Announcement of the 17th “shiseido art egg” exhibition

Shiseido Gallery will be exhibiting works by Maki Hayashida and Zai Nomura who were selected for the 17th "shiseido art egg" from January 30th (Tuesday) to May 26th (Sunday), 2024. We are holding a solo exhibition of three artists: Zai Nomura and Hirotoshi Iwasaki.

《What is “shiseido art egg”》
"Shiseido Art Egg" is an open recruitment program by Shiseido to support up-and-coming artists.It provides an opportunity for solo exhibitions to artists who stimulate people's sensibilities and diverse values, and expand the possibilities of new beauty. . Since its inception in 2006, a total of 48 selected artists (groups) have held solo exhibitions, and their range of activities has continued to expand ever since.

《17th selection artists and highlights》
This time, the 17th time, three people were selected from a total of 351 applications: Maki Hayashida, Zai Nomura, and Hirotoshi Iwasaki. The key points in the judging were whether the entries looked at today's world from a unique perspective, earnestly faced the anxieties and difficulties of the times, and expressed new values and aesthetics from this perspective. Hayashida explores the possibilities of photography as a new form of art, focusing on the real world. Nomura views the ever-changing information media from a unique perspective and questions the nature of human beings and the way we exist. With the theme of remembrance, Iwasaki uses rotoscoping to explore the possibilities of animation as an artistic expression.

The three selected artists worked on their works while deepening their themes and expressions with the support of curators, and each of them put together a solo exhibition, which was divided into three periods: 1st (Hayashida), 2nd (Nomura), and 3rd. (Iwasaki) will be the next speaker. The works, which confront undeniable changes in preconceived notions and customs, and give a sense of the future of a beautiful and healthy society, are sure to bring new awareness to the viewer.

《Judge of “shiseido art egg award”》
After the solo exhibitions of the three artists, the shiseido art egg award will be awarded to the artist who has created the most new value. The 17th judging will be conducted by Kengo Kito (artist), Shuta Hasunuma (musician, artist), and Kikuko Hirafuji (mythologist, Kokugakuin University professor) who are active in today's creative scene.

■Highlights of each exhibition and artist profiles

1st Exhibition Maki Hayashida Exhibition Period: January 30th (Tuesday) – March 3rd (Sunday), 2024

Maki Hayashida focuses on the law of "unintended consequences," in which selfish actions by humans lead to unexpected consequences. This approach is also a project that requires a lot of time and effort in research, and the themes are the past appearance of garbage landfills along the British coast and large-scale illegal dumping incidents in various parts of Japan. The visual documentation of the photographs and the depth of the spatial images constitute a unique installation, leading the viewer to consider new realities.

Born in Osaka in 1984
2007 Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University, Faculty of Policy Studies
2022-2023 Studying MA Photography, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, Living in Tokyo

Main activities
2023 Arles International Photography Festival LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award Selected
2021 KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photo Festival “KG+SELECT” participation

Artist HP:

Comments from the artist <br />After studying in London for about a year, the way I view photography as an art has changed dramatically. At the same time, I came to love the medium of photography even more, and decided on the direction of my production, wanting to approach it as contemporary art and as an expression of a different culture. I am truly happy and grateful to have the opportunity to put this practice into practice at Shiseido Gallery. We will do our best to present exhibits that will bring new awareness to those who visit the gallery.

Maki Hayashida work images

From the series Almost Transparent Island, 2017-2019

Installation view of Beyond the Mountains in KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+SELECT at Shijyo Ryogaemachi Building, Kyoto, 2021

2nd period exhibition at Nomura Exhibition period: March 12th (Tuesday) – April 14th (Sunday), 2024

Zai Nomura has attempted to expose life, death, and what lies in between through a variety of mediums, including photography and sculpture. This exhibition will feature a photographic device that prints photographs of the deceased on water, as well as performative works that will continue to operate for decades to come. The past, present, and future intersect, and we take a unique perspective on the transformation of information media from analog to digital, and question the essence of humanity and the way we exist.

