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Givenchy Matsuya Ginza opens

Givenchy Matsuya Ginza opens

Givenchy opened a new store in Matsuya Ginza on Tuesday, February 28th. Givenchy Matsuya Ginza, the first full concept store in the Ginza area, offers a wide range of items from men's and women's wear to leather goods and jewelry. Menswear includes a distinctive slim jacket featuring a “U-lock” designed by creative director Matthew M. The lineup includes jogger pants. For leather goods, we have a wide variety of versatile bags that can be used regardless of whether you are on or off, including the new sneaker "TK-MX", the "G Shopper" and "G Essentials" series. U LOCK jacket G Essentials Large Tote For women's wear, there are many bottoms such

It’s coming again this year! A festival to enjoy the beautiful world of Edo Kiriko, Japan’s largest “Edo Kiriko Sakura Festival” will be held!

Held from March 24th (Friday) to 26th (Sunday), 2023! The venue is "Tokyu Plaza Ginza" with an architectural design based on Edo Kiriko. The select shop “Fujimaki Department Store” ( ), which sells only masterpieces with the theme of “Japan”, will hold the largest “Edo Kiriko Sakura Festival” in Japan on March 24, 2023 (Friday). It will be held for three days from ) to 26th (Sun). This 5th event is an annual festival where you can fully experience the “rich life with Edo Kiriko” through the skills of craftsmen who have passed down the historical Edo Kiriko to the present. An exhibition where you can see the dynamic

Art born from calligraphy, reflected by the brush. Nakatsuka Suito exhibition “-Irodori” will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi

Date: March 8, 2023 (Wednesday) to March 13, 2023 (Monday) *Ends at 5:00 pm on the last day ■ Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 7F Gallery While thinking about your travel destination, remember the comfortable atmosphere you felt there. The colorful world is full of everyday life. I expressed the “Irodori” of such days. We hope you enjoy it. (Mr. Suito Nakatsuka) The Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 7th floor gallery will hold Suito Nakatsuka's exhibition "Irodori" from March 8, 2023 (Wednesday) to March 13, 2023 (Monday). Suito Nakatsuka creates pictorial works based on letters and continues to challenge new possibilities of expression. He has received high acclaim both at home

March 7, 2023 ~ March 12, 2023 “Hibiya OKUROJI Art Fair 2023”, “Let’s take a look at corporate collections” and “OKUROJI STUDIO EXHIBITION” will be held at the same time!

JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. will cooperate with the holding of "Hibiya OKUROJI Art Fair 2023", "Let's take a look at corporate collections" and "OKUROJI STUDIO EXHIBITION". Please enjoy a variety of contemporary art at Hibiya OKUROJI, which utilizes the historic brick arch. [Hibiya OKUROJI Art Fair 2023] ■Venue: In front of Hibiya OKUROJI G-13, G-14, H03, etc. ■Date: March 9, 2023 (Thursday) to March 12, 2023 (Sunday) 3/9, 3/10, 3/11 12:00〜20:00 3/12 (last day) 11:00-18:00 ■Organizer: Hibiya OKUROJI ART FAIR Executive Committee ■Cooperation: Chiyoda Ward implementation image (at the time of Hibiya OKUROJI Art Fair 2022) [Let's take a look at corporate collections] ■ Venue: Hibiya OKUROJI

Yakiniku Toraji’s new store will open on March 16 (Thursday) at the entrance to Hibiya, “Toho Hibiya Promenade Building”!

