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[Marronnier Gate Ginza] 15th (Wed)-20th (Mon) “Digital point card 10 times point up campaign” 3 halls simultaneously!

[Marronnier Gate Ginza] 15th (Wed)-20th (Mon) “Digital point card 10 times point up campaign” 3 halls simultaneously!

During the period from May 15th (Wed) to 20th (Monday) at the Marinie Gate Ginza 1 commercial facility in Ginza, three “Maronnier Gate Ginza Digital Point Cards 10x Point-Up Campaign” will be opened three times. 2 · 3) will be held simultaneously. In addition, we will hold the "Marronnier Gate Ginza 1, 2 and 3 W Campaign" at the same time as a special project in some shops. It is a special 6 days where your usual shopping and food will benefit you! Please drop in at this opportunity. "Marronnier Gate Ginza digital point card 10 times point up campaign" We will give you 1,000 points, 10 times at 100

Luggage storage service introduced to ecbo cloak, Yurakucho Marui! Ueno, Namba followed by service expansion

Based on a service alliance signed with Marui Co., Ltd. in March 2018, ecbo Co., Ltd. uses the “E-mail shopping item reception counter” in Yurakucho Marui to temporarily store and temporarily share luggage “ecbo cloak (Evbo We will notify you that we will introduce “Clokes” and start luggage storage. Yurakucho Marui "net mail order product reception counter" and customers of ecbo cloak Yurakucho Marui is located just a minute's walk from Yurakucho Station, which is served by JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin Tohoku Line, and Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. As a feature of Yurakucho Marui, many of the customers are women, and OLs who work in the area, housewives, and

An exhibition “Keo.W Hidden Force Exhibition” expressing human desire based on Star Wars is being held at Ginza atmos gallery until May 17

Branding, done by artist Keo.W (Keio W. W.) from Hong Kong, who works globally as an art consultant 5/4 (= May 4th) is the "Star Wars Day" enacted after the celebrity "May the Force be with you." In the work of "Star Wars". . We will hold the Keo.W Hidden Force Exhibition on such a special day. “ Keo Woo-Brewhid forth exhibition ” The desire to hide in the bottom of human mind is the driving force that pursues all things in the world. But when power, money, material and physical satisfaction far exceed their own desires, they become greedy. In this exhibition, Keo.W (Keow Wow) will, for the first

[Regumi base year] Sheep meat specialty store “Merino” contains the vision “Hogetto” Seven kinds of Genghis Khan will offer an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink course for 5/7 ~ for a limited time for a limited time!

Soft and exquisite flavor of sheep meat "Houget" is finally available in "Merino"! Shabu-shabu using lamb meat rich in nutrients with high beauty effect All-you-can-eat yakiniku "merino" (administered by: TBI JAPAN, Inc., head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO NAKATA Kota) Under the title of “Reiwa Original Year Campaign”, with all four stores, limited for the period from May 7 (Tuesday) to 17 (Fri), 2019, <Ghost of sheep meat “Hogetto” [Genghis Khan] Lamb & Mutton Seven kinds of all-you-can-eat + Regular all-you-can-drink (usually 4,480 yen)> will be offered for 3,480 yen at 1,000 yen off. Merino with hogget [All-you-can-eat Genghis Khan] "Congratulations" Princess year! The first campaign to send from

This is a cheese that is popular with the grace! “Arigo” cheese will offer unlimited plattered meat steak plate for 980 yen ♪

This is a cheese that is popular with the grace! We will offer a plentiful steak plate over a large amount of "Arigo" cheese for 980 yen ♪ In “Back No Garden Ginza / Ebisu Store” operated by D-R Co., Ltd., cheeses that are popular in the market are this! We will offer a plentiful steak plate covered with "Arigo" cheese for 980 yen. We offer mixed mashed potatoes and cheese, an aligo cheese featuring a texture and stretched cheese with a thick texture, and an all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat Arigo cheese for a total of 980 yen for a platter of three types of steaks of Japanese beef, beef tongue and

