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See METRO MUSIC OASIS vol.68-2017 tsugaru-jamisen Melody ~ “held 1/24/2017 (Tuesday) Ginza station concourse (Ginza OASIS)

See METRO MUSIC OASIS vol.68-2017 tsugaru-jamisen Melody ~ “held 1/24/2017 (Tuesday) Ginza station concourse (Ginza OASIS)

Tokyo Metro (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: secret light), with thanks to everyday use, 1/24/2017 (Tuesday) at Ginza station concourse (Ginza OASIS) music stage “METRO MUSIC OASIS vol.68(Metro music OASIS 68)-2017 tsugaru-jamisen Melody ~” will be held. Metro music oasis in the current fiscal year, from the summer Olympic Games held year by world travel through the music, theme, music from around the world from Ginza OASIS delivers. The 6th Japan will travel in music. In the tsugaru-jamisen traditional music performers ‘Show three”, will enjoy the bouncy sounds of the shamisen. show press Show three is a Tsugaru shamisen unit by katsu Aki Sawada and Sawada win Mr. Sawada style masu.

【Christmas Grand Night Presented by Ginza Grand Hotel】”Christmas Dinner” at NORTHERN TERRACE DINER TOKYO

【Christmas Grand Night Presented by Ginza Grand Hotel】 “Christmas Dinner” at NORTHERN TERRACE DINER TOKYO NORTHERN TERRACE DINER TOKYO, located in Ginza Grand Hotel, offers Special Christmas Dinner from Tuesday December 22 to Friday December 25, 2015. The full course dinner consists of six dishes made with selected ingredients such as king crabs, foie gras, lobsters, and Yezo-shika deer meat that has smooth texture and great flavor. It, of course, comes with a great dessert that is Japanese style foret noire. The restaurant also offers Christmas Lunch from Saturday December 19 to Friday December 25, 2015. In addition to the regular salad bar of selected vegetables in season, it proudly offers

【Yurakucho Mullion Winter Illumination 2015】

The area in front of “Mullion Clock” will be decorated with beautiful illuminations! From Saturday November 28, 2015 to Sunday February 14, 2016, Yurakucho Mullion offers the beautiful “Winter Illumination” to welcome customers. The illuminated columns and gate offers beautiful effects featuring the champagne-gold-color lights. The illuminations not only light up the building but also make all the people walking around the building feel happy. The lighting ceremony is scheduled to be held at 6PM on Sat. Nov. 28, and it offers a free gospel concert performed by Le Velvets! Yurakucho Mullion celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, and it is proud of having been the landmark located between Ginza

Ginza Mitsukoshi Italian Foods Fair: La Fiera Della Cucina Italiana

This event offers a variety of delicious Italian foods and drinks available; such as, Napoli’s Sfogliatella, authentic Roman style pizza, flavorful espresso, Italian wines including Franciacorta, and pasta dishes of Ristorante Aroma-fresca which is one of popular Italian restaurants in Ginza. There are stylish dining tables and chairs (Cassina, etc.) available for visitors to enjoy purchased foods and drinks! 【Period】Wednesday October 21 – Tuesday October 27, 2015 【Venue】7th Floor, Ginza Mitsukoshi 【URL】

8/3 aroma and pleasure and Yikes Enoteca wine Ginza store special collaboration project 

Actually using natural aroma fragrance for various aroma that can be felt from the wine, will be held deeply learn the “aroma” event to be linked with the aroma of wine. On the day, wine five (white three, red two) while tasting the fragrance of the system will enjoy the combined (citrus, floral-based, such as the seven strains Woody system).   Maker of the dissemination of natural aroma fragrance compounding, Ltd. aroma Rose (Location: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 2-2-15-1302, Representative Director: Izaki Manami), the “aroma and pleasure Yikes Enoteca Ginza special collaboration wine planning, it will start to August 3, 2014 (Monday).     【Background】 The wine and aroma fragrance, there

8/2 46th Holiday Promenade “Ginbura in yukata 2015” [Matsuya events in Ginza]

■ Date: August 2 (Sun) 13:00 to 16:00 ■ Venue: Ginza Chuo-dori (Matsuya Ginza “rooftop Soratoniwa GINZA”) every year, will be held in the center of the Ginza Chuo-dori, is an event to enjoy wearing a yukata. [Matsuya events in Ginza]   · Fair … fair appeared on the roof Soratoniwa GINZA, I enjoy, such as yo-yo and shooting. Yukata free dressing service … yukata but there for anyone who wants how to wear do not know, free dressing in the first arrival 70 people limited. – At the Matsuya Ginza × camera Kitamura “yukata Photo Service” … the first floor central elevator beside special space, 10:00 to 20:00, the

Brand watches specialty store “Ginza NJ time” an open net Japan unique high-end watch the popular and large success in Ginza 4-chome

Precious metals bullion Diamond jewelry, watches, gold craft general trading company, Ltd. Japan net of (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Chairman of the Board: Yoshizawa Toshiyuki, President: Takashi Endo) is, we operate brand watches specialty store “Ginza NJ time” the July 24, 2015 (gold), and Japan not only Ginza 4-chome intersection immediate area of attention from people around the world (Tokyo Ginza, Chuo-ku, 4-4-13 we first opened in 琉映 building). URL: Store in a space of more than 130m2, 1 floor sales floor showroom, the second floor is business talk space. As a central customer base, domestic not only consumers, including the wealthy, including those overseas, we have assumed the foreign visitors