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【Ginza Yodoya Bookstore】 We will convey the appeal of the new Japanese paper. “Japanese Paper and Life Exhibition” from July 20 (Sat)

【Ginza Yodoya Bookstore】 We will convey the appeal of the new Japanese paper. “Japanese Paper and Life Exhibition” from July 20 (Sat)

Ginza Ashiya Bookstore (Tokyo, Chuo-ku, GINZA SIX 6F) GINZA ATRIUM will hold “Wagami and life exhibition” to introduce the appeal of modern Japanese paper from 7/20 (Sat) to 8/1 (Thu) I will. Exhibition content In Japan, Japanese paper was essential for living. Japanese paper has been used as a letter paper, envelope, and shoji as an integral part of life. However, in modern times there is less use as necessities, and unfortunately there are very few opportunities to touch Japanese paper. Even so, however, there are many craftsmen taking on new challenges, considering the value of Japanese paper to be incorporated into today's lives. In this exhibition, we will carefully

[Held from 7/6 (Saturday)! Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art] Meisen Zoo Exhibition Press Briefing Report

From July 6, 2019 (Saturday), the Meissen Zoo Exhibition is being held at the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art in Shimbashi, Tokyo. (Until September 23 (Mon. / Holiday)) The press preview of this exhibition was held the other day, so this time we will deliver the report. About Meissen Zoo Exhibition Meissen Porcelain Works A small town of about 30,000 people Meissen, located about 30 km northwest of Dresden, the capital of the state of Saxony, in eastern Germany. In its small town, the Meissen Porcelain Factory, which for the first time succeeded in producing hard porcelain in Europe, declared the establishment of the Royal Porcelain Factory in 1710. The

To go out for summer vacation! Children’s free ideas x Familia’s craftsmanship “Kiden Tenkai”

We display work which child produced in workshop in clothes and miscellaneous goods and display-It is held in Kobe Main Store from Thursday, July 18 and Ginza Main Store from August 1 (Thursday) Familia Co., Ltd., Kobe Main Store from July 18 (Thu) to August 25 (Sun), 2019 Ginza Main Store 1F Event Space from August 1 (Thu) to September 1 (Sun) At "CUBiE (cube)", we will hold a project exhibition "Children Tenkai" that will shape the ideas of children. Familia believes that everything you wear as a child, such as clothes, first-time art, and experiences will lead to the future of your child. At the Ginza Main Store “CUBiE”,

[Ginza Yodoya Bookstore] Kyogenshi Nomura Mansaku “Live the Kyogen” Publication Commemorative Talk Event & Signed Book Handover Held on Wednesday, July 24

Ginza Yodoya Bookstore (Chinado, Tokyo, GINZA SIX 6F) BOOK EVENT SPACE will be holding an event inviting Mansaku Nomura, a madman at the National National Treasure on July 24 (Wed). Event summary We will hold a talk event & signed book hand-off party of Mansaku Nomura, who is a madman in human national treasure. Mr. Mansaku Nomura welcomed Yonju, and published the book "I Live in Kyogen", a collection of 85 years of work history. In commemoration of the publication, we will talk about "the essence and the future of kyoto". One of the important themes of Ginza Ashiya Bookstore is “Japanese culture”. We have been proposing the great things

Tour for children “Texic de Architecture Tour for Kids” for summer vacation with specialists and namesakes in Tokyo

Take a cool taxi ride and social experience. Even if you don't have time, you won't have to worry about free research! Conducted a tour for children "Taxi de Architecture Tour for Kids" for a limited time during summer vacation in a sightseeing taxi tour that is collaborating with Nippon Kotsu Co., Ltd. and the architect, Daisuke Mimura (MALO plus. Representative / First-class architect) To do. While taking a taxi, it is an opportunity to listen to professional commentary about famous architecture in Tokyo, and it is a project that can be used for summer vacation free research as a place of learning that touches the real thing. Reception will

