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“Milfeuille Saison (Salt Caramel & # 038; Café)” will be released from MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS, a specialty millefeuille specialty store!

“Milfeuille Saison (Salt Caramel & # 038; Café)” will be released from MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS, a specialty millefeuille specialty store!

In "MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS" On November 1st (Friday), the “Milfiille Saison (Salt Caramel & Cafe) Limited Box” will be released. For discerning fijuage characterized by a “crisp” texture, Rich “salt caramel” with exquisite saltiness and sweetness and bittersweet “cafe” Assortment of luxurious flavored millefeuille sandwiched with each cream in a limited color package. The sophisticated package that tickles adults is recommended as a gift for loved ones. As soon as possible for a limited quantity sale, please! ! ◆ Product Details Millefeu Saison Price: 1,080 yen (including tax) with 4 pieces 8 pieces ¥ 2,160 (tax included) 12,240 yen with 12 pieces (tax included) Sales period: Friday, November 1, 2019-

Began offering seasonal à la carte Japanese restaurant “GINZA 豉 KUKI” with the theme of fermentation and aging

Seasonal à la carte will be available from November 1 at the Japanese restaurant “GINZA 豉 KUKI” operated by Hikari Fermentation Nutrition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. Wagyu Roast Beef Balsamic and Daitokuji Natto Sauce Miso Powder ■ “Seasonal à la carte” where you can easily enjoy fermentation and aging GINZA2019KUKI, a Japanese restaurant with the theme of fermentation and aging, celebrated its first anniversary on October 11, 2019. In the salmon, you can enjoy the course of the season, which is a classic season in which you can taste seasonal ingredients using fermentation and aging techniques, and a vegan course that uses no animal-derived ingredients

From “Antenor Ginza Boutique”, “Ginza Butter Sand”, a product based on the concept of “handmade” and “Ginza Maid”, and seasonal taste (limited edition, strawberry) will be released on Friday, November 1st.

"Western confectionery in the middle of Japan" New product information from ANTENOR GINZA that delivers authentic classics The limited-time sweets Ginza Butter Sand “Tsubaki” will be released on Friday, November 1st. “Antenor Ginza Boutique”, which was born on September 19, 2018 in Ginza Mitsukoshi, from the desire to make “Japanese pastry in the middle of Japan” “Handmade” “Ginza Butter Sand, (苺)” Pastry chef's special butter sand is sold. Sandwiched almond sable with light texture and butter cream. The sweet and sour taste of semi-dried persimmon and persimmon sauce is an accent. This is a butter sandwich with a cute strawberry print. Please enjoy this opportunity. Ginza butter sandwich Ginza butter

Offering limited-time meals using Awashima red chicken grown in Akitakada City “Takashima Red Chicken Fair” -TAU Meri Principe Pessa Ginza-

<November 1 (Fri)-30 (Sat) 2019> The “Meri Principessa Ginza store”, an Italian restaurant in Hiroshima brand shop TAU, will hold the “Kashiwashima Red Chicken Fair” from November 1st to 30th. The Meri Principe Pessa Ginza store offers dishes made from fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, cheese and other ingredients delivered from Hiroshima, and this time it is a producer in Takamiyacho, Akitakada City, Satoyama, which has a rich natural environment. We offer a limited-time meal using Sakai Island red chicken. Sasashima Red Chicken is a flat-fed farmer, and has been carefully nurtured by its own farm staff for about 80 days from chicks to shipment. It has a strong taste, elasticity

Support the Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ Public Viewing in Ginza Mitsukoshi Final Tournament in the 9th floor Ginza Terrace Garden!

