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A traditional cafe that has been loved in Milan for over 200 years “COVA”

A traditional cafe that has been loved in Milan for over 200 years “COVA”

Established in 1817, the long-established pasticeria "COVA" in Milan, Italy, opened in GINZASIX, proposing a new luxury space in Ginza. Afternoon Tea DELUAXE COVA, which became part of LVMH in 2013 and has been deployed in more than 20 stores worldwide, including the main store of Montenapoleone in Milan, has a reputation for excellent products, outstanding service, and elegant and sophisticated interiors. We are proud of our craftsmanship and creativity. Inside the store recreates the Milan flagship store Café Cova Milano GINZA SIX recreates Milan's flagship store with antique mirrors, velvet sofas, crystal chandeliers, original sophisticated mahogany counters with golden edges and natural marble in brass. , Luxury and calm

“Ginza Honey Fair” is held at Maronie Gate Ginza! ~ September 19 (Thu)-30 (Mon)

Ginza Maronie Gate will hold a “Ginza Honey Fair” for 12 days from September 19 (Thu) to 30 (Mon). From Japanese / Western / ethnic cuisine to desserts and drinks, 16 stores at Maronie Gate Ginza collaborated with honey in Ginza. Please enjoy the honey that you can only meet here. Maronie Gate Ginza 1 Rooftop honey Hundreds of honey collected from the roof of Maronie Gate Ginza 1 used at the Ginza Honey Fair are flowers and fresh flowers born from street trees and flowers in Ginza, including early summer flowers such as the surrounding Maronie flowers and lilies. Honey. In addition, the bees in Ginza carry honey from

MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS is pleased to announce the release of “Milfeuille La Ginza”, which focuses on butter!

MILLE-FEUILLE La Ginza, made with pie tailored with butter made by Millefeuil Maison Francais, will be released. “AOP” is only allowed in France and only in limited areas and traditionally made. A fijutage made with Pampuri butter, certified under this designation. This is an original millefeuille sandwiched with fragrant praline cream of hazelnut and almond that goes well with this fijuage. You can enjoy the scent of butter and the rich praline cream. Recommended as a gift for loved ones. Please come early for a limited time sale. ◆ Product Details MILLE-FEUILLE La Ginza Millefeuille Ginza Price: 3,240 yen (tax included) with 8 pieces Sales period: Friday, September 6, 2019-

Seasonal chestnut sweets that you want to take with you as a gift! Daimaru Tokyo Seasonal Maron Fair

Autumn Hoppe Town Festival: September 11 (Wed)-30 (Mon) / Daimaru Tokyo Basement / First Floor One of the tastes of autumn is “chestnut”. At the Daimaru Tokyo store, “Chestnut Sweets” made using the original sweetness and taste of chestnuts will appear one after another at the “Autumn Hope Town Festival” starting on September 11th! Chestnuts that match both Japanese and Western confectionery are not only chestnut steamed mutton and mont blanc, but also various forms of sweets. “Chestnut sweets” unique to this season are also highly recommended for souvenirs. A new work has also appeared, introducing 8 points from the “Maroon Fair”, a must-see for chestnut lovers! NEW! A new

world’s first! Ice limited sale of supplementary books! -Limited sale at Ginza Loft Pop-up Store-

Only 9 / 7-16! Collaboration with popular apple pie specialty stores Takarajimasha Co., Ltd., with the largest share of fashion magazine sales (*), will present the world's first “ice supplement” multimedia book “RINGO ICE BAR SPECIAL BOOK” from September 7 (Sat) to 16 (Mon / Holiday) Will be sold for a limited time. This book is a collaboration product with BAKE Co., Ltd., which operates a baked cheese tart specialty store “BAKE CHEESE TART” and a baked custard apple pie specialty store “RINGO”. . It will be sold as one of the highlight events of “THE POPUP SHOP by TAKARAJIMASHA”, a pop-up store of Takarajimasha multimedia products that will be

[Loft] Pop-up store of “Nakamachi Hyoka store” of Kuramoto Yagi natural ice appears in Ginza Loft!

