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Ginza beauty complex “Beauty Connection Ginza” 2F Fruit full-course specialty store “Fruit Salon” “Citrus” luxury full-course will be available from April 28th

Ginza beauty complex “Beauty Connection Ginza” 2F Fruit full-course specialty store “Fruit Salon” “Citrus” luxury full-course will be available from April 28th

"Beauty Connection Ginza (Beauty connection Ginza)" is, at the fruit course specialty store of the same facilities設内2F "fruit salon", until 2021 April 28, 2021 June 14, from the (water) (month), We will offer a new menu using seasonal citrus fruits. With Japanese citrus as the leading role, the image of early summer during the course offer period is expressed on each of the three dishes while layering the scent and taste. By pairing various cooking methods and ingredients, we are assembling the course so that you can feel the 24 solar terms. Citrus is familiar to Japanese people, but I would like you to enjoy the course while discovering new

Information for Galerie Tamaga “Lorenzo Fernandez Exhibition”

Galerie Taménaga Tokyo store will hold an exhibition of Lorenzo Fernandez from May 15th (Sat) to June 6th (Sun). Born in Madrid, Fernandez has established a transparent and innovative realism based on the traditional Spanish Baroque painting technique learned from the age of 14. While drawing a space that is impossible in reality with skillful composition, the screen created by delicate brush strokes evokes the illusion of a photograph. With many fans already in Europe, we have decided to hold a solo exhibition in Japan for the first time in seven years. We will exhibit about 30 items including new works, so please stop by when you come to Ginza.

Anonymous artists are very successful in the middle of Ginza! A miracle art space that overturns & # 8221; Real & # 8221 ;. Synchro Art Ginza store is born

~ "Synchro Art Ginza Store" that brings together the techniques of craftsmen from all over Japan There are many art events held online and in real life with no admission fee / no entry fee! ~ The Global Synchro Art Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Synchro Art Foundation") opens up difficult times with the power of art. 6-9-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hoen Building 1F Roadside store Business hours: 12:00 to 20:00 every day * Business hours may be changed in a hurry due to a state of emergency. For more information, please contact us by LINE or phone. HP: LINE: Phone number: 03-6206-4614 ・ Exhibition of works

An exhibition and sales event “The world of tarot felt with all five senses” will be held at Yurakucho micro FOOD & # 038; IDEA MARKET to change the concept of tarot cards.

~ Experience the history and culture of Tarot and face yourself ~ Nichiyu Co., Ltd. will hold an exhibition and sale event for tarot cards, "The World of Tarot Feeling with the Five Senses," from May 12th (Wednesday) to June 6th (Sunday), 2021. [URL] ■ Facing oneself and wisdom of healing from Tarot <br /> Since ancient times, people have been healed and learned by culture and art. Now that more healing and wisdom are required in the corona, the tarot card is not as an occult fortune-telling tool, but as a tool for facing oneself, and an adult preference for enjoying its artistry and background culture and history.

A new store will open on May 17, 2021 (Monday)! Plant-based food brand “2foods” Yaesu underground shopping mall

-A variety of souvenir sweets and take-out foods made from all plant-derived ingredients- TWO Co., Ltd., which develops the well-being business, launched the plant-based food (plant-derived raw material) brand "2foods" based on the concept of "healthy junk food" on May 17, 2021 (Monday). We will open the 4th store, "2foods Yaesu Underground Shopping Mall". ■ Features of the plant-based food brand "2foods" 2foods is a plant-based food launched in April 2021 with the concept of "healthy junk food" that combines the two, "Yummy", which stimulates the taste, and "Healthy", which prepares the body by eating. It's a brand. With addictive deliciousness, exciting beautiful visuals, rich scents that are appetizing, and

Ale to athletes in the world chasing dreams! “EJ Music Days” will be held at Hibiya Noon!

BOYS AND MEN, lol, BiSH, BiS, EMPiRE … and other gorgeous casts that embody "Entertainment Japan" will be gathered to hold an event where sportsmanship and music resonate! ★ EJ = "Entertainment Japan". It plays a role in disseminating Japanese entertainment to the world, and also has the desire to be a landmark event where overseas people can enjoy Japanese entertainment. Dates: July 10th (Sat) and 11th (Sun), 2021 Venue: Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall [Purpose of planning] An event where sportsmanship and music resonate! Immediately before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we will send ale to athletes around the world who "follow their dreams" across generations and nationalities! A

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] The solo exhibition “Local Anesthesia” by up-and-coming artist Lily Shu, who was selected as a special feature of the art notebook “Newcomer Artist 100”, will be held from May 12th (Wednesday).

LILY SHU "SUPER" 2021 Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold a solo exhibition "Local Mao" by LILY SHU as the 7th exhibition series "Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore ART PARTY" featuring young artists in 2021. It will be held at the in-store art wall gallery from May 12th (Wednesday) to June 4th (Friday). * If there is a change in the content of the leave request from the national or local government in the future, the period of this exhibition may change accordingly. Please note that any changes will be announced on the Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore website, official SNS, etc. ·Overview LILY SHU "SUPER" 2021 Lily Shu is an artist who

Gucci Namiki flagship store opened

On April 29, 2021, Gucci opened its second flagship store, "Gucci Namiki," in Ginza, Tokyo. Image courtesy of Gucci Gucci Namiki is located on Namiki-dori, the place where Gucci first started developing in Japan in 1964, and customers who want an exclusive shopping experience and carefully selected products based on a unique concept suitable for a historic location. It will be born as a shop that provides tailor-made services for. The four-floor space serves as a base for embodying Alessandro Michele's creative vision, which redefines the definition of luxury fashion with a contemporary approach, creating a new story for each customer while creating a personal experience for each customer. I

“PUI PUI Molker PremiumShop -DesignProduced by Sanrio-” will be held in 5 cities nationwide!

"PUI PUI Molcar PremiumShop -DesignProduced by Sanrio-" operated by Up Fields Co., Ltd. will be held in 5 cities nationwide. Sanrio designs cute molcars even more cute with a crayon touch! We will prepare a lot of original goods such as cute miscellaneous goods of potatoes, T-shirts, car supplies, masks and so on. We will update the information such as how to enter each venue, product information, purchase benefits, etc. from time to time, so please look forward to it! We are planning to make advance reservations for some products and post-order mail order for all products. ◆ Yurakucho, Tokyo ◆ Date: June 3rd (Thursday) -June 20th (Sunday), 2021 Venue:

[The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8] Let’s feel N.Y. at the hotel stay!

Online tea lessons by a teacher living in the United States & accommodation plan sales with walking around the city The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8 (Reading: Ginza Eight) (Location: 8-9-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Hiroko Seki) is a popular flower living in the United States from Thursday, May 6, 2021. An online accommodation event by the artist, "[June 19th] Online tea lesson from New York & plan with walking around the city" NEW YORK TEA LESSON "" will be on sale for a limited number of 10 groups. Lesson image This plan is a live stream of walking around New York by Anna Kitano, a flower and tea