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UK Royal Warlords brand “LAUNER LONDON (Rawner London)” May 1 (Wed)-POP UP STORE held at Ginza Mitsukoshi 1st floor

UK Royal Warlords brand “LAUNER LONDON (Rawner London)” May 1 (Wed)-POP UP STORE held at Ginza Mitsukoshi 1st floor

We will carry out the first attempt, marking-service is also limited The UK Royal Warlords brand LAUNER LONDON (Lawner London) will be holding a LAUNER pop-up event on the first floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi from May 1 (Wed) to May 7 (Tuesday). This time, we will carry out a marking service that will be the first attempt in the limited Ginza Mitsukoshi. Since being designated as a royal royal handbag maker in the 1960s, as a favorite icon of Queen Elizabeth, of course, the quality has refined its style, LAUNER. Completed all work processes by a craftsman at a factory in the United Kingdom. Each point is carefully manufactured over

British rain goods that parent and child Corde can enjoy. Rainwear and HUNTER POP UP created by LAVENHAM will be held for a limited time from April 26th at BRITISH MADE

At the BRITISH MADE (British Maid) stores that deliver "a story with a lifestyle with the concept of Stories with British Life", LAVENHAM (Ravenham) Rainwear and HUNTER (Hunter) POP UP April 26 It will be held from Sunday (Fri). We will be holding a pop-up of rainwear made by the British quilted jacket, Ravenham, and rain goods royal road brand hunters of the British royal designer in the British maid. The rainwear that Raven Ham handled with British Maid Bespoke this time is a lightweight, water-repellent, stretchable material, and it is a packable specification that can be folded and carried small, so it is likely to be a bulky trip

Produced by Toyooka, Japan’s No. 1 grape producing area! Factory brand “CREEZAN” that brings together the skills of a craftsman

Period of Thursday, May 2-May 15 (Wednesday) at Ginza, Wako We hold fair to expand development of flagship series "JETTER"! Born in Toyooka with a thousand years of history as a center for producing Japanese persimmons, “CREEZAN (Creasan)” is an original brand of Cony Co., Ltd., which has consistently engaged in making persimmons since its establishment in 1975. We deliver high quality and refined adult chopsticks based on our beliefs in making things that are not caught by common sense by Japanese craftsmen. We will hold a fair at Wako, a luxury specialty store known as the Ginza symbol, from May 2 (Thu) to 15 (Wed). The flagship series "JETTER

Light and beautiful from the inside of the body! Attention to the high-grade vegan lunch course of the innovative Italian “FARO”

Born on the 10th floor of Ginza Shiseido Building on October 1, 2018, “FARO (Faro)” (operated by Shiseido Parlor) uses a wealth of ingredients from all over Japan to deliver a new food experience full of Italian-based originality. You One of the lunch courses by chef Kotaro Noda who talks that it can be used in Shoshin cuisine in Japan is prepared with a vegan specification. Focusing on “being beautiful from the inside of the body”, the course consisting of a variety of gastronomic cuisine offers a high level of satisfaction. Experience an innovative Italian-friendly atmosphere in a pleasant space where the light shines. At Faro, we offer seasonal flavors

“Summer Trad Collection Novelty Fair” & # 038; “Personal color diagnosis to bring out your own”!

A novelty printed with popular fabric is presented from April 19 (Fri) to 28 (Sun)! On April 20 (Saturday), personal color diagnosis will be conducted by a color consultant! Proposing traditional and sophisticated style "NEWYORKER (New Yorker)", a lineup of items that are recommended for early summer color × mochief use items. We propose a summer trad style for travel and Golden Week. In the “New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop”, the “Summer Trad Collection Novelty Fair” will be held from April 19 (Fri) to April 28 (Sun) for the arrival of early summer. During the period, customers who purchase at least 32,400 yen (tax included) will receive a clear file

Munsing Wear Clubhouse Ginza 1st ANNIVERSARY FAIR!

Munsingwear Clubhouse Ginza will hold many events on the weekend to commemorate its first anniversary. Munsingwear was born in 1886 as a knitwear manufacturer. For the first time in the world announced a knitted golf shirt in 1955, it has accumulated history in the golf scene for over 60 years. In Japan, starting in 1964, has been evaluated for quality and high functionality, has been loved by many golfers, including professionals. Today, we are expanding our business to China, Korea, and other Asian countries and continuing to pursue the ideal golf wear. FLAGSHIP SHOP “Mansingwear Clubhouse Ginza”, which opened in April 2018, develops various products to propose high-quality everyday life

In New Yorkers Mens, “Revisit The Blazer” capetain featuring “# 1; blazer” will be held from April 11 (Thursday)!

During the period, the original pin badge is presented! Daido Forward Co., Ltd., which plans, manufactures, sells, buys and sells real estate, mediates and leases clothing fashion accessories centered on the major brand NEWYORKER in the clothing business, in New Yorker Mens April "Revisit The Blazer" Capeine It will be held from 11th (Thursday). An original pin badge will be presented during the exhibition period. ※ Novelty will end as soon as it disappears. In "NEWYORKER (New Yorker)", which proposes a traditional and refined style, the campaign "Revisit The Blazer" featuring "blazers" from April 11, 2019 (Thu), New Yorker Men's Stores nationwide and the official online store Will be held

Swiss-born watch brand “Tendence (Tendence)” from the new watch of elegant navy & rose gold color is released on April 20! In flagship store and limited store, prior sale starts from March 20!

Add an accent to the spring's coordination, and watch your arms look up a notch with a refreshing color combination watch. Tendence's spring new work, with its first appearance of a popular color scheme that reflects Japan's request, is perfect for the travel season. Stores that are scheduled to be released in advance are being released on Tendence official site. Born in Switzerland in 2007, the fashion watch brand "Tendence (Tendence) / Tendence Japan Co., Ltd." continues to be loved all over the world as a playful and full-bodied watch, aiming for the summer of 2019, "ALUTECH Gulliver From the (Altec Gulliver) collection, we will release new watches with vivid

[Marronnier Gate Ginza 1] Spring decoration “Flowering Days Flowering Days” tied up with Tokyo Infiorata 2019 is held from March 11th!

The Maronie Gate Ginza 1 commercial facility in Ginza is entitled "Flowering Days Flowering Days" during the period from March 11 (Mon) to April 14 (Sunday), and the inside of the building is colored with cherry blossoms. I will develop the decoration. As one of the venues of "Tokyo Infiorata 2019", which will be held at about 50 venues in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Maronie Gate Ginza 1 will also enter. At the main entrance, we will install an arch of cherry blossoms produced by Mr. Akihiko Fujikawa, a globally active flower artist. For the flower painting with the theme of "spring urara" drawn in the arch, use the Fukuhana

March 16 (Saturday) first opened in Ginza area LACOSTE Ginza store

Opened a new LACOSTE store on Ginza / Namiki-dori. We will carry out a limited-time campaign on the polo shirt theme. The French-born premium casual brand Lacoste <Lacoste Japan> opens a new store in Ginza, which is fashion center, on March 16 (Saturday). The concept of the new store is “Le Club Lacoste”. It is a store reminiscent of a tennis club that expresses the brand heritage that the brand's founder, René Lacoste, has continued to protect. Ginza store where crocodile which appears to rise up is mark. In addition to fixtures and decorations inspired by tennis, the shop's most striking item is the “Polo Bar”, a space specializing in