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“Tsubamesanjo style shop” open for a limited time on GINZA SIX! Media hospitality experience interview report

Tsubamesanjo is the area combined with Tsubame-shi and Sanjo-shi located in the center of Niigata prefecture. Metal processing technology has been developed since ancient times, and we are still producing high quality metalware. The Tsubame Sanjo Local Industry Promotion Center, which aims to revitalize local culture with its Tsubame Sanjo as a base for industry and tourism, is surrounded by 4th floor of the Ginza Six, the largest commercial facility in Ginza area <Niigata · Tsubamesanjo products We will open a pop-up store "Tsubame Sanjo style shop" with the concept of "life to be live" for a limited time period from Wednesday 26th December 2018 until January 15th (Tuesday) 2019