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“Night Art Aquarium Intersecting Real Mystery Solving Game” is being held!

“Night Art Aquarium Intersecting Real Mystery Solving Game” is being held!

A mystery-solving event will be held at Art Aquarium Museum GINZA after normal business hours to go back and forth between the “real world and metaverse space” NTT Docomo, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Docomo"), together with Amuseum Parks, Inc. and Relic, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Relic"), will utilize Docomo's latest technology, "MetaMe"*1, a meta-communication service, to support the 2024 From March 18th (Monday) to March 26th (Tuesday), “Art Aquarium at Night Intersecting Real Mystery Solving Games'' will be held at Art Aquarium Museum GINZA (located in Ginza Mitsukoshi). ・A new sensory experience that combines “mystery solving” and “metaverse” is finally here! According to a survey*2, the number of

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Demos Chiang’s solo exhibition “CHERISH BLOSSOM” will be held from March 23rd (Saturday) with the theme of ancient Japanese cherry blossoms.

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will be holding the solo exhibition “CHERISH BLOSSOM” by Taiwanese artist Demos Chiang from Saturday, March 23, 2024 to Wednesday, April 10, 2024. ) will be held at GINZA ATRIUM, the central event space within the store. In addition to unveiling the latest series of works inspired by cherry blossoms for the first time, we will also be holding a collaborative exhibition with TRADMAN'S BONSAI, a bonsai artist group that preserves tradition while going beyond conventional ideas. Special page | ·overview Demos Chan is an artist who expresses his thoughts and concerns about the world by drawing anthropomorphic animals. The work

What would you choose for White Day, the day of giving back? Ginza Mitsukoshi food buyers recommend this according to the recipient!

[Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings Co., Ltd.] From a press release “Ginza Mitsukoshi White Day 2024” ■Period: Wednesday, February 28, 2024 – Thursday, March 14, 2024 *Some products have different exhibition dates. ■Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building/New Building B2F Ginza Food Garden *White Day site URL: Ginza Mitsukoshi will be holding "Ginza Mitsukoshi White Day 2024" from February 28th (Wednesday) to March 14th (Thursday). We will introduce recommended products selected by food buyers depending on the recipient. Why not express your gratitude to your family, partner, friends, co-workers, and other people who support you on a daily basis with a gift? Please come and visit Ginza Mitsukoshi. ・For your family and

[Marronnier Gate Ginza 1] “MEETS! Sanriku/Tokiwa Gourmet Fair” will be held from February 23rd (Friday/Holiday) to March 11th (Monday)!

"MEETS! Sanriku/Tokiwa Gourmet Fair" will be held at the Ginza commercial facility "Marronnier Gate Ginza 1" from February 23rd (Friday/holiday) to March 11th (Monday). The Sanriku/Tokiwa area is home to a variety of seafood, known as “Sanriku/Tokiwa products,'' which are nurtured by the rich ocean, as well as attractive specialty products made from the blessings of nature. The "Nmme" menu, made with delicious ingredients, will be available at Marronnier Gate Ginza 1 and Yurakucho Itosia! Eat, learn, and support the Sanriku/Tokiwa area! Lottery ticket distribution period March 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) 2024 11:00-23:00 (depending on the business hours of the target store) Lottery venue ● Marronnier Gate Ginza 1

[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] “HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2024” is an event where you can feel sustainable in Hibiya, a spring filled with art and flowers. Period: March 20th (Wednesday/Holiday) to April 14th (Sunday), 2024

Introducing a huge flower art decorated with "artificial flowers" made from recycled plastic bottles! Fresh flowers used in the exhibition will be distributed free of charge in bouquets. At Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, from March 20th (Wednesday/holiday) to April 14th (Sunday), 2024, the event "HIBIYA BLOSSOM" will be held to celebrate the arrival of spring in Hibiya, a city decorated with colorful flowers and art. Blossom) 2024” will be held. This year's theme is "Art & Flowers". This year, "HIBIYA BLOSSOM" incorporates a sustainable perspective, and the main art piece is "Blossom Garden ~ Botanical Sculpture ~" which uses artificial flowers that are made from environmentally friendly materials but are close

“Disney THE MARKET” Disney’s largest shopping event will be held nationwide!

