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Spice popularity does not stay! ! 2019 “# spice drinker” to survive hot summer

Spice popularity does not stay! ! 2019 “# spice drinker” to survive hot summer

From royal ethnic and trendy spice dishes to fashionable soups and desserts to drinks, it goes with all kinds of genres! DD Holdings Co., Ltd. has collected a wide variety of spice menu items that meet a wide variety of alcoholic beverages at 67 stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Hiroshima within the group “# Spice The Drinks Fair will be launched sequentially from July 8, 2010. Drink with Spice "# spice drinker" A big boom spice nowadays. By adding the + α spice, the spice menu, which has been unleashed by new tastes, is gaining in popularity! In addition, the spice menu that has become more and more familiar

Arigo cheese and extra rich plate (Danish beef roast beef, grilled chicken, prosciutto ham, sausage, bucket) are all-you-can-eat ♪ All-you-can-eat with ice sparkling ♪ Sold for ¥ 1980!

Arigo cheese and extra rich plate (Danish beef roast beef, grilled chicken, prosciutto ham, sausage, bucket) are all-you-can-eat ♪ All-you-can-eat with ice sparkling ♪ Sold for ¥ 1980! In "back NO garden Ginza shop / Ebisu shop" which D · R Co., Ltd. runs, it eats for women ♪ Arigo cheese & rich meat plate (often beef beef roast beef, grilled chicken, raw ham, sausage, bucket) All-you-can-eat ♪ All-you-can-drink ice sparkling will be sold for 1980 yen. Arigo cheese and extra large meat platter plate (Roast beef of Sendai beef, grilled chicken, prosciutto ham, sausage, bucket) are all-you-can-eat ♪ All you can drink with ice sparkling ♪ ¥ 1980! Men

【Hotel Gracery Ginza】 Breakfast Buffet TO-FU de Breakfast is delicious.

Hotel Gracery Ginza is holding a breakfast buffet entitled "TO-FU de breakfast made by Tofu Meister" at the hotel's restaurant, Bonsalute (3F), Monday, 1 July 2019. (Until August 31) This time, I would like to report to the Hotel Gracery Ginza, because I had a nice breakfast buffet. ■ We talked with Mr. Hitoshi Kato, the chef at Hotel Gracery Ginza, and Haruno Yamaguchi, a tofu meister, about the breakfast buffet this time. Hotel Gracery Ginza Chef-General, Hitoshi Kato (left) and Tofu Meister Haruno Yamaguchi (right) Q: How did you come up with this TO-FU de breakfast project? Tofu Meister Mr. Yamaguchi I think that tofu has the image of

“Shinobi-kei girls” must-see! You can enjoy all-you-can-eat from 1000 hot and cold Marrah dishes-“Shin, numb, beauty-Spicy Fair” held [THE BAGUS PLACE]

Monday, July 8, 2019-Sunday, August 18 THE BAGUS PLACE (The Bagus Place), which is operated by Bagus Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Inc., is operated from July 8 (Mon.) to August 18 (Sun.), 2019 We will hold "Shin Pea-Spicy Fair". Overview of "Shin, numb, beauty-Spicy Fair" 【Unlimited time + More than 20 items for all meals + All you can drink soft drinks】 Mon-Fri / 1,000 yen · Sat-Sun Holiday / 1,250 yen (excluding tax) 11:30 to 16:00 ※ Due date: 7/8 (Mon) to 8/18 (Sun) Bagus Place is a summer-limited, and we will start a lunch fair where you can enjoy unlimited-time, all-you-can-eat "Shinabe cuisine" which

“Ganbaro Hiroshima” offer dishes using fresh vegetables delivered from Shiraki-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima City for a limited period of time “Tajima Farm Fair” is held!

