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[Winter 2021] Coverage of the latest illuminations in Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Hibiya, and Ginza! Introducing more than 10 spots that shine on Christmas

[Winter 2021] Coverage of the latest illuminations in Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Hibiya, and Ginza! Introducing more than 10 spots that shine on Christmas

There are only a few left in 2021. Every Christmas season , gorgeous illuminations decorate the city in Marunouchi, Raku Yurakucho, Hibiya, and Ginza areas in Tokyo. Kokoshiru editorial writers also stroll around the area to enjoy the Christmas mood! I have taken more than 10 pictures of beautiful illuminations that are noticeable both indoors and outdoors and decorations unique to the Christmas season, so I will introduce them along with spot information. * Each photo shows the shooting date. The illumination may have changed after the shooting date, so please refer to it. * The implementation period described is within the range investigated at the time of article publication.

Full-scale exhibition of “Disney Twisted Wonderland” March 7, 2022 (Monday) Touring the whole country starting from Matsuya Ginza

© Disney Matsuya Ginza will hold an exhibition "Disney Twisted Wonderland Exhibition | The World Born from Villains" from March 7, 2022, which introduces the charm of "Disney Twisted Wonderland". It will be held first in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo, and then toured all over Japan, including Osaka and Fukuoka. © Disney "Disney Twisted Wonderland" is a villains school adventure game spun with rhythm and battle, woven by characters inspired by the charm of Disney villains appearing in Disney works. We are celebrating our anniversary. There are seven dormitories in the game "Night Raven College", each inspired by the world of Disney animated cartoons. Through Disney animated works and homage to

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Held a charity exhibition “THE CLUB Collective Echoes for Children” at THE CLUB, which will lead the next generation of the art world.

Oliver Beer, Cyanotype drawing for Composition for Mouths (Songs My Mother Taught Me) III, 2021, Courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Aiming to eliminate educational disparities and create a social foundation where all children can choose their own way of life. At the gallery THE CLUB (Ginza GINZA SIX6F, Chuo-ku) in Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore, a charity exhibition "THE CLUB Collective Echoes for Children" will be held with 11 domestic and foreign artists. 10% of the sales of this exhibition will be donated to the certified NPO Kids Door. The session is from December 23, 2021 (Thursday) to January 20, 2022 (Thursday). Oliver Beer, Cyanotype drawing for Composition for Mouths (Songs My Mother

TCC Hall of Fame Awards Memorial “Shunichi Iwasaki Copy Exhibition Looking at Happiness” Held

The Tokyo Copywriters Club (abbreviated as TCC, Chairman Masakazu Taniyama) commemorates the late Shunichi Iwasaki's 2020 Tokyo Copywriters Club Hall of Fame "TCC Hall of Fame" award from Wednesday, December 15, 2021. "Shunichi Iwasaki Copy Exhibition for Happiness" will be held at Nakano Ginza Gallery on December 20th (Monday). "Thank you for meeting you." (Suntory), "I think the New Year's card is a gift." (Postal service), "I love today." (Lion), "In time for the 21st century." (Toyota Motor Corporation) ), "Soon, things that will change in life." (Mizkan), "I think Japan will change when the number of beautiful 50-year-olds increases." Mr. Shunichi Iwasaki who left a copy and had a

[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] Entertainment industry support project to make future stars fly from Hibiya / Ginza “NEXT artists” who will be responsible for future entertainment will be recruited from December 10th!

Amon Miyamoto's initiative Delivering performance videos recorded in the streets of Ginza and Hibiya Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd., which operates the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, in "you NEXT artist! ~ With corona young support project -" for the purpose of talent excavation and dissemination of artistic culture and traditional arts in the corona epidemic, December 10 We will start recruiting "NEXT artists". Video shooting image in the city (excerpt from HIBIYA FES CHANNEL "HIBIYA FESTIVAL CONCEPT MOVIE") This project will create opportunities to perform in the cities of Hibiya and Ginza as a place for young artists who will lead the future to play an active role in the entertainment

SHISEIDO x HAKUTEN develops “Ginza Ecology Map” that considers sustainability from “Ginza Ecology”

Starting from window art, it is expressed in three phases from "plants and creatures" in Ginza to "earth" and "human activities". Hakuten Co., Ltd., together with Shiseido Co., Ltd., has been developing a project "Ginza Ecological Map" for one year to visualize the ecology of Ginza from various perspectives and think about a sustainable society. Is on display. ▲ Ginza Ecological Map Mid-term <Ginza Earth Edition> This project is to visualize the ecology of Ginza from various perspectives, starting from the window art of the Shiseido Ginza Building. <Ginza's Earth Edition> is on display. In addition, from November 29, 2021 (Monday) to around February 2022 (undecided), we will develop the

Soun Takeda Solo Exhibition-Flying- [Tokyo] GINZA SIX, [Osaka] Daimaru Umeda store will be held continuously!

-Ending 2021 with a book and praying for "flying" in 2022-What is the message that Soun Takeda sends to everyone living in the "era of the wind"? Takeda Futakumo's solo exhibition "~ Flying ~" will be held at GINZA SIX 5th floor Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO (held from December 2nd (Thursday) to December 8th (Wednesday)) and Osaka Daimaru Umeda store (held) Held for a total of 17 days at two locations from December 17th (Friday) to December 26th (Sunday) Souun Takeda's solo exhibition "~ Flying ~" (planned and operated by Selene Art Media Co., Ltd.), a calligrapher who has established his own style and is widely active in collaboration with


ATELIER MUJI GINZA (Chuo-ku, Tokyo / MUJI Ginza store) will hold the "CREATIVE IMAGINATION" exhibition at Gallery 1 and 2 from December 17, 2021 (Friday) to February 20, 2022 (Sunday). I will do it. Since 2011, MUJI has introduced the fun of local toys rooted in the region by putting them in cans as a lucky charm of Japan in order to bring them to many people. Local toys are culturally based on the feelings born from the Japanese climate and lifestyle, such as praying for the rich fruit of crops and the healthy growth of children, worshiping ancestors, and the objects of worship that remain in the land. Even

Shochiku’s new art festival “Art Connect Higashi-Ginza” will be held in Higashi-Ginza!

Reproduction art of Tsukiji River and projection mapping to screen made of bamboo art co-star The Higashi-Ginza Area Management Project operated by Shochiku Co., Ltd. will hold "Art Connect Higashi-Ginza" from December 3, 2021 (Friday) at Ginza Shochiku Square together with 108 ART PROJECT. In this project, we will exhibit two works, an art object and a projection mapping installation, with the concept of "connecting the present and the past with art". A new art stage will be born that will color the charm of historic Higashi-Ginza with light and sound, harmony and elegance. Poster visual * "Art Connect Higashi-Ginza" work introduction Art exhibition "River bridge, and sometimes waterfall ~

Photographer Toshiaki Takeuchi’s solo exhibition “Flower Photo 22” held in Ginza

~ A group of works on the theme of flowers taken during advertising shooting for over 40 years ~ Wish Co., Ltd. will hold a solo exhibition "Flower Photo 22" by award-winning photographer Toshiaki Takeuchi as a flower-themed photo art project from November 28th (Sun) to December 4th (Sat), 2021. ) It will be held at "Art Gallery Ishi" in Ginza from 11:00 to 18:00. [URL] ■ Toshiaki Takeuchi Solo Exhibition "Flower Photo 22" Information [ Schedule] November 28th (Sun) -December 4th (Sat), 2021 [Time] 11: 00-18: 00 (until 17:00 on the last day) [ Venue] Ginza Art Gallery Ishi Okuno Building 206, 1-9-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 TEL: