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Behind “Revenge Consumption”, “New Normal” will be entered! ? Business trip purchase service for branded goods that is convenient for replacement of luxury goods

Behind “Revenge Consumption”, “New Normal” will be entered! ? Business trip purchase service for branded goods that is convenient for replacement of luxury goods

Eco-style, the purchase of clothes and brand products, expands business visit areas Standing Point Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the reuse business of clothes and branded goods (brand name: eco-style), is a branded product that is no longer used due to the growing demand for replacement of luxury branded products subject to revenge consumption. We have expanded the area for business trip purchase service where you can sell clothes and clothes at your doorstep. Expanding areas for “business trip purchases” where demand is rising On June 19, the self-restraint that was sought to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection was completely lifted, and expectations are growing for

“Delivered to everyone, Anshin mask” sold out for July! Custom-made parts for printing Minmasu logo have been completed, and masks with logos will be delivered one by one!

"Minmas" is a domestic disposable non-woven mask that the creators build from the factory and produce. We will manufacture "three-layer disposable non-woven masks" with high filter performance that cut 99% of 0.1㎛ particles at our factories in Japan, and we will start delivering the masks with the logo printed in July. We will deliver domestically produced masks created by creators and mask manufacturing experts to everyday life of Wiscorona. Due to the popularity, the July sales are sold out after the first sales ! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who purchased our products. And, we have started the pre-order sales for August on the

[The second wedding style adapted to the after-corona era] Newly opened private photo studio in Ginza!

~You can be a bride without having a wedding. Providing a space where the two pledge to the future We would like to inform you that M Creative Works Co., Ltd. has opened the wedding photo studio "LUMINOUS Ginza" on June 19, 2020. <LUMINOUS Ginza HP> Thoughts of "LUMINOUS" In "LUMINOUS", we opened "LUMINOUS tokyo" in Odaiba in 2018 to realize the most beautiful bride in the world, and provided "a wedding photo that cuts a scene of a movie" with 28 sets of carefully selected shots However, we have received high praise (*) from our customers so far. Against this backdrop, with the desire to "be able to

Fifth Demo Day: Held online June 23

At Mainichi Mirai Creative Lab Co., Ltd., which consists of the Mainichi Shimbun, etc., the "Fifth Seed Acceleration Program DEMO DAY", which had been postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, was held on Tuesday, June 23. It will be held online from 5:00. Although the stage will move from the venue to the online stage, we can deliver the sunny stage of the adopted 5 teams at the beginning of the foundation to many business/investment persons and venture persons regardless of the activity base! Audience voting will also be held when the Grand Prize is decided. We look forward to receiving many applications. Applications are accepted from

[Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza] Pen type selling accommodation plan with alcohol sanitizer

For virus measures when you go out! Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza (Hotel Manager, Kenji Ishihara, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) operated by Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. sells a "Pen-type alcohol disinfectant accommodation plan" that is convenient for virus disinfection when going out. .. "Pen type alcohol sanitizer SC-1" Contains 58% ethanol. Pen type portable alcohol disinfectant. Eliminates viruses such as handrails, tables, and chairs at the destination by the bactericidal action of alcohol components. Contents: 8ml (about 70 pushes) Production area: Japan Ingredients: ethanol, alcohol concentration: 55-58%, water, sodium citrate, etc. You can book accommodation plans from the official website. "Pen type alcohol disinfectant SC-1" is also sold at the

[Ginza Tsutaya Shoten] An online fair, “Enjoy the summer night sky in a cool way: Wind chimes and vessels” is held. We propose cute wind chimes that look like soap bubbles and beautiful glasses with a transparent feel.

Ginza Tsutaya Shoten has resumed operations on May 29th, but we will continue to strengthen our online proposal for "Life with Art." Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold "Enjoy the Summer Night Sky: Wind Bells and Vessels" at the Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore Online Shop from May 5th (Fri). Online fair overview Before the Coronal Era, there were events throughout the country where you can enjoy summer vessels and the Tanabata festival in the summer, but many events were canceled this year, and I want to be excited and welcome the summer as usual. Are you feeling a little disappointed? By all means, this summer is expected

From “Funkel Ginza Square”, thanks to all the people who are fighting Corona and ale, “Ajisai Blue Garden” video distribution start

Donate money to the Japanese Red Cross Society according to the number of times you watched the video. We are also holding a "# Funkel Blue Button" campaign with respect FANCL's flagship store, FANCL Ginza Square, has been delivering a video of "hydrangea blue garden" with the theme of sending thanks and ale to everyone who fights against the new coronavirus from Friday, May 29th. I will. In addition, we will make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support various activities of the Red Cross, including prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection, in line with the number of views. [Image image of video] Sky Garden,

Quintessa Hotel Tokyo Ginza-To the “shelter” of Tokyo that protects you-Does not bring in coronavirus, does not leave it, a special floor open for more peace of mind

Core Global Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-10-10, Shigesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masazumi Nakano) Quintessa Hotel Tokyo Ginza operated by Core Global Management Co., Ltd. is a "shelter hotel" that eliminates viruses as much as possible in collaboration with Shelter Co., Ltd. under the supervision of Associate Professor Takayuki Miyazawa of the Institute of Viral and Regenerative Medicine, Kyoto University. I will be reborn. In addition, Creative Clean Co., Ltd., which carries out room cleaning management and sanitizing work, has a track record of cleaning the new coronavirus mildly ill patient reception hotel under the guidance of the government, and will fully utilize its know-how. Photo: (Room) Sterilization by spraying

“Best for telework! Day use plan” will be on sale at 3 hotels in Tokyo and Shin-Osaka from June 1st

Good access, twin use of 21-27㎡, free Wi-Fi in the building, free drinks included Karakusa Hotels Co., Ltd.'s three hotels in Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, which operate and manage hotels specializing in accommodation for tourists, can use up to 8 hours from June 1, 2020, "Ideal for telework! Day use plan Will be on sale. The price is from 5,500 yen to 8,000 yen for 2 people per room (including consumption tax, no service charge). Reservations can be made on the official website (reception until 20:00 on the day). <Hotels that can use the “Day Use Plan, which is also ideal for teleworking” > Karakusa Hotel Premier Tokyo Ginza 1-6-6

with professionals in the industry talk about trends in the human resources industry in the corona era! “Buccake Career Talk” 5/26 Emergency Holding

Exhibited 100 participants in 5 hours! Axis Co., Ltd., a professional career change agent who operates a medium that reveals job change and career know-how with a view of 120% of career changers, is called “Non-Slip Job Change”. We are holding an online event "Buccake Career Talk" to talk about what the job market will be like from now on and what kind of trends are in each industry. (Event URL: ) ■ Event details Buccake Career Talk is an event that brings together professionals from the human resources industry to see what kind of changes are being made in the job change market due to the influence of