Please enjoy Toraji's carefully selected yakiniku on the second basement floor of a complex office building directly connected to Tokyo Metro Hibiya Station. Toraji Co., Ltd. will open a new Yakiniku Toraji store in Hibiya on Thursday, March 16th. The interior design is based on traditional Japanese patterns such as checkered patterns and arrow feathers, and you can enjoy Toraji's carefully selected yakiniku in a private room with all seats private and semi-private. We have 1 private room for 2 people and 12 private rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people. In addition, it can be used by up to 28 people when connected, making it ideal for

[Seiko House Ginza Hall (former Wako Hall)] “Creation of Crafts and Kôgei-Living National Treasure Exhibition-” will be held from April 6 (Thursday)

37 important intangible cultural property holders (Living National Treasures) in six craft fields: pottery, dyeing, lacquer, metalwork, woodwork, and dolls. At the Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall), from April 6th (Thursday) to 23rd (Sunday), "Creation of Crafts and Kôgei – Living National Treasure Exhibition -" will be held. This is the 8th exhibition held every spring, bringing together the works of important intangible cultural property holders (Living National Treasures) in the fields of crafts such as pottery, textiles, lacquerware, metalwork, woodwork, and dolls. We will exhibit more than 100 masterpieces by 37 artists from each craft field. We are pleased to announce the 8th exhibition of "Creation of

[New store opening] “Gyu no Tatsujin” celebrates its 27th anniversary this year. A store that condenses history and know-how will open on March 15 (Wednesday) as “Gyu no Tatsujin GINZA”!

A "GINZA limited special course" with attention to detail and an opening event will also be held! Gyu no Tatsujin Co., Ltd., a business company of GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which operates about 200 domestic stores, 2 overseas stores, and about 90 restaurants, announced on March 15, 2023 (Wednesday), “Gyu no Tatsujin GINZA. ” will be opened. ・ “GINZA limited special course'' developed with great care The “Gyu no Tatsujin”, a restaurant that impresses yakiniku maniacs and foodies alike, has developed the “Gyu no Tatsujin GINZA Limited Special Course [Kotobuki]” (13,000 yen per person, tax included) for the first time in Ginza. It is a special limited course that can

“Mecha Sakura ~SAKURA Special~” will be held from today! Art Aquarium Museum GINZA Spring special event

"Goldfish Day" From March 3rd to April 25th, the hall will be dyed in cherry blossoms for a limited time. ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA (Location: Ginza Mitsukoshi) will hold a special spring project "Mecha Sakura ~ SAKURA Special ~" from March 3rd (Friday) to April 25th (Tuesday), 2023. The beauty of goldfish dancing and swimming in a space surrounded by cherry blossoms. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan. [The arrival of spring, goldfish dancing in cherry blossoms] In this project, we will exhibit various works and create a space with the motif of cherry blossoms, which symbolize spring in Japan, and welcome everyone in spring attire. There is also

Released a large work with a motif of phoenix and dragon. Sculptor Yushi Nishijima’s exhibition “Zui-shou – A continuation of time -” will be held from April 28 (Friday)

At the Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), sculptor Yuji Nishijima's first large-scale solo exhibition, "Zui-shou – Continuation of Time-" will be held from Friday, April 28, 2023 to Sunday, June 4, 2023. ) will be held. Yuji Nishijima's works form motifs by connecting parts of copper wire that he winds up in a spiral by himself. He has presented numerous sculptures and installations both in Japan and overseas, using animals that are closely related to mythology, such as deer, elephants, and yatagarasu. The works are composed of thousands of parts and woven together over a long period of time to create the depth of time. It stirs the imagination

First held in Japan at Ginza Mitsukoshi! ! “Disney100 THE MARKET in Ginza Mitsukoshi” will start on Wednesday, March 15th.

Please pay attention to Isetan Mitsukoshi limited products and pre-sale products under the theme of "Disney 100"! Dates: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 to Monday, March 27, 2023 *Ends at 6:00 p.m. on the last day ■Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 7F Event Hall ■ Special page URL: * Details will be released from 10:00 am on March 8 (Wednesday) At Ginza Mitsukoshi, from March 15 (Wednesday) to March 27 (Monday), 2023, at the event venue on the 7th floor of the new building, to celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary this year, the special Disney shop "Disney100 THE MARKET in Ginza Mitsukoshi” will be held. At this event, which will be