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The world view of Hikaru Utada’s new song “PINK BLOOD” appears at Ginza Sony Park “Hikaru Utada” PINK BLOOD “EXHIBITION” will be held from June 5th (Sat)

The world view of Hikaru Utada’s new song “PINK BLOOD” appears at Ginza Sony Park “Hikaru Utada” PINK BLOOD “EXHIBITION” will be held from June 5th (Sat)

A limited-time exhibition of MV costumes and sets, and high-quality prints of the latest artist photographs. Special photo booth is also available | June 5th (Sat) -June 18th (Fri), 2021 11: 00-19: 00 #pinkblood Ginza Sony Park will hold "PINK BLOOD EXHIBITION" from June 5, 2021 (Saturday), along with the release of Hikaru Utada's new song "PINK BLOOD", where you can experience the world of music videos. .. In order to avoid crowds and enjoy with peace of mind for visitors, we will hold thorough infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in accordance with the guidelines of the city, and admission will be reserved in advance (first-come-first-served basis). order). Reservations

Photo exhibition “Landscape with sports”: Simultaneously held at Leica Gallery in Tokyo & Kyoto

'Motions and Emotions in Sport' by Chris Steele-Perkins and Elliott Erwitt From June 2, 2021, at Leica Gallery Tokyo and Leica Gallery Kyoto, two great magnum photographers: Chris, with the theme of "landscape with sports" in collaboration with the legendary photographer group "Magnum Photos".・ We will hold a photo exhibition of Steele-Perkins and Elliott Erwitt. El Salvador, 1984 © Chris Steele Perkins | Magnum Photos At Leica Gallery Tokyo, Chris Steele-Perkins will present 14 works focusing on people who enjoy the joy of sports in various places, from stadiums to schoolyards around the world, including Central America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Exhibition. Pittsburgh, 1950 © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] A new exhibition of the up-and-coming young artist Tsutaya Ginza will be held from June 2nd (Wednesday).

© TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY, Atsuko Yata Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold an exhibition of Atsuko Yamashita's works from June 2nd (Wednesday) to June 29th (Tuesday). Atsuko Yata is one of the young artists who have been active both in Japan and abroad and have been attracting more and more attention in recent years. The works are sold at stores and online stores, and some works are sold only at online shops. © TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY, Atsuko Yata ·Overview Atsuko Yata is one of the young artists who has been energetically working on numerous solo exhibitions in Japan and art fairs in Japan and overseas, and has been attracting

Yoichi Uemura + Elena Tutatchikowa “Land and Beyond | Tracing the Voice of the Earth” Held from July 21st

Yoichi Uemura internal weather 210226_1611_UTORO 2021 Lambda Print 600mm x 400mm An exhibition created through dialogue, including a three-party stay in the field, with two artists, each of whom has been involved in the production of Shiretoko, and Yukiko Shikata, who also develops research in Shiretoko and the northern region, as guest curators. At Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Yoichi Uemura + Elena Tutatchikowa "Land and Beyond | Tracing the Voice of the Earth" will be held from July 21st (Wednesday) to August 29th (Sunday), 2021. I will. Yoichi Uemura internal weather 210226_1611_UTORO 2021 Lambda Print 600mm x 400mm From Elena Tutatchikowa "Shiretoko: Waiting for Low Tide" 2020 c-print,

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] The exhibition “Break Eve Exhibition”, which proposes 12 selected up-and-coming artists, will be held from May 30th (Sun).

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold the "Break Eve Exhibition" from May 30th (Sun) to June 9th (Wed). Twelve up-and-coming artists selected by Sadaya Iwabuchi, general editor of the art media "Art Notebook", from the 260 artists who appeared on BS Fuji's TV program "Break Eve-Next Generation Artists". We will exhibit the works. * If there is a change in the content of the leave request from the national or local government in the future, the period of this exhibition may change accordingly. Please note that any changes will be announced on the Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore website, official SNS, etc. ·Overview BS Fuji's TV program "Break

A collage of pressed flowers and illustrations. Illustrator Dekorin’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo

At Gekkoso Painting Room, 5.24 (Mon) -30 (Sun) / 11: 00-19: 00 (until 16:00 on the last day) * The work can also be purchased online. Solo exhibition "Children's Story" Dekorin's HP >> ・ Toyama-based illustrator "Dekorin" will hold his first solo exhibition in Tokyo. In this solo exhibition, it is a collage work in which live pressed flowers and illustrations are crimped, and 14 new works that confine the colorful colors and the sense of life of plants will be exhibited. From left: mask, cotton dust, soft serve ice cream -Artist statement- <br /> Becoming a parent and feeling strongly. It's the joy of growing up every day,

Ronald Ventura’s solo exhibition “Comic Stripes”

At Whitestone Gallery Ginza New Building, we are holding a solo exhibition "Comic Stripes" by Filipino artist Ronald Ventura. Ventura's reputation is extremely high not only in Japan but throughout Southeast Asia, attracting many collectors. Born in Manila in 1973 and still working in his area, Ventura has mastered various mediums while focusing on oil paintings, and in 2001, his sculptures were published by Art Manila as "Artist of the Year". 』Elected. Ventura's work is characterized by a wide variety of rich layers that contain the imaginary world, reality, satire, lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of alleys. The background of the production is the history of the Philippines, the

A new type of experience-based digital museum “ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan’s illustrated book NEO” that will enter the world of illustrated books will open on July 16, 2021 (Friday)! !! !!

Sasaki Holdings Co., Ltd., Shogakukan Co., Ltd., Aid DCC Co., Ltd., Drill Co., Ltd., Dentsu Co., Ltd., Sunnyside Up Co., Ltd., and Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd. Established "Responsible Business Association" and opened a new sense of experience-based facility "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan no Zukan NEO" (hereinafter referred to as ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA) on the 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza on Friday, July 16, 2021. I will do it. ■ What is ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan's illustrated book NEO? This facility is a world where you can meet creatures that you could only see in the picture book, feel their breath, and go on to meet

Japan’s first store-type gallery specializing in digital art “DiGARO” opens on the 7th floor of Yurakucho Marui!

Kamin, Kou, Richard, Express No. 2, Tomohiro Kimura participated. Held an opening exhibition "anywhere vol.1" by 5 popular artists. We are building a service with a view to entering NFT art. The art project team "" run by Lafrois LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Shogo Noro) is pleased to announce that Japan's first store-type gallery specializing in digital art "DiGARO" will be held on the 7th floor of Marui, Yurakucho in June. It will open from the 1st (Tuesday). In addition, as an open special project, a group exhibition "anywhere vol.1" by five artists who are highly evaluated from home and abroad will be held simultaneously at stores, online, and

Asking what an “expressor” is “Keiichi Tahara Artists -White Museum-” Until May 30

An exhibition by Keiichi Tahara, an artist who has been active around the world, mainly in France, with the theme of "light". At Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), the exhibition "Keiichi Tahara Artists -White Museum-", whose opening has been extended due to the temporary closure last year, is being held by advance reservation. <Exhibition venue online viewing> Keiichi Tahara is an artist who has been active around the world with the theme of "light", and has won numerous awards such as the Kimura Ihei Award for Photography, the French Arts and Culture Medal Chevalier, and the Paris City Art Award. Was not limited to photography, but spanned various