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“Kagoshimane Antenna Shop Birthday Festival 2022”

“Kagoshimane Antenna Shop Birthday Festival 2022”

"Hibiya Shimanekan" and "Kagoshima Yurakukan" are the first collaborations! "Hibiya Shimanekan" celebrating its 2nd anniversary in May and "Kagoshima Yurakukan" celebrating its 27th anniversary. The two antenna shops will hold their first joint event on May 28th and 29th. In addition to selling special products that both Shimane and Kagoshima prefectures are proud of and promoting tourism, we also offer lucky bag projects and collaboration products that are limited on the day and in limited quantities. There are plenty of fun projects such as a shopping rally where you can win luxury prizes such as round-trip air tickets from Hagi-Iwami Airport to Haneda Airport. [Date and time] May 28th (Sat)

IKEBUKURO HANA CIRCLE PROJECT [Enrich your heart in Ikebukuro, which is full of flowers and greenery. To a town that you want to visit again and again. ]

Implementation period: May 13th (Friday) -June 12th (Sunday), 2022 Sunshine City Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoto Aiba) hopes to visit the city of Ikebukuro as many times as possible through various experiences with companies and organizations based in Ikebukuro. , "IKEBUKURO HANA CIRCLE PROJECT" will be held from May 13th (Friday) to June 12th (Sunday) with the theme of "Flowers and Greenery". This project is also one of the projects for the 90th anniversary of the enforcement of the ward system of Toshima Ward, which has been double-selected as the "SDGs Future City" and "Local Government SDGs Model Project" set by the Cabinet Office. We will sell themed miscellaneous

[Loft] “GREEN JOURNEY 2022”, a collection of sustainable miscellaneous goods from Japan and overseas, will be held @ Ginza Loft

Ginza Loft will hold "GREEN JOURNEY 2022", which is a collection of various sustainable miscellaneous goods from Japan and overseas, from April 19th (Tuesday) to May 15th (Sunday). Since November 2021, Loft has been proposing sustainable lifestyles through miscellaneous goods under the slogan of "LOFT GREEN PROJECT'The power of miscellaneous goods to make life and the earth happy." Since its opening in June 2017, Ginza Loft has been developing as a model store for lofts that is constantly taking on new challenges, with "sustainable" as one of the themes as a next-generation flagship store. In "GREEN JOURNEY 2022", a sustainable miscellaneous goods base will be set up on each floor,

Ginza Mitsukoshi cosmetics floor expanded, newly opened on April 20 (Wednesday)

Limited time name entry service and open commemorative kit gifts Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building / New Building B1F The cosmetics floor boasts one of the largest number of brands in Ginza, and encounters various cosmetics such as "Ginza Beaute Concierge" where cosmetic advisors support the selection of cosmetics mainly in the global makeup zone. We provide a place. The cosmetics floor will be expanded on April 20th (Wednesday), and new <Savon> and <L'Occitane> will open. Due to changes in the living environment over the past few years, the number of people who enjoy fragrant living and total self-care of body, hair, and skin at home has increased, and we are

HERALBONY and Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo’s first collaboration

A concept room where you can experience the distinctive art created by artists with intellectual disabilities will be on sale from April 12, 2022! -Original drinks and goods inspired by "Isai" are also available- Helal Bonnie Co., Ltd. ("Heral Bonnie"), which defines the talents of writers with intellectual disabilities and the art drawn as "different colors" and develops them in various things, things, and baths in society, is a life located on Namiki-dori Street in Ginza. General sales of the concept room, which was the first collaboration with the style hotel "Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo", will start on April 12, 2022 (Tuesday). In commemoration of this collaboration, from May 2nd,

Announcement of “MUJI Ginza Anniversary Festival” from April 1st (Friday) to April 10th (Sunday)

MUJI also sells products and limited-time products in collaboration with long-established stores in Ginza to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the opening of Ginza. Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., which develops MUJI, will be MUJI Ginza (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which will be the 3rd anniversary of its opening on April 4, 2022, from April 1st (Friday) to April 10th, 2022. "MUJI Ginza Anniversary Festival" will be held until Sunday. Not only will products from well-established stores and popular stores in Ginza line up in "MUJI Ginza" for a limited time, but we will also sell "MUJI Ginza" limited fun bags to commemorate the 3rd anniversary. "MUJI Ginza" will celebrate its 3rd anniversary

Lifestyle shop “Space Is the Place” that proposes “living with records” Grand opening on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at Tokyu Plaza Ginza!

April 2, 2022 (Sat) -FACE RECORDS (operated by FTF Co., Ltd.) and partner companies offer a hands-on store "Space Is the Place" that proposes "living with records". Place) will be opened in Tokyu Plaza Ginza for a limited time of about one year. "I want you to experience the diverse cultures surrounding records while relaxing as if you were visiting a friend's house." — "Space Is the Place" was born from such a thought. In the space where the records flowing from high-end audio are used as BGM, alcohol, vintage furniture, books, and interior green selected by experts. All of these can be tried out and purchased while directly experiencing

“Stationery general election 2022” will hold a real voting event at Itoya in Ginza for the first time in 3 years! Artist KREVA’s appearance decision

From the new stationery that appeared in 2021, "Stationery General Election 2022" will decide the top of stationery that has the function of promoting work and study by general voting. A real voting event will be held at Itoya in Ginza on Saturday, April 2nd. One Publishing Co., Ltd. is holding the "Stationery General Election 2022" award to decide the number one new stationery released in 2021 in the mono information magazine "GetNavi" and the web media "GetNavi web". Stationery nominated for this event at the "Inspiration Hall" on the B1F of Ginza Itoya on April 2 (Sat), in parallel with accepting votes on the web until April 24 (Sun).

[Experience Report] Evolutionary flower art facility “NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU” opens in Yurakucho Marui! Face diagnosis and cosmetics gifts for meditation experience

"NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU" , an evolutionary flower art facility that provides original experiences tailored to each visitor through profile diagnosis, will open on the 8th floor of Yurakucho Marui on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Did. Herb harvesting, aroma-wrapped meditation experience, face diagnosis, and cosmetics gifts !? This facility is not just for viewing art, but for all five senses. Since I participated in the preview held prior to the opening, I will report on the experience in detail. "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU" where the content you can experience changes depending on the diagnosis result Front of "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU" "NAKED FLOWERS" is a flower experience-based art exhibition directed

“HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2022” will be lit up with a lot of light that will make you feel hopeful when you meet in the spring! The arrival of spring in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

Limited spring gourmet with colorful colors and popular tea room will open on 3/25! Tokyo Midtown Hibiya will hold "HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2022" to decorate the city of Hibiya with spring flowers from March 25th (Friday) to April 17th (Sunday). In the garden "HIBIYA BLOSSOM GARDEN" where you can feel the spring with gorgeous flower decorations, we will also illuminate with sound and light. In addition, we have decided to open a store for the flower wagon "HIBIYA BLOSSOM FLOWER WAGON" that will appear only on Sunday, April. In addition, a special gourmet "Hibiya Blossom GOURMET" will be held from March 18th (Friday) at some stores in the building, where you