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Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, celebrating its 5th anniversary, will be decorated with symbolic objects inspired by the dance that symbolizes the city of theater, Hibiya, and colorful spring flowers.

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, celebrating its 5th anniversary, will be decorated with symbolic objects inspired by the dance that symbolizes the city of theater, Hibiya, and colorful spring flowers.

"CELEBRATION FIELD OF FLOWERS" March 17th (Friday) to April 23rd (Sunday), 2023 Daiichi Engei Co., Ltd., which develops businesses related to flowers and greenery, will hold a celebration space "CELEBRATION FIELD OF FLOWERS" will be gorgeously decorated. CELEBRATION FIELD OF FLOWERS image ・ Colorful flower objects that color the 5th anniversary "Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 5th Anniversary CELEBRATION FIELD OF FLOWERS" We will exhibit "CELEBRATION FIELD OF FLOWERS" to celebrate the 5th anniversary and the arrival of spring at the outdoor space "Hibiya Step Square" located in front of the main entrance of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Various spring flowers such as marigolds and pansies are in full bloom in the flower

It’s coming again this year! A festival to enjoy the beautiful world of Edo Kiriko, Japan’s largest “Edo Kiriko Sakura Festival” will be held!

Held from March 24th (Friday) to 26th (Sunday), 2023! The venue is "Tokyu Plaza Ginza" with an architectural design based on Edo Kiriko. The select shop “Fujimaki Department Store” ( ), which sells only masterpieces with the theme of “Japan”, will hold the largest “Edo Kiriko Sakura Festival” in Japan on March 24, 2023 (Friday). It will be held for three days from ) to 26th (Sun). This 5th event is an annual festival where you can fully experience the “rich life with Edo Kiriko” through the skills of craftsmen who have passed down the historical Edo Kiriko to the present. An exhibition where you can see the dynamic

A large collection of museum goods with animal motifs from museums around the world! We also sell rare goods of Kazumasa Nagai that can only be obtained at MMM!

Popular museum goods such as the blue hippopotamus from the Louvre Museum and the polar bear from the Orsay Museum are lined up. At MMM, in collaboration with the adjacent ggg "Animal Conference Emergency Large Gathering!" Exhibition, we will feature and sell museum goods with animal motifs from February 9 (Thursday) to March 25 (Saturday). There are many popular products such as the Louvre Museum's "Blue Hippopotamus" and the Orsay Museum's "Polar Bear". A limited number of original goods by Kazumasa Nagai, one of the artists exhibiting at ggg! At MMM (Maison des Musees du Monde) in Ginza, from February 9 (Thursday) to March 25, as a joint project with

Belluna Opens GRANBELL SQUARE, a commercial complex in Ginza 7-chome Birth of a “stay-type impression creation base” that raises the “sensibility” of Ginza Corridor Street to a higher level

Ahead of the grand opening, spa saunas and hotels will open sequentially from April Belluna Co., Ltd. will open a commercial complex "GRANBELL SQUARE" in Ginza 7-chome. "GRANBELL SQUARE" is a complex commercial facility consisting of a hotel, commercial facilities, etc. located in the center of Ginza 7-chome Corridor Street with 3 floors underground and 10 floors above ground and a total floor area of 10,789.52㎡. It will be born as a “stay-type impression creation base” that will bring the “sensitivity” of the famous street “Corridor Street” to a higher level and bring about the ease of walking around the town. Combining a nostalgic classical design with a sharp design

Announcement of ATELIER MUJI Special Exhibition “small MUJI” and “Love Japanese Sweets” Exhibition

2/3 (Fri) – 4/23 (Sun) Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., which develops MUJI, will hold two special exhibitions from February 3 (Friday) to April 23 (Sunday) at “ATELIER MUJI GINZA” in MUJI Ginza (Chuo-ku, Tokyo). It will be held. Gallery 1 will hold the "small MUJI" exhibition, and Gallery 2 will hold the "Love Japanese Sweets" exhibition. ■Gallery1: "small MUJI" Exhibition -How to Enjoy Daily Necessities- Miniature photographer and modeler Tatsuya Tanaka will combine diorama dolls and MUJI products to hold an exhibition of miniature works and photographs that resemble everyday scenery. From Mr. Tanaka's unique point of view, MUJI products used in everyday life are likened to everyday scenes that

[Loft] A POP UP STORE for John of the TV anime “Vampire Dies Soon 2” will be held!

