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A recitation of the 6th popular mystery work by young popular voice actors! The reading drama “The murderer of the prisoner who just dropped the smartphone” will be held from January 11 (Sat) to January 19 (Sun) at Ginza / Hakushinkan Theater.

A recitation of the 6th popular mystery work by young popular voice actors! The reading drama “The murderer of the prisoner who just dropped the smartphone” will be held from January 11 (Sat) to January 19 (Sun) at Ginza / Hakushinkan Theater.

Popular radio program “Nippon Recitation Academy” started in December 2013 with the desire to “create star voice actors from radio programs” and broadcasted 122 times in Japan and Radio Osaka until the end of the program in March 2016. As the 6th performance of the program's spin-off plan and reading drama, the reading drama “The murderer of prisoner who just dropped the smartphone” will be held from January 11 (Sat) 2020 to January 19 (Sun) Ginza It was decided to be performed at the Hakuhinkan Theater. This performance, which has been held regularly since the first in November 2016, has the second in May 2017, the third in November 2017

[Dream collaboration] A coworking space based on the concept of “work” and “learn” has opened in Ginza and Yokohama! “Good office” is affiliated with English conversation school “MeRISE English conversation”. You can work while learning English conversation!

Coworking space “Good Office” in Ginza and Yokohama! The co-working space Oi Co., Ltd. collaborates with MeRISE Co., Ltd., which operates an English conversation school, and co-working spaces based on the concept of “work” and “learn” “Good Office Ginza by MeRISE” and “Good Office Yokohama” by MeRISE "has been opened. In this release, we will introduce you to the background of the collaboration between Ginza and Yokohama and the purpose of “working” and “learning”. ■ Outline of good office ■ With a flat-rate system of 20,000 yen per month, we provide a service that allows you to use the coworking space “Good Office” anywhere in Japan or overseas. Currently,

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] & # 8221; Stationery Love & # 8221; born “pins for stationery lover” first, limited quantity sales start. From November 8th (Friday) onwards, it will also be available at the “Sparkling Pen Fair”

Six cute and original designs with fountain pens, nibs, inks and other motifs Ginza Ashiya Shoten (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will start selling original design "pins for stationery lovers" in stores and online shops. ※ Limited quantity and ends as soon as it is gone Since opening in 2017, the stationery department of the Ginza Ashiya Shoten has proposed writing instruments and objects as art pieces rather than just writing instruments. For those who love stationery, we have planned Pins “Wear and love stationery”. The concept is “to enjoy wearing stationery as a motif”. Ginza Ashiya Shoten worked on planning and design. Please try to wear your favorite 6

“Milfeuille Saison (Salt Caramel & # 038; Café)” will be released from MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS, a specialty millefeuille specialty store!

In "MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS" On November 1st (Friday), the “Milfiille Saison (Salt Caramel & Cafe) Limited Box” will be released. For discerning fijuage characterized by a “crisp” texture, Rich “salt caramel” with exquisite saltiness and sweetness and bittersweet “cafe” Assortment of luxurious flavored millefeuille sandwiched with each cream in a limited color package. The sophisticated package that tickles adults is recommended as a gift for loved ones. As soon as possible for a limited quantity sale, please! ! ◆ Product Details Millefeu Saison Price: 1,080 yen (including tax) with 4 pieces 8 pieces ¥ 2,160 (tax included) 12,240 yen with 12 pieces (tax included) Sales period: Friday, November 1, 2019-

Began offering seasonal à la carte Japanese restaurant “GINZA 豉 KUKI” with the theme of fermentation and aging

Seasonal à la carte will be available from November 1 at the Japanese restaurant “GINZA 豉 KUKI” operated by Hikari Fermentation Nutrition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. Wagyu Roast Beef Balsamic and Daitokuji Natto Sauce Miso Powder ■ “Seasonal à la carte” where you can easily enjoy fermentation and aging GINZA2019KUKI, a Japanese restaurant with the theme of fermentation and aging, celebrated its first anniversary on October 11, 2019. In the salmon, you can enjoy the course of the season, which is a classic season in which you can taste seasonal ingredients using fermentation and aging techniques, and a vegan course that uses no animal-derived ingredients

