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[Exhibition] Noritaka Kusunoki’s solo exhibition “It ’s always the others who die” opens at Pola Museum Annex

[Exhibition] Noritaka Kusunoki’s solo exhibition “It ’s always the others who die” opens at Pola Museum Annex

New work “ Arrows '' on the theme of life and death will be released for the first time The exhibition, which consists of 20 new works, follows the trajectory of 10 years of creative activities, from the heelless shoes, which are the representative work of Nagisa, to the paintings that have been energetically created in recent years. POLA MUSEUM ANNEX Noritaka Tatehana It's always the others who die © ︎NORITAKA TATEHANA KK Photo by GION Norio Takanashi solo exhibition “It's always the others who die” November 22 (Fri)-December 22 (Sun), 2019 POLA MUSEUM ANNEX The solo exhibition “It's always the others who die” by Noritaka Suganas has started. The

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] & # 8221; Stationery Love & # 8221; born “pins for stationery lovers” 2nd edition sold from December 5 (Thursday) to stores and online stores!

Six cute and original designs with fountain pens, nibs and ink as motifs. Ginza Ashiya Shoten (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will start selling original design "pins for stationery lovers" in stores and online shops. ※ Limited quantity and ends as soon as it is gone Since opening in 2017, the stationery department of the Ginza Ashiya Shoten has proposed writing instruments and objects as art pieces rather than just writing instruments. For those who love stationery, we have planned Pins “Wear and love stationery”. The concept is “to enjoy wearing stationery as a motif”. Ginza Ashiya Shoten worked on planning and design. Please try to wear your favorite 6

[12/13 (Friday)] Have a special night at the night museum that is open only for one night.

Spend a special Friday night at Yurakucho's night museum “Mitsuo Aida Museum”, lecture and viewing evening A night party where you can talk about the charms of the magnificent life of Mitsuo Aida, the secret story of the work, and the unexpected aspects of the artist, while being surrounded by the works and being the director and the eldest son. It will be held. As a special project "Adult excursion" for books and IT research, While being surrounded by the works, the director and the eldest son, Mr. Aida, the magnificent life of “Mitsuo Aida”, the secret story of the work, and the unexpected aspects of the artist, We have

“ANDART”, a membership service that can co-own famous art works, will be exhibited at Shinpei Nawa “Throne” at Ginza Ashiya Shoten from December 3, 2019

-Special edition of edition edition jointly owned by ANDART- ANDART Co., Ltd. will be 2020 from Tuesday, December 3, 2019 Until the end of April 2014, we will exhibit “Throne”, which is jointly owned by our service at Ginza Ashiya Shoten (GINZA SIX 6th floor). Exhibition image (* It differs from the actual exhibition place.) © 2017 Nacasa & Partners Inc. all rights reserved. ANDART is Japan's first membership platform that allows joint ownership of famous artwork. You can become an “owner” from 10,000 yen, even for high-priced and large-scale works that you have never reached before. (* 1) In July 2019, ANDART sold the ownership of the edition edition

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] attracted attention by collectors around the world & # 8221; Japanese beauty & # 8221 ;. Proposal by enlarging the Japanese antique art section, including a small art piece “Netsuke / Inba”.

Ginza Ashiya Shoten (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has expanded its sales floor for “Japanese antique art” from November 15th. A lot of new works such as “Modern Netsuke”, “Maki-e”, “Kobako”, “Wood Carving”, “Proposal” have begun to be handled. At Ginza Ashiya Shoten, we propose swords, swords, and other antique art items such as “Nera Netsuke” and “Inba” at the Japanese sword counter, with the patronage of many customers. I have received. Numerous precious antiquities, such as lacquer work, sculpture, and metalwork, using world-class traditional Japanese techniques. Each piece is gracefully decorated with tortoiseshell, sharks, and spears, and is a beautiful and unique “small art with a high level of sophistication” that incorporates

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] Cat lovers gather! “Cat ’s ISSUE” Fair, November 30th (Saturday), will be held starting from November 27th.

Sold at stores and online. Pre-sale at online store starts on November 23rd (Sat)! Ginza Ashiya Shoten will hold the “Cat's ISSUE Picture Book“ Komtan and My Lovely Tail ”Publishing Commemoration Fair” from November 30th. Ginza Ashiya Shoten Online reservations are also available for picture books with limited tote bags and the “KOMUTAN 2020 Monthly Calendar”. Fair overview A fair commemorating the release of Komutan and My Lovely Tail Picture Book by Otakegu who presides over “Cat's ISSUE”. In addition to books, Ginza Ashiya Shoten Limited Tote Bag Set, 2020 Calendar, and Miscellaneous Items will be sold in limited quantities. Period: November 30, 2019 (Saturday) – December 6, 2019 (Friday)

Adult playground URACORI (Ginza back corridor) Grand opening today!

Today, November 20th (Wednesday), the adult playground URACORI (Ginza Ura Corridor) opened in the Shimbashi / Yurakucho area. Along with that, a pre-open preview was held the other day for the media. This time, we report on the up-and-coming stores of URACORI that will open in the grand. What is URACORI? URACORI (Ginza Ura Corridor) is an adult playground under the overpass that is a 3-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station and a 5-minute walk from Yurakucho Station. In April 2020, it will be a large-scale commercial facility with about 100 stores. Today, 11 stores including izakaya, ramen shop, CLUB will open. Introducing hot shops. ・ “Tokyo Oden Love Story”

“Wall performances that can be performed” appeared in the gorgeous winter Ginza “Milano Design Week 2019” exhibits at the Yamaha Ginza Building

Special Exhibition “Shaping the Future: The Style of Yamaha Design” Period: November 21, 2019 (Thursday) to late February 2020 #yamahadesign Yamaha Co., Ltd. will hold a special exhibition entitled “Making the Future a Shape-A Style of Yamaha Design” on the 1st floor / portal of the Yamaha Ginza Building from November 21, 2019 (Thursday) to the end of February 2020. , One of the hands-on works exhibited at "Milan Design Week 2019". This special exhibition will be held in conjunction with the special exhibition “Shaping the Future – A Style of Yamaha Design” being held at our corporate museum “Innovation Road” (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture). "Pianissimo Fortissimo" is one of

Earn the highest ranking in the taste ranking of rice last year! “Tottori / Okayama Kinusume Fair” will be held!

In addition to tasting, 2 respondents will receive a “Kinumusume” pack from Okayama Prefecture! Tottori that matches the new rice and rice of "Kinumusume" produced in Tottori Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture, which was selected as "Special A" in the ranking of taste of rice produced in 2018 on November 20, when the time of delicious new rice The “Kinumusume Fair” will be held at the Okayama Shimbashi Hall in Tokyo Shimbashi, where you can enjoy special products from Okayama. Please come by all means. “Kinumusume” is white rice that is white and beautiful, has a strong stickiness, and is highly valued by “Koshihikari as a delicious rice”. Tottori and Okayama

“Cherry Blossom Candle Holder” that adds color to Christmas!

The warm light of the candle illuminates the space, relieving the cold and loneliness of the dark season. A cute candle stand made from cherry trees. It is a very gentle light and is ideal for autumn to winter seasons and Christmas when dark times are long. The beauty will stand out if you use several together. Three types of products that Sudo Ikuto, who has the title of Scandinavian Swedish furniture craftsman Meister, has found as the most beautiful form among tens of prototypes. Light that changes the space of the place Candle holder Cherry is a beautiful tree with a smooth surface and reddish brown color. Since it