Mazuru Co., Ltd. will hold a POP UP STORE for John from January 14, 2023 (Saturday). TV anime broadcast from January 2023! We will hold a POP UP STORE for the cute armadillo “John” that appears in “Vampire Dies Soon” at 4 loft stores. We have prepared a lot of such goods that will heal you with the happy expression of “John”. “Drarc” and “Ronald” also came wearing John's t-shirt! We look forward to welcome you. © Itaru Bonoki (Akita Shoten)/Production Committee 2 Event Details Umeda Loft: January 14, 2023 (Sat)-January 29, 2023 (Sun) Yokohama Loft: Saturday, January 14, 2023-Sunday, January 29, 2023 Ginza Loft: February 4, 2023 (Sat)-February 19,

[Loft] Meet stationery filled with your “likes”. “Stationery Meeting 2023” held!

Appetizing sweets designs and useful items for promotion Loft Co., Ltd. will hold “Stationery Meeting 2023” at lofts and loft net stores nationwide from Saturday, January 7, 2023. This time, with the theme of “my favorite things”, we will focus on “sweets”, “retro”, and “Oshikatsu”, stationery with delicious sweets, items that make you feel nostalgic, We have recommended card cases and collection files. [Stationery Meeting 2023] Overview ■Period: Saturday, January 7, 2023 to Friday, March 10, 2023 Holding stores: 135 loft stores nationwide such as Shibuya Loft and Ginza Loft, and Loft Net Store ( ) *From Saturday, January 7, 2023 coming soon ■ Product example: * All prices

Dom Dom Hamburger POP UP STORE to sell goods in Ginza, Tokyo!

Limited goods such as apparel and miscellaneous goods are also available! Dom Dom Hamburger operated by Dom Dom Food Service Co., Ltd. will hold a limited-time POP UP STORE on the 1st floor of Hakuhinkan TOY PARK Ginza Main Store, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. ・More than 200 types of items are now available! From Saturday, January 7, 2023, we will sell new items such as various items featuring the Dom Dom Hamburger logo and icon “Domuzo-kun”, as well as collaboration goods with Hakuhinkan. In addition, a limited number of items such as the super-popular “Domuzo-kun large stuffed animal”, various bags, and food samples that have been sold at the Domdom online

New Year’s Limited “Luxury Gourmet” will be available from January 2nd (Monday)!

Introducing gifts, pick-up items, and event information for yourself and loved ones At Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, during the year-end and New Year holidays, extravagant gourmet food, souvenirs, and fun events will be held to liven up the holiday season. From January 2nd (Monday) to 9th (Monday), 2023, "luxury gourmet" suitable for the New Year will appear for a limited time. We offer a colorful and luxurious menu from a wide range of restaurants. For those who ordered the target menu, one drink service will be provided for two days only on January 2nd (Monday) and 3rd (Tuesday). In addition, we have Japanese and Western sweets made with high-quality materials and

The first sale of 2023 “Marronnier the Sale” starts at 11:00 am on Monday, January 2nd!

At the Ginza commercial facility “Marronnier Gate Ginza 1” (2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), the first sale “Marronnier The Sale” will be held at the target store from 11:00 am on Monday, January 2, 2023. will be held. ・『Marronnier the Sale』 ■Period: January 2nd (Monday) 11:00 to January 9th (Monday) ■ Target stores [Marronnier Gate Ginza 1 store information] 1F [Journal Standard Lesage] 10% to 30% OFF 1F [DEISEL GINZA] 20% to 40% OFF 2F [Urban Research Doors] 15% to 40% OFF 2F [EUCLAID] 30% to 50% OFF 2F [Pretty Ballerina] 30% OFF 2F [YEVS] 20% to 50% OFF 3F [Form Forma] 10% to 50% OFF 3F [Beauty Terrace] 66% OFF