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Disney’s masterpiece & # 8221; dogs and cats & # 8221; themed exhibition Disney Cats & # 038; dogs exhibition will be held at Matsuya Ginza

Disney’s masterpiece & # 8221; dogs and cats & # 8221; themed exhibition Disney Cats & # 038; dogs exhibition will be held at Matsuya Ginza

December 1st (Wednesday) -December 25th (Saturday), 2021 Among the eternal themes of Disney works, "animals", a full-scale exhibition that approaches the charm of Disney's animal works, with the theme of "dogs and cats", which are like a family closest to humans, " "Disney Cats & Dogs Exhibition" will be held from December 1st (Wednesday) to December 25th (Saturday), 2021 at Event Square on the 8th floor of Matsuya Ginza. © Disney Taking the opportunity of the movie "Bambi", Disney challenged the difficult task of "expressing animals emotionally while drawing them realistically." I kept animals in the studio, studied the movement of the skeleton and muscles, and thoroughly pursued reality. Throughout

Diversity of “decoration” that fascinated the world Kohei Kyomori’s first solo exhibition at Whitestone (Tokyo, Hong Kong, EC)

Kohei Kyomori, Flowing Forest god col.01, 2021, 116.7 x 91 x 5cm (F50) Whitestone Gallery (Tokyo, Hong Kong, EC) will hold a solo exhibition "We can always talk here." By Kohei Kyomori from October 8, 2021. This time, we will exhibit the "FLOWING" series, which is a mastication of "Kacho Fugetsu". And at the Ginza New Building, we are planning to carry out a viewer participation type project. Please take this opportunity to experience Kohei Kyomori, a world-renowned contemporary decorator. Kohei Kyomori, Flowing Forest god col.01, 2021, 116.7 x 91 x 5cm (F50) Kohei Kyomori, Flowing Phoenix rose col.02, 2021, 90 x 60 x 3.5cm ■ Details of the

A collaboration project between the anime “Sound! Euphonium” and Yamaha that can be enjoyed at musical instrument stores and special websites.

© Ayano Takeda / Takarajimasha / "Sound! 』Production committee Yamaha Music Nagoya Store October 1st (Friday) -November 1st (Monday), Yamaha Music Osaka Namba Store November 5th (Friday) -November 15th (Monday), Yamaha Ginza Store November 19th (Friday) ) -November 29 (Monday) Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. is developing a number of projects under the theme of "Welcome back, Ongaku." We are tie-up with the anime "Sound! Euphonium" and will collaborate for about two months from October to November 2021. Prior to that, on September 27th (Monday) and October, voice actors, music staff, and artists such as "Kitauji Quartet" of "Sound! Euphonium" will appear to commemorate the collaboration with "Sound! Euphonium". We

“Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” Original Painting Exhibition-Hell Museum-

© Natsumi Eguchi / Kodansha The largest original painting exhibition ever will open in Matsuya Ginza from September 22nd (Wednesday)! The manga work "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" serialized in "Morning" (published by Kodansha) from 2011 to 2020. Set in hell, this work, which depicts the fun daily life of hell that the first aide of Enma Daiou, "Ogre Light," unfolds with unique characters, has a cumulative circulation of over 14 million copies and was animated in 2014. In 2017, the second season was also broadcast. In this exhibition, which will be the largest ever, about 200 works will be exhibited, centering on Professor Eguchi's manga manuscripts and color original drawings. Including each

The world of wire art by Manabu Ogawa. ~ LIMITED SHOP ~ will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi.