Photography: Kenta Hoshino

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1979
2009 MFA, Goldsmiths, University of London
2013 Completed the doctoral program in the Department of Art and Design, Musashino Art University, Residing in Hyogo Prefecture

Main activities
2021 “Echoes” (Ulterior Gallery, New York)
2017 “can't rewind it” (Sou Gallery, Tokyo)

Artist HP:

Comments from the artist
I am very honored to be able to participate in the history of Shiseido Gallery, which spans over 100 years. At the same time, I realize that the next 100 years, in which we will live with repeated conflicts, epidemics, deep racial rifts, and large-scale climate change, are largely determined by the small choices we make every day. . I would like to make this exhibit a good one, hoping that someday, when humans encounter aliens, we will be able to have a dialogue with them as flat beings, unfettered by age, nationality, gender, or appearance.

Zai Nomura work images

“Soul Reclaim Device” (“A portrait of my departed sister”) 2018 Aquarium, water, inkjet printer Gallery αM

"A molding rain / CMYK" 2016 ice, fire, wax, glass, camping burner, pot gallery COXIST-TOKYO

3rd Exhibition Hirotoshi Iwasaki Exhibition Period: April 23rd (Tuesday) – May 26th (Sunday), 2024

Hirotoshi Iwasaki has focused on rotoscoping, a method of creating animation by tracing live-action footage, and has been exploring its possibilities as an artistic expression. This exhibition traces recorded footage of people and landscapes that are no longer possible to meet in person due to the pandemic. The artist considers this act to be a remembrance, and overlays it with the origin of painting described by Pliny the Elder in his “Natural History'', and the act of “The Daughter of Butades'' who copied the outline of her estranged lover's shadow on the wall. This is an attempt to reconsider the nature of drawing and memory through rotoscoping.

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1981
2019 Completed the doctoral program in the field of advanced art, Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts Lives in Aichi Prefecture

Main activities
2021 “Motion Studies: Five Contemporary Animators”
(Schick Art Gallery at Skidmore College, USA) Participation
2015 “Poetic Iconography/Hirotoshi Iwasaki Exhibition” (Toyoko Inn Motoazabu Gallery, Kofu)

Artist HP:

Comments from the artist <br />First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. As movement has been restricted and gestures have become simpler due to the pandemic, I have been thinking about remembrance. I feel lucky to be able to exhibit the work that originated from this in the Shiseido gallery, which is decorated with arabesque patterns that weave memories, and at the same time, I am thinking about how far animation can go in the space of a gallery, intersecting with fine art. I hope this will be an opportunity for you. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in this space.

Hirotoshi Iwasaki work images

"DARK MIXER" 2014-2019 Animation Installation

"On Time Off Time" 2020 Animation

■ “17th shiseido art egg” Exhibition Overview <br /> Date: 1st period Maki Hayashida Exhibition January 30th (Tuesday) – March 3rd (Sunday), 2024
2nd period exhibition at Nomura March 12th (Tuesday) – April 14th (Sunday), 2024
3rd Exhibition Hirotoshi Iwasaki Exhibition April 23rd (Tuesday) – May 26th (Sunday), 2024
Opening hours: Weekdays 11:00-19:00 Sundays and holidays 11:00-18:00 *Closed on Mondays and public holidays Venue: Shiseido Gallery (B1F, Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, 8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) )
Admission fee: Free
URL: (Shiseido Gallery) (shiseido art egg) (Shiseido Gallery X (formerly twitter))
Sponsor: Shiseido Co., Ltd. Cooperation: IHI Co., Ltd., Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd. (Nomura present)

■Related Projects Event Overview
*Online gallery talk (video)
After the start of each solo exhibition, a video in which the artist himself explains his work at the venue will be distributed on the Shiseido Gallery website. Details will be provided on the Shiseido Gallery official website.

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