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A limited-time “edible flower shop” where you can experience “rose dessert” and “rose drink” while making flower bouquets will be held at re: ROSE Ginza from 9/23 (Fri) to 9/25 (Sun)

A limited-time “edible flower shop” where you can experience “rose dessert” and “rose drink” while making flower bouquets will be held at re: ROSE Ginza from 9/23 (Fri) to 9/25 (Sun)

Seiichiro and NISHIZONO also offer limited-edition treats with rose butter sandwiches topped with rose jam. The Edible Flower Laboratory, which creates a “delicious flower experience” that goes beyond decoration, has collaborated with flower artist Masashi. Re:ROSE Ginza (Ginza 7-chome, Tokyo) "Eatery Flower boutique" where you can experience "rose sweets" and "rose drinks" while choosing your favorite flowers with a flower artist. It will be held at 7-12 Keida Building 1F). Three days from 9/23 (Friday) to 9/25 (Sunday). Until 12:00-21:30. Edible Flower Laboratory Official Website: Choose flowers, love them, and eat them. An experience to taste flowers using the five senses <br /> The Edible Flower Research Institute is

Mai Kishimoto Exhibition “Barometer 75” will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 7F Gallery! !

Mai Kishimoto's solo exhibition "Barometer 75" will be held from September 21 (Wednesday) to 26 (Monday) at the 7th floor gallery of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building. Mai Kishimoto started drawing as a result of planning a program, and won the Excellence Award at the Seikyu Exhibition. In addition, he has frequently appeared as a new-generation art entertainer on the NTV series “Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen!” In the program, the work was sold for 1.1 million yen by Yuji Maeda, the president of SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. Mai Kishimoto, who says, "I paint by sensing the source of energy," said, "I think that the current corona era is neither too

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Artist Shohei Yamamoto’s solo exhibition “Calcite on Myth: Greek Beauty” will be held from Saturday, October 8th.

"Calcite on Myth-three graces-" F50 1167×910mm Linen, acrylic paint, calcite on panel Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold Shohei Yamamoto's solo exhibition "Calcite on Myth: Greek Beauty" on the in-store art wall, exhibiting 6 new works. The period is from Saturday, October 8, 2022 to Friday, October 28. "Calcite on Myth-three graces-" F50 1167×910mm Linen, acrylic paint, calcite on panel ·Overview Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1994, Shohei Yamamoto is an artist who graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2019. After simulating the production using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, he is known for works that repeat motifs such as iconography

Salad as a staple food? The third store in the Ginza/Yurakucho area! Salad bowl specialty store to open at Tokyu Plaza Ginza on September 16, 2022

WithGreen Co., Ltd., which operates the salad bowl specialty store "WithGreen", will open the 17th new store "WithGreen Tokyu Plaza Ginza" on the B2F of Tokyu Plaza Ginza (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) on September 16, 2022 ( opened on Friday). "WithGreen Tokyu Plaza Ginza Store" opened in Tokyu Plaza Ginza ■Seasonal salad that you can enjoy without getting tired of it "WithGreen Tokyu Plaza Ginza" is a salad bowl specialty store that uses only nutritious domestic vegetables that you want to eat every day. The best feature of our salad bowls is that they use 100% domestically produced vegetables, as well as domestically produced chicken and pork. The reason why it is

[Marronnier Gate Ginza] “Ginza Honey Fair” will be held from September 16th (Friday) to October 2nd (Sunday)!

At the Ginza commercial facility "Marronnier Gate Ginza" (Marronnier Gate Ginza 1; 2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Marronnier Gate Ginza 2 & 3; 3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), September 16 The “Ginza Honey Fair” will be held from (Friday) to October 2 (Sunday). Bees take off from hives on the rooftops of Ginza buildings. At Marronnier Gate Ginza, we are working on rooftop greening, local production for local consumption, and we are also breeding bees. Please enjoy the original menu for a limited time using honey harvested in Ginza. ■ Location: Marronnier Gate Ginza 1, Marronnier Gate Ginza 2 & 3, Ginza Velvia Hall ■ Period: September 16th (Friday) to October 2nd

Exhibition “Great Berserk Exhibition ~Kentaro Miura’s 32 Years of Painting~ Ginza Edition” First Appearance Goods and Collaboration Cafe Menu Announced! Held at Matsuya Ginza from Wednesday, September 21, 2022 to Tuesday, October 4, 2022!

