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Announcement of the “Winter Festival in the Higashi Ginza Area” that colors the winter of Higashi Ginza with the light of lanterns

Announcement of the “Winter Festival in the Higashi Ginza Area” that colors the winter of Higashi Ginza with the light of lanterns

General Incorporated Association Higashi Ginza Area Management will hold the "Winter Festival in the Higashi Ginza Area" from December 5, 2022 (Monday) to late January 2023 with the cooperation of the surrounding areas centered on the Ginza and Tsukiji areas. increase. Long ago, the Tsukiji River flowed through the Higashi-Ginza area, and in the Meiji period, people held a lantern ceremony called Ryutoue to mourn for the deceased and their ancestors. Inspired by its elegant history, lanterns will be lit along Harumi-dori and Kobikicho-dori to create a glamorous atmosphere in Higashi-Ginza. 40 large lanterns will be set up outside Ginza Shochiku Square, and lanterns will be hung at about 50

Christmas illumination space immersed in the daytime Art Aquarium Museum GINZA Winter special exhibition starts! “Winter Goldfish Glittering in the Light”

~Christmas at Art Aquarium~ Today, November 29th (Tuesday) to December 26th (Monday) Limited time only ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA (Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 8F) will hold a special winter exhibition “Winter Goldfish Glittering in the Light” from November 29th (Tuesday) to December 26th (Monday), 2022 ~ ART AQUARIUM. We will hold a Christmas ~. ■Christmas illumination that can be enjoyed even during the day A tunnel-shaped illumination appears in the lantern rium where goldfish swim! The glow of Christmas illuminations brightens up the dark space as if the night continues forever. Enjoy Christmas in the exciting art aquarium while being soothed by the beauty of the goldfish swimming gracefully inside.

[Ginza/Wako] New concept store “WAKO SITE GINZA” opened

November 17, 2022 (Thursday) Appearance at Ginza 4-chome and Ginza Chuo-dori On November 17, 2022 (Thursday), Wako Co., Ltd. opened “WAKO SITE GINZA”, the second store of the concept store “WAKO SITE”, which has been newly developed since this fall, on Ginza Chuo-dori. . “SITE” in the name of the new concept store “WAKO SITE” means “a place where something interesting and fun happens, a place where inspiration overflows”. On Ginza's main street, where highly sensitive information comes and goes speedily, we will develop a highly flexible "Pop-up Store" style. For many years at its main store in Ginza, Wako has cultivated a sense of beauty and a commitment to

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] The current location of five artists who are attracting attention in Japan and overseas and moving the air of the city with art. Group exhibition “Piece of the times” will be held from December 3rd (Sat) to December 14th (Wed)

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold a group exhibition "Piece of the times" that focuses on five contemporary artists who are attracting attention in the domestic and international art scene. It will be held from Saturday, December 3rd to Wednesday, December 14th. ·Overview We will introduce the recent works of five contemporary artists who have different career histories and places of activity, but whose momentum cannot be overlooked. Artists who are very popular in the commercial scene and have opportunities to see creatives in the city and in everyday life. We have collected works that capture the "now" in various forms, such as works that directly

150,000 visitors last year! Don’t miss this one! “Tokyo Christmas Market 2022 in Hibiya Park” will be held on a larger scale this year!! December 9th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday)

Decided to expand the scale this year!! December 9th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday) With the Christmas market in Dresden, Germany, the birthplace of the Christmas market as a motif, this year marks the 8th time since it was first held at Hibiya Park in 2015. Last year, more than 150,000 people visited the event, and grocery stores and restaurants sold out one after another! This year, the size and number of stores will be expanded, and it will be held at Hibiya Park for 17 days from December 9th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday). A total of 37 stores will be lined up, and there will be live performances by artists

Let’s increase the number of Kuromi fans in the world! Admission free exhibition event “# World Kuromi Plan in Ginza” will be held!

A free admission exhibition event where you can immerse yourself in the world of the Sanrio character “Kuromi”. Lots of photo spots and goods! Matsuya Ginza will hold an exhibition event “#World Kuromi Plan in Ginza” as part of the “#World Kuromi Plan” project to increase the number of friends who sympathize with Sanrio’s popular character “Kuromi” and act. “Kuromi” is now popular not only in Japan but also overseas. It is a popular Sanrio character, especially among Generation Z. Such Kuromi is currently doing "World Kuromi plan". It is an activity to increase the number of friends (KUROMIES) who sympathize with Kuromi and act together all over the world.

[Interview report] DJ live 6 times a week! The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor, a new hotel in Ginza where you can get drunk with alcohol and entertainment

The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor , a hotel operated by Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. (Mitsubishi Estate Group), is located next to the Ginza Corridor, a downtown area that creates new encounters and has an outstanding presence in Ginza at night. opened on November 16, 2022. The hotel aims to provide the best nightlife in Tokyo by preparing a large number of contents based on the concept of "getting drunk" . Since I was able to cover it immediately, I will introduce the state of the hotel, such as the guest rooms, the bar, and the restaurant. Exterior of The Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor A lifestyle

Piano concert by AI that learned the legendary pianist Glenn Gould

Green Hospitality Management Co., Ltd. is celebrating its 90th birthday this year with the cooperation of Yamaha Corporation (hereafter Yamaha) in commemoration of the first anniversary of Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza (hereafter Grand Bach Ginza). / A piano concert (about 10 minutes) by an AI that learned from the legendary pianist “Glenn Gould (GG)” will be held 40 years after his death. The concert will be held three times a day (18:30, 19:30, 20:30) for 35 days from November 24th (Thursday) to December 28th (Wednesday) at the bar & lounge "Magdalena" on the 2nd floor of the hotel. ” held. Please enjoy the GG-like performance expression by the "Dear

Opened eel restaurant “Sumiyaki Unafuji Yurakucho Mukai” in Hibiya OKUROJI

An eel restaurant "Sumiyaki Unafuji Yurakucho Mukai" opens in Hibiya OKUROJI! On November 19, 2022 (Saturday), the second branch of the famous eel restaurant “Sumiyaki Unafuji Yurakucho” will open in “Mukai”! Compared to the first store, the store has been designed with a focus on private rooms. Please enjoy the exquisite blue eel that has been carefully selected by many highly skilled craftsmen. ・ “Charcoal-grilled Unafuji Yurakucho store Mukai” Open on Saturday, November 19, 2022 1. Concept <br /> Uses "extra-large blue eels" that are 30% larger than the eels of general eel restaurants. The thickness of the meat, the way the fat is applied, and the umami are exceptional.

Japan’s largest seafood gourmet festival The 8th Japan Fisherman’s Festival 2022-National Fish Market & Fish Market Festival- Simultaneously held “Discovery! Fukushima Fish Festival”

A large collection of seafood that is delicious to eat and fun to look at, such as a bluefin tuna carving show, a nigiri sushi demonstration, and a giant paella. November 17th (Thursday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022 Hibiya Park, Tokyo "The 8th Japan Fisherman's Festival 2022-National Fish Market & Uogashi Festival-" where you can enjoy seafood dishes from all over the country, will be held for four days from November 17th (Thursday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022 at Hibiya Park ( It will be held in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Combined with sister events and spin-off events, the total number of visitors exceeds 1 million, making it one of Japan's largest food