Transmitting Japanese culture and tradition from the city of Ginza “Tokyo University of the Arts + Tokyu Plaza Ginza” joint new project

Tokyo University of the Arts Produce "Uruhashi-Summer Festival at the Summer Festival" held on July 26, 2019 (Friday) at Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo Fine Arts University will start a joint project with Tokyu Plaza Ginza on July 26, 2019 (Fri) as a project to convey the charm of Japan-culture and tradition-from the city of Ginza. The city, Ginza, where historic tradition and innovation for the future coexist, is a commercial city in the city, but it is also a base for Japanese information launch where various people gather. Tokyu Plaza Ginza revitalizes the entire city and inherits and creates Ginza culture as a venue for presenting and presenting historical culture

Came from Okinawa “Chiraumi”! Ginza summer feature appeared in Ginza Sony Park “Sony Aquarium 2019” held. You can also enjoy Okinawa food for a limited time.

Unique creatures deliver coolness. July 26, 2019 (Fri)-August 18 (Sun) # sonyaquarium 2019 Ginza Sony Park (Ginza Sony Park) is an experimental park located in the urban area for a limited time until the fall of 2020, and carries out programs such as various hands-on events and live performances where surprises and playfulness can be felt throughout the year. Since opening on August 9, last year, more than 3 million (※) customers have come to visit. ※ As of May 12, 2019 During the period from July 26 (Fri) to August 18 (Sun), this year's "Ginza summer tradition" "Sony Aquarium 2019" will be held under supervision of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Have fun in Ginza “1 day English conversation lessons” Learn as an expert in English conversation instructors

Held an event for members-only events Lilo Vacations Co., Ltd., which develops time share of villas with the concept of [village x family time], will hold English conversation lessons for members at Liloworks Higashi Ginza on Monday, July 8, 2019. We have created a luxury space in Ginza that is convenient for access so that members of Lilo Vacations can enjoy their full leisure time. <Information site for Lilo Vacations members> photo by We have introduced [Point Exchange] which can be exchanged for various products and events other than resort stays so that members can enjoy more important time. Family's irreplaceable time As part of this program, we

Osamu Tezuka “Knight of Ribbon” Tokyo area first unveiling “Sapphire princess’s crown” with a market value of 300 million yen! Held “Jewelry Painting R Exhibition” with masterpieces and popular characters

June 22 (Sat)-June 30 (Sun) IDC OTSUKA Ginza Main Store Otsuka Furniture Co., Ltd., a general interior seller, is co-starred by popular character x skilled jewelers, including the works of Osamu Tezuka Osamu's works and the timeless works of Verikoil of Riyoko Ikeda from "Jewelry Painting R" produced by Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd. From June 22 (Saturday), June 30 (Saturday), "Jewelry Paintings R Exhibition, where the masterpiece shines with jewelery forever," a collection of rare works of the only "jewelry painting R" in the world. It will be held at the IDC OTSUKA Ginza head office for 9 days only on Sunday . ( Http:// ) In addition, we will

Reproduce “Sapphire Princess Crown” appearing in Tezuka Osamu “Ribbon Knight”! Held “Jewelry Painting ® Exhibition” depicting masterpieces and popular characters

"Jewelry Painting®" drawn from gemstones and with an everlasting glow. At IDC OTSUKA Ginza Main Store, “The only masterpiece of the masterpiece is the world's only everlasting jewelery painting ® exhibition” , featuring the world's only jewelery painting® by the co-starring of popular characters × skilled jewelers. It will be held from June 22 (Saturday) on June 30 (Sun) for 9 days. What is Jewelry Painting®? Andre and Oscar from Riyoko Ikeda "The Rose of Versailles" Seeing closely, you will be sighed by the brilliance of the densely packed gems “Jewelry Painting®”, a registered trademark of Jewelry Camine Co., Ltd., is a special painting drawn on a gemstone as a