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Enjoy a cool parfait in the summer of Ginza ♪ The second “Midsummer Parfait Fair” of “Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe”

Enjoy a cool parfait in the summer of Ginza ♪ The second “Midsummer Parfait Fair” of “Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe”

Summer in Ginza, where you can enjoy a cool parfait ♪ The second "Midsummer Parfait Fair" at "Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe" "Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe" will hold the second "Midsummer Parfait" from August 1st (Sun) to August 31st (Tue), 2021. We will develop four kinds of parfaits using seasonal fruits, such as "Furano Melon Parfait from Furano City, Hokkaido" and "Parfait of" Muhanaka "from Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture". In addition, weekday limited Hachette dessert "Shiseido Parlor Story" and special menu "Ice Cream Soda" Ultimune "" in collaboration with "SHISEIDO GLOBAL FLAGSHIP STORE" will continue to be available. Please enjoy the gorgeous fruit

Taiwan’s popular confectionery brand “Sunny Hills” opens for the first time in the Ginza area! New store opens in GINZA SIX on July 30

Store-limited products and limited-quantity opening commemorative gifts! Taiwan-born sweets brand "Sunny Hills" will open "Sunny Hills ginza", the first store in the Ginza area, on July 30, 2021 (Friday) at GINZA SIX. Sunny Hills ginza store image Sunny Hills (slightly hot mountain hill) is known for its pineapple cake made from Taiwanese original soil pineapple, which has a characteristic crunchy texture, without using any additives such as preservatives. Following the Minami Aoyama store designed by world-famous architect Kengo Kuma and the Osaka store that opened directly under JR Osaka Station, we will open a store in Ginza. In Ginza, the city that comes to mind when looking for gifts for

FANCL Ginza Square 1st Anniversary Renewal! “Square Festival” to enjoy summer will be held from July 20th (Tuesday)

-New normal fireworks festivals, fairs, and summer gourmet foods such as "Extreme Shaved Ice" are also available! ~ FANCL Ginza Square (hereinafter referred to as Ginza Square), the flagship store of FANCL Corporation, will hold an event "Square Festival" from July 20th (Tuesday) to August to commemorate the first anniversary of the renewal. It will be held until Wednesday, 18th. The theme was "festival," which is a Japanese summer tradition, and various contents were prepared. The most recommended of these is the theater-style fireworks display, which brings together fireworks displays nationwide. While in Ginza, you can enjoy a truly new normal fireworks display where you can see the powerful and

[Founded 1804 Ginza Matsuzaki Senmochi relocated its head office] July 21 (Wednesday) MATSUZAKI SHOTEN opens in Higashi-Ginza!

The store name was changed from "Ginza Matsuzaki Senmochi" to "MATSUZAKI SHOTEN", and the official site for the new normal era was opened at the same time. Matsuzaki Shoten Co., Ltd. will open MATSUZAKI SHOTEN in Ginza 4-chome on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The main store was moved from Ginza 5-chome to 4-chome, and a new store with an office was opened with an eat-in space on the theme of rebuilding rice crackers and regional exchanges. We will change the store name from "Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei" to "MATSUZAKI SHOTEN" to create new entertainment centered on Senbei. ◆ About Matsuzaki Shoten Co., Ltd. A long-established rice cracker shop founded in Shibao

In the hot summer, Shiseido Parlor’s curry “2021 Midsummer Curry Fair” & Arrange freely ♪ “Summer Vacation Special Children’s Plate”

Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store Restaurant will hold the "2021 Midsummer Curry Fair" from July 20th (Tuesday) to August 31st (Tuesday), 2021. We offer a wide variety of curry that will appeal to you, such as curry using Omar shrimp and scallops, soup curry using "Kinokuni Mikandori", special dry curry that can be arranged for omelet rice, and curry of Japanese beef sirloin. I will. The multiple spices used in curry are said to be Chinese herbs to eat, and are expected to have health benefits as well as summer heat fatigue prevention effects. During the same period, we also have a "Summer Vacation Special Children's Plate" where children can

July 15, 2021 “Cali style ORYOURI YUZAN KEIICHIRO KUROBE” opens on the 4th floor of the Ginza Kojun Building

"California to table" -California's essence, which is a mixture of diverse cultures, is transformed into a cooking dish- We would like to bring the spirit of California, which has embraced diversity and boldly incorporated various cultures, to the table as well as providing the best natural taste obtained from the seasonal ingredients themselves. I will. We are preparing with attention to detail such as materials, techniques, tools, and vessels so that guests can experience the fun that goes beyond the preconceived notion that this must be done through food. Please enjoy the traditional and energetic dishes of Japan and California produced by Chef Kurobe. 【profile】 Keiichiro Kurobe Born in New

The third store of Godiva’s new format “Godiva Cafe” will open in Echika fit Ginza as “GODIVA café Ginza” on Tuesday, July 27th.

-The third Ginza store following the Iidabashi store, which will open on the 21st of this month, will open its first Ekinaka store- Following "GODIVA café ecute EDITION Iidabashi" which will open on the 21st, Godiva Japan Co., Ltd. will open its third store "GODIVA café Ginza" in Echika fit Ginza on the premises of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station on Tuesday, July 27. ) We will open the grand opening. ・ The third store will open in Ekinaka, and will be a smarter and quicker cafe. The second store will open on the 21st in the premises of JR Iidabashi Station (2nd floor), but this time it will be the

[Loft] The popular event “Curry Market” at Ginza Loft has been upgraded! “Ginza Curry Research Institute” held! Curry bread from all over Japan and a combination of rice that goes well with curry.

In the Ginza loft, 2021 July 12 (Monday) to August 23-day period of (month), domestic and foreign and recommendations retort curry, "Ginza curry a collection such as a dedicated rice and dishes to eat more delicious curry "Laboratory" will be held . The popular event "Curry Market" is even more powerful this year! In addition to the sale of about 180 types of retort curry, it is set also spice about 60 types to enjoy more of the curry this year. During the period, you can also enjoy the purchased retort curry at the cafe space LOFT FOOD LAB on the 1st floor with a combination of 2 types of

Ale for the table and producers! Opened an unmanned POP-UP shop in Ginza where you can purchase “special gems” from all over Japan / Started selling from Friday, July 2, 2021 (Free vending machine ®︎ Online compatible machine also started)

~ Regional Revitalization Project to Create Connections between Producers and Consumers Lost in Corona ~ "Making the world interesting from a small space" Skima Department Store Co., Ltd. is a planet that operates "SEND", a distribution and distribution platform for agricultural, livestock and marine products used by more than 4,500 stores, including top restaurants in Tokyo such as starred stores. In collaboration with Table Inc., we launched a regional revitalization project that creates new connections between producers and consumers lost in Corona, and with the cooperation of regional banks and producers of agricultural and livestock products, we are particular about all over Japan. We will open an unmanned POP-UP shop

[GRAND OPEN] Enjoy the perfect summer squash in the art space! “FARMACYS Gallery Ginza” debuts in Ginza!

~ Fruit Chinese drink specialty store × Art gallery ~ Wild & Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mizuki Yasuda) opened a fruit Chinese medicine drink specialty store "FARMACYS Gallery Ginza" in June 2021. As the world's first fruit Chinese drink specialty store, we are particular about the health of our customers' hearts and bodies, and we will provide our customers with a cocktail menu using fruit Chinese, including our original recipe Chinese squash. Please enjoy the extraordinary precious experience that can only be felt at FARMACYS Gallery Ginza with your loved ones. 4 kinds of Chinese squash Store appearance ■ Drink concept [Drink menu] We combine plants