● October 20 (Sun)-November 2 (Sat) 2019 ● Ginza Mitsukoshi 9th Floor Ginza Terrace / Terrace Garden In Ginza Mitsukoshi, “Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ Public Viewing” will be held to provide an opportunity for visitors to Ginza to enjoy sports together. In addition, we will publicize Ginza, a safe and enjoyable city for foreign tourists visiting Japan for the purpose of watching this game. 【Schedule】 ● Sunday, October 20 Japan x South Africa 7:15 Kick-off ● Sunday, October 27 6:00 pm Kick-off ● Friday November 1 (Friday) 3rd place 6:00 pm Kickoff ● November 2nd (Saturday) Final 6:00 pm Kick-off * Sunday 20th October Wales x France 4:15 pm

Kitano Ace, the curry retort curry award corner lined up from October 30

-Fall of reading, fall of appetite, fall of curry- Ace Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Kansai Headquarters: Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO: Hideo Kitano), which operates the grocery store “Kitano Ace,” is the 10th anniversary of the curry bookshelf (R). As part of the plan, the “Curry Retort Curry Award” will be held at the Kitano Ace store from October 30th, based on the results of the “Curry Retort Curry Award 2019” selected by Kitano Ace staff. ■ Detailed URL ■ In the first place, “curry bookshelf (R)” means “curry bookshelf (R)”, a curry section like a bookstore. When the “Kitano Ace” opened in Tokyo in

“SA BIRTH GINZA” 1st Anniversary Brilliant Fair

In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the opening of the Suburbs Ginza Ginza head office, a gastronomic collaboration with the popular French restaurant “Restaurant Air” and the organic cosmetic brand “uka” will be held! UCHIHARA GROUP, the international diamond jeweler celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, Sabers Ginza Ginza, a high quality diamond jewelry company, will celebrate its first anniversary on Sunday, October 20, 2019. To commemorate this, the “SA BIRTH GINZA” 1st Anniversary Brilliant Fair was held from October 20th (Sun) to November 15th (Fri). Collaboration sweets that express the world of “ SA BIRTH GINZA '' inspired by the sparkle of diamonds at Ginza's popular French “

Rugby World Cup 2019 (TM) Japan Tournament 3rd place final match, let’s watch the final game while drinking Heineken! [Ginza “PLUSTOKYO”]

Tokyo Ginza 1-chome Music Lounge "PLUSTOKYO" (read: Plus Tokyo), November 1, 2019 (Friday), with the cooperation of Heineken, the worldwide partner of the Rugby World Cup 2019 (TM) Japan Tournament, "HEINEKEN presents Broadcast the Rugby World Cup 2019 (TM) match" will be held on November 2 (Sat) where you can watch the 3rd place final match and the final match. In this event, at the Ginza “PLUSTOKYO”, the venue for the opening event of the tournament (Japan vs. Russia) “Heineken Explosion Rugby”, the 3rd place final match that will be the culmination of the tournament, the live game of the final match will be watched live While enjoying Heineken beer.

Bolivian-born Muscat distilled sake “Singani” held

October 18 (Fri)-25 (Fri), 2019 at BAR TIMES STORE (Ginza) “Singani” representative brand “Los Palares”. The world-renowned “Singani” won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition held in the United States in 2017. Please try the refreshing taste and gorgeous scent of “Singani” on this occasion. What is Singani? <br /> Distilled spirit derived from grapes representing Bolivia in Latin America. It refers only to distilled liquor made from Muscat of Alexandria taken in a specific region of Bolivia and is also subject to Protected designation of origin (PDO). The origin of "Singani" dates back to the 15th century during the Spanish period. The Spaniards who

Shiseido Parlor’s Halloween Suites & Happy Halloween at Parfait ♪

Shiseido Parlor is selling Halloween limited sweets "Halloween Chocolat" at shops nationwide until October 31 (Thu). Assorted crunchy chocolates with a crispy texture in a halloween-colored package with unique ghosts. With a cute bat charm, it is also recommended for sweets that respond to "trick or treat!" In addition, “Salon de Cafe Lazona Kawasaki” offers a “Halloween Parfait” unique to this season from October 1 (Tue) to 31 (Thu). Happy Halloween with a lively parfait and cute sweets made with purple mochi, pumpkin, caramel, berries and more! "Halloween Chocolat" (Discontinued once the limited quantity is reached) Product image (with 5) Product image (with 15) <Type> Halloween chocolate 5 pieces 594