<July 1 (Mon)-31 (Wed) @ Meripline Pessa Ginza Store> Hiroshima Italian brand MERI Principessa (Meriprinchi Pessa) Ginza store on the 3rd floor of the Hiroshima brand shop TAU, which offers dishes utilizing ingredients such as fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, and cheese from Hiroshima. In the "meripurichippesa Ginza store", we hold "Tawai Farm Fair" which offers dishes using fresh vegetables of Tanabe Farm (Tanabeuen) in Shirakicho, Asa Kita-ku, Hiroshima City for a limited time. At the fair, paste the leaves of the Tanagi Farm with walnuts, anchovies, cheese, olive oil, and mix it with pasta "Tanoi Farm Non-pestic vegetables such as Genovese wind ~ Setouchi octopus and tomato sauce ~" "Seafood

Enjoy the best seasonal flavors in the glass! Shiseido Parlor “2019 Midsummer Parfait” held

The first: July 2nd (Tuesday)-July 31st (Wed) / 2019: The first (Thu) August 1st, 2019 (Sat) Shiseido Parlor will hold "2019 Midsummer Parfait Fair" in two phases at Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe from July 2 (Tue) to August 31 (Saturday), 2019 . In addition to strawberry parfait, there are a total of six types of parfait consisting mainly of fruits that are particular to the production area and the season, in addition to strawberry parfait. Under the long-standing relationship between the head of the beverage and the farmer, we will deliver a limited parfait with a selection of fruits and selected ice cream mariage. Please enjoy summer in

[New leading role of Party of Wonderland simmering cheese fondue! ] Alice’s fantasy restaurant menu renewal!

All parties are in SNS shine with cute dessert & sparkling cocktail! Fantasy restaurant "Alice in the country of labyrinth", "Alice in the country of picture books", and "Alice in the country of old castles" operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Inc., redesigned the grand menu, June 25 (Tuesday) We will notify you as we have started offering the service on a full scale. "Alice's fantasy restaurant" that has appeared in the food and beverage industry in 2003 The menu was boldly renewed at this time when the original issue was changed to "Rekazu" because this brand continued to be a symbolic icon of

Go Nutting SPICY NUTS (Gorried Spicy Nuts), from 26th May, for a limited time at “Meijiya Kyobashi Store”, start selling over-the-counter tasting!

Sweet and spicy. You can try that "spicy nut" of the topic now. We received many comments from customers saying, "I would like to eat it once!", So with the cooperation of "Meijiya Co., Ltd." this time, for a limited time at the Meijiya "Kyobashi Store", limited-time tasting sales I will do it! The 130-year-old Meijiya-Kyobashi store (directly connected to the Ginza line Kyobashi station) , on June 26 (Wed)-July 2nd, 2019 We will hold in-store tasting sales for a limited time on "Go Nutting SPICY NUTS" until Tuesday). We have a favorable reception mainly in 60 places in the Tokyo area, bars and restaurants, "Go Nutting SPICY

Our first! Special price training store for young employees 7/3 Open “Ginza Lion Shinbashi Training Center store”

Through experience and learning of overall management work, we will strive to establish and strengthen our strength early Sapporo Lion Co., Ltd., which operates beer halls and restaurants based on the “JOY OF LIVING – Providing live pleasure”, a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd. The training store "Ginza Lion Shinbashi Training Center Store" will be opened on July 3, 2019 (Wednesday). … Thanks, Sapporo Lion will celebrate its 120th anniversary this year. To On August 4th, 1899 (Meiji 32), “Habibi Beer Hall” opened as a promotion store for coffee bis beer at the new bridge in Ginza. This is the birth of Sapporo Lion, and the beginning of

【Limited time limit】 Sold out at each event. Hot topic boolerie “nichinichi (Nichi Nichi)” opens in Ginza Mitsukoshi for a week only! June 26 (Wed)-

The brining lingerie "nichinichi (Nichi Nichi)" operated by subLime Corporation, subLime Group, will open in Ginza Mitsukoshi for a week only. "Nichinichi (Nichinin)" that makes all the bread with 100% domestic flour. In order to enjoy the difference in smell and texture, including Hokkaido "Haruyo Koi" and "Yumichikara", whole grain flour and rye whole grain flour etc. are blended according to bread. Using plenty of fresh eggs from natural contract farmers and vegetables from natural farming, "Karpis Fermented Butter" characterized by fresh smell and richness, etc., we bake carefully one by one delicious bread that is gentle on the body. Such a store has recently opened a store in Ginza