[Loft] Aiming for an earth-friendly lifestyle! Ginza Loft Sustainable Items

Sponge wipes that return to the soil and detergents that return to the sea Ginza Loft collects and develops items that take into account sustainability and sustainability that play an active role in everyday life. A wide range of reed diffusers that recycle empty bottles, sponges that return to soil, detergents that return to water, etc., against the backdrop of the widespread awareness of selecting the environment-friendly items for everyday life as little as possible. Items that are kind to the earth and people, with excellent functionality and design, are recommended for gifts. Sustainable detergent ■ It's cute but eco-friendly! Excellent design and recommended for gifts * All prices include

[Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay] Interactive Projection Mapping Presentation Report

(Updated November 7, 2019) About 20 minutes by JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station. Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is in a good location directly connected to Shinurayasu Station. The second interactive projection mapping that has been introduced since last December has appeared in the lobby of this hotel. There was a new content release announcement the other day, so this time I will tell you about it. What is Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay? Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay was opened in 1995 and is a Tokyo Disney Resort® partner hotel with 511 guest rooms, 5 dining facilities, chapels, large, medium and small banquet halls. The charm

From “Antenor Ginza Boutique”, “Ginza Butter Sand”, a product based on the concept of “handmade” and “Ginza Maid”, and seasonal taste (limited edition, strawberry) will be released on Friday, November 1st.

"Western confectionery in the middle of Japan" New product information from ANTENOR GINZA that delivers authentic classics The limited-time sweets Ginza Butter Sand “Tsubaki” will be released on Friday, November 1st. “Antenor Ginza Boutique”, which was born on September 19, 2018 in Ginza Mitsukoshi, from the desire to make “Japanese pastry in the middle of Japan” “Handmade” “Ginza Butter Sand, (苺)” Pastry chef's special butter sand is sold. Sandwiched almond sable with light texture and butter cream. The sweet and sour taste of semi-dried persimmon and persimmon sauce is an accent. This is a butter sandwich with a cute strawberry print. Please enjoy this opportunity. Ginza butter sandwich Ginza butter

Offering limited-time meals using Awashima red chicken grown in Akitakada City “Takashima Red Chicken Fair” -TAU Meri Principe Pessa Ginza-

<November 1 (Fri)-30 (Sat) 2019> The “Meri Principessa Ginza store”, an Italian restaurant in Hiroshima brand shop TAU, will hold the “Kashiwashima Red Chicken Fair” from November 1st to 30th. The Meri Principe Pessa Ginza store offers dishes made from fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, cheese and other ingredients delivered from Hiroshima, and this time it is a producer in Takamiyacho, Akitakada City, Satoyama, which has a rich natural environment. We offer a limited-time meal using Sakai Island red chicken. Sasashima Red Chicken is a flat-fed farmer, and has been carefully nurtured by its own farm staff for about 80 days from chicks to shipment. It has a strong taste, elasticity

The exhibition “POISON” by jewelry designer / artist JOJI KOJIMA is held as the first of “3 [drei]”, a newly opened gallery in Ginza

Study for the new work "Zhen" JOJI KOJIMA exhibition "POISON" In November 2019, JOJI KOJIMA's exhibition “POISON” will be held at the event space and gallery “3 [drei]” of MODERNS GINZA, which will open on Ginza Namiki-dori. In addition to past archives, it consists of new works created for this exhibition. In the new work, an objective work that greatly exceeds the jewelry framework, which is the feature of JOJI KOJIMA, will appear. The unique shape created from the fantasy world is developed into a completely different vector from the existing jewelry, expanding the possibilities of jewelry. Also, JOJI KOJIMA's enormous jewelery sculpture set up in the membership-based literary cabaret