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A traditional cafe that has been loved in Milan for over 200 years “COVA”

A traditional cafe that has been loved in Milan for over 200 years “COVA”

Established in 1817, the long-established pasticeria "COVA" in Milan, Italy, opened in GINZASIX, proposing a new luxury space in Ginza. Afternoon Tea DELUAXE COVA, which became part of LVMH in 2013 and has been deployed in more than 20 stores worldwide, including the main store of Montenapoleone in Milan, has a reputation for excellent products, outstanding service, and elegant and sophisticated interiors. We are proud of our craftsmanship and creativity. Inside the store recreates the Milan flagship store Café Cova Milano GINZA SIX recreates Milan's flagship store with antique mirrors, velvet sofas, crystal chandeliers, original sophisticated mahogany counters with golden edges and natural marble in brass. , Luxury and calm

“Ginza Honey Fair” is held at Maronie Gate Ginza! ~ September 19 (Thu)-30 (Mon)

Ginza Maronie Gate will hold a “Ginza Honey Fair” for 12 days from September 19 (Thu) to 30 (Mon). From Japanese / Western / ethnic cuisine to desserts and drinks, 16 stores at Maronie Gate Ginza collaborated with honey in Ginza. Please enjoy the honey that you can only meet here. Maronie Gate Ginza 1 Rooftop honey Hundreds of honey collected from the roof of Maronie Gate Ginza 1 used at the Ginza Honey Fair are flowers and fresh flowers born from street trees and flowers in Ginza, including early summer flowers such as the surrounding Maronie flowers and lilies. Honey. In addition, the bees in Ginza carry honey from

Nomura Real Estate’s urban commercial facilities “GEMS” series expanded nationwide 3 facilities in Yokohama, Ginza and Sakae opened in fall 2019

-First store in the Tokai area at the 15th building "GEMS Sakae"- Nomura Real Estate Co., Ltd. will be the 13th building in the series and the second building in the Yokohama area on October 17th in the “GEMS” series of urban commercial facilities that have been operating mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area since 2012. “GEMS Yokohama”, “GICROS GINZA GEMS”, the 14th building on November 16, and “GEMS Sakae”, the 15th building on November 21, and the first store in the Tokai area. We are happy to inform you that we are now in operation. "GICROS GINZA GEMS" will be the first GEMS series developed by NREG Toshiba Real

MILLE-FEUILLE MAISON FRANCAIS is pleased to announce the release of “Milfeuille La Ginza”, which focuses on butter!

MILLE-FEUILLE La Ginza, made with pie tailored with butter made by Millefeuil Maison Francais, will be released. “AOP” is only allowed in France and only in limited areas and traditionally made. A fijutage made with Pampuri butter, certified under this designation. This is an original millefeuille sandwiched with fragrant praline cream of hazelnut and almond that goes well with this fijuage. You can enjoy the scent of butter and the rich praline cream. Recommended as a gift for loved ones. Please come early for a limited time sale. ◆ Product Details MILLE-FEUILLE La Ginza Millefeuille Ginza Price: 3,240 yen (tax included) with 8 pieces Sales period: Friday, September 6, 2019-

Seasonal chestnut sweets that you want to take with you as a gift! Daimaru Tokyo Seasonal Maron Fair

Autumn Hoppe Town Festival: September 11 (Wed)-30 (Mon) / Daimaru Tokyo Basement / First Floor One of the tastes of autumn is “chestnut”. At the Daimaru Tokyo store, “Chestnut Sweets” made using the original sweetness and taste of chestnuts will appear one after another at the “Autumn Hope Town Festival” starting on September 11th! Chestnuts that match both Japanese and Western confectionery are not only chestnut steamed mutton and mont blanc, but also various forms of sweets. “Chestnut sweets” unique to this season are also highly recommended for souvenirs. A new work has also appeared, introducing 8 points from the “Maroon Fair”, a must-see for chestnut lovers! NEW! A new

New Balance Ultimate Standard “996” Retail Store Limited Color Appears

Directly-managed store-limited colors will appear on Friday, September 20th from the ultimate new balance "996". This product is finished in pig skin suede and mesh upper, which is decorated with N logo and back chip in gold that shines in autumn coordination with two colors of black and off-white. The insole also features a unique design with a map of the New Balance Official Store in Japan. Prior to the sale on Friday, September 20, the “New Balance Tamagawa Takashimaya S / C” store, which will open on Saturday, September 14, will be pre-sale from the opening day. 【Product Details】 CM996 (Unisex) Color: JBG (BLACK / GOLD), JGS (OFF WHITE

“The Blazer & # 038; The Best of NEWYORKER” now being held!

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, commemorates the 55th anniversary of the brand ’s founding, from September 11th (Wednesday) , an event featuring “Blazers” and traditional items that symbolize the brand , “The "Blazer & The Best of NEWYORKER" is being held at New Yorker men's stores and official online stores nationwide. * Until September 23 (Monday / Holiday). In this campaign, we offer a lineup of new blazers for the fall and winter, including an orthodox Ⅰ type 3 button one-step back blazer, a relaxed jersey, and original functional materials with anti-wrinkle and water-repellent functions. In addition, we offer a variety of New Yorker gems that are

world’s first! Ice limited sale of supplementary books! -Limited sale at Ginza Loft Pop-up Store-

Only 9 / 7-16! Collaboration with popular apple pie specialty stores Takarajimasha Co., Ltd., with the largest share of fashion magazine sales (*), will present the world's first “ice supplement” multimedia book “RINGO ICE BAR SPECIAL BOOK” from September 7 (Sat) to 16 (Mon / Holiday) Will be sold for a limited time. This book is a collaboration product with BAKE Co., Ltd., which operates a baked cheese tart specialty store “BAKE CHEESE TART” and a baked custard apple pie specialty store “RINGO”. . It will be sold as one of the highlight events of “THE POPUP SHOP by TAKARAJIMASHA”, a pop-up store of Takarajimasha multimedia products that will be

“DISCOVER MIYOSHI 2019 Tourism Fair” will be held at Hiroshima brand shop TAU.

Date: September 13 (Fri)-15 (Sun), 2019 Location: Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU (Ginza Kamiichi Building, 1-6-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) Miyoshi City, located in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, will hold a “DISCOVER MIYOSHI 2019 Tourism and Products Fair” at the Hiroshima brand shop TAU. “Miyoshi Pione” is a high-class fruit that is also said to be the autumn taste of Hiroshima, “Black Pearl”. Black pearl "Tertiary Pione" We will sell a limited amount of "Tertiary Pione", which is characterized by large grains, sweet and elegant fragrance, and melting sweetness. We also sell TOMOÉ wines made from 100% tertiary grapes. This wine is crafted by the brewer's technology and passion, and

New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop 5th Anniversary Thanks Week

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, commemorates the 5th anniversary of the New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop (Ginza Store) from September 13 (Friday) to 23 (Monday / Holiday) The period will be Thanks Week and the “Autumn Collection W Point Fair” will be held. Customers who come to the Ginza store during the fair will enjoy a drink service, and those who purchase the product will receive twice the usual “NY.Club card” points. In addition, to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the brand , the original brooch type 2 will be sold in limited quantities of 55 each at the Ginza store and the official online store (