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Monster Music Online Festival “Music Unity 2020” with more than 240,000 PV will be held at unusual speed 3rd time from 15:00 on May 16th. # MU2020

Monster Music Online Festival “Music Unity 2020” with more than 240,000 PV will be held at unusual speed 3rd time from 15:00 on May 16th. # MU2020

Music Unity 2020 (hereafter MU2020) is an online streaming festival sponsored by Mogura Co., Ltd. and Akihabara MOGRA. DJ performances by artists selected by clubs and live houses existing all over Japan are distributed from various locations. A groundbreaking project that allows you to enjoy the performances of artists from all over the country while staying at home by consolidating on MOGRA's Twitch channel. Collaboration with other industries has also become an attraction of MU2020, which sells various products such as chocolate, wine, curry, etc. in the form of distribution. 3rd Music Unity 2020 It was announced that the online streaming festival "Music Unity 2020", which was suddenly held in

At Ginza and Shikawa, all stores regain the rhythm of life in the new Corona self-restraint. We will distribute “Senshafuda” that tells the beginning of the month.

The theme of Satsuki (May) is "iris" Ginza Hitoshigawa Co., Ltd., which develops high-quality bread “Ginza ni Shikawa” that sticks to water, has a sticker named “Ginza ni Shikawa Sensha tag: aka Satsuta day tag” on May 1 of this month. Will be distributed free of charge to bread buyers at stores nationwide. (Distributed only from May 13 (Wednesday) for the first time). The prototype is a paper card called "Senshafuda / Nousatsu" that is affixed to the pillars and ceilings of shrines and temples. In recent years, this has spread as a "mini Senshafuda sticker" among maiko and geisha people in the Kayanagi world, and the number of users

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Must-see for those who want to enjoy art and culture at #stay home! What is selling in the online store ranking while going out? Let’s check

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore proposes "living with art" by connecting art, Japanese culture and lifestyle through books. Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) It has been closed due to an emergency declaration due to the new coronavirus, and currently it is only an online store. After the declaration of emergency in Tokyo in April, the museums have been closed for a while, and the cultural facilities have been closed for a while now. I feel that many customers who are looking for art and culture are using our online store. Doing. Although it is not normally open to the public, I would like to introduce the products purchased during

[Ginza Takagi Building] Atelier Wanda Exhibition Report
~ Art of children opens the future ~

The Ginza Takagi Building (former Ariga Photo Studio Building) is developing a project called “CANBIRTH (Canvas)” that will open a building to the entire art space for free for everyone for a limited time until May 23 (Saturday). Yes On the 7th floor of the Ginza Takagi Building, I heard that there was an exhibition "Atelier Wanda Exhibition" for children's painting workshops and Atelier Wanda. The other day, I was excited and excited. I did it. This time, I will tell you how. Then please see! Come to Atelier Wanda exhibition I would like to immediately enter the art gallery and event space on the 7th floor where the Atelier

# Release Ginza Takagi Building! -Art freely as if playing a building before demolition-Coverage report

For a limited time until May 23 (Sat), the entire building with a history of Ginza 7-chome has been transformed into an art space. The project name is “CANBIRTH (canvas)” 。 What kind of project is CANBIRTH? The editorial department, who was worried and couldn't help, actually came to CANBIRTH, which is being held at the Ginza Takagi Building. This time, I will report the situation. What is CANBIRTH (canvas) being held at Ginza Takagi Building? CANBIRTH is an art project set on the 7-story office building Ginza Takagi Building (former Ariga Photo Studio Building) along Sotobori Street in Ginza. The idea was to use the building in the six

[Loft] Ginza Loft held “Ginza Delirilla Rila” event at RiraRira Hanko

Sale of products limited to the venue, collaboration cafe menu, stamp rally etc. Ginza Loft will hold a collaboration event with "RiraRira Hanko" by handmade artist RiraRira from Thursday, March 19th. In addition to developing a collaborative cafe menu at the cafe "Loft Food Lab" (1st floor), we will also select and sell limited items that can only be purchased at the venue and popular stamps. In addition, recommended products for spring on each floor will be introduced by RiraRira Hanko's popular character, “Iwai Chief”, and a stamp rally will also be held. For those who like RiraRira Hanko and those who are new to RiraRira Hanko, this is an

[Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN] A re-development of a wooden sculpture that reproduces the finest masterpiece of Japanese sculpture, “National Treasure Shorinji Kannon,” will be released on May 8. March 18 (Wed)-Online reservation started.

Online sales are limited to Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN online store. Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN (Ginza GINZA SIX6F, Chuo-ku) will start pre-order sales of wood carving re-development of "National Treasure Shorinji 11-side Kannon" from March 18 (Wednesday). This work has been officially certified by Nara Shorinji, holding the National Treasure Shorinji Eleven Side Kannon, which is said to be the best masterpiece of Japanese sculpture, and has been reproduced with unprecedented quality. Ginza TSUTAYA SHOTEN (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) proposes "Living with Art" by connecting art with Japanese culture and living through books. In order to convey the profound charm of Japanese art, we will propose a new redevelopment of woodcarving, the national treasure,

Public art will be set up at Ginza Line Kyobashi Station, Ginza Station, Toranomon Station, Aoyama 1-chome Station, Gaienmae Station!

Announced in line with the renewal of each station on the Ginza Line Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd. is promoting the installation of public art in line with the new and renewal of the station with the aim of creating a comfortable and rich cultural space. Public art will be set up at 5 stations on the Ginza Line, which are renewing all stations. The Ginza Line, which is the closest subway to the ground, completed the renewal of the downtown area (Asakusa-Kanda) in 2017, and is now a commercial area (Mitsukoshi-mae-Kyobashi), a Ginza area (Ginza), and a business area (Shinbashi- We are renovating Akasaka Mitsuke) and trend areas (Aoyama 1-chome

2019 Independent Tokyo Grand Prix winner Artist Masato Yamaguchi solo exhibition “ Trans Reality # 2 INTO MATERIAL ” will be held in Ginza

Masato Yamaguchi solo exhibition "Trans Reality # 2 INTO MATERIAL" is now being held at Ginza Takagi Building The exhibition of Masato Yamaguchi's solo exhibition "Trans Reality # 2 INTO MATERIAL" will be held at the event "CANBIRTH" of Ginza Takagi Building. In this exhibition, we will make the entire space a pure white space and present three pieces announced in 2019 and three new works made with the latest expression of Yamaguchi. Click here for related articles "Transreality" pursued by artist Masato Yamaguchi is a theory that "transreality" advocates an essential real world between reality and virtuality. "Trans = Trans" means "translation / transgender". Yamaguchi uses machine painting

Meisen’s technology and design that surprised the world “Isesaki Meisen-Meisen Dies Again” is being held at Design Gallery 1953 on the 7th floor of Matsuya Ginza until March 23 (Mon)

The Japan Design Committee is holding the 764th Design Gallery 1953 Special Exhibition “Isesaki Meisen-Meisen Will Die Again” until March 23 (Mon). A display scene of Meisen, which focuses on the technique. Photo Nacasa & Partners Meisen is a daily wear of silk fabrics that gorgeously colored women from the Meiji era to the early Showa era. This exhibition focuses on the advanced technique “Heiyoga-suri”, a technique unique to the world, produced in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, which is a representative production area. This is a valuable opportunity to see many of the Meisen collections. In recent years, Meisen has gained a reputation overseas as it has influenced famous fashion