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Ginza is a long-awaited beauty clinic for the topic “Instagram is too good!” “Nishitan Clinic” Ginza Open on Monday, March 30, 2020

Ginza is a long-awaited beauty clinic for the topic “Instagram is too good!” “Nishitan Clinic” Ginza Open on Monday, March 30, 2020

~ To commemorate the opening of Ginzain, the first monitor privilege of beauty drip has also started! ~ The topic is boiling in a luxury space that does not seem like a clinic! Official site: “Nintan Clinic” (Medical Corporation Naoyukai, located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which provides treatment in high-quality space with a focus on infusion therapy, will open its long-awaited second hospital, Ginza-in, on March 30, 2020. Open on Sunday (Monday). "Nitan Clinic" is a medical institution with a "perfect patient perspective" that helps you to have a healthier, more youthful life, and a beautiful time on your own, with a focus on infusion therapy. It offers a treatment

Head Concierge that develops “ Ultimate Sleep Head Spa ” opens its second store in Ginza !!

Authentic head spa specialty store operated by a group of specialists who have mastered finger armed About one year since the opening of the Aoyama head office last year. 90% of visitors fall asleep at the time of massage shampoo. People who are addicted to this new sense of service continue to become enthusiastic fans. ■ Celebratory flowers from many celebrities are lining up at the opening ceremony <br /> Actor Ken Sato, actress Haruna Kawaguchi, model Yu Yamada, Mikiko Yano. In addition, it is supported by many artists and athletes. ■ Many people are captivated by the highest level of technical skills. <br /> When you can touch your

A computer repair specialty store, Smartphone Dock 24 Ginza and Nishi-Shinjuku 12 Shadori-dori, will be open simultaneously, providing full support for computer troubles at 40 stores nationwide.

“VALTECH FIELD SERVICE Co., Ltd.”, a group subsidiary of Office 24 Co., Ltd., which operates a personal computer repair service store nationwide, newly opened a Ginza store and Nishi-Shinjuku 12 Shadori Street. 14 stores in Tokyo and the convenience of carry-on repairs have been further improved. ■ Store information Computer Repair Smart Phone Dock 24 Ginza Store Location | Ginmatsu Building 4F, 1-14-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan (With reception counter in MBE Ginza store) TEL.0120-733-024 Business Hours | Weekdays 10: 00-18: 30 Regular Holidays | Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays —————————————————————- PC Repair Smartphone Dock 24 Nishi-Shinjuku 12 Shadori Store Location | 6-16-12 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 3F,

“Fankel Ginza Square” Renewal Notice

― “Beauty and health are new experiences.” A flagship store where you can discover the potential of beauty and health ― FANCL CORPORATION will reopen "Fankel Ginza Square" on April 24 (Fri). FANCL Ginza Square opened in 2003 as a flagship store where you can experience the beauty and health that symbolizes the FANCL brand, and has attracted many customers from Japan and overseas. This time, with the message "Beauty and health are new experiences," we will be reborn as a flagship store where you can discover the "potential of beauty and health" that you have not yet noticed. Upon renewal, we will review the floor configuration and services. The

[Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi] Spring Uraraka “Japanese” Color “Sakura Strap” Mizuhiki Making Experience Held 体 験 Date & Time March 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun), 2020 14: 00-17: 00

INTERGATE HOTELS, a value-experience hotel, a traditional Japanese craft workshop Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi, run by GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts, regularly holds workshops where you can learn and experience Japanese culture and traditional crafts. In the cherry blossom viewing season when cherry blossoms bloom, we will invite Mizuhiki craftsman Fumio Sekishima as a lecturer from Nagano Prefecture, and this time we will hold a workshop to make cherry blossoms by mizuhiki on March 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun). . Mizuhiki "Sakura no Strap" Mizuhiki "Sakura no Strap" The cherry blossom, which is firstly associated with spring in Japan, has been in the hearts of the Japanese since ancient times

News of Found MUJI plan exhibition “bamboo” holding

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., which plans and develops MUJI (Toshima-ku, Tokyo / President & CEO Akira Matsuzaki), will be at Found MUJI from Friday, February 21, 2020 to Thursday, July 9, 2020 , A special exhibition "Found MUJI bamboo". Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. Because it is a natural material and can be easily processed by hand despite its extremely high strength, it is used in a variety of applications, from building materials to delicate crafts. Bamboo is distributed as an endemic species in various parts of the world and is an easily available natural resource, so it has always been used at all times. The use

Demonstration experiment on “Visualization of congestion” started on Ginza Line!

From January 23 (Thursday), the congestion level of Ginza Line Shibuya Station will be distributed using Train Vision® Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd. is promoting visualization of the congestion situation. One of the initiatives is a demonstration experiment that displays the degree of congestion at the Ginza Line Shibuya Station premises on the Ginza Line in-car display (hereinafter "Train Vision®"). , Starting on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Tokyo Metro is making efforts to visualize congestion status, such as providing congestion degree information for each train on the Tokyo Metro homepage, etc., so that customers can be notified of the congestion status in advance so that they can use the railway more

[Maloney Gate Ginza 1] Start “10% Discount Campaign for foreign visitors to Japan” from 1/24 (Fri.)! !

For foreign tourists visiting Ginza's commercial facility "Maloney Gate Ginza 1" at January 16 (Fri)-February 9 (Sun) at all 16 fashion stores and Tokyu Hands Ginza store "10% Discount Campaign" will be held! [Summary] ■ Holding period: January 24 (Fri)-February 9 (Sun), 2020 ■ Applicable stores: B1F ~ 4F 16 fashion stores and 5F ~ 9F Tokyu Hands Ginza store ■ Distribution method: Distribute coupons limited to tax exemption users in the target stores ■ Stores with tax exemption introduced: Price 5,000 yen for tax exempt users 10% OFF with purchase ■ Tax-exempt non-introduced stores: 10% off tax-exclusive price for tax-exempt users who have purchased a base price of 5,000

[SKIYAKI APPS] You can meet your hometown in Tokyo & enjoy local gourmet! “Tokyo Dokyokai Hiyokocho Produced by Yurakucho Sannikuyokocho x Machikon Ekuru” Four days from February 8 (Sat.) to February 11 (Tue./Holiday) will be decided!

SKIYAKI APPS, which is a group company of SKIYAKI Co., Ltd. and operates Ekuru, which is involved in the planning and operation of various encounter creation events such as town contests, has various and individual characteristics such as Ebisu Yokocho and Ginza Corridor Street OCEAN / RIB HOUSE. "Tokyo Dokyokai Hiyokocho" in collaboration with Hamakura Shoten Seisakusho Co., Ltd., which develops a traditional "hangout place" for four days from Saturday, February 8, 2020 to Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Will be held. This event is set in Yurakucho's Sannano Yokocho, which was recently opened in December last year, with the support of the e-commerce site “machicon JAPAN”, which lists more than

30 minutes to change the future | Low oxygen training gym “RDC GYM” opens in Tokyo Ginza on Sunday, January 12, 2020!

Open commemoration! Get a limited visitor ticket and experience it! Yuki Yagi, the president of OFFICE YAGI Co., Ltd., who achieved three college titles at Waseda University, will launch a low oxygen training gym “RDC GYM” on January 12, 2020 in Ginza, Tokyo. The concept of RDC GYM is "30 minutes to change the future". A new form of hypoxic training gym that can meet the needs of many users, such as the introduction of circuit training that was not available in conventional hypoxic training gyms, in addition to running and bike training in hypoxic environments It has become. Limited tickets sold until the end of February as an opening