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Rakugo house Tachikawa’s spring and collaboration with “Saiya Saki” collaboration project “GINZA PLACE” Samurai “” Rakugo x Nagaresu musical “& # 038;” Rakugo and the world of Nagaresu “June 26 (Wed) 27 Held on Sunday (Thursday)

Rakugo house Tachikawa’s spring and collaboration with “Saiya Saki” collaboration project “GINZA PLACE” Samurai “” Rakugo x Nagaresu musical “& # 038;” Rakugo and the world of Nagaresu “June 26 (Wed) 27 Held on Sunday (Thursday)

Tickets are on sale from noon on May 17 (Fri)! Tachikawa Tsuyoshi's Spring and Ashiya Saki who have been well received by customers from last year's "Shi no Spring Circus vol. 2", "Shodoshima Twenty Fourteen Eyes Movie Village Performance", and "The 9th Koenji Performing Arts Festival" Collaboration project by Rakugo and Nagamine. We have decided to perform for two consecutive days, changing the theme each day. Performance information Name of the performance: GINZA PLACE “亭” “Rakugo × Nagato Musical” & “The World of Rakugo and Nagato” Starring: Tachikawa Shi no Haru / Ashiya Saki Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 18:30 opening / 19:00 opening 20th June 27th (Thu) 14:30 Open

A Father’s Day Gift from AKOMEYA TOKYO

Holding period: Monday, May 13-Sunday, June 16 Give your father a gift for the wonderful Father's Day, with the gratitude of the day and the feeling of "Opinate". We have everything from standard items that your father is happy to something new that makes you think "Oh!". Why don't you put the thought of wanting you to spend your life happily forever, in a stylish gift? Have a fun supper this evening Special dish of dragonfly label to react if you like liquor The special name Junmyo Ginjo that was completed in collaboration with the sake brewing "Izumibashi Shuzo" founded in 1857. This is a dry and dry book suitable

Archives: Bauhaus Exhibition

Dates: June 28 (Fri)-September 23 (Mon) ATELIER MUJI GINZA Gallery 2 This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the comprehensive arts school Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919. In the midst of the defeat of the First World War, in Germany, a spirit for the fusion of art and industry was fostered, and eventually artists, architects, etc. who are not countries but in cooperation led to fruition in the Bauhaus. It solved the challenges of popular culture in Europe after the Industrial Revolution and was also the pursuit of an ideal for a new era. At the time when world politics were at a standstill, Bauhaus closed in

【Ginza Yodoya Bookstore】 “Cacao Fair to snuggle up to books”, held from May 10 (Fri) to May 26 (Sun). There are seasonal chocolates that you can only buy here in Tokyo!

Details: At the atrium of Ginza Yodoya Shoten (Ginza GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku), an event will be held on the theme "Cacao to snuggle up to books" from May 10 (Fri) to May 26 (Sun). Theobromine, which is contained in cacao, and the smell of chocolate are said to have the effect of enhancing relaxation and concentration. We will develop a set of books selected by our recommended chocolate × BOOK concierge in charge of the combination of the effects of such cacao and the lifestyle with a book suggested by our shop. In addition, we carefully selected related products starting with cacao, such as "chocolate from the appearance"

An exhibition “Keo.W Hidden Force Exhibition” expressing human desire based on Star Wars is being held at Ginza atmos gallery until May 17

Branding, done by artist Keo.W (Keio W. W.) from Hong Kong, who works globally as an art consultant 5/4 (= May 4th) is the "Star Wars Day" enacted after the celebrity "May the Force be with you." In the work of "Star Wars". . We will hold the Keo.W Hidden Force Exhibition on such a special day. “ Keo Woo-Brewhid forth exhibition ” The desire to hide in the bottom of human mind is the driving force that pursues all things in the world. But when power, money, material and physical satisfaction far exceed their own desires, they become greedy. In this exhibition, Keo.W (Keow Wow) will, for the first

Two days to feel the “craftsmanship” that Japan boasts such as free drink distribution and workshop Two days holding “EDO hand work market” in Coredo Muromachi

