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April 4 is “Anpan Day”! One-day bargain deals! “Anpan’s Day” Memorial Fair

April 4 is “Anpan Day”! One-day bargain deals! “Anpan’s Day” Memorial Fair

Until Saturday, April 4 / basement floor Tokyo town of Daimaru Tokyo April 4 is "Anpan Day". It was enacted on April 4, 1873, when the Angin of the <Ginza Kimura Family> was presented to the Emperor Meiji. At the bakery shop at the Daimaru Tokyo store, there are special deals available only on the day, including Anpan's original Ginza Kimura family, based on Anpan's Day! We will also introduce a variety of "Anpan collections", from the classic Anpan to the spring cherry Anpan! <Ginza Kimura Family> On April 4th (Sat), a tax-included 1,080 yen or more purchase will be given to one of the first 20 people to get

The long-awaited opening in Shimbashi! Hon tuna specialty store “tuna ship-MAGUROSEN”

Viviana Co., Ltd. (President: Ken Masuda), which operates a multi-store restaurant, has opened a specialty store for tuna “Tuna Ship-MAGUROSEN” in Shimbashi on March 10, 2020 (Tuesday). "Shimbashi is a sacred place for salaried workers, but there are few restaurants where you can eat the tuna you might like. We want to enjoy the taste of real tuna by all means. With our original network born from long-running restaurant operations, we will transport "one real tuna from Ewa Prefecture, Uwakai, a real taste" every day. Feasible。 In order to provide raw book tuna without freezing and preservation, we will open in a limited time, from 11:00 to 18:00, as well

First appearance collaboration sweets and cherry sweets! Daimaru Tokyo store Seasonal sweets

March 25 (Wed)-March 31 (Tue) / Daimaru Tokyo basement floor, 1st floor Hoppe Town The collaboration with the magazine "Hanako", "Love a coffee shop" is the first appearance of the Daimaru Tokyo store. In addition, "Sakura Pandabaum" and "Sakura pancake Langudosha", which are perfect for the cherry blossom season, will also appear. Introducing the five seasonal sweets brands at Daimaru Tokyo. NEW The popular feature of the magazine "Hanako" "Love a coffee shop." And collaboration sweets of <Ginza vines> first appear at Daimaru Tokyo store! ! The specialty “Cream Brulee Tart” has caramelized palin and cream, and the tart is crisp. It is just like the real Brulee Suites. It

March 9, 2020 (Mon) Yubar (Ginza Ura Corridor) Mapo Tofu specialty store Mapo specialty “Zhou Chenlou” is open for all-you-can-eat Mapo lunch for 900 yen (tax included) on weekdays only! ※ UBER will be available from mid-March.

Twitter: ◆ Mapo Specialist Zhou Chenlou Business Hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 to 14:00 * 13: 30LO Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Menu: Mapo beans all-you-can-eat lunch set 900 yen (tax included) Jigoku Mapo Tofu (Dampening) Radish Pickles Today's soup rice is included. Jasmine tea: Free drink place: 1-6-5 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Back corridor 2F Ode love side Yubar Jigoku Mapo Tofu Lunch Set: 900 yen * tax included Jigoku Mapo Tofu Lunch menu Fried chicken 500 yen Oil goose chicken 500 yen Mapo tofu specialty store “Zhou Chenlou” has decided to offer all-you-can-eat unlimited miso mapo tofu for 900 yen (tax included) in the lunch corona support project in Yubar

1st Anniversary [Sakura 8] 8 kinds of special cocktails are sold @ The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8

The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8 (how to read: Ginza Eight) celebrates its first anniversary on Friday, March 20, 2020. Thank you for your regular patronage, 8 kinds of cocktails including spring-inspired cocktails will be sold at the tea salon "SARYU" on the first floor from March 9 (Mon) to 31 (Tue), 2020 I will. Enjoy the spring at The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8 with refreshing cocktails. Period March 9, 2020 (Mon)-March 31, 2020 (Tue) MENU 1,000 yen each (tax included) 1. Saryu Blossom Sake-based sparkling cocktail 2. Nadeshiko Sake and pink grapefruit cocktail3. Strawberry Martini Strawberry liqueur and gin cocktail4. Berry Sunrise vodka and tangerine juice cocktail5. Carrot

