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Bills Ginza-limited cocktails using premium craft gin “The Botanist” will be offered for a limited time from February 24 (Monday)

Bills Ginza-limited cocktails using premium craft gin “The Botanist” will be offered for a limited time from February 24 (Monday)

Refreshing limited time cocktail with botanical scent Rémy Cointreau Japan, Inc. uses craft gin "The Botanist" from February 24 (Mon)-March 31 (Tue) at all-day dining "bills" from Sydney, Australia We will inform you that the bills Ginza limited cocktail "The Botanist Jin Yuzu & Cucumber Collins" will be offered. * Please note that duplicate releases may be distributed due to joint release. The Botanist is the first and only dry gin on Islay, Scotland, a famous whiskey sanctuary.In addition to the nine core botanicals used to make traditional gin, there are 22 wild species native to Islay Is a craft gin made by collecting botanicals by hand and carefully distilling

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Limited sale of 12 pieces in the world. The limited edition “QLOCKTWO CLASSIC Creators Edition Ryusei” which pursues the beauty of Japan with “lacquer” and “lacquer work” will be on sale from February 24.

"QLOCKTWO", which displays time in characters, European modern art collaborates with Japanese lacquer Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN will release a limited edition model of the Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN "QLOCKTWO CLASSIC Creators Edition Ryusei" at stores and online stores. This limited edition model was produced by Ginza Tsutaya Shoten with the concept of "Japanese culture" and "art". This time, the specially crafted Japanese traditional craft "lacquer" is used on the entire surface, and "Makie" is applied on a larger board than ever before. Limited to 12 worldwide. (Sold only at GINZA SIX 6F Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore) Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN Limited model "Meteor" Two powerful straight lines of gold emerge in the jet

[Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN] How about your special note? First landing in Japan. A note made of “real wood” that highlights the beauty of 10 natural trees carefully selected from around the world.

Handmade notebook using natural wood by London-based brand “Bark & Rock”. Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will begin selling “Notes made of real wood” at stores and online stores, the first to land in Japan. Description of item The brand's first-selling product in Japan is a novel notebook that makes use of the characteristic patterns of various trees to create a “tree” as a notebook. The wood used is collected from all over the world, and the most attractive and beautiful looking parts are processed and manufactured. Each expression is different depending on the tree varieties and the environment in which they grew up, so this is exactly one point.

Sage Ozawa The picture book writer, Nanako Furuya, has been turned into a picture book for the “Listening Picture Book” and “Peter and Wolf” that became popular at the Matsumoto Festival!原 Original picture exhibition will be held from 2/29

At the Sage Ozawa Matsumoto Festival held in the summer of 2019, children's song "Peter and Wolf", which was performed by projecting a picture of Nana Furuya, was decided to be a picture book. From the end of February, an original picture exhibition will be held! Kaiseisha Co., Ltd. is a picture book writer, Furuya Nana, who has worked on many books such as “ Peter and Wolf '', a picture book of “ Peter and Wolf '', which has been popular for children for many years, including I will publish it with a picture of Nasan. What are Peter and Wolf? "Peter and the Wolf" was written by Russian

You can enjoy spring plants and high quality natural wine and coffee again!

Ginza Sony Park new arrivals and recommended information for February! The latest information from Ginza Sony Park, an experimental park in the city. Ginza Sony Park is a vertical park with lots of contents that can be enjoyed not only on the ground floor but also on the 4th basement floor. So far, more than 5 million (*) customers have visited the park. * As of November 30, 2019 Ginza Sony Park also has a lot of new information in February. Among them, select information is introduced together! Line up ■ <THE CONVENI> Just like snacks! A cute and cute travel pillow appears! ■ <Toraya Café An Stand> Limited ann

Complete membership bar lounge VILLA FOCH GINZA is now a luxury card lounge!

A good location with a 30-second walk from the Ginza 4-chome intersection, a cafe that is perfect for a quiet time during the day, and a bar that offers a lot of vintage wine and champagne at night, perfect for important business talks and meetings LUXURY CARD, which was founded in the United States in 2008 and offers the finest personal services from everyday life to the travel scene as Mastercard's top-class credit card, is the largest bar in the Ginza area, opened in September 2019 in Ginza, Tokyo. Announcing that we have started offering special treatment as a luxury card lounge that can be used by luxury card members

Candy doll decoration in Ginza? Appeared

~ Hina Festival Sweets will be released this year ~ Art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE /" is the world's most interesting confectionery shop. Toward the Doll's Festival on March 3, 2020 (Tuesday), the Doll's Festival products will be released this year on Saturday, February 15th. We have a variety of products including "Hinamatsuri Mix" designed to make girls smile and "Sakura Bablets". The inside and back of the doll are cute Hinamatsuri mix Whatever the age, the Hina Matsuri is a festival for girls that excites girls. The inside and the back of the doll will help you be happy with the most cute finish in the past and the Hinamatsuri

Department store buyers serve as hubs to provide matching and know-how for people and goods Wakayama Fair / Wakayama Knot, connecting traditions and skills colored by tradition and innovation, and customers at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store and Ginza Mitsukoshi for a limited time

Food: February 12 (Wed)-18 (Tue) Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building B1F Food Collection Living Goods: February 19 (Wed)-25 (Tue) Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Living GINZA stage Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. has been working with Wakayama Prefecture since FY2017, and has been conducting the “ Wakayama Product Attractiveness Rediscovery Project '' to widely disseminate traditional industries and technologies in Wakayama Prefecture both domestically and overseas through three core stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area. You. In this business, department store buyers will be the hub, utilizing the production power of the sales floor, buyers will enter the production site, brushing up products specialized for market needs in collaboration with businesses, and

Dating, entertainment, and an important scene for an upscale dining experience! Yonezawa beef specialty store “Uesugi” opens in “GICROS” in Ginza

Bincho Charcoal Grilled Beef Course & Bincho Charcoal Grilled Meat Lunch Limited Offer at Special Price from February 17 (Mon)-March 15 (Sun)! [See the PDF version ] NTS Co., Ltd., which operates “ charcoal grilled meat Uesugi '' which is extremely popular as a Yonezawa beef specialty wholesaler, operates “ Yonezawa beef Uesugi Ginza main store '' on the 5th floor of “ GICROS GINZA GEMS '' which opened in November 2019 in Ginza Open. We offer an entertaining course menu that pursues a creative cuisine that is distinct from traditional yakiniku. This time, during the period from February 17 (Mon) to March 15 (Sun), 2020, the regular price

[Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN] An exhibition “Imagine opposite shore-Thinking on the opposite shore” by solo exhibition of Scrippaliu Ochiai will be held from February 27th.

Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is planning an exhibition series “Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN ART PARTY” that regularly introduces notable creators as a leading figure in the art scene. This time, we will hold a solo exhibition "Imagine opposite shore-Thinking on the opposite shore" by artist, Scrippaliu Anna Ochiai. "Flickering contours" 2015-2020 Overview of solo exhibition Scrippaliu Anna Ochiai is an artist who uses various materials and techniques, such as installations, photographs, videos, and paintings. After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts with a major in oil painting, he was enrolled in a doctoral course in sculpture. He is one of the young artists who have earned his reputation