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Flower shop “Eatery Flower boutique” where you can experience “flower tea” and “rose cheese” while choosing flowers 8/19 (Fri) 8/20 (Sat) 8/21 (Sun) re: ROSE Ginza held at

Flower shop “Eatery Flower boutique” where you can experience “flower tea” and “rose cheese” while choosing flowers 8/19 (Fri) 8/20 (Sat) 8/21 (Sun) re: ROSE Ginza held at

Collaboration between Edible Flower Research Institute and flower artist Masashi The Edible Flower Research Institute (operated by EDIBLE GARDEN, an edible flower specialty store that does not use 100% chemical pesticides), which creates a “delicious flower experience” that goes beyond decoration, has a pop-up flower shop titled “Mobile Flower Shop Project”. Collaboration with Masashi, a flower artist who holds guerrilla events. "Eatery Flower boutique" where you can experience "flower tea" and "rose cheese" while choosing your favorite flowers re: ROSE Ginza (Ginza 7-7-12, Tokyo) It will be held at Ta Building 1F). 8/19 (Fri), 8/20 (Sat) and 8/21 (Sun) from 12:00 to 20:00. Edible Flower Laboratory Official HP: Instagram

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo Enjoy Halloween Afternoon Tea with dark sweets such as eyeball tarts and poisonous strawberry mousse that will make you startled!

Halloween cocktails and black cream puffs are also on sale October 1st (Sat)-October 31st (Mon) Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo, a lifestyle hotel located on Namiki-dori in Ginza, will offer Halloween Afternoon Tea with a Halloween motif from Saturday, October 1st to Monday, October 31st. You can enjoy Halloween sweets and savory that look like ghosts and graves. During the same period, Halloween-only cocktails and black Halloween cream puffs will appear. ・Halloween Afternoon Tea At Halloween Afternoon Tea, you can enjoy sweets unique to Halloween that mix dark elements such as poisoned apples, poisoned strawberries, eyeballs and crosses with cute ghosts and pumpkins. With 7 types of sweets, 3 types of

[Loft] Pay attention to the pre-sale curry at Ginza Loft and Loft Net Store! “Ginza Curry Institute 2022” held! ​There are also frozen curries where you can enjoy local curries from all over Japan and authentic spice curries.

At Ginza Loft, from August 10th (Wednesday) to September 6th (Tuesday), 2022, "Ginza Curry Research Institute 2022" will be held with more than 200 types of retort curry, spices, curry plates, etc. increase. This year, the 4th year, we will sell local curry that uses local specialties from all over Japan, frozen curry that you can enjoy authentic spice curry at home, and Ginza Loft, which is particular about domestic ingredients.・ Pre-sale will be held at the loft net store. In addition, we will sell frozen curry bread from bakeries all over Japan using the unique freezing technology of Pan For You Co., Ltd. (Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture), which was

[LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée] LOUANGE’s cute pink “Pink Ribbon Afternoon Tea” has started!

LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée, loved by women, supports the Pink Ribbon Movement. Operated by LOUANGE TOKYO Co., Ltd., the popular “LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée”, which is loved by women, supports the “Pink Ribbon Movement” to raise awareness and support early detection and treatment of breast cancer, August 10, 2022. From (Wednesday), we will start offering a special “Afternoon Tea ~Pink Ribbon~” once a week only on Wednesdays. Taking this once-a-week opportunity, we hope that women will suddenly remember self-checks and think about their own health. In addition, 500 yen will be donated to the "J.POSH Pink Ribbon Fund" for each afternoon tea. “Afternoon Tea ~Pink Ribbon~” is a gorgeous and

[8/1 ~ Ginza, Tokyo] 7 types of craft beer carefully selected from all over the country will be gathered in Ginza for a limited time! “Japanese Lager Fes 2022” will be held to sell bargain drink comparison sets