May 5 (Sun)-May 6 (Mon. / Holiday) Coredo Muromachi is the first event on the EDO Hand Market, as an event to have people feel familiar with the "craftsmanship" that Japan boasts on 5/5 (Sunday) and 5/6 (Monday and Celebration) on Golden Week. I will hold it. At the event, “Choice Tasting Stand”, which distributes drinks from stores in the facility free of charge to customers visiting Coredo Muromachi, and holding workshops and demonstrations where you can experience the skills of craftsmen “Handwork exhibition of Coredo Muromachi / GW Kore We do live. Please experience the "craftsmanship" that you want to leave for the next period on the two days

“Nora Neko Gundan Exhibition” Opens at Matsuya Ginza (until 5/6)

Shooting: Omori Tadaaki Cumulative series topped 1 million copies! "Wal cute" characters are very popular! The first exhibition to commemorate the artist's 20th anniversary of the author's debut of Noraneko Gundan (Hakusensha), writer Noriko Kudo, is being held in Matsuya Ginza until May 6th. The picture book series of the eight Nora Neko is the protagonist, but "War cute" characters that are bad but do not give up are very popular. Fans are not limited to infants and primary school children, but are also spreading to women in their 20s, dad & mom, and overseas. In this exhibition, in addition to displaying about 200 original picture original pictures and images,

Painting Exhibition [Drawing with mouth and foot] 5 / 12-18 @ Tokyo Kotsukaikan Minami Masafumi Exhibition [Joy of joy] At the same time, we will exhibit beautiful Japanese paintings at the same time.

Masafumi Minami Painting "Nukae" Japanese Painting Gratitude is in art and we continue to draw today. Artists' Association drawing with mouth and foot is a painting exhibition at Tokyo Traffic Center B1 Gold Salon from May 12 (Saturday) to 18 (Saturday) 2019 2020-Painting drawn with mouth and foot-Thank you HEART- ] And Minami Masafumi Art Exhibition 【Joy of Seeds】 will be held. Painting exhibition [painting with mouth and foot] & Minami Masafumi work exhibition [joy seed] The Artist Association, which draws with its mouth and feet, is a group of painters who draw with its mouth and feet without having both hands. Starting in 1956 in Europe, it has

[Ginza Yodoya Shoten] Masahiro Masuda solo exhibition “Scattered time” is held. Wednesday, May 1, 2019-Friday, May 31, 2019

Moment’s # 13 ※ The image from the past work. We will exhibit new works at this exhibition. Details: At Ginza Ashiya Shoten, Masuda Masahiro solo exhibition “Scattered time” at Art Wall Gallery (Ginza SIX 6th floor, Starbucks pre-exhibition space), from May 1 (Wed) to 31 May 2019, 2019 Will be held. In 1991, Masuda, born in Shizuoka, graduated in Tokyo from the Tokyo University of the Arts and Fine Arts Department of Painting in 2014. We received the TURNER AWARD Grand Prize in 2012 while undergraduate, and in 2014 we received the “GOLDEN COMPETITION” Grand Prize and the 1st “CAF ART AWARD” Grand Prize. In addition, works were

“Kazuyuki Ishihara Scenery Bonsai Exhibition 2019” held at Tokyu Plaza Ginza April 26 (Fri)-May 3 (Fri)

Display along with a panel of award-winning works at the Chelsea Flower Show and works scheduled to be exhibited this year Kazuhara Ishihara Design Research Institute, Inc. holds “Kazuko Ishihara Landscape Bonsai Exhibition 2019” at KIRIKO LOUNGE at Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F for 8 days from April 26 (Fri) to May 3 (Fri,) You Ishihara Kazuyuki Design Research Institute, Inc. Designs a Bonsai Collection of Garden Designer Kazuyuki Ishihara at KIRIKO LOUNGE at Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F for 8 days from Friday, April 26 (Fri) to May 3 (Friday) We will be holding “Kazuko Ishihara Landscape Bonsai 2019”, which will be displayed together with a number of award-winning works from