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Ginza Events

Enjoy appreciating goldfish art even on rainy days at the Art Aquarium Museum GINZA’s “Umbrella Day” production: goldfish sheltering from the rain under Japanese umbrellas?!

Limited time performance from June 8th (Sat) to June 24th (Mon) At the Art Aquarium Museum GINZA (located at Ginza Mitsukoshi), you can enjoy a unique rainy season display from Saturday, June 8th to Monday, June 24th, in conjunction with Umbrella Day on Tuesday, June 11th. During the display, you can enjoy a collaboration between hydrangeas and Japanese umbrellas in the work "New Goldfish Appraisal," where you can admire goldfish from above! The currently ongoing early summer project "Fragrant Breeze, Wisteria and Hydrangeas, Early Summer Goldfish" (until Monday, June 24th) features a fantastical hydrangea arch decorated with Japanese umbrellas in the "Paper Lantern Rium," and a "Goldfish Stone Lantern" decorated