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Cocktail event “SYMPOSIA 2022” with guest bartenders will be held at Bulgari Ginza Bar on Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th.

Cocktail event “SYMPOSIA 2022” with guest bartenders will be held at Bulgari Ginza Bar on Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th.

Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality division of Bvlgari, has been holding a worldwide mixology event "SYMPOSIA" since 2019. Here in Tokyo, we hold a cocktail event several times a year at "Bulgari Ginza Bar (formerly Il Bar)" in the Bulgari Ginza Tower. Limited to two nights, each event welcomes world-class top bartenders to enjoy their original cocktails and performances. [The start of SYMPOSIA 2022 is the appearance of Mr. Shinya Kiba of "Yokagi", a bar in Kumamoto] At Symposia in June, which welcomes excellent domestic bartenders as guests, he is a bartender of the popular bar "Yakoboku" in Kumamoto, and has a history of winning the 2021 World Class

[Marui’s first store] POPUP SHOP opens at Marui Yurakucho store, a D2C brand specializing in small size shoes “FOREMOS marco”!

D2C brand "FOREMOS marco" specializing in small size shoes will open POPUP SHOP at LUMINE Yokohama store from Wednesday, June 16th! This time, the POP UP SHOP of <FOREMOS marco> will be held from May 25th (Wednesday) to 31st (Tuesday) at the concept shops on the 2nd floor of the Marui Yurakucho store! This is the first time for Marui to open a store as a brand. During the exhibition period, we will prepare products that are conscious of "small feet can be worn perfectly", centering on spring and summer items with a light texture! We have a wide lineup of pumps and mules centered on sandals. ・ UNLÍENS collaboration

“Kagoshimane Antenna Shop Birthday Festival 2022”

"Hibiya Shimanekan" and "Kagoshima Yurakukan" are the first collaborations! "Hibiya Shimanekan" celebrating its 2nd anniversary in May and "Kagoshima Yurakukan" celebrating its 27th anniversary. The two antenna shops will hold their first joint event on May 28th and 29th. In addition to selling special products that both Shimane and Kagoshima prefectures are proud of and promoting tourism, we also offer lucky bag projects and collaboration products that are limited on the day and in limited quantities. There are plenty of fun projects such as a shopping rally where you can win luxury prizes such as round-trip air tickets from Hagi-Iwami Airport to Haneda Airport. [Date and time] May 28th (Sat)

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] We propose Buddhist statues and paintings as interiors and works of art. “Buddhas who seem to be close to life” will be held from May 25th (Wednesday).

On May 29th (Sun), a talk event will be held with Mihotoke, who is active as an entertainer who loves Buddhist statues, as MC. Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZASIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold "Buddhas who seem to be close to life" at the central event space GINZA ATRIUM from May 25 (Wednesday) to June 1 (Wednesday). To do. A Buddhist statue of the interior brand "Ism" and a Buddhist painting by contemporary artist Nakamurajin and Yuka are exhibited. Furthermore, on May 29th (Sun), a talk event will be held by two artists and Mihotoke, who is active as an entertainer who loves Buddhist statues. Left: Nakamurajin "Dainichi Nyorai Mandala" M80

Information on holding “Jean-Pierre Casignor Exhibition” at Galerie Taménaga (Ginza, Tokyo)

May 28th (Sat) -June 19th (Sun), 2022 At the Galerie Tamaga Tokyo store, we will hold a solo exhibition of Jean-Pierre Casiñol, a French painter who is popular for the image of a woman who conveys the gorgeous spirit of Paris, for the first time in 13 years. Born in a haute couture family for three generations in Paris, Casignor has witnessed brilliant fashion and the beautiful Manukan who wear it since childhood. He naturally loves music and art that were familiar to him, and begins to draw pictures with the theme of beautiful landscapes and beautiful women. It was in 1964 that I met Kiyoji Akinaga, the founder of

To “experience” is to “learn”! Exhibition I tried-Amusement park to learn from the body-

Held at Tokyu Plaza Ginza 4F from Saturday, July 16th! It has been decided to hold the "I tried it-I tried it-amusement park to learn from the body-" which was very popular at the Expo '70 Commemorative Park in Osaka from March to May. At the same time, EXIT will be appointed as the official supporter of the Tokyo venue of "I tried it" exhibition-amusement park to learn from the body. The theme of "I tried the exhibition-Amusement park to learn from the body-" is to learn, and it will be an opportunity to expand interests from children, junior high and high school students to adults, where learning is packed

Exhibition by two contemporary artists Kyo Takemura and Kengo Kito “Color and Emotion” will be held from June 17th (Friday) at the Ginza Pola Museum Annex.

A total of about 20 items including new works will be exhibited. At Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), an exhibition "Colors and Emotions" by two contemporary artists, Kyo Takemura and Kengo Kito, will be held from June 17th (Friday) to July 24th (Sunday), 2022. We will hold it. Exhibition visual image Kyo Takemura is creating a flat installation with embroidered white cloth on top of photographs and drawings, and a restoration series of works in which everyday items such as broken tableware are wrapped in cloth and embroidered. For Takemura, embroidery is intended to create a "temporary" state, sublimating things that no longer exist or pieces of memory into

Expressing the sensations gained through hearing impairment with paintings | Kaoru Nakamura solo exhibition “In Between-Resonance”

Kaoru Nakamura << Noise – 1 >> 2022 Kaoru Nakamura's solo exhibition "In Between-Resonance" held at Whitestone Gallery Ginza New Building At the White Stone Gallery Ginza New Building (6-4-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a solo exhibition "In Between-Resonance" by Kaoru Nakamura will be held from June 3rd (Friday) to July 2nd (Saturday), 2022. It will be held during the period of. Kaoru Nakamura << Noise – 1 >> 2022 ・ About the exhibition Whitestone Gallery Ginza Shinkan will hold a solo exhibition "In Between-Resonance" by Kaoru Nakamura, an artist and hearing-impaired person. Kaoru Nakamura has been exploring the points of contact and limitations in sound and communication through his work.

Soccer autographed collection exhibition spot sale “SOCCER LEGENDS EXHIBITION 2022” will be held in Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo!

Including Ronaldo and Messi, Neymar, who is scheduled to come to Japan in June, will also appear. A rare collection of about 50 pieces, including limited-edition art works that can only be seen here, will be gathered together. The Dougout, Japan's first brand specializing in soccer memorabilia, will hold an exhibition and sale event for a total of 7 days at the Ginza Chandelier Sky Event Space on the 7th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building in Tokyo (held from June 1st to June 7th). ) Will be held. A rare collection of about 50 items, including autographed uniforms and art works certified by the world's top soccer

[Aloft Tokyo Ginza] Live music charity event “Live @ Aloft for Ukraine” will be held in May and June.

To Ukrainian humanitarian aid activities through music Aloft Tokyo Ginza, a next-generation lifestyle hotel under the umbrella of Marriott International (Headquarters: Maryland, USA, CEO: Anthony Capuano), the world's largest hotel group, will be held on Saturday, May 21 and June. A music charity event "Live @ Aloft for Ukraine" will be held on the 4th (Sat). The Marriott Worldwide Business Council has been providing support activities such as food, accommodation and daily necessities as part of Ukrainian humanitarian assistance activities. We also carry out humanitarian assistance activities in Ukraine through our global partner, World Central Kitchen, to assist areas in particularly difficult situations. Aloft Tokyo Ginza, a brand for music