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Ginza Events

2019/4/4 MUJI Ginza store 6 FATELIER MUJI GINZA open! Simultaneous holding of two exhibitions of “Kuri Tree Project”

ATELIER MUJI GINZA is newly opened at Muji Ginza 6F, which will open from April 4, 2019. ATELIER MUJI GINZA is the same 6F as MUJI HOTEL front , holding two exhibitions and events on various themes related to manufacturing and design, "Gallery" and "Salon" where people talk while drinking good coffee and alcohol We will develop “Library” with books related to design and art , and “Lounge” to hold events and workshops . In the opening project, two exhibitions will be held simultaneously in an effort to explore the possibilities of design under the name of the "Kuri Tree Project". 'Change. Enzo Mari and "The Chestnut Project" Exhibition-From Keiji