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A tie-up campaign at the TAPICARO, a tapioca store supervised by SASALA and Yuka Furukawa!

A tie-up campaign at the TAPICARO, a tapioca store supervised by SASALA and Yuka Furukawa!

The hair removal salon “SASALA” operated by Viewtech Co., Ltd. will start a tie-up campaign with the tapioca specialty store “TAPICARO”, which was first supervised by SASALA image model Yuka Furukawa from August. ◾️ Scratch campaign with luxury items When you order tapioca at “TAPICARO” (details below) in Nakameguro, everyone will receive a “SASALA” x “TAPICARO” scratch. If you scrape the scratch and send the winning number to LINE, you will get a luxurious product on the spot. The scratch campaign will end as soon as it is gone. ◾️ “TAPICARO” This is a tapioca specialty store first supervised by SASALA's image model Yuka Furukawa. Yuka Furukawa is the only

Men only! Now you can use it! Men’s makeup seminar held in Tokyo and Osaka!

Respri Co., Ltd. will hold men's makeup seminars for men who want to know how to use cosmetics in Shibuya Loft, Ginza Loft and Umeda Loft. For men who are interested in skincare and makeup and want to know how to use it, or who are currently using it but want to learn how to use it correctly, they will learn basic usage of skincare and base makeup in a workshop format. Through this workshop, I hope that as many men as possible will learn about the appeal of men's makeup that brings out their coolness. [Seminar Contents] “Face styling, let ’s get started.” Prepare skin with skin care, adjust

New “Brownie assortment 8 bottles” will be released from Court Cool, the first brownie shop in Japan!

We will release 8 bottles of limited edition for a limited time, including the most popular “Tokyo Brownie”, “Earl Gray Brownie” and “Desert Wine Brownie”. New “Brownie assortment 8 bottles” will be released from Court Cool, the first brownie shop in Japan! Each item is individually wrapped and recommended for gifts and souvenirs. In addition, please enjoy with favorite drink for hospitality of important person. ◆ Product contents ・ Tokyo Brownie: Four standard plain brownies. Rich and rich taste. -Earl Gray Brownie: Two citrus-based ornate scented Earl Gray tea leaves were added to the dough and baked. ・ Desert Wine Brownie: A brownie with a rich taste using two rare

[CIBONE CASE] Holds a pop-up store for Kimura Glass shop “Kikats” series by domestic glass craftsmen

Venue: CIBONE CASE (GINZA SIX 4F) CIBONE CASE introduces items collected from various perspectives, regardless of genre, such as domestic and foreign creator products and modern Japanese manufacturing. The “Kitsutsu Pop-up Store” will be held in the store from Wednesday, August 14, 2019, introducing the Kimura Glass Store's Kisatsu Series. Detailed URL: The Kikatsu Series has been newly designed using the antique glass from the good old days that Kimura Glass has collected until then as a design source. Glass is handmade by skilled glass craftsmen in Japan, and Kiriko asks Kiriko craftsmen in downtown Tokyo. The Kisatsu series facets require extremely delicate and high technology, and there are

The typeface exhibition event “Morisawa ✕ Ginza Ashiya Shoten Type Design Discovery” will be held from Wednesday, September 4 to Sunday, September 8.

Morisawa Co., Ltd. held a typeface display event “Type Design Discovery” at Ginza Ashiya Shoten from Wednesday, September 4th to Sunday, September 8th, 2019. It will be held. This exhibition event recruits original typefaces from all over the world, displays winning works of the “ Type Design Competition 2019 '', which received over 800 works, as well as 30 years of progress and typeface production of this competition Introducing the backside. Focusing on fonts born from past prize-winning works, including the award-winning works, we will follow the story of this competition over 30 years. We will also introduce the Morisawa typeface production process, along with the actual tools used and

“Fanka Hibiki -MANGEKYO-” for the 2019 summer performance limited “Family Ticket” and “New Restaurant Set Plan” are on sale!

Non-verbal entertainment permanent performance sponsored by JTB Communication Design JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd., which provides various communication services in the JTB Group, sells various tickets limited to summer performances for the “Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo Mankakyo” performance. . “Wanhua Hibiki -MANGEKYO-” is jointly planned and produced by DRUM TAO, a Japanese drum entertainment group that boasts a track record of 8 million spectators in performances in 500 cities in 26 countries around the world. , A new non-verbal entertainment in Tokyo that combines traditional and avant-garde powerful Japanese drum sounds with stage space video production by team labs. A special family discount service “Family Ticket” will be

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] Fantasy City Landscape 2019 GINZA-Yusuke Mitsushima Exhibition will be held from Tuesday, August 27

5 consecutive guest events including Masafumi Goto and Jin Uchida and Yusuke Mitsushima GINZA SIX Ginza Ashiya Shoten (Ginza, Chuo-ku) at the event space “Art Wall Gallery” (exhibiting space in front of Starbucks on the 6th floor) from August 27th (⽉) to September 30th, 2019 During the period of (⽉), “Fantastic City Scenery 2019 GINZA-Yusuke Mitsushima Exhibition” will be held. Exhibition overview Most of the drawings that Mitsushima draws are not architectures that he designed. For Mr. Mitsushima, what is the connection between drawing and designing architecture? Mr. Mitsushima made the following comments for this exhibition. I preside over the architectural design office and continue to draw. The act of

“Dewar ’s Highball Crossing Festival” will be held from August 10th!

From August 10th (Sat) to 18th (Sun), 2019, the music festival “Dewar's Highball Crossing Festival” organized by the Scotch whiskey brand “Dewar's” will be held at GINZA PLACE 3F panoramic space common ginza. It would be held. (* Dewars are imported by Bacardi Japan and sold by Sapporo Beer.) Today there was a media presentation, so let me tell you about it. Three attractions of “Dewar's Highball Crossing Festival” This festival is a music festival to be held with the theme of “origin” and wanting you to taste the origin of the highball “Dewars” while thinking about your origin (ancestors) in Obon. In a resort-like space, you can relax and

The 21st graphic “1_WALL” exhibition will be held from August 27th (Tue)!

On September 3 (Tuesday), a public final judging committee will be held to determine the Grand Prix from six finalists. Guardian Garden (Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. / Ginza, Tokyo) will hold the 21st Graphic “1_WALL” exhibition from August 27th (Tuesday) to September 28th (Saturday). This is a group exhibition in which six finalists who have passed the first screening by portfolio screening and the second screening that has a one-on-one dialogue with the judges will present their work using the wall. Toru Kase expresses monuments with scales beyond imagination. Daisuke Kondo draws drawings using acrylic paint, spray, and pen. Maya Kondo draws the fantasy world with acrylic gouache. Yoshiki Tanaka

The 50th anniversary of the opening of the hall

We were born in 1969 as the only art gallery in Japan that deals with the masters of Western painting, and thanks to this, we were able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this year. Thank you for your kindness and thank you. In order to introduce our 50 years of history as an exhibition to commemorate this year, we will hold a “specialty exhibition” with a masterpiece of masterpieces of modern painting. At the time of the opening, even the National Museum of Western Art has only counted 10 years since its opening, and modern Western art such as impressionist exhibitions hosted by the museum is still being appreciated.