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Ginza Events


This summer’s attention food event “Nasufes” (~ 8/31) in session! I’ve been eating tasty eggplant dishes!

This year the delicious season of "eggplant" has been done. Tomatoes, green peppers, corn · · · It is an eggplant that tends to be stamped as a "supporting role" by virtue of colorful summer vegetables. But never such a thing. Eggplant can be baked, boiled or well, even if it can be pickled, as a "all-purpose vegetable", it holds the potential to become the leading role of the table! This summer's noteworthy food event " Nasfès " is a "festival of eggplant" that is carried out at 11 stores in Tokyo including Ginza, Nihonbashi and Akasaka. The limited-time original dish using the freshened eggplant that the topic of the