Kyoto-based kimono upcycling brand “Kien” opens new store in Ginza, Tokyo on Tuesday, April 23rd

Kien Co., Ltd., which operates the Kyoto-based kimono upcycling brand "Kien," officially opened a new store, "Tokyo Ginza Store," in Ginza, Tokyo on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. In addition to the "Kyoto Main Store Showroom" which has been in operation since 2021, by establishing a new base in Ginza, Tokyo, we aim to create a beloved store that can introduce Kien's efforts to more people.

■Tokyo Ginza store overview <br /> Address: 9F, 5-8-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Business hours: 11:00-19:00 Closed: Wednesdays and Sundays Reservation URL:

The Tokyo Ginza store operates on a completely advance reservation system. If you would like to visit the store to consult about tailoring or try on a kimono dress, please feel free to make a reservation using the store reservation URL above. (*As a general rule, reservations are accepted up to the day before your desired date. For same-day reservations, we will contact you only if we are able to accommodate you after receiving your application on the reservation site.)

■Products available at the Tokyo Ginza store At the Tokyo Ginza store, we have the entire lineup of kimono dresses (18 types in total). In addition to custom-made kimonos made from kimonos brought in by customers, we also sell ready-made kimonos. You can also select from the kimono fabrics that Kien has in stock and have them made into a kimono dress. Please select your favorite kimono dress from the many designs and kimono fabrics available.

<KIEN's popular style>
"Raglan sleeve"
This long dress features long sleeves and a kimono-like feel. The sleeves have slits that make the simple lines look elegant.

The sleeves cover the garment, making it look more like kimono sleeves.

The soft lines from the shoulders to the cuffs make this a cocoon design. It doesn't expose the arms too much, and it exudes elegance. The feminine, rounded silhouette is very popular.

A dress with a tight silhouette that is closer to a kimono. The obi belt made of luxurious antique fabric is the accent. A kimono dress that retains the traditional impression of a kimono.

"One shoulder ribbon dress"
This dress has a one-shoulder design with a slightly A-line silhouette and a moderately voluminous ruffled sleeve on one side. The left side of the dress, which does not have a sleeve, has a deep slit from below the knee, making it perfect for events and parties.

■ Overview of the kimono upcycling brand "KIEN"

"KIEN" is a kimono upcycling brand that proposes new ways to enjoy kimono that fit into modern clothing lifestyles by upcycling kimonos owned by customers, or vintage kimonos selected by KIEN that are in good condition and have beautiful patterns, into haute couture dresses and one-piece dresses.

"KIEN" website:
"KIEN" items:

Company Profile of Kimonokien Co., Ltd. <br /> Company Name: Kimonokien Co., Ltd. Representative Directors: Yoshie Kitagawa/Takashi Miyabe Address: Room 606, Eiwa Oike Building, 436 Sasaya-cho, Higashinotoin Higashiiru, Oike-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 604-8187 Contact:
Business description: Support for preserving traditional culture/crafts, selling vintage kimono dresses, etc. Origin of the company name: "Ki" (seasons) from the four seasons that are a characteristic of Japan. "En" (connections) is the essence of Buddhism, which says that by cherishing encounters, the way will always open up. Combining these two, we named the company "Kien." Through kimonos that are made by being close to and feeling the four seasons, we want to "convey Japanese culture to people connected by ties all over the world."

From the press release of Kien Co., Ltd.

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