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In the fall of the arts, a live portrait event by the famous illustrator Natsu Yamaguchi will be held at the Ekipmon Ginza store!

In the fall of the arts, a live portrait event by the famous illustrator Natsu Yamaguchi will be held at the Ekipmon Ginza store!

Established in Paris, France in 1976, Equipmon is a feminine and elegant shirt brand created by mixing luxury silk with a men's-like silhouette shirt. This time, Ekipmon Ginza will invite a notable illustrator natsu yamaguchi to hold a live portrait event. Taking advantage of the elegant and feminine style and the soft colors of watercolors, customers who purchased at the Ekipmon Ginza store on the day will receive a single illustration for the world drawn with their favorite Ekpimon shirt. Please visit Ekipmon Ginza for this precious opportunity. [Outline of Live Portrait Event] Date: Saturday, October 5, 2019, 13: 00-17: 00 Store: EQUIPMENT Ginza store GINZA SIX 3F, 6-10-1 Ginza,

New York color diamond store “Scott West” is selling Ginza Mitsukoshi limited items!

● Until October 15 (Tue) ● Ginza Mitsukoshi 4th floor International Mode Jewelry As the popularity of colored diamonds increases, “Scott West,” which specializes in large and expensive colored diamonds, is open for a limited time on Ginza Mitsukoshi 4th floor International Mode Jewelry. Clockwise from top left: Ring (2.7 million yen), Pierce (13 million yen), Ring (5.1 million yen), Ring (9 million yen) A limited edition Ginza Mitsukoshi product is also available for this pop-up shop. From left: Ring (¥ 400,000) * Limited to Ginza Mitsukoshi, Ring (¥ 730,000) * Limited to Ginza Mitsukoshi, Necklace (¥ 1.1 million), Ring (¥ 4.4 million), Ring (¥ 850,000), Bracelet (¥ 3.7 million)

New Balance Ultimate Standard “996” Retail Store Limited Color Appears

Directly-managed store-limited colors will appear on Friday, September 20th from the ultimate new balance "996". This product is finished in pig skin suede and mesh upper, which is decorated with N logo and back chip in gold that shines in autumn coordination with two colors of black and off-white. The insole also features a unique design with a map of the New Balance Official Store in Japan. Prior to the sale on Friday, September 20, the “New Balance Tamagawa Takashimaya S / C” store, which will open on Saturday, September 14, will be pre-sale from the opening day. 【Product Details】 CM996 (Unisex) Color: JBG (BLACK / GOLD), JGS (OFF WHITE

“The Blazer & # 038; The Best of NEWYORKER” now being held!

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, commemorates the 55th anniversary of the brand ’s founding, from September 11th (Wednesday) , an event featuring “Blazers” and traditional items that symbolize the brand , “The "Blazer & The Best of NEWYORKER" is being held at New Yorker men's stores and official online stores nationwide. * Until September 23 (Monday / Holiday). In this campaign, we offer a lineup of new blazers for the fall and winter, including an orthodox Ⅰ type 3 button one-step back blazer, a relaxed jersey, and original functional materials with anti-wrinkle and water-repellent functions. In addition, we offer a variety of New Yorker gems that are

New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop 5th Anniversary Thanks Week

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, commemorates the 5th anniversary of the New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop (Ginza Store) from September 13 (Friday) to 23 (Monday / Holiday) The period will be Thanks Week and the “Autumn Collection W Point Fair” will be held. Customers who come to the Ginza store during the fair will enjoy a drink service, and those who purchase the product will receive twice the usual “NY.Club card” points. In addition, to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the brand , the original brooch type 2 will be sold in limited quantities of 55 each at the Ginza store and the official online store (

New Friday’s new outer will be released from Friday, September 20th.

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, will release a coat and outerwear that will become a must-have item for winter from Friday, September 20 earlier than usual. In this fall and winter, functionalities such as cold protection and water repellency will be added, and new outerwear with excellent design and versatility will be developed. The lineup includes a coat that can be worn from early autumn and a beautiful down that can be worn for winter commuting. Founded in 1964, “NEWYORKER” celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2019. The theme for the fall / winter season of 2019 is “GIFT FROM THE CITY – a gift from New York”.

Moderato empowering adult women with fashion, “Art x Personal Service” event “BLESS THE DIFFERENCE.” Will be held at the Pola Ginza Building from Saturday, September 21

~ New trends in art and personal services that go beyond gender bias ~ Moderat Co., Ltd. will hold an event “BLESS THE DIFFERENCE.” At the Pola Ginza Building for a limited period of 5 days from Saturday, September 21, 2019. . Moderato provides services that respect diversity, with the mission of empowering fashion, to meet the diverse needs of our customers. “SOÉJU personal” is the predecessor of the personal styling service “Let Me Know” that started in 2015. “SOÉJU personal” is a face-to-face or online presentation by professional stylists, and based on the diagnostic results of counseling, each customer offers a personalized proposal image to their smartphones at

The theme is “black” with various expressions! Launched a collection of black-colored collections from 3 brands of “Worthy”, “Basile 28” and “Beta”

Five Fox Co., Ltd. is making clothes with the mission of “pursuing traditional Japanese beauty and creating new sensibility in harmony with the West”. This time, we will propose fashion under the theme of “black”, one of the most notable colors of the season, under the three brands of “Artisan”, “Basile 28” and “β (Beta)”. Black is not a single color, but has a variety of color expressions since ancient times. Stores will be opened sequentially from Thursday, September 5th. [Binro Jiguro] ~ A dignified black with bluishness ~ [Artisan] Pullover 51,840 yen (tax included) [Wet feather color] ~ Black with glossy and elegant luster ~ [Basile 28] jacket 96,120

Adult dress-up style “Tuxedo” is newly released from Friday, August 16th! Directors suit and solid suit are also available, and formal items are enriched

Tuxedo (Black) Pattern order early order reception held from August 23 (Friday) to September 30 (Monday) Tuxedo (Navy) In “NEWYORKER” which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, “Tuxedo” will be newly developed from August 16, 2019 (Friday). In addition, director suits, solid (solid) suits, and formal accessories are also available to propose a formal dress-up style for adults. Furthermore, an early ordering event for pattern orders tailoring formal wear into a more personalized wearer will be held from August 23 (Friday) to September 30 (Monday), including the New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop, nationwide. Will be held at the New Yorker Men's store. * The official online store [ ]

Long-established precious metal GINZA TANAKA: 6 new silver and platinum foil gift items will be released on Thursday, September 5

Gift items that add beauty to everyday life with the beauty of materials and sophisticated design GINZA TANAKA (Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry Co., Ltd.), a long-established precious metal company founded in 1892, is gorgeous as the flagship store “GINZA TANAKA Ginza Main Store” opens on September 5 (Thursday). All six gift items that combine the beauty and functionality of silver and platinum foil (paper weight tax-included price: 64,800 yen / letter opener tax-included price: 21,600 yen / bookmarker tax-included price: 6,480 yen / shoehorn tax-included price: 21,600 yen / tray Tax-included price: 9,720 yen / photo frame tax-included price 16,200 yen) will be available at GINZA TANAKA retail stores and online