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Ballet shoes brand “kurun TOKYO” which has renewed the highest sales at pop-up stores in various places, appeared in Ginza Mitsukoshi · NEWoMan Shinjuku in July!

Ballet shoes brand “kurun TOKYO” which has renewed the highest sales at pop-up stores in various places, appeared in Ginza Mitsukoshi · NEWoMan Shinjuku in July!

Ginza Mitsukoshi's limited-time store, which starts on July 10 (Wednesday), will release three new colors that have evolved popular colors. The ballet shoes brand "kurun TOKYO (Kurun Tokyo)", which began to be released on March 1 on an online store basis, is from July 10 (Wed) to July 16 (Tue) Ginza Mitsukoshi Second floor G stage July 18 Sun (Thursday) ~ July 31 (Wed) NEWoMan Shinjuku We will hold a pop-up store on the 1st floor NEWoMan lab. Since it is usually online limited sale, it will be a valuable opportunity to see and try on the ultimate lightness and comfort, and to try it. The ballet shoes brand "kurun

Produced by Toyooka, Japan’s No. 1 grape producing area! A pop-up store of factory brand “CREEZAN” that brings together the skills of a craftsman for the first time in Hankyu Men’s Tokyo!

Deploy from July 10 (Wed) to July 16 (Tuesday)! Born in Toyooka with a thousand years of history as a center for producing Japanese persimmons, “CREEZAN (Creasan)” is an original brand of Cony Co., Ltd., which has consistently engaged in making persimmons since its establishment in 1975. We deliver high quality and refined adult chopsticks based on our beliefs in making things that are not caught by common sense by Japanese craftsmen. This time, from July 10 (Wed) to July 16 (Tue), a pop-up store of CREEZAN will appear for the first time in Hankyu Men's Tokyo. The flagship series "JETTER (Jetter)" and sister series "STREAMER (streamer)" and other popular

Skin care brand Premier (Primiel) from Israel holds POP-UP event at Tokyu Plaza Ginza on June 26 (Wed) and 27 (Thu)

Skincare "Primiel" where the mineral of the Dead Sea and nature, science are fused Art Beauty Japan Co., Ltd., which develops Israel-born Desumi Cosmetics brand "Primiel", will hold a POP UP event at Tokyu Plaza Ginza for two days on Wednesday, June 26 (Wed), 27 (Thu) 2019 . Two day limited event where you can experience Pioneer "Primiel" of Nokai cosmetics In the POP-UP event, besides offering all items of Primiel, we will prepare three special gifts. A complimentary treatment with Dead Sea salt scrubs, you can experience the Dead Sea grace. 1. Salt and butter is purchased with <Mineral salt scrub> and <aromatic body butter>, and you will receive

Reproduce “Sapphire Princess Crown” appearing in Tezuka Osamu “Ribbon Knight”! Held “Jewelry Painting ® Exhibition” depicting masterpieces and popular characters

"Jewelry Painting®" drawn from gemstones and with an everlasting glow. At IDC OTSUKA Ginza Main Store, “The only masterpiece of the masterpiece is the world's only everlasting jewelery painting ® exhibition” , featuring the world's only jewelery painting® by the co-starring of popular characters × skilled jewelers. It will be held from June 22 (Saturday) on June 30 (Sun) for 9 days. What is Jewelry Painting®? Andre and Oscar from Riyoko Ikeda "The Rose of Versailles" Seeing closely, you will be sighed by the brilliance of the densely packed gems “Jewelry Painting®”, a registered trademark of Jewelry Camine Co., Ltd., is a special painting drawn on a gemstone as a

Larick’s new fragrance “Laric Satine” appeared!

