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-Lunch is only “sashimi set meal” of [limited 50 meals]-Seriously one match game only with “sashimi set meal of Japanese restaurant”! From May 20 【North Family Yurakucho Main Store】 Launched lunch business

-Lunch is only “sashimi set meal” of [limited 50 meals]-Seriously one match game only with “sashimi set meal of Japanese restaurant”! From May 20 【North Family Yurakucho Main Store】 Launched lunch business

The fish is a fresh fish 10 points served directly from Hakodate and Rausu [Japanese restaurant sashimi set meal] The rice also uses a well-designed Biei na Naboshi Partners Dinning Co., Ltd. is located in "Kita Family Yurakucho Main Store". Lunch business will start from May 20 (Mon). The lunch menu is limited to 50 dishes, "sashimi set meal" 1,200 yen (tax included) only, one match. A simple but satisfying "serious sashimi set meal" provided by a Japanese-style restaurant. Limited 50 meals "sashimi set meal of Japanese restaurant" 1,200 yen [North Family Yurakucho Main Store] Lunch is only for sashimi set meal 1,200 yen (tax included) of "limited 50 meals"

The Atarashii Himono Team, aiming for the UP DATE of the traditional food “Dried”, is the first shop in the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store “Food Collection”

~ Lay up with "long-established dried fish" and "fresh young chef's dried fish" ~ A start-up company working on food problem solutions focusing on chefs, marketers, and scientists, "dotfish, Inc." and "Atarashii Himono Team" by the established 142-year-old long-established dried-food shop Fishden is Wednesday, May 19 2019. From May 28th (Tue), the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store will open its first store at the Food Collection. The theme of this week's food collection is "food circulation". Therefore, we will define "refining" the traditional Japanese dried food culture and entrust it to the next generation as "recirculation", and we will express in the sales department a proposal to enjoy the dried food

Matsuya Ginza “Beer garden to be beautiful” opens on Friday, May 24!

This year's concept is "beauty body + (plus)" The "Beautiful Carada" that was very well received last year. This year's concept is powered up to "Beauty body + (plus)"! ! We offer a menu that is more beauty and health conscious. We support all of you who want to create beauty body, such as those who are training or who want to diet! The beautiful beer garden x AYA collaboration second edition <br /> The healthy and well-balanced body of the crossfit trainer AYA teacher who further expands his activities is not only training but also the original diet method of daily commitment. Following last year, a menu using essential

[New] “Shumatsu Beer Dining Yurakucho” Grand Opening

Modern German food and craft German beer "Shammats" 16th store Kaiser's Kitchen Co., Ltd., which operates Schmuts, which produces fresh craft German beer and Millennial-style German cuisine, is the 16th branch of Schmut's Beer Dining Yurakucho on Friday, May 10th. Open the ground. Schmütz is the first to introduce the concept of “modern German food” to Japan, and is rapidly expanding in the metropolitan area with German-made German dishes that can be easily eaten with domestic brewed “Craft German beer”. The nostalgic and homey atmosphere inspired by the brewery and the friendly staff will ensure that your busy business people and shoppers are satisfied. Opening commemoration privilege : Surprise

【Ginza Yodoya Bookstore】 “Cacao Fair to snuggle up to books”, held from May 10 (Fri) to May 26 (Sun). There are seasonal chocolates that you can only buy here in Tokyo!

Details: At the atrium of Ginza Yodoya Shoten (Ginza GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku), an event will be held on the theme "Cacao to snuggle up to books" from May 10 (Fri) to May 26 (Sun). Theobromine, which is contained in cacao, and the smell of chocolate are said to have the effect of enhancing relaxation and concentration. We will develop a set of books selected by our recommended chocolate × BOOK concierge in charge of the combination of the effects of such cacao and the lifestyle with a book suggested by our shop. In addition, we carefully selected related products starting with cacao, such as "chocolate from the appearance"

Exciting and sharp ethnic! “Madam Mỹ modern thai vietnamese”, the second shop of “Modern Asian”-Opening in Ginza Corridor Street, May 11 (Sat)-

