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Ginza Events

The exhibition “Night and a touch of morning” by Nodoka Yamaura will be held at the gallery “ART FOR THOUGHT” in Ginza, Tokyo.

Gallery ART FOR THOUGHT in Ginza, Tokyo will be holding an exhibition by Nodoka Yamaura entitled "Night and a Slight Taste of Morning" from Saturday, July 27, 2024 to Thursday, August 29, 2024 as the sixth installment of the exhibition series "the foundry." Yamaura Nodoka is a contemporary Japanese paper artist and graphic and spatial designer. While based in Tokushima, the artist has been expanding his activities to Tokyo and the world, receiving high praise for his solo exhibition at ART FOR THOUGHT in July last year and his exhibition at TOKYO CREATIVE SALON 2024 (Haneda Airport Terminal 2) in March this year. Morning and night, beauty and awe, the