し、第1号として『ホテル ザ セレスティン京都祇園』を2017年 9月7日(木)に開業し、続いて『ホテル ザ セレスティン銀座』を2017年10月5日(木)に開業することを決定いたしましたので、お知らせいたします。   当社グループで開発・運営する『ザ セレスティンホテルズ』は、施設の滞在そのものを旅の目的として いただける「デスティネーション型ホテル」を目指します。新規開業する「京都祇園」・「銀座」両ホテルは、2017年 2月3日(金)より宿泊予約の受付を開始いたします。     <新ホテルブランドおよび各ホテルの特長> 新ホテルブランド『ザ セレスティンホテルズ』 ・優れた観光資源を有し、地域を象徴する文化・歴史性が深いロケーションにおいて、日本ならではの心配りあるおもてなし、まるで「第2の我が家」のように寛げる空間、その土地ならではの滞在体験を提供   『ホテル ザ セレスティン京都祇園』  ・京都東山エリア・八坂通に面した情緒溢れる閑静な立地、祇園、清水寺、鴨川等も近接 ・日本の伝統や京の風景を現代に置き換えたデザイン、「東山」「八坂」を冠したコンセプトルーム   『ホテル ザ セレスティン銀座』  ・銀座のメインストリートに面しながらも、街の喧騒とは対照的なプライベート感のある上質な滞在空間 ・ホテル最上階には、「ひとの温かみを感じていただけるレストラン」を掲げる「Casita(カシータ)」が銀座初出店

KOJI WATANABE STYLE (STIL) ‘ 17 spring summer fashion show

KOJI WATANABE STYLE Paris brand “KOJI WATANABE” the new fashion show free invitation This time, KOJI WATANABE STYLE (STIL) ‘ 17 spring summer fashion show will be held. Come Modello King’s salon show live to enjoy please blot. * We wish [RESERVATION] corgewatanabe stil ‘ enter necessary information 17 spring summer collection attendance form. Further, an invitation card we can send. We will forward our. ♦ KOJI WATANABE STYLE ‘ 17 SPRING and SUMMER Collection == Élégance Nouvelle ♦ Re: 2/18/2017 (Saturday) show start A.M.11:00 P.M.3:00 (Accepted to be from before the show starts 30 minutes) ♦ Venue: corgeatrie Salon 6-5-1-3 floor Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tel.03-3571-4385 Attn: Oikawa

Fragrance professionals to scent your dating help you high-end perfume shop opened in Ginza,!

Perfume total import sales representative, Riverside co., Ltd. fragrance Division new business outlets in the Ginza flagship store “Profvmi di GINZA (Ginza prohm di)” 2/1/2017 (Wednesday) to open the. “Invisible to the eye. Not to sound too. Simple words cannot express. Faith, grace, kindness, peace of mind… ” Profvmi di GINZA (Ginza prohm di), is a place like that smell. Unexpanded as selective shop high end perfume carefully selected from around the world, including Italy, everyone once they’ve heard of the brands of domestic lines and related items, fragrance professionals can assist dating your scent. With a Black Interior, arches of wood and light accents, luxury and high quality special

2 days of 2/2/2017 (Thursday) and 3, (Friday)! Hope the revival of Kumamoto, Kumamoto fresh city first held at Ginza station!

Tokyo Metro (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: secret light), Kumamoto Prefecture last year suffered extensive damage by the Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction assistance purposes, 2/2/2017 (Thursday), 3, (Friday), in Ginza station Hibiya line Concourse to the city, Kumamoto fresh inaugural and the Kumamoto Prefecture products and promoting tourism. Featured Strawberry and typical products of Kumamoto Prefecture sake, noodles, sweets and drinks. Venue in Kumamoto Prefecture and head of “bear Mont” and Tokyo Metro area supporting character performs first co-star, featured products and Kumamoto prefectural tourist PR “station Yukino Michi?”. In addition the Kumamoto Electric Railway Co., Ltd. original goods are sold in special. I look forward to your visit in our. “Fresh

Traditional handicraft “Kaga yubinuki” learn together “Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-silk Kaleidoscope final volume-” 1/23 from the (Monday) held in Yurakucho, Tokyo see Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan”

Do the activities of the arts and crafts of Kanazawa tradition “Kaga yubinuki” “connected to Kaga yubinuki” (presider: Yasuko stone) at the 1/2017-28, (Saturday) 6 days, yuraku-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 2f Gallery, arts and crafts “Kaga yubinuki” together “Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-silk Kaleidoscope final volume-” held. • Board of Kaga yubinuki results:   ♦ result Board, presided over by stone Yasuko, lecturer, along with 230 people, as well as Kanazawa, Yoshinobu Onishi, works of Noriko teacher, Nagoya and SANAE yokoi, Koyama, Ayako Terashima “Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-silk Kaleidoscope final volume-“, result of stone Yasuko result Association members and presided over by the lecturer with 230 people,