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[Loft] “British Design Market” held on the 1st floor of Ginza Loft

[Loft] “British Design Market” held on the 1st floor of Ginza Loft

It also includes long-established tea brands and purveyors to the British Royal Family! Ginza Loft will hold the British Design Market, focusing on British design, on the first floor from Friday, April 26 to Thursday, May 23, 2024. The British exhibition, unique to Ginza Loft, will cover traditional and new generation designs, including brands that are used by the British Royal Family. It will feature food such as British tea and shortbread, as well as miscellaneous goods such as Union Jack designs and tableware. In addition, the British stuffed animal brand Jellycat, which was launched as a pop-up shop during the renewal of Ginza Loft in September 2023, will be

[From April 26th] A pop-up store where you can experience the popular “Sake Gacha” in real life will open at Yurakucho Marui

20 EC-exclusive alcoholic beverages available for tasting for 17 days only A pop-up store of "Kurand," an online liquor store operated by KURAND Co., Ltd., will be held at Yurakucho Marui for a limited time from Friday, April 26th to Sunday, May 12th, 2024. ・You can experience the "Sake Gacha" in real life at Yurakucho Marui This time, Yurakucho Marui will be selling a "Real 1 Bottle Sake Gacha," where you can experience the "Sake Gacha" that has been a hot topic on social media in real life. For 2,400 yen (tax included) per turn, you can randomly win one bottle from a total of 11 popular products. There is

Maruya Honten, a famous restaurant serving Nagoya’s Hitsumabushi, will have its second Tokyo store, “Maruya Honten Ginza Glacé”, grand opening on Tuesday, April 23rd.

The exterior is crisp and the inside is soft and fluffy. The exquisite grilling and the secret sauce with just the right amount of sweetness bring out the best in the eel. Maruya Honten Limited, a company that serves Hitsumabushi, a dish that originated in Nagoya, in Aichi Prefecture, will open "Maruya Honten Ginza Glacé" at Ginza Glacé on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. Five years have passed since Maruya Honten opened its Tokyo Midtown branch in Roppongi, Tokyo, a place where people from all over Japan and the world gather, with the desire to make Hitsumabushi, a local Nagoya dish, a dish that can be enjoyed worldwide. The crispy grilled

[First Tokyo location!] Kyoto-based “Taishu Sukiyaki Hokuto” opens its first Tokyo location on Wednesday, April 17th in Ginza Corridor Street!

We offer luxurious "sukiyaki" made with Japanese Black Beef as "popular sukiyaki" that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis! Always Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Hotland Co., Ltd., which operates Tsukiji Gindaco restaurants nationwide, will open the first Tokyo branch of Kyoto's Taishu Sukiyaki Hokuto, the Ginza Corridor store, on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Dinner menu (Sukiyaki) Kyoto's "Taishu Sukiyaki Hokuto" was founded in Kyoto in September 2016 by Fun International Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Hotland Co., Ltd. (it closed in March 2021 due to the spread of the coronavirus infection and various restrictions), and then opened a second store in Namba, Osaka in December 2018.

GINZA SIX MIHARA LOCAL MARKET ~Craft beer and Ginza snacks~ (April 26-28)

GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, will be collaborating with Metro Minutes, a free magazine that connects Tokyo with local areas, to hold the second edition of last year's well-received MIHARA LOCAL MARKET from Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th, 2024. This time, the theme is "Craft Beer and Ginza Snacks," and famous shops in the Ginza area will gather at Mihara Terrace in GINZA SIX. In addition to selling carefully selected domestic and international craft beers from the popular shop "Ladybirds Bottle Shop Tsukiji," as well as original beers exclusive to this event, there will also be the specialty sandwiches from the long-established coffee

April 15, 2024 marks 150 years since the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874. “150th Anniversary of the Birth of Impressionism: Reiji Hiramatsu Exhibition – Hear the Whispers of Hokusai and Monet” will be held in Ginza

Japanese painter Reiji Hiramatsu will present 20 of his latest works in Japan ahead of his upcoming exhibition in France. Gallery Sakuranoki Ginza 2024 will relocate and grand open from this exhibition. 2024 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Impressionism. Large-scale commemorative art events will be held around the world. In France, the home of Impressionism, Japanese painter Reiji Hiramatsu, who discovers the essence of Japanese beauty through the eyes of Impressionism, is planning his third solo exhibition, "Reiji Hiramatsu – Water Lily Symphony" (July 12th to November 3rd) at the Museum of Impressionism in Giverny. As a last-minute send-off party in Japan, Gallery Sakuranoki Co., Ltd. (Head

A photo exhibition where you can enjoy masterpieces of the 20th century, “The Origin of Street Photography”, will be held at Ginza Hikohiko Gallery from April 30th

Ota Kosan Co., Ltd. will hold the 3rd Ota Kosan Collection Exhibition, "The Origin of Street Photography," at Ginza Hikohiko Gallery from April 30 to May 26, 2024. Exhibition URL: In the mid-20th century, there were photographers who captured scenes from everyday life as they pleased, expressing themselves freely. Moved by the power of photography, they pressed the shutter with complete concentration, capturing in their work the joys and hopes of people, and sometimes their sorrows and anguish, and a wide range of other emotions, without distortion. They produced many street photographs that were simple and pure, without any flashiness or intrusiveness that would deeply move people, and that

The “Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition” by the tenugui specialty store “Kamawanu” will be held at Ginza Itoya from Friday, April 19th!

We will reveal the charm of tenugui, which is attracting attention again as a sustainable "tool for daily life"! Perfect for going out during Golden Week! Kamawanu, a specialty tenugui shop, will hold the "Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition" at Ginza Itoya from Friday, April 19, 2024. This year, with the theme of "wrapping," the exhibition will feature wrapping everyday items in tenugui, showcasing ways to enjoy tenugui, and selling over 300 types of tenugui at the venue. There will also be special items and events prepared for this exhibition! Kamawanu Co., Ltd. will hold the "Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition" at Ginza Itoya G.Itoya B1 Inspiration Hall from Friday, April 19th to Tuesday,

Andy Summers photo exhibition held at Leica Gallery Tokyo and Leica Gallery Kyoto

A photo exhibition showcasing works by Andy Summers, a renowned musician and photographer, will be held at the Leica Gallery Tokyo and Leica Gallery Kyoto. © Andy Summers Leica Gallery Tokyo – ICE CREAM, San Sebastian Peru, January 2009 © Andy Summers Andy Summers was born in Blackpool, England in 1942. A man of many talents, he is passionate about both music and photography and has been at the forefront of both fields for over 40 years. After working as a beach photographer in his teens, he picked up his camera again when he went on tour as a member of the rock band "The Police" in 1979, and began

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] A group exhibition by six Korean artists, “Hyeon, Gyeongjeong, BLACK” will be held from Saturday, April 13th. Reconsider the traditional meaning of the color black.

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (6th floor, GINZA SIX, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold a group exhibition by six Korean artists, "Hyeon, Gyeongjeong, BLACK," at GINZA ATRIUM from Saturday, April 13th to Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. Special feature page | ·overview In this exhibition, six artists who are active in the internationally acclaimed Korean art market will reconsider the traditional meaning of the colour black and express it in their artwork. During the Joseon Dynasty, black was also called the "color of the sky" by the people of the time and was defined as an important color, such as being used in rituals. It was also considered and loved as the color