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JAGDA New Face Award Exhibition 2022 Taku Sasaki, Miori Takeda, Shoichi Maehara

JAGDA New Face Award Exhibition 2022 Taku Sasaki, Miori Takeda, Shoichi Maehara

Held at Recruit "Creation Gallery G8" from May 31st to July 2nd, 2022 Creation Gallery G8, a gallery operated by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., will offer "JAGDA New Face Award Exhibition 2022 Taku Sasaki, Miori Takeda, Shoichi Maehara" from May 31st (Tuesday) to July 2nd (Saturday), 2022. It will be held. ―――――――――――――――――――――――――― JAGDA New Face Award Exhibition 2022 Taku Sasaki, Miori Takeda, Shoichi Maehara ―――――――――――――――――――――――――― The Japan Graphic Design Association (abbreviated as JAGDA), which was established in 1978, is currently the largest design organization in Asia with about 3,000 members, and publishes the yearbook "Graphic Design in Japan" and publishes exhibitions and seminars. We are engaged in various activities to

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] A group exhibition of Naofumi Maruyama, Hiraku Suzuki, Satoru Aoyama, and Go Watanabe will be held from May 16th (Monday). Held to commemorate the publication of the art card game “PLAY! Tagukore” from the Taguchi Art Collection.

Naofumi Maruyama "River I" copyright the artist, courtesy of ShugoArts An exhibition project where you can enjoy contemporary art from various angles, playing with art cards, appreciating and collecting works. A special exhibition of Naofumi Maruyama's painting "River I" in the Taguchi Art Collection. Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZASIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold a group exhibition commemorating the publication of "PLAY! To do. Exhibition and sale of works by artists Hiraku Suzuki, Satoru Aoyama, and Go Watanabe participating in the Taguchi Art Collection, and a special exhibition of the painting work "River I" by Naofumi Maruyama, an artist in the Taguchi Art Collection. It will be held from May 16th

Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa’s exhibition “Prayers for Tomorrow” will be held from Saturday, June 4th at the Ginza Pola Museum Annex.

"Hyakuki Barbaric-My Gerniker" 2022 Material: Canvas / Oil Painting H97 x W162cm Photo: Yoshihiro Saito For the purpose of supporting Ukraine At Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Morihiro Hosokawa's exhibition "Prayers for Tomorrow" will be held from June 4th (Sat) to June 12th (Sun), 2022. In addition to creative activities such as pottery making, Morihiro Hosokawa started making oil paintings in 2009 and fusuma paintings in 2012, dedicating fusuma paintings to temples in Kyoto and Nara. Is diverse. This time, Mr. Hosokawa decided to hold this exhibition, thinking "Is there anything I can do?" As an artist about the dire situation in Ukraine. In addition to the new work

“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Exhibition 2” July 21st-August 9th in Matsuya Ginza will be held!

[ORIGRESS PARKS Co., Ltd.] Press release We are pleased to announce that the exhibition of the anime "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", whose cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 30 million and the movie version has been decided to be released in November this year, has been decided. "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Exhibition 2" will be held at Matsuya Ginza for 20 days from July 21st (Thursday) to August 9th (Tuesday), 2022, and will be toured nationwide after that. The very popular "Tsuru Sura Exhibition" will be held for the first time in three years, and the size of the venue and

The 1st anniversary of the opening of “LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée”, which is popular for its sweets like art works! !! Limited release of commemorative sweets and special campaign with gratitude

[LOUANGE TOKYO Co., Ltd.] Press release LOUANGE TOKYO Co., Ltd. has celebrated its 1st anniversary since opening "LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée" on May 8, 2021 in Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-ku. For the past year, based on the concept of LOUANGE TOKYO, "Manufacturing that provides time and space," we have provided various forms of sweets that will be remembered by our customers. To commemorate the 1st anniversary, we will be offering a special version of the popular Coffret Noomy at "LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée" in May. In addition, we will also carry out a 1st anniversary campaign where you can enjoy standard sweets at a great price. Please spend a blissful time

