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A “Bicerin” gift that makes your family’s time fun as a Father’s Day gift! We are accepting reservations at Takashimaya Online Store “Takashimaya Father’s Day 2020”

A “Bicerin” gift that makes your family’s time fun as a Father’s Day gift! We are accepting reservations at Takashimaya Online Store “Takashimaya Father’s Day 2020”

~ The topical confectionery that has been selected as a special prize in "Entertainment souvenirs" Selection 2020 ~ Bitchellin Asia Pacific and Middle East Co., Ltd. has started pre-sale of gift items at Takashimaya Father's Day 2020 at Takashimaya Online Store. Reservations will be accepted until 10:00 am on Tuesday, June 16. In the lineup, we have prepared 3 items including the popular "Set di Biscotti" which won the first special selection in "Entertainment souvenir" Selection 2020 selected by 36000 active secretaries. 【Product Details】 Product Name: Set di Biscotti 20 Sales price: 4,320 yen (tax included) * Shipping fee is included. Product details: 10 birch di derma (matcha) / 10

You can work in a relaxing space with “enhanced telework facilities” in private lodging facilities! Launched new MDI service

We will start the operation of the private lodgings with a variety by "improving the telework facilities" to the equipments of the private lodgings operated by MDI. You can work in a relaxing space with "enhanced telework facilities" in private lodging facilities! Start the M DI new service MDI Co., Ltd. (Kabukiza Tower, 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Wataru Imura, hereinafter MDI) We will start the operation of the private lodgings with a variety by "improving the telework facilities" to the equipments of the private lodgings operated by MDI. Due to recent work style reforms, flexible work styles (telework) are spreading regardless of time and place. By staying at

Eggs ’n Things takeout menu can be received smoothly! “Online ordering service” starts from May 15, 2020 (Friday)

From May 15, 2020 (Friday), EGGS'N THINGS JAPAN Co., Ltd. will introduce an online ordering service that allows you to easily pre-order and pay for takeout products from the Eggs'n Things official website. In addition, we will start delivery delivery of "Uber Eats" at some stores. 20 May 2008 1 4 days To the press      URL: Eggs' n Things will start an online ordering service from Friday, May 15, 2020, where you can order take-out menus from the official website in advance. This is a convenient system where you can purchase your favorite menu online and receive it at the designated store. By ordering and making payments in

[Remote work support] Work efficiency is improved in a spacious space and energy is charged with delicious meals! Restaurant “MAIMON GINZA” & meat bar “GLASS DANCE Yaesu” coworking space service started!

Solve the problems of working from home! We have prepared a comfortable space with consideration for social distance and a delicious take-out lunch! Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd., has a part of the floors of the restaurant “MAIMON GINZA” and the meat bar “MEAT GRILL WINE & BEER (Meat Grill Wine & Beer GLASS DANCE)”. For a limited time from May 15 (Fri) to May 31 (Sun), we will start a new service to be provided as a "coworking space" that can be used for remote work. Currently, the number of companies introducing and promoting telework and remote work is rapidly increasing from

Non-face-to-face room search, rental contracts, and even moving in are possible! Launched “non-face-to-face rental” service to prevent new coronavirus expansion

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, Clasco Co., Ltd. has started a "non-face-to-face lease" service that allows all non-face-to-face contracts using the web service or virtual preview at the rental brokerage window. I will inform you. [Background of implementation] With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it has been decided to extend the declaration of emergency in some areas. Although Ishikawa Prefecture, in which Clasco operates a leasing business, has a policy of lifting the declaration, it is expected that it will continue to call for refraining from traffic to and from prefectures where the declaration has not been lifted. Even in Clasco, since

Monster Music Online Festival “Music Unity 2020” with more than 240,000 PV will be held at unusual speed 3rd time from 15:00 on May 16th. # MU2020

Music Unity 2020 (hereafter MU2020) is an online streaming festival sponsored by Mogura Co., Ltd. and Akihabara MOGRA. DJ performances by artists selected by clubs and live houses existing all over Japan are distributed from various locations. A groundbreaking project that allows you to enjoy the performances of artists from all over the country while staying at home by consolidating on MOGRA's Twitch channel. Collaboration with other industries has also become an attraction of MU2020, which sells various products such as chocolate, wine, curry, etc. in the form of distribution. 3rd Music Unity 2020 It was announced that the online streaming festival "Music Unity 2020", which was suddenly held in

【Hotel Gracery Ginza】 Breakfast Buffet TO-FU de Breakfast is delicious.

Hotel Gracery Ginza is holding a breakfast buffet titled "TO-FU de breakfast made by Tofu Meister" on Monday, July 1st, 2019 at the restaurant Bon Salute (3F). (Until August 31st) This time, I visited Hotel Gracery Ginza and had a delicious breakfast buffet, so I would like to report on the situation. ■ We interviewed the head chef of Hotel Gracery Ginza, Hitoshi Kato, and Tofu Meister, Haruno Yamaguchi, about the breakfast buffet this time. Hotel Gracery Ginza Chef Hitoshi Kato (left) and Tofu Meister Haruno Yamaguchi (right) Q: What inspired you to create this TO-FU de breakfast meal? Tofu Meister Yamaguchi I think that tofu has the image of

Take-out of 4 Oyster bars in Tokyo started! Eat oysters and get well! At home with “Oyster Bar” original wine

Start at 4 stores of General Oyster Group from Sunday, May 10 General Oyster Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest * 1 oyster bar chains, will begin take-out sales at 4 stores only from May 10 (Sun). * 1: From Fuji Keizai "Foodservice Marketing Manual 2016" Although the stores are closed and business hours are being shortened, we will start taking out some menus so that you can enjoy the taste and enjoyment of oyster bar with your family at home. Oyster complete set 20 pieces [Overview of Oyster Bar at home] ■ Sales period: Starts on Sunday, May 10 ■ Menu (example): Oyster complete set 20 pieces 3,900 yen

The house is a boutique. Chaumet new service “Salon de Chaumet Online” started

Chaumet will start a new service "Salon de Chaumet Online" from Monday, May 11, 2020. From many people who can't go out even though there are jewelry that Chaumet is interested in, Whether you are looking for a marriage ring as a couple or want to give a surprise jewelry to your partner. Male customers who usually find it difficult to enter a boutique can feel free to experience Chaumet. Using applications such as LINE and Zoom while at home, You can enjoy the full service as if you were visiting a boutique. Chaumet Ginza Main Store With a wealth of experience and knowledge, an adviser at Chaumet Ginza Main

At Ginza and Shikawa, all stores regain the rhythm of life in the new Corona self-restraint. We will distribute “Senshafuda” that tells the beginning of the month.

The theme of Satsuki (May) is "iris" Ginza Hitoshigawa Co., Ltd., which develops high-quality bread “Ginza ni Shikawa” that sticks to water, has a sticker named “Ginza ni Shikawa Sensha tag: aka Satsuta day tag” on May 1 of this month. Will be distributed free of charge to bread buyers at stores nationwide. (Distributed only from May 13 (Wednesday) for the first time). The prototype is a paper card called "Senshafuda / Nousatsu" that is affixed to the pillars and ceilings of shrines and temples. In recent years, this has spread as a "mini Senshafuda sticker" among maiko and geisha people in the Kayanagi world, and the number of users