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We hold “Etajima brand shop” in Hiroshima brand shop TAU

We hold “Etajima brand shop” in Hiroshima brand shop TAU

≪ Period: January 25 (Sat)-26 (Sun) 20202020 Etajima City is the island of Etajima, Nomijima and the surrounding islands that float in Hiroshima Bay in the southwestern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. From the Etajima City, we have "Etajima's delicious things" recommended at this time, and at the Hiroshima brand shop TAU, for 2 days from January 25 (Sat) to 26 (Sun), "Etajima brand shop" It will be held! In addition to tasting and selling “ Udon '' made with a special sun-dried manufacturing method and “ Okazumiso '', a traditional dish from Etajima, “ Synchronous Cherry Blossom (Daiginjo) '' of Etajima Meijo, the only brewery in Etajima, Etajima We have

“Beauty Connection Ginza” Fruit Salon New Menu Appears

Sales period: January 10 (Fri) 2020 to late February 2020 Last November, a new menu on the theme of the seasonal fruit “citrus” from January will be introduced from the newly opened “Beauty Connection Ginza” fruit salon in Ginza. A fruit salon where you can fully enjoy fresh and fresh fruits. We carefully select production areas and varieties, and provide a full course of four fruit sweets using the most delicious fruits of that season. The menu changes every season. Please enjoy the taste that tickles all five senses. ▷ 1st. Plate "Terrine" One dish of fresh terrine with lime and organic chocolate blanc cream and lemongrass jelly on top

Shiseido Parlor’s “Valentine Collection 2020” Limited Release from January 14, 2020 (Tuesday)

Shiseido Parlor will sell 5 items of "Valentine Collection 2020" and a total of 8 items from January 14 (Tuesday), 2020 for a limited time and quantity. We have a wide variety of items that can be selected according to the recipient and purpose. This year's package design theme is “Étape Valentine”. The city of Ginza is gently carved out of steps, cutting out the scenery of the people who come and go and expressing them with illustrations. With love, appreciation and friendship on Shiseido Parlor's special chocolate, add compliments to yourself and enjoy this season of dancing. “Shiseido Parlor Valentine Collection 2020” ≪Sale period: January 14 (Tue)-February 14 (Fri)

[Silver grapes] “Legendary Valentine chocolate” with a cumulative total of over 6 million. “Flame Chocolate” will be available in a new package for a limited time.

Released from the Western confectionery brand "Gin no Grape" on Thursday, January 16, 2020 Co., Ltd. Grape Stone (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza) "Grapes of silver" confectionery brand to expand the in January 2020 the "chocolate of flame" Valentine's annual chocolate 16 We sell for a limited time from Thursday. -6 million long-selling, "Flame Chocolate" finally appeared! The legendary Valentine Chocolate "Flame Chocolate" has been ranked number one in Valentine's popularity for 19 consecutive years in Silver Grapes since its birth in 2001. This product is a long seller that has sold over 6 million units in total, although its appearance period is as short as about two months

“Kit Kat Chocolate Ruby 2020 Assort” will be available in limited quantities from January 15 (Wed.).-Enjoy the luxurious new texture of “Fine Ruby” topped with nuts and dried berries-

A product for Valentine's day that has evolved even more gorgeously from “ Kit Cut '' which commercialized ruby chocolate for the first time in the world appears Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd. sells a new product "Kitkat Chocolate Ruby 2020 Assort" for Valentine's season using Ruby Chocolate, which has been developed by Swiss chocolate maker "Bally Callebaut", on January 15 From (Wed), "Kit Kat Chocolatery" store and mail order site will start. Ruby Chocolate is a new type of chocolate, after Bitter Callebaut, a Swiss chocolate maker that has been successfully developed for over 10 years, after bitter, milk and white.In January 2018, the world's first “ Kit Kat Chocolatery

~ Enjoy the Puripuri oysters from Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture ~ “Kure Oyster Fair in TAU” is held!

<Date: January 11 (Sat)-12 (Sun) 2020> Kure City, located in the southwestern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, is one of Japan's leading oyster producing areas, thanks to the blessings of the Seto Inland Sea. There are 63 oyster producers in Kure City. From 2007 to 2016, oyster peeling production in municipalities was the highest in Japan for 10 consecutive years. And many oysters are still harvested in Kure City and shipped to the whole country. Kure-produced oysters, cultivated with affection by applying creativity and ingenuity to years of experience, are oysters that are rich in rich nutrients and rich in umami. This time, we will sample oysters directly from the production

-Enjoy the Hachette dessert using Japanese materials and spices that the exclusive patissier finishes in front of you-New winter items are offered only on weekdays at 1/2 (Thu)-“DRAWING HOUSE OF HIBIYA”.

-In January and February, a dessert course featuring three kinds of chocolates will appear- At the restaurant & tea room “DRAWING HOUSE OF HIBIYA” located in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, you can see the winter Hachette dessert course from 1/2 (Thu) to weekdays only. Exclusive patissier finishes in front of you, lively Hachette desserts "Hachette desserts" which means "plate dessert" in French. It is attractive to be able to taste fresh desserts as beautiful as art. DRAWING HOUSE OF HIBIYA, a restaurant where you can experience the terroir of Japan, offers a dish that shakes the five senses that can be tasted only at that moment using ingredients that feel the

Strange banquet of fairy tales! ? The world of casual Italian that the Udagawa Cafe Group sends

Enjoy a selection of wines and fresh pasta in a decorative store “Pasta Mercato,” a casual Italian from LD & K, which operates Udagawa Cafe and other facilities, has recently renewed its interior design. In a space like a fairy tale, you can feel the supper. Paper graphics of various fashion magazines such as Soen, Creative studio <KLOKA>, which has a reputation for producing unique spaces, is built at department store windows including Ginza Mitsukoshi and Isetan. KLOKA: Renewed interior The theme of the design created by Sayoko Yajima, the art director, was "Gourmand's Bizarre Supper." Elegant and crazy, it's like a secret banquet, with bespoke art pieces strewn

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo 2nd Anniversary Dinner Plan “Special 2nd Anniversary Course” Appears for a Limited Time

January 22 (Wed)-February 29 (Sat) At the “NAMIKI667” (URL: of the lifestyle hotel “Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo” located on Ginza Namiki-dori, the dinner plan “Special 2nd Anniversary Course” commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the hotel's opening of the hotel will be held on January 22 ( Wed). Special 2nd Anniversary Course This is a souvenir dinner plan commemorating the 2nd anniversary of hotel opening. This time, we collected carefully selected high-quality ingredients from producers all over Japan in the center of Ginza. Starting with an amuse that uses tomato juice from Komori Farm from Kumamoto, which uses no additives, no preservatives, and does not add even a drop of

Look forward to the cold season! Stomach and feeling warm! Shiseido Parlor’s annual Gratin & Stew Fair starts

Shiseido Parlor Ginza Honten Restaurant will hold the annual New Year's Gratin & Stew Fair from Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to Friday, January 31, 2020. In addition to the classic beef stew Shiseido Parlor Style, the newly-developed Kochi Prefectural Red Beef and Agu Pork Roll Cabbage Tomato Gratin, as well as the active Omar shrimp, are finished in low sugar with the skill and ingenuity of the cooking chief Kurabayashi. We offer a menu that is perfect for this season, such as the luxurious "Low Carbide Canadian Omar Shrimp Doria". Please enjoy the moment when your stomach and feeling are warm and your smile is relieved. Low Carbide Canadian Omar