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Alaia 2020 FALL WINTER popup store held

Alaia 2020 FALL WINTER popup store held

Alijah rarely sketched on paper, so he modeled with his own hands and shaped the material taking into account the movement and flexibility of the body. Stretch knits, which represent signature items, were born through constructive technology and experimental approaches. The 2020 FALL WINTER collection was completed with inspiration from the code, sketches and archive collections left by Alaia. The 2020 FALL WINTER collection celebrates the eternal connection between masculine and feminine through elaborate cutting and flowing drapes. Silk chiffon dresses and iconic embroidery invite you to a feminine world. Take this opportunity to see the timeless beauty of ALAÏA. 2020 FALL WINTER popup store schedule [ISETAN SALONE: ISETAN SALONE]

“Dolce & Gabbana Beauty” ≪Perfume of the topic and make-up to enjoy. The foundation that dense jelly melts into the skin is also useful for mask makeup!

The popular Dolce & Gabbana perfume sample gift campaign has started! Now, if you purchase one or more items at the "Dolce & Gabbana Beauty" store, we are giving away a topical "Dolce & Gabbana" miniature perfume sample! [Campaign overview] Contents: "Light Blue Eau de Toilette 4.5mL" will be presented as a purchase for more than one item at the same store during the period. Target period: August 26 (Wednesday) to September 22 (Tuesday), 2020 Implemented stores: <Dolce & Gabbana Beauty> counters nationwide* "Dolce & Gabbana Precious Skin Perfect Finish Cushion Foundation " <Foundation> 4 colors 12g each 8,500 yen (9,350 yen including tax) 1 built-in puff Refill / 5,000

Orbis men’s brand Mr. produced by ORBIS opens at Ginza Mitsukoshi men’s cosmetics POP UP event August 26 (Wed)-September 8 (Tue) Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 5F Men’s cosmetics special venue

Orbis Co., Ltd. will hold the Orbis men's brand "Mr.produced" at the POP UP STORE event held at the special venue for men's cosmetics on the 5th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building from August 26 (Wednesday) to September 8 (Tuesday), 2020. by ORBIS” will be opened. "Mr. produced by ORBIS" (Mr. below) is a men's brand that offers beauty habits that men can take closer to everyday fashion and hair styling, and simply brings out the original charm that they have. is. This time, skin care items and makeup will be held at <Mr. produced by ORBIS >POP UP STORE, which will be held from August 26th (Wednesday)

Fine jewelry “FOPE” from Italy started permanent sale at Ginza Tenshodo

Fine jewelry "FOPE" from Italy opened the first permanent store in Tokyo Fine jewelry "FOPE" from Italy has been permanently sold since August 2020 at the luxury watch jewelry store Ginza Tenshodo (Ginza, Tokyo). FLEX'IT, a stretchable 18K gold mesh chain that has been developed uniquely for everyday luxury FOPE jewelery is a high quality, authentic everyday jewelery worn by men and women every day. Among them, the FLEX'IT bracelet, which is made of 100% K18 gold and has elasticity and is easy to wear by rolling on, is the FOPE icon. It can be worn roll-on for formal wear at business or parties, for casual looks like jeans and

On the 3rd floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza HINKA RINKA, the near future type select shop “FOX STORE Ginza store” that anyone can enjoy will be renewed from Wednesday, August 12th!

FOX Co., Ltd. will expand the floor space of the near future selection shop "FOX STORE" that anyone can enjoy, and will be renewed from August 12 (Wednesday) on the 3rd floor of HINKA RINKA Ginza. At FOX STORE, from mobile accessories such as smartphone covers and smartphone rings to IoT products that make life a little more convenient, I'm excited about the excitement of users who picked "Oh, I wanted this" and "This is interesting!" We have a large selection of "exciting products" carefully selected from all over the world to propose a sophisticated near future digital lifestyle. The store has many smartphone accessories from top fashion brands such

Get a lottery ticket with a purchase price of 5,000 yen! [Summer deals! Lottery campaign]

Break through record highs and gold price of "7,500 yen level"! There is no loss in knowing! Familiar "gold" that you do not know unexpectedly Dream Factory Co., Ltd.'s unprecedented purchase of precious metals, brand products and jewelry in the industry has been used by a cumulative total of 500,000 customers. One lottery ticket will be given for each successful contract [Natsu advantageous! The lottery captain will be held at Gold Plaza stores nationwide from Thursday, August 20, 2020. Stop separation! Look for it! Familiar "gold" that you do not know unexpectedly With the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of people who are forced to refrain from going

A Danish forest appears in the town of Ginza! White Mountaineering × FRITZ HANSEN

A special Grand Prix chair created in collaboration with the Danish furniture brand Fritz Hansen and White Mountaineering is on display. A Danish forest appears in the town of Ginza. A Danish forest appears in the Strasburgo Ginza store on the 1st floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. The "Forest" recreated by Nikolai Bergman Flower & Design will be on display until Monday, August 17, 2020. It is a healing spot that appeared in Ginza in the middle of summer. FRITZ HANSEN × White Mountaineering POP-UP EXHIBITION at STRASBURGO GINZA The Grand Prix chair reborn with a new look due to the sensitivity of Fritz Hansen and White Mountaineering. An

Designed and supervised by architect Terunobu Fujimori, the Mother House Ginza store opens on August 7 (Fri)

Motherhouse Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells bags, jewelry, apparel, etc., will sell ladies' products in Ginza, Tokyo on August 7 (Friday), based on the idea of ​​"creating a brand that can be accepted from the developing world to the world." We will open a roadside store to handle, "Ginza store". In addition, the current “Higashi Ginza store” will be reopened on the same day as the “Ginza men's store” as a men's specialty store. ​ New store opens in Ginza, Tokyo. Architect Terunobu Fujimori is in charge of designing and supervising the store. A new mother house store will open in Ginza, a town that continues to transmit fashion

“PAIKAJI” from Okinawa, Pikaji Aloha shirt collection held in Wako, Ginza

June Co., Ltd. will hold the Pikaji Aloha Shirt Collection at Ginza and Wako from July 30th (Thursday) to August 12th (Wednesday), 2020. It will start in 2014 and will celebrate its sixth year this year. For 2020, we have prepared a special collection limited to Wako x PAIKAJI printed with Mickey Mouse loved all over the world. Mickey Mouse has a rare expression that reminds me of Japanese culture and has a lovely expression and a pose that can be seen clearly. It is a world view that attracts not only collectors but also many people. Men's short sleeve aloha shirt ≪RelaxFit≫ (100%Lyocell, S-3L size) Color: Black Price: 49,000

Summer vacation is a big season to choose kimono sleeves New type corona measures At stores and venues with perfect measures, even if the adult ceremony is postponed or canceled, you can choose peaceful kimono

Ichizo will give a full refund if the adult ceremony is canceled due to the new Corona Ichizo Co., Ltd., which develops kimono and wedding businesses, is taking measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, including the installation of an ozone generator, which was pioneered in the industry, in the store even during summer vacation, which is a major season for choosing kimono. After taking all possible measures, we will welcome the young lady and her family. In addition, due to the lack of prospect of termination of the new coronavirus infection, and the progress of adult ceremonies in each municipality, we decided to provide special support if the adult ceremonies