The concept is "magic" brought to you by Disney. Following last year's great success, one of the largest shopping events in Japan, “Disney THE MARKET'', will be held in major cities across the country. For a limited time, the event will be held nationwide on March 6th (Wednesday), starting with Mitsukoshi in Ginza, Tokyo, and then at Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka. “Magic'' is the concept behind “Disney THE MARKET'' presented by Disney, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and marks the beginning of the next 100 years. Enjoy a dream-like moment brought to you by Disney stories and charming characters. We offer a wide variety of product

[Loft] “Almost official! Karate Ni Ehime Antenna Shop” will be held at Ginza Loft. We have items that are filled with the charm of Ehime Prefecture.

From February 19th (Monday) to March 17th (Sunday), 2024, Ginza Loft will be hosting the “Super Markit” brand, which focuses on things and things from all over Japan and re-edits the charm of the region, with the cooperation of Ehime Prefecture. We will be holding the “Almost Official! Karate Ni Ehime Antenna Shop'' supervised by !(Super Markit) . This is the fourth time the event has been held, and we will be selling samples of fruits and vegetables such as “Kamishima Lemon'' and “Setoka,'' as well as foods made with citrus fruits from Ehime Prefecture, as well as jams and soup stock. In addition to Ginza Loft, it will also

“Korilakkuma Store” opens for a limited time at Yurakucho Marui! February 22, 2024 (Thursday) – March 14, 2024 (Thursday)

~Open this year during strawberry season~ San-X Co., Ltd. announces that the limited-time store "Korilakkuma Store" operated by Kiddy Land Co., Ltd. will be open from February 22, 2024 (Thursday) to March 14, 2024 (Thursday) at Yurakucho Marui 1F Calendarium. To do. ©2024 SAN-X CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. [What is Korilakkuma] ~20th anniversary this year~ A white bear cub that came out of nowhere. It doesn't seem like Rilakkuma knew him, but he has a red button on his chest, so it doesn't seem to be a real bear. Kiiroitori named him Korilakkuma. He is an energetic and mischievous boy who loves mischief. Korilakkuma first appeared in 2004, a

Announcement of “Life in Art “TOKYO MODERNISM 2024″”

Friday, March 22, 2024 – Sunday, May 12, 2024 Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., which operates IDÉE and MUJI, will hold the 3rd “Life in Art “TOKYO MODERNISM 2024” from March 22nd (Friday) to May 12th (Sunday). The event will be held based in Ginza. "TOKYO MODERNISM" is an event that has been held since 2022 as part of "Life in Art," a project that has been carried out by IDÉE and MUJI to expand art (=culture) with the theme of everyday art. Introducing the beauty of form and functionality created by outstanding designers from all over the world, mainly from Europe, Scandinavia, America, and Japan, during the mid-century period (1940s

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the matcha specialty brand “Senkyu”, the first permanent store “JAPANESE TEA & LIQUOR SHOP TOKYO” will open in Ginza on February 3, 2024

Ginza's new souvenir matcha sweets now available at Courtyard Marriott Ginza Tobu Hotel Senkyu, a matcha specialty brand operated by Senkyu Co., Ltd., will open its first permanent store at the newly opened JAPANESE TEA & LIQUOR SHOP TOKYO in the Courtyard Marriott Ginza Tobu Hotel on February 3, 2024 ( We had our grand opening on Saturday. ▼In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the founding of "Senkyu", a manufacturer of authentic matcha sweets, you can purchase it anytime at the hotel shop located in the center of Ginza. Senkyu, which sells authentic sweets and drinks made with high-quality Uji matcha grown in Uji, Kyoto, started selling at an