A shaved ice store in Shinshu Matsumoto opens only in Ginza! Ginza loft, "breweries eight righteousness," "shaved ice Nakamachi frozen dessert shop of natural ice" Minami Alps Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture using natural ice of Yatsugatake of: Ginza loft a pop-up store (Sumairaru Company, Inc. Representative Director Takashi Nagano) Opened at the cafe “Loft Food Lab”. “Natural Ice Shaved Ice Nakamachi Hyoka Store” is a summer limited store of “NAKAMACHI CAFE” in Matsumoto City, and is a thriving store that sells 350 cups a day as a popular store on the holidays. Using natural ice from the Yatsugatake brewery of the Southern Alps Yatsugatake, it is characterized by the fluffy natural

-Held an event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the hop “Sorachiace” for the first time with Sapporo Beer.

~ September 5th is Sorachiace's birthday ~ Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. and Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. celebrated the 35th anniversary of the birth of the hop “Solachiace”, the raw material for beer, and the “Sorachiace Birthday Festival-Here Sorachi, Sorachi Sorachi” Will be held jointly at “BEER TO GO” by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY (BTG) and Bier Keller Tokyo Shimbashi store for a limited time from September 5 (Thu) to September 16 (Mon) The “Sorachiace” is a hop that Sapporo Beer developed in Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido in 1984 and went to the United States. It has gained popularity in the United States because it has a layered aroma reminiscent of lemons, conifers, and

The trend of autumn is at your feet. A shoe polishing workshop that women can easily do will be held at the BRITISH MADE Ginza store on Sunday, September 8.

On September 8th (Sunday) at the GITZA store, BRITISH MADE's flagship store, which delivers a “Story of a British story” with the concept of Stories of British Life, a shoe polishing workshop that women can easily do Will be held. September 8th (Sun) It will be held at BRITISH MADE Ginza store. Because of the small number of people, it is an environment where questions can be asked without hesitation. In addition, custom shoelaces are available as a souvenir for those who wish. Autumn when the fashion of leather shoes becomes even more fun. Why don't you learn how to care at this opportunity? JOSEPH CHEANEY ・ BONNIE JOSEPH CHEANEY

“Starbucks that wants to invite someone” Starbucks Reserve® Roastery The first new store inspired by Tokyo “Starbucks Reserve® Store Ginza Marronnier Street”

Open on Wednesday, September 4 Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. will open Starbucks Reserve® Store Ginza Marronnier Street, the first store of the new Starbucks Reserve® Store, on September 4, 2019 (Wednesday). Like the Starbucks Reserve® brand coffee, which is roasted in Tokyo, Nakameguro in February 2019 and roasted at Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo (hereinafter Roastery Tokyo). Roastery Opened in Tokyo for the first time in Japan and opened the first single store in Japan in Daikanyama, you can enjoy both the charming flavors of Italian Bakery Prince® in a spacious two-story space. . In addition, a reservation system has been introduced for some seats in the store. A new

HiO ICE CREAM opens first pop-up store in Matsuya Ginza “GINZA Suite”

Limited number of ice cookie sandwiches sold in collaboration with Seikotei The craft ice cream “HiO ICE CREAM” (read: Hio Ice Cream) will be available from August 28th (Wednesday) to September 5th (Thursday) at Matsuya Ginza B1F “GINZA Suite”. The department store will open the “HiO ICE CREAM” pop-up store for the first time. In addition, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Matsuya's founding, we will release a limited number of ice cookie sandwiches in collaboration with Yoyogi Uehara's sweets specialty store “Seikotei”, which has a permanent store in Matsuya Ginza. HiO ICE CREAM was launched in April 2019 as a craft ice cream pursuing “manufacturing” that focuses on the