ÉCRU. GINZA, a stand where you can drink coffee and wine from morning to night, will reappear at Ginza Sony Park for a limited time from Thursday, March 5! Offer of homemade sweets & attractive cooking events

Business Period: Thursday, March 5-Sunday, May 31, 2020 #ecru_ginza ÉCRU. GINZA, a specialty coffee and natural wine pop-up store that has been well received last year, will be reopening on the ground floor of Ginza Sony Park for a limited time from Thursday, March 5, 2020 To do. The food lineup has been renewed. Food events will be held during the period, inviting guests to cooks and food craftsmen. In this “ÉCRU. GINZA”, we will prepare freshly baked sweets handmade in stores, such as Gato Chocolate and Victoria Cake, which can be enjoyed every week, and original collaboration cookies using ク ッ キ ー CRU coffee. Sweets such as cakes

[Lotte Duty Free Ginza] Started handling “Joseph Perrier” for the first time in Japan

Lotte Duty Free Ginza will start handling Joseph Perrier Champagne, known as a purveyor of the British Royal Family, on Tuesday, March 2, 2020. Lotte Duty Free Ginza, operated by Lotte Duty Free Japan Co., Ltd., will start handling "Joseph Perrier" from March 2, 2020 (Tuesday). In addition, a POP UP event will be held with the start of sales. The Champagne House, founded by Joseph Perrier in 1825, is a British Royal Warrant. Joseph Perrier, a great champagne house with a history of about 180 years, was beloved by Queen Victoria of England and Edward VII and was named "Royal." It was also dedicated to the royal family during

[Kale festival held! ] 3 days limited project. Kale free gift & experience fresh squeezing with a slow juicer.

ALL FARM Co., Ltd. newly opened salad shop “FARM TO GO” will distribute organic kale free of charge at Matsuya Ginza exhibition hall for 3 days from 3/6 (Fri) to 3/8 (Sun) & We carry out raw squeezing experience event. ALL FARM Co., Ltd., which develops "WE ARE THE FARM" in Tokyo, will open a salad shop "FARM TO GO" in Ginza on March 13 (Fri), which provides services such as personal meal management. Prior to this opening, a “Kale Festival” will be held at the Matsuya Ginza exhibition hall! For customers who visit "FARM TO GO" specially set for the Matsuya Ginza B1F food exhibition hall for a limited

Origin regression! Suddenly! “Ribulose steak” sold at the founding price at 2 steak Ginza 4-chome and Olinas Kinshicho stores

Pepper Food Service Co., Ltd. will start a rib roast steak from March 2 (Mon)-March 31 (Tue) 2020 at the founding price of "1 gram 5 yen", suddenly! The first steak will be sold at the Ginza 4-chome store and the Olinas Kinshicho store in Tokyo. At the time of our founding, we were accepting orders for "300g or more", but this time you can order from 200g. Lunch time will be sold in fixed cuts. Origin regression! I would like to return to the basics and have a lot of customers eat delicious steaks quickly and reasonably. [Origin Return Fair] Period: March 2 (Mon)-March 31 (Tue), 2020 Sale product:

Bills Ginza-limited cocktails using premium craft gin “The Botanist” will be offered for a limited time from February 24 (Monday)

Refreshing limited time cocktail with botanical scent Rémy Cointreau Japan, Inc. uses craft gin "The Botanist" from February 24 (Mon)-March 31 (Tue) at all-day dining "bills" from Sydney, Australia We will inform you that the bills Ginza limited cocktail "The Botanist Jin Yuzu & Cucumber Collins" will be offered. * Please note that duplicate releases may be distributed due to joint release. The Botanist is the first and only dry gin on Islay, Scotland, a famous whiskey sanctuary.In addition to the nine core botanicals used to make traditional gin, there are 22 wild species native to Islay Is a craft gin made by collecting botanicals by hand and carefully distilling