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[Loft] Pop-up store of “Nakamachi Hyoka store” of Kuramoto Yagi natural ice appears in Ginza Loft!

[Loft] Pop-up store of “Nakamachi Hyoka store” of Kuramoto Yagi natural ice appears in Ginza Loft!

A shaved ice store in Shinshu Matsumoto opens only in Ginza! Ginza loft, "breweries eight righteousness," "shaved ice Nakamachi frozen dessert shop of natural ice" Minami Alps Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture using natural ice of Yatsugatake of: Ginza loft a pop-up store (Sumairaru Company, Inc. Representative Director Takashi Nagano) Opened at the cafe “Loft Food Lab”. “Natural Ice Shaved Ice Nakamachi Hyoka Store” is a summer limited store of “NAKAMACHI CAFE” in Matsumoto City, and is a thriving store that sells 350 cups a day as a popular store on the holidays. Using natural ice from the Yatsugatake brewery of the Southern Alps Yatsugatake, it is characterized by the fluffy natural

New Friday’s new outer will be released from Friday, September 20th.

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, will release a coat and outerwear that will become a must-have item for winter from Friday, September 20 earlier than usual. In this fall and winter, functionalities such as cold protection and water repellency will be added, and new outerwear with excellent design and versatility will be developed. The lineup includes a coat that can be worn from early autumn and a beautiful down that can be worn for winter commuting. Founded in 1964, “NEWYORKER” celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2019. The theme for the fall / winter season of 2019 is “GIFT FROM THE CITY – a gift from New York”.

“Tokyo Metro Rugby Night ㏌ Kyobashi” will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2019

-Directly connected to Kyobashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kyobashi Edgrand B1 staircase (free entry)- Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. will hold “Tokyo Metro Rugby Night in Kyobashi” on the 1st basement of Kyobashi Edgrand, directly connected to “Kyobashi Station” on the Ginza Line on Thursday, September 12th. This event will be held with the cooperation of Kyobashi Edgrand, which is directly connected to Ginza Line Kyobashi Station, in order to convey the joy of rugby to customers who are always using the Tokyo Metro. The global event Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan on Friday, September 20, 2019. In this event, Mr. Atsuko Watase, who is

Moderato empowering adult women with fashion, “Art x Personal Service” event “BLESS THE DIFFERENCE.” Will be held at the Pola Ginza Building from Saturday, September 21

~ New trends in art and personal services that go beyond gender bias ~ Moderat Co., Ltd. will hold an event “BLESS THE DIFFERENCE.” At the Pola Ginza Building for a limited period of 5 days from Saturday, September 21, 2019. . Moderato provides services that respect diversity, with the mission of empowering fashion, to meet the diverse needs of our customers. “SOÉJU personal” is the predecessor of the personal styling service “Let Me Know” that started in 2015. “SOÉJU personal” is a face-to-face or online presentation by professional stylists, and based on the diagnostic results of counseling, each customer offers a personalized proposal image to their smartphones at

A platform to visualize the value of art MEKKIKI has finally started a verification experiment for commercialization!

Innovation for Art Tech. Aiming for “art democratization” Start-up × Artist joint project started Arttech startup MEKKIKI started with “art democratization” as its core concept. We will hold a demonstration experiment for practical application of a platform that visualizes the value of art as a joint project with artists at BASEMENT GINZA on September 12-16, 2018. During the period, it is an event where you can actually experience the visualization of value. Please experience the fusion of art and technology. Event information: Arttech startup MEKKIKI PROJECT supported by tensorX Co., Ltd. (reading: Mekiki, hereinafter referred to as MEKKIKI) will conduct a proof-of-concept experiment on the practical use of the

The theme is “black” with various expressions! Launched a collection of black-colored collections from 3 brands of “Worthy”, “Basile 28” and “Beta”

Five Fox Co., Ltd. is making clothes with the mission of “pursuing traditional Japanese beauty and creating new sensibility in harmony with the West”. This time, we will propose fashion under the theme of “black”, one of the most notable colors of the season, under the three brands of “Artisan”, “Basile 28” and “β (Beta)”. Black is not a single color, but has a variety of color expressions since ancient times. Stores will be opened sequentially from Thursday, September 5th. [Binro Jiguro] ~ A dignified black with bluishness ~ [Artisan] Pullover 51,840 yen (tax included) [Wet feather color] ~ Black with glossy and elegant luster ~ [Basile 28] jacket 96,120

Notice of completion and opening of “GICROS GINZA GEMS”

-A new downtown commercial facility is born in Ginza, where many flagship stores are concentrated- Nomura Real Estate Co., Ltd. and NREG Toshiba Real Estate Co., Ltd. We will inform you that GINZA GEMS has been completed and will open in November this year. In the new medium- to long-term management plan (fiscal year ending March 2028), the Nomura Real Estate Group has developed “shopping centers that are closely linked to urban commercial facilities and areas, mainly restaurants and services” The theme is "Pursuit of satisfaction for both users and shopkeepers by facility planning and services that provide a wealth of time to customers." This property has been developed with

Adult dress-up style “Tuxedo” is newly released from Friday, August 16th! Directors suit and solid suit are also available, and formal items are enriched

Tuxedo (Black) Pattern order early order reception held from August 23 (Friday) to September 30 (Monday) Tuxedo (Navy) In “NEWYORKER” which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, “Tuxedo” will be newly developed from August 16, 2019 (Friday). In addition, director suits, solid (solid) suits, and formal accessories are also available to propose a formal dress-up style for adults. Furthermore, an early ordering event for pattern orders tailoring formal wear into a more personalized wearer will be held from August 23 (Friday) to September 30 (Monday), including the New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop, nationwide. Will be held at the New Yorker Men's store. * The official online store [ ]

[At the Panasonic Shiodome Museum] Raul Dufy Exhibition is held! Saturday, October 5th ~

"Yellow Console" circa 1949 Oil on canvas / Otani Collection From October 5th (Sat) to December 15th (Sun), 2019, the Raul Dufy Exhibition will be held at the Panasonic Shiodome Art Museum. Raul Dufy (1877-1953), a painter who keeps the hearts of many people with his gorgeous, bright colors and light strokes. This exhibition will feature a total of 152 works of Dufy textile design and materials, including modern and graceful paintings and silk fabric used by the modest king Paul Poiret (1879-1944). In addition to painting, Dufy has created works filled with the joy of life, such as the nice windows by which you can enjoy the tranquil southern

-Held an event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the hop “Sorachiace” for the first time with Sapporo Beer.

~ September 5th is Sorachiace's birthday ~ Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. and Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. celebrated the 35th anniversary of the birth of the hop “Solachiace”, the raw material for beer, and the “Sorachiace Birthday Festival-Here Sorachi, Sorachi Sorachi” Will be held jointly at “BEER TO GO” by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY (BTG) and Bier Keller Tokyo Shimbashi store for a limited time from September 5 (Thu) to September 16 (Mon) The “Sorachiace” is a hop that Sapporo Beer developed in Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido in 1984 and went to the United States. It has gained popularity in the United States because it has a layered aroma reminiscent of lemons, conifers, and