The new work "Laric Satine" will be released from June 12, 2019. An elegant and sensuous scent that expresses satin's flexible and delicate texture <br /> A parfum made for a light and lively woman like a modern Parisienne that freely expresses one's ownness. The top notes of the white flowers are accented by Tonka and vanilla sweet and pink pepper, and the creamy, woody last notes elegantly wrap the whole. The sensual feel of satine-satin, the powdery feel, it is a sensuous scent. It looks like a satin skirt that stretches softly. Glossy bottle design to enhance feminity The bottle design is inspired by the black pearl perfume bottle

Father’s Day event “Precious gift to Dad” is held at Saber Ginza Ginza Main Store

We hold event "Precious gift to Dad" of father's day at Sabbath Sabbath Ginza Ginza main store. Founded in 1920, Sabers Corporation, an international diamond jewelry brand that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020, will be holding an event to commemorate Father's Day on June 16 (Sun). Saber holds Father's Day event "Precious gift to Dad" at Saber Ginza Ginza Main Store   Founded in 1920, Sabers Corporation, an international diamond jewelry brand that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020, will be held on Sunday, June 16 to commemorate Father's Day. In this event named “Precious gift to Dad”, we will prepare a yellow rose and a message

STATE OF ESCAPE Opens a limited-time pop-up store at GINZA SIX!

"GUISE Collection" PETITE GUISE Petit Guys ¥ 43,000 + TAX Bag Size W 25 cm x H 19 cm x D 14 cm From Australia, handmade bag brand <State of Escape / STATE OF ESCAPE> using neoprene material and sailing rope, GINZA SIX the third floor for a limited time from Wednesday, June 26 to July 23 (Tuesday) We will open a pop-up store at POPUP 3rd. In this pop-up store, in addition to the popular standard collection, the GUISE collection, the new SORBET collection, and the NEON collection also appear. ESCAPE Escape ¥ 39,000 + TAX bag size W 38 cm × H 30 cm × D 24 cm

Revival of activity clothing “Monpe” in the early Showa era as casual pants

Lifestyle fashion brand "ONIGIRI" "ONIGIRI (Onigiri)" developed by Fivefox Co., Ltd. is a relaxing casual brand that is both comfortable as a home wear and a little out of mind. This time, "Monpe", which spread as active clothing in the early Showa era, has been commercialized by dropping it into the design of modern casual pants. From June 6 (Thu), ONIGIRI stores (Ginza Mersa, Nagoya Uni Mall) and Five Fox Online Store will be developed. Monpe 5,400 yen (tax included) While comfort and relaxation are fashion trends, focusing on the old work pants “Monpe”, I thought whether it would be comfortable pants that fit into my daily wear. The fit

A long-established metal precious metal store GINZA TANAKA: Newly launched the pure gold large format and small format with the new era “Rekazu” and auspicious rising dragon

New item related products to commemorate the beginning of a new era, the second appeared in the popular! The precious metal long-established GINZA TANAKA established in 1892 commemorates the beginning of the new era, and designs 50 g of "pure gold small format ore sum" which has designed the new era number ore sum, and 200 g "pure gold large format ore sum" The price 1,770,000 yen) will be released at GINZA TANAKA retail and online shops from June 1 (Saturday). 200g of "pure gold large format order sum" "Pure gold small size order sum" 50 g (image) The “pure gold small order sum” 50 g has the same design

Ginza Mitsukoshi limited Snoopy yukata also appeared! Mitsukoshi Yukata garden 2019 GINZA

May 15 (Wed)-August 20 (Tue) Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F Ginza Terrace Ginza Mitsukoshi will hold "Mitsukoshi Yukata Garden 2019 GINZA" on the 9th floor of the Ginza terrace from May 15 (Wed) to August 20 (Tue), 2019. The theme of this year's Ginza Mitsukoshi yukata is "Ginza Botanical." We will introduce natural and elegant yukatas, such as yukata that incorporates the theme colors "yellow" and "green", and plant patterns that are full of "life power" and "water mizusa". We have introduced a number of recommended yukatas and coordinates this year on the special site as well. ■ "Mitsukoshi Yukata Garden 2019" Special Site <Old times> Women's preparation yukata 37,800 yen,