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Ginza Events

[Wako, Ginza] “Orishige Mineko Photo Exhibition: Koin 2024” will be held from Thursday, July 4th

Ishikawa-born photographer Orishika Mineko will be holding her third solo exhibition at Wako in three years. Ginza Wako will be holding the "Orishige Mineko Photo Exhibition: Koin 2024" by photographer Orishige Mineko at the Seiko House Hall (formerly Wako Hall) from Thursday, July 4th to Monday, July 15th. Photographer Mineko Orishige expresses the fluctuations of the heart through the lens of her camera. She spoke about her thoughts on her third exhibition at Wako in three years. "Just after the new year, my hometown, Ishikawa Prefecture, was hit by an unexpected devastating earthquake. It was heartbreaking thinking about my friends and acquaintances who were affected. In the midst of all