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Ginza Events

“The art of time” spun by actors and craftsmen. The Seiko Group will hold an exhibition of clothing by Tamasaburo Bando, titled “Four Seasons, Nature, and Life – Transition of Time and Natural Beauty –” at the Seiko House Ginza Hall in Ginza 4-chome (free admission).

Invite 40 people to a special talk show by lottery Seiko Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Seiko") is pleased to introduce the charm of Japanese culture and to have many people experience it as the first step of the "Time and Japanese Culture Project". Tamasaburo Bando V's costume exhibition "Four Seasons, Nature, Life-Transition of Time and Natural Beauty-" will be held at Seiko House Ginza Hall in Ginza 4-chome from June 8th (Thursday) to June 18th. It will be held until Sunday (Sunday) (admission free). In this exhibition, we will display 10 beautiful costumes specially selected from Tamasaburo's cherished collection, in which the scenes of each season of