[Artizon Museum] Three special exhibitions will be held at the same time! Press preview report

From April 29, 2022 at the Artizon Museum "Jam Session Ishibashi Foundation Collection x Toshio Shibata x Risaku Suzuki Photographs and Paintings-Toshio Shibata and Risaku Suzuki from Cezanne" "Transformation Art born from crossing borders" "Ishibashi Foundation Collection Special Feature Corner Exhibition Picasso and Milo Prints-Education Promotion Plan-" All three high-profile exhibitions are being held at the same time. A "jam session" that focuses on the mutual relationship between photography and painting, and a "Transformation" that focuses on internationalization and the transition of art since the 19th century. Here, we report on the press preview held prior to the open house. The relationship between photography and painting is asked by the

Hibiya Oktoberfest 2022 ~ SPRING ~ Announcement

Authentic taste in Tokyo! Oktoberfest, a German beer festival, is back in Hibiya Park for the first time in three years! <Outline of implementation> ● Name: Hibiya Oktoberfest 2022 ~ SPRING ~ ● Date: May 20th (Friday) -May 29th (Sunday) Weekdays 16: 00-21: 30 / All days 11: 00-21: 30 (Last order 21:00 each day) ● Meeting place: 1 Fountain of Hibiya Park, Chiyoda-ku ● Main event: Oktoberfest Executive Committee ● Support: German Chamber of Commerce in Japan, German Tourism Bureau, Bavarian State of Bavaria, Tokyo ■ Admission: Adults (junior high school students and above) 500 yen Children (elementary school students and below) free ● Cooperation: SKW East Asia, KKday

Art is produced from waste materials dumped by developed countries. Exhibition of works by artist Mago Nagasaka aiming for a sustainable society

EXHIBITION: NAGASAKA MAGO At the Barneys New York Ginza Main Store, we will exhibit and sell art works by Mago Nagasaka, an artist who continues to make art from waste materials of electronic devices dumped by developed countries including Japan. Sublimate the waste materials accumulated in Agbog Brosie, a slum in Ghana, which is said to be the world's largest graveyard for electronic devices, into his own work, and use the power of art to disseminate the truth of capitalism to the world. The activity of advocating "sustainable capitalism" and returning the sales of the work to the education, culture, economy and environmental improvement of the people of the slums

Plum wine cocktail specialty store “The CHOYA Ginza BAR” Plums, plums, and plums are made from before to after meals. Birth of a premium plan “Umezukushi Dinner Course” with all-you-can-drink more than 50 kinds of plum wine cocktails

From May 9, 2022 (Monday) (Reservation URL: ) We will also hold a campaign to present one popular sweet "Umepurin" per person. Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Choya) will sell the "Umezukushi Dinner Course" from May 9, 2022 at "The CHOYA Ginza BAR", a store specializing in plum wine cocktails. The course starts with an apéritif that you can choose between those who get drunk (with alcohol) and those who do not get drunk (non-alcoholic). An appetizer set that combines meat, fish, vegetables and plums, fried foods with plum tartar, main meat dishes and rice dishes, and even after-dinner desserts, the course is unique to a

“San-X 90th Anniversary Large Exhibition of Our Children” Tarepanda, Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi-The story of where everyone was born-

[San-X Co., Ltd.] Press Release Held at Matsuya Ginza from August 11th to 30th, 2022! Organizer: "San-X 90th Anniversary Large Exhibition of Our Children" Executive Committee Special Cooperation: San-X As San-X Co., Ltd. celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, the exhibition "San-X 90th Anniversary Our Children's Large Exhibition" (sponsored by "San-X 90th Anniversary Our Children's Large Exhibition" We are pleased to inform you that the "Meeting" executive committee) will be held in Matsuya Ginza from August 11, 2022, and will be held in various parts of the country thereafter. Today, April 28th, we opened the official website and official Twitter prior to the event. Information about this exhibition will be