Many authentic and new-style menus that express Thai × Vietnamese cuisine in a modern style HUGE Co., Ltd. opens “Madam Mỹ modern thai Vietnamese (Madam modern modern Vietnamese)” in Ginza Corridor on Saturday, May 11, 2019, which is the second “Modern Asian” mix of Thai food and Vietnamese food. To do. The Asian vibrant restaurant Madam Mỹ modern thai vietnamese , like the French colonial courtyard, is a Thai betonamese restaurant with the concept of “modern Asian”. Opening the doors of the French colonial-style turquoise green opens up Asian vibrant dining with delightful monkeys. There is a bar area that can be used casually and a dining area where you

[Regumi base year] Sheep meat specialty store “Merino” contains the vision “Hogetto” Seven kinds of Genghis Khan will offer an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink course for 5/7 ~ for a limited time for a limited time!

Soft and exquisite flavor of sheep meat "Houget" is finally available in "Merino"! Shabu-shabu using lamb meat rich in nutrients with high beauty effect All-you-can-eat yakiniku "merino" (administered by: TBI JAPAN, Inc., head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO NAKATA Kota) Under the title of “Reiwa Original Year Campaign”, with all four stores, limited for the period from May 7 (Tuesday) to 17 (Fri), 2019, <Ghost of sheep meat “Hogetto” [Genghis Khan] Lamb & Mutton Seven kinds of all-you-can-eat + Regular all-you-can-drink (usually 4,480 yen)> will be offered for 3,480 yen at 1,000 yen off. Merino with hogget [All-you-can-eat Genghis Khan] "Congratulations" Princess year! The first campaign to send from

This is a cheese that is popular with the grace! “Arigo” cheese will offer unlimited plattered meat steak plate for 980 yen ♪

This is a cheese that is popular with the grace! We will offer a plentiful steak plate over a large amount of "Arigo" cheese for 980 yen ♪ In “Back No Garden Ginza / Ebisu Store” operated by D-R Co., Ltd., cheeses that are popular in the market are this! We will offer a plentiful steak plate covered with "Arigo" cheese for 980 yen. We offer mixed mashed potatoes and cheese, an aligo cheese featuring a texture and stretched cheese with a thick texture, and an all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat Arigo cheese for a total of 980 yen for a platter of three types of steaks of Japanese beef, beef tongue and

Raw pasta specialty store “Pasta Mercato” is opened in Ginza from Udagawa Cafe Group

Casual Italian that you can enjoy all 20 kinds of fresh pasta from basic to creative! Raw pasta specialty is born in Ginza from LD & K Co., Ltd., which operates Udagawa Cafe and others. We can enjoy a wide variety of fresh pasta and wine from lunch to dinner time in the restaurant which is attached to the hotel and relaxing. Raw pasta specialty store "Pasta Mercato" opened on the first floor of "Hotel Unizo Ginza 7-chome (Ginza 7-chome 10-9)" near Shiseido Parlor and Ginza SIX. The store name "Mercato" has the meaning of "market" in Italian, and the menu is full of 20 choices of raw pasta, healthy

With semi-permanently available membership card! Tokyo Restaurants Factory starts a new project with crowdfunding “Makuake”!

Enjoy premium "Yakitori × World wine" Toriko "and 11 levels of sake temperature drink" Nulukai Sato "as premium- Tokyo Restaurants Factory Co., Ltd., whose mission is to "make a fan of Japan", has been working with crowdfunding "Makuake" since April 28, 2019, and is our high-class business style, high-class grilled chicken x world wine " Toriyuki (Toriko), 11 stages of sake temperature drink "Nuru-don Sato", Japanese cuisine-Teppanyaki "Ginkumasa dormitory (Ginku Masayo)", celebrities are addicted to, "Seven seasons hot pot hot pot From “Shoite)”, we will launch a new project that will recruit “membership vouchers” that can be used at “Makuake Limited Course” + Tokyo Restaurant's Factory. Luxury Yakitori × World