Favy Co., Ltd., which operates shared restaurants nationwide, will hold "Japanese Lager Festival 2022" at "re: Dine GINZA" in Ginza, Tokyo, where you can compare seven types of carefully selected craft beer from all over the country in August 2022. It will be held for a limited time from the 1st of the month to the 31st of August. ■The theme for this year's event, which will be held for the third time in total, is "Japanese lager to drink in the summer." Save with a set! Please compare the drinks! Each brewery's recommended lager beer* can be ordered as a single bottle, but we also offer a 3-bottle set

[Steak restaurant] “BLT STEAK SUMMER fair” held at BLT STEAK GINZA

Original Burger Sale "Burger Week" x Summer Special Menu "SURF & TRURF BBQ Plate" Heijoen Co., Ltd., which operates the high-end yakiniku chain “Heijoen”, will hold the “BLT STEAK SUMMER Fair” at the steak restaurant “BLT STEAK GINZA” from Monday, August 1st. "BLT STEAK GINZA" offers course meals that use plenty of seasonal ingredients, and has been well received mainly by business people who use it for dinner and entertainment. From August 1st (Monday), we will sell "Burger Week" and "SURF & TRURF BBQ Plate" under the name of "BLT STEAK SUMMER Fair". "Burger Week" is an arrangement of hamburgers made with 100% USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) rated

A food tech event “FUTURE FOOD EVENT” will be held in Yurakucho Marui! We will offer new & # 8221; delicious & # 8221; through the tasting main experience event! !!

August 1st (Monday) -August 18th (Thursday) At the event space on the 1st floor of Yurakucho Marui, we will hold a food tech experience event "FUTURE FOOD EVENT" that offers new "delicious" food tech. ■ What is "FUTURE FOOD EVENT"? <br /> In recent years, the category of "food tech", which combines food and technology, has been attracting worldwide attention as an approach to solving social issues and health. "I want to reach many people with the discovery of food that will lead to a new future and a friendly future!" With that in mind, we will hold the "FUTURE FOOD EVENT", a food tech experience event that focuses on

[Open on 7/22 (Fri.)] Ginza’s Yakiniku restaurant “Ushiya Ginbei”, where you can enjoy the finest Kobe beef and carefully selected Japanese black beef, has been fully reopened.

Fully renewed with the concept of "fusion of Japanese and Western"! The Ginza Yakiniku restaurant "Ushiya Ginbei Ginza Main Store" operated by ATC Dining Co., Ltd. will be fully reopened on July 22, 2022 (Friday). "Ushiya Ginbei" was opened in Ginza in 2011 and is a yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy the finest Kobe beef and carefully selected Japanese black beef. This is a Japanese yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy Ushiya Ginbei's original "special wasabi" and "Ginbei salt" with a focus on salt seasoning that brings out the original taste of meat. Eleven years after its opening, this is the first full renewal, and the menu has been

Enjoy the “season” at Ginza Mitsukoshi, “summer vacation” starting at GINZA

"Summer Vacation @ GINZA" will be held from Wednesday, August 3rd Date: August 3 (Wednesday) -August 16 (Tuesday) Place: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building / New Building Each floor Special site URL (Scheduled to be released from 10:00 am on July 27) Ginza Mitsukoshi will hold "Summer Holiday @ GINZA" on each floor of the main building and new building from August 3 (Wednesday) to August 16 (Tuesday). With the arrival of the summer vacation season, "seasonal" items and events where you can feel the "Ima of Ginza" carefully selected by Ginza Mitsukoshi, perfect for those who enjoy summer nearby and those who enjoy traveling after a long time We

Onigashima, Tokyo’s first sushi cake specialty store, opens in Ginza!

For celebrations such as parties, birthdays and weddings -A delicious surprise to the Japanese table- In Ginza, Tokyo, "Sushi cake specialty store Ginza Onigashima" , which handles sushi cakes that look gorgeous like cakes for the first time in Tokyo, opened on May 23, 2022. Yuki Sato, the owner who is not good at sweets, said that there was no specialty store in Tokyo that would fulfill the desire to celebrate with cake even if he is not good at sweets. It was born when I tried to create a sushi cake specialty store by arranging sushi. The theme is "Delicious surprises for Japanese dining tables" . The place is