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Designed and supervised by architect Terunobu Fujimori, the Mother House Ginza store opens on August 7 (Fri)

Designed and supervised by architect Terunobu Fujimori, the Mother House Ginza store opens on August 7 (Fri)

Motherhouse Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells bags, jewelry, apparel, etc., will sell ladies' products in Ginza, Tokyo on August 7 (Friday), based on the idea of ​​"creating a brand that can be accepted from the developing world to the world." We will open a roadside store to handle, "Ginza store". In addition, the current “Higashi Ginza store” will be reopened on the same day as the “Ginza men's store” as a men's specialty store. ​ New store opens in Ginza, Tokyo. Architect Terunobu Fujimori is in charge of designing and supervising the store. A new mother house store will open in Ginza, a town that continues to transmit fashion

“PAIKAJI” from Okinawa, Pikaji Aloha shirt collection held in Wako, Ginza

June Co., Ltd. will hold the Pikaji Aloha Shirt Collection at Ginza and Wako from July 30th (Thursday) to August 12th (Wednesday), 2020. It will start in 2014 and will celebrate its sixth year this year. For 2020, we have prepared a special collection limited to Wako x PAIKAJI printed with Mickey Mouse loved all over the world. Mickey Mouse has a rare expression that reminds me of Japanese culture and has a lovely expression and a pose that can be seen clearly. It is a world view that attracts not only collectors but also many people. Men's short sleeve aloha shirt ≪RelaxFit≫ (100%Lyocell, S-3L size) Color: Black Price: 49,000

Summer vacation is a big season to choose kimono sleeves New type corona measures At stores and venues with perfect measures, even if the adult ceremony is postponed or canceled, you can choose peaceful kimono

Ichizo will give a full refund if the adult ceremony is canceled due to the new Corona Ichizo Co., Ltd., which develops kimono and wedding businesses, is taking measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, including the installation of an ozone generator, which was pioneered in the industry, in the store even during summer vacation, which is a major season for choosing kimono. After taking all possible measures, we will welcome the young lady and her family. In addition, due to the lack of prospect of termination of the new coronavirus infection, and the progress of adult ceremonies in each municipality, we decided to provide special support if the adult ceremonies

RMK AUTUMN WINTER COLLECTION 2020 “UKIYO Modern” Special pre-release online event “Passage to Beauty” Held at Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building

From Wednesday, July 15th to Tuesday, July 21th, 10:00-20:00 *Based on the business hours of Ginza Mitsukoshi Location: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 1F = The Stage RMK A/W COLLECTION 2020 “UKIYO Modern” will hold a limited-time online event Passage to Beauty on the 1st floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building = The Stage. Prior to the nationwide limited release on August 1 (Saturday), from July 15 (Wednesday), we will take inspiration from beauty paintings drawn by Ukiyo-e artist Utamaro Kitagawa from the Edo period, including Isetan Mitsukoshi Group limited colors Introducing the latest collection items. RMK Artist/Beauty Communicator introduces collection items that you care about while staying at home

Finally the finale! A surprisingly “super bespoke” product is now available! “Fujimaki Department Store 8th “Super Bespoke” Thanksgiving” 3rd product pre-release started!

Starting with rare leather Boston tote, special original color Nambu Ironware, new leather shoulder bag, Daitori will be Fujimaki new brand super rare bespoke Damascus watch! The EC site "Fujimaki Department Store" where you can find gems with the theme of "Japan" is celebrating its 8th anniversary. To commemorate this, we are holding the "Fujimaki Department Store 8th Anniversary Event 8th Extra Bespoke Thanksgiving" with all the gratitude we have so far. Some of the products in the first and second stages are sold out immediately and are very well received. In the 3rd edition starting from June 18, we will introduce a surprisingly super-custom product that could only be

From , a collection with the theme of “Japanese Beauty From GINZA” (Ginza from Japan) was released.

-Expressing 6 colors inspired by Ginza- Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Shinji Hattori, head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has created six traditional Japanese colors inspired by Ginza to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand's creation from <Seiko Rukia>. We will release all 6 models (including 1 limited model) to express. Five regular models will be released from Friday, July 10, and one limited-quantity model (250 worldwide) will be released in Japan and overseas from Friday, September 11, respectively. In Japan, you can purchase at the Seiko Flagship Salon, Seiko Dream Square, and Seiko Boutique. The suggested retail price is 154,000 yen (tax included) (tax excluded 140,000 yen) to

Care for skin problems caused by wearing a mask! Face pack “Ginza Puripulin” containing luxurious beauty ingredients will be given as a shopping privilege at Sky Fight Store

-You can receive it as a privilege of drone operation experience even at the newly opened Sky Fight Cafe Ginza- Drone Net Co., Ltd., which plans, develops, and operates drone-related content, presents the face pack "Ginza Puripulin" that cares for dry skin as a shopping privilege at the "Sky Fight Store". Also, at the newly opened "Sky Fight Cafe Ginza", we will give it to those who have experienced drone racing and drone operation, so please take this opportunity to experience drone racing and drone operation. To prevent new coronavirus infections, people are wearing more masks and spend more time living. Wearing a mask is a factor that promotes skin

You can leave it empty-handed and pick it up at home! Expand to 10 Orihi Keasy Web Shops!

"ORIHICA" developed by AOKI Co., Ltd. introduced the easy web shop at the Nocti Plaza Mizonokuchi store in advance, which allows online shops and stores to work smoothly together for more comfortable and convenient shopping. We are introducing the "Web order service", which is one of the services of Easy Web Shop, which allows you to purchase products at the online shop and receive them at home at 10 stores. * Web order service target stores Nocti Plaza Mizonokuchi Chofu Parco store Atre Kawasaki store Atre Oimachi store Kinshicho Termina store Yaesu Underground mall Maronier Gate Ginza store Tokyo Dome City LaQua store MARK IS Minatomirai store Aobadai Tokyu Square

axes femme is now on the fashion mail order site Rakuten Fashion! Friday, May 29, 2020 10:00 OPEN! !

axes femme will start selling at Rakuten Fashion's official fashion mail order site Rakuten Fashion from 10:00 on Friday, May 29, 2020! ! As online demand grows, axes femme begins selling at Rakuten Fashion so that we can deliver Axes Fem's products to more customers. In addition to regular products such as "axes femme", "axes femme kids" and "axes femme POETIQUE", we are developing an online limited line "AXES by axes femme". PRESS RELEASE 2020.05.28 Rakuten Fashion Friday, May 29, 2020 10:00 OPEN NEW OPEN! ! The apparel brand axes femme developed by IGA Co., Ltd. will start selling at Rakuten Fashion, a fashion mail order site that is officially

The Swiss-born fashion watch “Tendence” will launch the “Homework Support Project” to eliminate physical sickness and lack of exercise during homework!

The first one will be a video workout of a simple exercise to eliminate stiff shoulders in collaboration with "Cross Fit Motomachi Bay", a professional exercise and body professional. As a preventive measure against new-type corona infectious diseases, an increasing number of companies are introducing work-at-home / remote work during the period of refraining from going out. The number of employees working at home is increasing in the Swiss watch brand [Tendence Japan], and many people complain of stiff shoulders and back pain in an unfamiliar work environment, and physical sickness due to lack of exercise to refrain from going out. It was sent. I felt that there are many