At Matsuya Ginza, from September 21st (Wednesday) to October 4th (Tuesday), we will hold the “Great Berserk Exhibition-Kentaro Miura 32 Years of Painting-Ginza Edition”. This exhibition is the first solo large-scale exhibition (fourth venue since last year's tour) that brings together handwritten manuscripts and color original drawings of "Berserk". In addition to the original drawings, valuable exhibits such as various dioramas created for this exhibition will be on display. At Matsuya Ginza this time, we will add and develop multiple new attempts such as exhibits from comics volume 41 onwards, limited goods that will appear for the first time this time, collaboration goods, and collaboration cafes. ■Matsuya Ginza first appearance

Exhibitions of pottery and calligraphy, “Abe Yasuto Exhibition -Thinking Bizen-” and “An Artist’s Calligraphy-Another Face-” held concurrently at Kashima Arts

Dates: September 23rd (Fri/holiday) to October 1st (Sat) Venue: Kashima Art (3-3-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) Total number of exhibited works: about 55 / Free viewing / Available for sale Kashima Art (Kyobashi, Tokyo) will hold exhibitions from September 23 (Fri./holiday) to October 1 (Sat.), 2022, "Anto Abe: Thinking Bizen" and "An Artist's Calligraphy – Another The face of the world” will be held at the same time. We have set up venues on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Kashima Art Gallery, where you can enjoy the free expression of artists who transcend the times, so please take a look. Detailed URL: main visual [About "Anto Abe Exhibition

A surreal light experience woven by a super three-dimensional world | Tsuyoshi Ogawa solo exhibition held in Ginza

Tsuyoshi Ogawa, Nebula prism, 2022, H65×W65×D6cm, acrylic, special film, wood Tsuyoshi Ogawa solo exhibition “Surreal Prism – Invisible Substance” held at Whitestone Gallery Ginza Shinkan At Whitestone Gallery Ginza Shinkan (6-4-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Tsuyoshi Ogawa's solo exhibition "Surreal Prism – Intangible Entity" (English title: Surreal Prism – Intangible Entity) will be held on October 7, 2022. It will be held from (Friday) to October 29 (Saturday). At the venue, we have prepared a viewing experience where you can enjoy the appearance of the prism changing due to the swinging lighting, and the work that shows a different aspect by shining a black light on yourself. Please enjoy Tsuyoshi Ogawa's

[Actual food report] Autumn gastronomy to taste in Ginza! Introducing GINZA SIX’s 2022 autumn recommended dishes and sweets

On August 31, 2022, at GINZA SIX , one of the largest commercial facilities in the Ginza area, a tasting event was held for recommended dishes and sweets that will be available this fall at restaurants and shops within the facility. There are dishes that use plenty of autumn flavors such as salmon and mushrooms, Japanese sweets that arrange chestnuts, a popular autumn ingredient, and sweets that are pleasing to the eye, beautifully colored with seasonal fruits. We were able to check out a total of 17 carefully selected items, so we will introduce the limited items that can only be tasted at GINZA SIX, along with photos of the

[Marronnier Gate Ginza 1] September 12th (Monday) Indian curry “ACCHA” will open on the 10th floor!

Indian curry "ACCHA" will open on September 12th on the 10th floor of Ginza's commercial facility "Marronnier Gate Ginza 1" (2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)! "Healthy food" ACCHA cherishes the idea of the origin of medicine and food based on Indian Ayurveda. Enjoy the ever-evolving Indian curry made by an authentic Indian chef while faithfully maintaining the perfect balance of spices and ingredients. Click here for details! Facility overview [name] Marronnier Gate Ginza 1 【address】 2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 [HP] 【business hours】 Fashion hands floor 11:00-21:00 Restaurant floor 11:00-23:00 *Business hours may change according to the declaration of a state of emergency and the guidelines of the Tokyo