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“Fanka Hibiki -MANGEKYO-” for the 2019 summer performance limited “Family Ticket” and “New Restaurant Set Plan” are on sale!

“Fanka Hibiki -MANGEKYO-” for the 2019 summer performance limited “Family Ticket” and “New Restaurant Set Plan” are on sale!

Non-verbal entertainment permanent performance sponsored by JTB Communication Design JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd., which provides various communication services in the JTB Group, sells various tickets limited to summer performances for the “Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo Mankakyo” performance. . “Wanhua Hibiki -MANGEKYO-” is jointly planned and produced by DRUM TAO, a Japanese drum entertainment group that boasts a track record of 8 million spectators in performances in 500 cities in 26 countries around the world. , A new non-verbal entertainment in Tokyo that combines traditional and avant-garde powerful Japanese drum sounds with stage space video production by team labs. A special family discount service “Family Ticket” will be

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] Fantasy City Landscape 2019 GINZA-Yusuke Mitsushima Exhibition will be held from Tuesday, August 27

5 consecutive guest events including Masafumi Goto and Jin Uchida and Yusuke Mitsushima GINZA SIX Ginza Ashiya Shoten (Ginza, Chuo-ku) at the event space “Art Wall Gallery” (exhibiting space in front of Starbucks on the 6th floor) from August 27th (⽉) to September 30th, 2019 During the period of (⽉), “Fantastic City Scenery 2019 GINZA-Yusuke Mitsushima Exhibition” will be held. Exhibition overview Most of the drawings that Mitsushima draws are not architectures that he designed. For Mr. Mitsushima, what is the connection between drawing and designing architecture? Mr. Mitsushima made the following comments for this exhibition. I preside over the architectural design office and continue to draw. The act of

The 21st graphic “1_WALL” exhibition will be held from August 27th (Tue)!

On September 3 (Tuesday), a public final judging committee will be held to determine the Grand Prix from six finalists. Guardian Garden (Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. / Ginza, Tokyo) will hold the 21st Graphic “1_WALL” exhibition from August 27th (Tuesday) to September 28th (Saturday). This is a group exhibition in which six finalists who have passed the first screening by portfolio screening and the second screening that has a one-on-one dialogue with the judges will present their work using the wall. Toru Kase expresses monuments with scales beyond imagination. Daisuke Kondo draws drawings using acrylic paint, spray, and pen. Maya Kondo draws the fantasy world with acrylic gouache. Yoshiki Tanaka

The 50th anniversary of the opening of the hall

We were born in 1969 as the only art gallery in Japan that deals with the masters of Western painting, and thanks to this, we were able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this year. Thank you for your kindness and thank you. In order to introduce our 50 years of history as an exhibition to commemorate this year, we will hold a “specialty exhibition” with a masterpiece of masterpieces of modern painting. At the time of the opening, even the National Museum of Western Art has only counted 10 years since its opening, and modern Western art such as impressionist exhibitions hosted by the museum is still being appreciated.

Ginza Sony Park has a lot of fun in midsummer! “Sony Aquarium 2019” and “windandwindows” start anew

#ginzasonypark Ginza Sony Park, which offers a variety of playful experiential programs, has launched two new programs. Under the supervision of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium “Sony Aquarium 2019” where colorful creatures of Okinawa Churaumi swim, and 29 glass sound speakers enter the pleasant sound and light “windandwindows” Windows ”Shota Hasunuma Full Fill × Ginza Sony Park. This is a program where you can feel cool during this summer season. Along with the popular “# 009 WALKMAN IN THE PARK”, please enjoy the summer Ginza Sony Park where you can see, listen, touch, eat and learn. ■ Summer feature of Ginza. 24 days to feel cool at Ginza Sony Park in midsummer!

From the Tokyo Hiroshima brand shop TAU, we will deliver “Orizuru” with peace of mind to the “Orizuru Tower” in Hiroshima’s “Orizuru Tower”.

Period: August 3 (Sat)-15 (Thu), 2019 Location: Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU (1-6-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) At the Hiroshima brand shop TAU, in order to disseminate information about the appeal (peace) of Hiroshima, we have prepared a special origami in the TAU based on the cooperation of the Orizuru Tower. Decided to deliver it to the wall of Orizuru. Orizuru wall The idea of peace gathered from all over the world is put into the “Orizuru” and accumulated, and the “Orizuru Wall” will be completed. By all means, let's deliver “Orizuru” to “Orizuru Wall” from TAU. In addition, TAU will display 12 photo-bombed buildings selected as buildings that you would like

Held an exhibition in Ginza in September-November, including the painting “Maria Exploding” inspired by the “Announcement” and glass works.

Gallery Hirota Fine Arts Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the gallery “Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria” (Date: September 27 (Friday)-October 12 (Saturday)) and “Sao Rio Sasaki Exhibition -Fancy And reality- "(Date: October 25 (Friday)-November 9 (Saturday), 2019). Hiroaki Kano "Opening gambit" 33.3 × 33.3cm [Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria-] From September 27th (Friday) to October 12th (Saturday), 2019, "Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria-" will be held. Hiroaki Kano is a very talented writer who has been active as an associate professor at Nara University of Education while currently producing and staying in Florence for two years after studying abroad at the Agency for Cultural Affairs after obtaining a doctorate

Notice of “Imamori Mitsuhiko Exhibition Photography and Kirie no Satoyama Monogatari”

From August 28th to September 4th at Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square! <In the garden of the atelier> "Satoyama" where people and nature live together. Mitsuhiko Imamori, a photographer who has stared at the rich work that is created in it. Set up an atelier in the countryside overlooking Lake Biwa, I have been shooting creatures that gather in the rice fields and villages that change from season to season. Mr. Imamori is also known as a cutting artist who creates elaborate and lively works with motifs of butterflies, birds and plants, and works with only a single scissor with deep insight. The vividness of plants and the strength of

[Loft] Feel like a day with local cider and morning glory! Ginza loft summer festival

Shaved ice, cream soda, making Takoyaki "food sample", etc. From July 26 (Fri), Ginza Loft will hold the "Ginza Loft Summer Festival " as a summer vacation program for adults to enjoy. In addition to developing food and sundries that evoke festivals, we hold various events such as food sample making workshops, art works that can shape memories of summer holidays, and planting experiences of succulents. Title: "Ginza Loft's Summer Festival" Kai Period: July 26, 2019 (Friday) to August 18 (Sunday) Business hours: 11 o'clock to 21 o'clock <Product example> ■ Accumulate food and plants like summer, such as local cider, Japanese snacks and morning glory. /1st floor ■ We

[Theater type restaurant & lounge water play] Special performance of midsummer night, a cool and cool talk ability by the Kansei flow holding decision!

The performance of Kananawa, which is based on the inscriptions of a kite, was decided on at Mizuki. Do you not experience the fear of "woman's niece"? Theatrical type restaurant & lounge At Mizugimi, you can appreciate the “Kodantai Noh” concept of “People's Feelings” on August 14 (Wed), 15 (Thu) and 16 (Fri) for three days. We have decided to hold a special performance. This special performance "Kyuri-Dan" is a unique opportunity to experience the world of ghost messages from the world of mysterious Noh, which can not be found anywhere else in space. This time's program is "Kanawa". For a new woman, a woman who hates her husband who