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“Ginza Friends Aozora City” held on April 25, 2021 (Sun) Town bakeries and pesticide-free vegetable makers gather in the middle of Ginza

“Ginza Friends Aozora City” held on April 25, 2021 (Sun) Town bakeries and pesticide-free vegetable makers gather in the middle of Ginza

April theme <town bread, cheese and wine> "Kama Bread & Friends <Natural Bussankan>" (Tokyo, Tokyo), which is jointly operated by Monosasu Co., Ltd. and Food Hub Project Co., Ltd., and sells additive-free products, vegetables, and bread directly sent from all over the country. Ginza) will hold a market event "Ginza Friends Aozoraichi" on April 25, 2021 (Sunday), where small farmers and makers who produce special products such as pesticide-free vegetables gather from all over the country. ・ Outdoor market event in the middle of Ginza, held with a theme that changes every month・ In April, with the theme of <town bread, cheese, and wine>, discerning makers such as small bakeries

ATELIER MUJI GINZA “Living for a long time. In the case of Windsor chair, 10 years of” Windsor Department “”

ATELIER MUJI GINZA (Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Mujin Ryohin Ginza store) will be holding "Living for a long time. In the case of Windsor chair" from May 14th (Friday) to July 4th (Sunday), 2021. "Windsor Department" 10 years "will be held. How many chairs do we meet and sit there in our lives? It is up to each person to decide what kind of chair to live with. And I think everyone has a "memorable chair" in their hearts. At ATELIER MUJI GINZA, in 2019, "Living for a long time. The development of "DNA" of bentwood chairs represented by <Thonet> was exhibited with 50 chairs. And this year, three sets of

[Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art]
“Courbe and the Sea Exhibition-A Look at Modern French Nature” (~ 6/13) Preview Report

The Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art is holding the "Courbe and the Sea Exhibition-A Look at Modern French Nature" from April 10th (Sat) to June 13th (Sun), 2021. We would like to inform you about the press preview held on April 9th. From Nadar "Portrait of Gustave Courbet" (c. 1860) "Finally I saw the sea, the sea without the horizon. This is strange for the inhabitants of the valley." This is a story to parents of Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), a master of realism representing 19th century France, when he first saw the sea at the age of 22. What captured the hearts of young people in this "strange thing"? Courbet

[National Film Archive] Announcement of the exhibition “Hollywood Stars Who Decorated SCREEN in Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary”

The dazzling brilliance of successive Hollywood stars who decorated "SCREEN"! John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, James Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio … The history of Japanese movie fans cannot be told without the myriad of American movie stars. The monthly magazine "SCREEN" of the modern movie company, which interviews foreign films, especially Hollywood star actors, and always sends the latest information to Japan, is a quarterly "portrait collection" on both sides of Tyrone Power and Setsuko Hara. It was first published in May 1946, and from the third issue published in February of the following year, it made a new

[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] The enthusiasm of the theater, sometimes to the town! “Hibiya Festival 2021” to enjoy entertainment with the greenery of the city starts on April 29

Hibiya / Ginza area theater festival that has mobilized more than 3 million people in the past two times This year, Hibiya / Ginza will disseminate the appeal of theater to the world through a real x online hybrid. From April 29th (Thursday / holiday) to May 16th (Sunday) Since its opening on March 29, 2018, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya has been promoting the dissemination of art and cultural information in Hibiya in collaboration with nearby theaters and movie theaters. The "Hibiya Festival", a theater festival that has been held since 2018 as an event unique to Japan's Broadway "Hibiya" and has mobilized more than 3 million people in the past

“Ginza Friends Aozora City” Kamapan & Friends will hold an event for the first time at Ginza Sony Park in the middle of Ginza, where small Japanese farmers and discerning makers gather!

We offer pesticide-free vegetables from Ome Farm, fresh cheese from SHIBUYA CHEESE STAND, and a limited lunch box from the Blind Donkey! March 28, 2021 (Sun) 11: 00-17: 00 At Ginza Sony Park, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits are sold by "Kama Bread & Friends <Natural Bussankan>", which sells additive-free products, vegetables, and bread directly sent from all over the country on the 3rd basement floor. The event "Ginza Friends Aozora City", where small farmers and makers who produce discerning products gather from all over the country, will start on the ground floor from Sunday, March 28, 2021. It will be held on the last Sunday of every month. "Ginza Friends

“ Store”, a sweets exhibition that requires reservations, “sweets from famous pastry shops” and “shining sweets” gather in Yurakucho Marui! [February 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun) for 2 days only]

At the event space on the 8th floor of Marui, we will hold a " Store" (charged) through the online cake shopping "". Online cake shopping "" will hold a sweets exhibition & cafe " Store" (charged) for 2 days only on the 8th floor of Yurakucho Marui. Please take a look at the selection sweets that "" is proud of, where "sweets from famous pastry shops" and "shining sweets" from all over the country are gathered together and can only be seen at online shops. At the attached cafe, we will provide a place of relaxation where you can relax while tasting sweets. Online cake shopping site: ●

[Ginza Mitsukoshi] “65th Anniversary of Painting Industry Chiba Tetsuya Print Exhibition” will be held!

■ Session: February 10th (Wednesday) -February 16th (Tuesday) * The last day ends at 6:00 pm ■ Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 7th Floor Gallery "Mr. Tetsuya Chiba" made her professional debut in 1956. At Ginza Mitsukoshi, to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the painting industry, the representative works "Ashita no Joe" (Original: Asao Takamori) "Harris no Kaze" "I am an Iron Soldier" "Ashita Tenki ni nare" "Shiden Kai Taka" "Notari Matsutaro" Approximately 30 prints (piezographs) of "Ganbare Shonen Giants" will be exhibited and sold. We will also sell goods and display materials. All works will have Tetsuya Chiba's autograph and serial number. ・ Tomorrow's Joe Ⓒ Asao Takamori /

People’s activities unravel the history of fragrance. [Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art] “Scented vessel Takasago collection exhibition” (~ 3/21) preview report

At the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art, the " Scented Vessel Takasago Collection Exhibition " is being held from January 9th (Sat) to March 21st (Sun), 2021. The press preview was held on January 8th, so I would like to tell you about it. An exhibition where you can "see" the scent through a vessel. Exhibition hall entrance Exhibition hall scenery. Lined with magnificent "scented vessels" from all over the world The glass technique born in Mesopotamia has created beautiful containers of various shapes. This is a glass vial from the Sasanian era A glass drop perfume bottle with a beautiful bright vermilion color. Art Nouveau and Art Deco, which

In the early spring of 2021, the next generation of rakugoka, kyogen masters, and manzai masters will gather at the Kanze Noh Theater in Ginza! New sensation live in the Reiwa era “Kyogen comedy-Kyogen comedy joint party-“

Held on Saturday, January 30, 2021 / DVD "New Noh" Snow White "" will be released to the general public on Wednesday, January 27 Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. will hold a live performance "Kyogen" where traditional Japanese culture of rakugo, kyogen, and comics will be gathered together at the Kanze Noh Theater in Ginza, 25th Kanze Sakon Memorial on Saturday, January 30, 2021. Gei (reading: Kyoen Ongei) -Kyogen comedy banquet- "will be held. "Rakugo" is a traditional storytelling that was established in Japan during the Edo period and has been handed down to the present day. It is a traditional Japanese performing art that evolved from Sarugaku that has been