Raw pasta specialty store “Pasta Mercato” is opened in Ginza from Udagawa Cafe Group

Casual Italian that you can enjoy all 20 kinds of fresh pasta from basic to creative! Raw pasta specialty is born in Ginza from LD & K Co., Ltd., which operates Udagawa Cafe and others. We can enjoy a wide variety of fresh pasta and wine from lunch to dinner time in the restaurant which is attached to the hotel and relaxing. Raw pasta specialty store "Pasta Mercato" opened on the first floor of "Hotel Unizo Ginza 7-chome (Ginza 7-chome 10-9)" near Shiseido Parlor and Ginza SIX. The store name "Mercato" has the meaning of "market" in Italian, and the menu is full of 20 choices of raw pasta, healthy

With semi-permanently available membership card! Tokyo Restaurants Factory starts a new project with crowdfunding “Makuake”!

Enjoy premium "Yakitori × World wine" Toriko "and 11 levels of sake temperature drink" Nulukai Sato "as premium- Tokyo Restaurants Factory Co., Ltd., whose mission is to "make a fan of Japan", has been working with crowdfunding "Makuake" since April 28, 2019, and is our high-class business style, high-class grilled chicken x world wine " Toriyuki (Toriko), 11 stages of sake temperature drink "Nuru-don Sato", Japanese cuisine-Teppanyaki "Ginkumasa dormitory (Ginku Masayo)", celebrities are addicted to, "Seven seasons hot pot hot pot From “Shoite)”, we will launch a new project that will recruit “membership vouchers” that can be used at “Makuake Limited Course” + Tokyo Restaurant's Factory. Luxury Yakitori × World

A combination of Bridle leather and Italian full-fleshed astringent tannin tanning, which allows you to change with age. Flap type wallet. “BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet” debuts

"DaVinci FARO" A representative of adult casual bags produced from the slow life of Italy. Da Vinci Faro is a brand new brand developed by Alexandro Candeloli, the real son of Maestro in the bag world, Gabriel Candeloli. Even though it surely passes on the traditional techniques learned from the great father, the taste is a modern and sporty one that is completely different from the bag that the father produces. Da Vinci Faro is a collection that embodies such "what I really want to use now". BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet Da Vinci Faro Davinci FARO BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet Da Vinci Faro Davinci FARO Bridle leather made

Too much truffle cutlet sandwich of A5 Matsuzaka beef! The ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce is limited to 5 sets a day, and it is offered for 1980 yen ♪

Too much truffle cutlet sandwich of A5 Matsuzaka beef! The ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce is limited to 5 pairs a day and will be offered for 1980 yen. At Omoki Ginza Main Store, which is operated by D-R Co., Ltd., A5 Matsuzaka beef too rich truffle cutlet sandwich! We will sell the ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce for only 1 pair of 1 set for 1980 yen. Matsusaka beef is recognized as the best beef cattle in Japan due to its excellent qualities and careful feeding management, and the superb taste is praised by the whole country and the world as a meat art. ■

Two days to feel the “craftsmanship” that Japan boasts such as free drink distribution and workshop Two days holding “EDO hand work market” in Coredo Muromachi

May 5 (Sun)-May 6 (Mon. / Holiday) Coredo Muromachi is the first event on the EDO Hand Market, as an event to have people feel familiar with the "craftsmanship" that Japan boasts on 5/5 (Sunday) and 5/6 (Monday and Celebration) on Golden Week. I will hold it. At the event, “Choice Tasting Stand”, which distributes drinks from stores in the facility free of charge to customers visiting Coredo Muromachi, and holding workshops and demonstrations where you can experience the skills of craftsmen “Handwork exhibition of Coredo Muromachi / GW Kore We do live. Please experience the "craftsmanship" that you want to leave for the next period on the two days