■ Session: September 15th (Wednesday) -September 20th (Monday / holiday) Last day 6:00 pm ■ Venue: Ginza Chandelier Sky on the 7th floor of the main building Wire art brand <HAyU> produced by writer Manabu Ogawa. Wire art created by hand from one wire one by one three-dimensionally. The works created by Mr. Manabu Ogawa's original style, which is close to various spaces, have different textures, and I am fascinated by the rarity of not being exactly the same. At the venue, we will introduce the popular revival collection so far and the new collection that will be unveiled for the first time for a limited time. In addition, the

“Find your travel” exhibition will be held from November 12th (Friday)

Yuka Kashihara "Lemon Tree" 2020 Acrylic, oil, canvas Charity auction with 20 artists At Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), the charity auction held last year for the purpose of supporting measures against new coronavirus infections will be held again this year as the "Find your travel" exhibition from November 12, 2021 (Friday). It will be held until December 5th (Sun). Yuka Kashihara "Lemon Tree" 2020 Acrylic, oil, canvas At the first charity auction of this gallery last year, we received warm support and cooperation from many customers, and the total revenue of 9,145,000 yen was donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society for "coronavirus infections, etc." I was able

[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] HIBIYA CINEMA FESTIVAL (Hibiya Cinema Festival) is held. A film festival to experience starting from Hibiya October 22nd (Friday) to 29th (Friday), 2021

A week where you can enjoy various "experiences" related to movies in addition to watching "free" movies on the open air ・ At the first "Park Cinema", there will be family seats where the family can monopolize the playset!・ The special talk of the director I admired will be delivered live online "Toronto Japan Film Festival in Hibiya"・ Successive magazines of the 102-year-old movie magazine "Kinema Junpo" are coming to Hibiya! In consideration of the infection status of the new coronavirus infection, this event may change the contents of the plan or cancel the event. Thank you for your understanding. Please check the event special site (scheduled to be released

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] A solo exhibition “TOKYO Machine” by contemporary artist Tamura Satoru, who creates mechanical works, will be held from Saturday, September 18th.

TOKYO machine 2021 glass, steel, chain, bearing, motor, cable 102.0 x 390.0 x 60.0 cm Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZASIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold Tamura Satoru's solo exhibition "TOKYO Machine" from September 18th (May) to September 2021 to create three-dimensional works with cynical humor using electricity. It will be held at the central event space GINZA ATRIUM on the 23rd (Thursday). TOKYO machine 2021 glass, steel, chain, bearing, motor, cable 102.0 x 390.0 x 60.0 cm Tamura Satoru uses "electricity", which is indispensable to our daily lives, to create works that make us want to call it a "device" on a large scale without practicality. An incandescent lamp that turns

[Experience Report] Explore the world of digital pictorial books where you can meet animals at the “Zukan Museum Ginza” opened in Ginza!

On July 16, 2021, a new type of experience-based facility "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan no Zukan NEO" (hereinafter "Zukan Museum Ginza") opened on the 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza in Ginza, Tokyo. Since I have been interviewing this topical facility immediately, I will report on the state of the venue, how to enjoy exploration, points I noticed, etc.! What kind of facility is "Zukan Museum Ginza"? "Zukan Museum Ginza" explores the world where a wide variety of creatures picked up from the "Shogakukan Encyclopedia NEO" series, which has a cumulative circulation of over 11 million copies, are digitally visualized, and explores the real ecosystem and nature. It

“Modern Takumi-Feast of Noh and Crafts 2021-“, which aims to reunite Japanese aesthetics under “Wa”, which is the essence of Japanese thought, centered on seven living national treasures, will be performed at Confetti. Ticket sale

TAKUMI Art du Japon Annual Special Event "Modern Takumi-Feast of Arts and Crafts-2021" will be performed at Ginza SIX Kanze Noh Theater (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) on Saturday, September 25, 2021. increase. A feast of the living national treasure of seven people, including Yachiyo Inoue and Junki Tsuchiya. Tickets are on sale at Confetti. Tickets on sale at Confetti Official homepage ■ Thank you for participating in the event under various restrictions. Since ancient times, Japanese people have valued "transition". It appears where you love the changes in dawn and the changes in the seasons. However, it does not mean that everything flows away, but that there is an unchanging