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“FANCL Ginza Mitsukoshi” New Open on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

“FANCL Ginza Mitsukoshi” New Open on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

FANCL Corporation will newly open the FANCL Ginza Mitsukoshi store on Wednesday, August 21. [FANCL store information] FANCL, Inc. will open a new directly-managed store “FANCL Ginza Mitsukoshi” on the first basement floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi on August 21 (Wednesday). With the opening of “FANCL Ginza Mitsukoshi”, the number of directly managed stores will be 208 nationwide. The store is staffed with aesthetic nutrition and makeup, and a health counselor with health expertise to provide highly specialized counseling. In addition, a skin counseling system that multi-checks skin balance with six indicators to determine skin age, “blood vessel age check” that can check the aging degree and elasticity of blood

Men only! Now you can use it! Men’s makeup seminar held in Tokyo and Osaka!

Respri Co., Ltd. will hold men's makeup seminars for men who want to know how to use cosmetics in Shibuya Loft, Ginza Loft and Umeda Loft. For men who are interested in skincare and makeup and want to know how to use it, or who are currently using it but want to learn how to use it correctly, they will learn basic usage of skincare and base makeup in a workshop format. Through this workshop, I hope that as many men as possible will learn about the appeal of men's makeup that brings out their coolness. [Seminar Contents] “Face styling, let ’s get started.” Prepare skin with skin care, adjust

New color inspired by Aurora from “SKAGEN” appeared in the popular “AAREN KULOR”

Pre-sale starts on Thursday, August 1 at directly managed stores and official website Inspired by minimal and sophisticated Scandinavian Danish design, the theme for the autumn of “SKAGEN” is “NORTHERN LIGHTS”. Inspired by the spectacular sky of Denmark, a new color of AAREN KULOR (Allen Color), which incorporates the deep and mysterious hue of "NORTHERN LIGHTS-Aurora", is born. A new gem-like watch has been added to the lineup, incorporating colorfulness into the Hügge and comfortable basic style, which is a mix of Scandi 2.0 style, which is the focus of fashion people around the world. AAREN KULOR COLLECTION Northern Lights will be available for pre-sale from the following dealers from

GINZA TANAKA “GINZA TANAKA Ginza Main Store”, a long-established precious metal store, will be reopened on September 5, 2019 (Thursday)!

Proposing ways to enjoy precious metals based on the concept of “Gold is more freedom” Established in 1892, GINZA TANAKA, a long-established precious metal company, has established its flagship store, GINZA TANAKA Ginza Main Store (1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) based on the concept of “Gold is more free” The store will be renovated and reopened on September 5, 2019 (Thursday), so that you can feel the splendor closer. Ginza main store exterior (image) Ginza main store interior (image) Since its establishment, GINZA TANAKA has consistently provided high-quality precious metal products. The reopened Ginza main store offers gold and platinum jewelry that shines with high-quality precious metals, and gold crafts that

An original new material that sticks to the raw, spinning, twisting, and finishing materials of the “very-long cotton that has been aged” The new “AGING COTTON” jacket is released from August 9 (Fri)!

In “NEWYORKER (New Yorker)”, which proposes a style that is traditional and refined, the jacket of “AGING COTTON (Aging Cotton)”, an original new material in which “Super-long cotton” is finished by a special process, is 2019 It will be released on Monday, 9th. “AGING COTTON” is an original new material of New Yorker that pursues in the cotton material Daido Limited's ideas and know-how with the roots of a spun woolen that “Considets from yarn to finish”. Using "aged ultra-long cotton", the spinning, twisting and finishing are achieved by adding a special process with a perfect touch. Taking advantage of this unique texture, we have tailored high quality cotton jackets

“Longchamp La Maison Ginza” opens at Ginza 5-chome

"Longchamp La Maison Ginza" is open to the Ginza 5-chome Longchamp La Maison Ginza newly opened in Ginza 5-chome France A luxury fashion brand, Longchamp, centered on bags created in Paris, opened “Longchamp La Maison Ginza” at Ginza 5-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo on July 26, 2019 (Fri). While business in Japan is one of the important factors for Long Shan brand's global growth, it is extremely desirable to open a store in the Ginza area, which is the center of shopping in Tokyo. It is. Not long after the founding of the brand in 1948, Longchamp products were introduced to Japan in the early 1950s, and have been loved by many

Fashionable Bon Odori vol.5 in WHITE & SKY produced by KEITA MARUYAMA

2019 yearly sum, fashionable Bon festival dance of Keita Maruyama reaching the fifth! We will hold "Shoty Bon Odori," an adult fashionable summer feature delivered by KEITA MARUYAMA, at "WHITE & SKY-POOL SIDE BEER GARDEN-" on the rooftop of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. We will hold "Shoty Bon Odori," an adult fashionable summer feature delivered by KEITA MARUYAMA, at "WHITE & SKY-POOL SIDE BEER GARDEN-" on the rooftop of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. The traditional Bon Odori, as well as special guests live and DJs, etc. are full of gorgeous dance events for this day! Also in the summer of "fashionable Bon Odori" in the fifth year of this year, DANCE! DANCE!

Burberry holds a pop-up store with handbags at Matsuya Ginza

Burberry will hold a pop-up store with handbags at Matsuya Ginza from July 24th. We will introduce a wide range of the latest collections, including the new icon “TB bag” that appeared in the debut collection of Chief Creative Officer Ricardo Tissi, as well as the “belt bag” inspired from the trench coat. Brand founder Thomas Burberry's monogram combined monogram is the point "TB bag" appeared in a rich variety of envelope clutches with removable chain straps and punk designs with studs. We will also introduce accessories such as cashmere scarf and puffer shawl. Please take a look at this opportunity. BURBERRY POP-UP STORE July 24 (Wed)-early October-Matsuya Ginza 1F

Overseas celebrity orders! LA A-born hawaii-grown beach sandals “POPITS” Nihonbashi Sugashimaya S. C. for a limited time Pop-up store OPEN!

Period: Wednesday, July 17, 2019-Tuesday, July 30 LA-born Hawaiian-grown classic beach sandals “POPITS (Popitz)”, developed by Vector Co., Ltd., will be held at “Nipponbashi Sugashimaya SC” from July 17 (Wed) to July 30 (Tue), 2019 I will expand the pop-up store in a limited. "POPITS" was born in Los Angeles, USA in 2007, and it is an unusual heel development (Flat, 5 cm, 7 cm) as a beach sandal, and a fashion that can combine more than 200 kinds of charms with sandals in an instant It has gained popularity, and has been used by many as a souvenir item of Hawaii and a must item on the beach. In

Ballet shoes brand “kurun TOKYO” which has renewed the highest sales at pop-up stores in various places, appeared in Ginza Mitsukoshi · NEWoMan Shinjuku in July!

Ginza Mitsukoshi's limited-time store, which starts on July 10 (Wednesday), will release three new colors that have evolved popular colors. The ballet shoes brand "kurun TOKYO (Kurun Tokyo)", which began to be released on March 1 on an online store basis, is from July 10 (Wed) to July 16 (Tue) Ginza Mitsukoshi Second floor G stage July 18 Sun (Thursday) ~ July 31 (Wed) NEWoMan Shinjuku We will hold a pop-up store on the 1st floor NEWoMan lab. Since it is usually online limited sale, it will be a valuable opportunity to see and try on the ultimate lightness and comfort, and to try it. The ballet shoes brand "kurun