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BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store 3rd anniversary project A booklet “Akari” packed with the charm of the bar will be presented!

BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store 3rd anniversary project A booklet “Akari” packed with the charm of the bar will be presented!

It has been three years since BAR TIMES STORE, a bar goods specialty store operated by Kitazawa Planning Office Co., Ltd., moved from Iidabashi to Ginza. At the BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store, as a 3rd anniversary project <3rd>, we will present a booklet "Akari" packed with the charm of the bar to all customers who come to the store during the period. ・ BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store 3rd anniversary project <3rd> ● Details: Free gift of the booklet “Akari” to customers visiting the store during the period ● Target period: October 6th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Sunday), 2021 * A free gift will be given to customers who

[Loft] “Super Markit! Village” will be held, focusing on 13 villages, the third in a series that re-edits the charm of Japan!

We also develop sustainable miscellaneous goods such as local products and straw straws Ginza Loft will introduce the charm of Japan's "village" as a collaboration project with SUPER MARKIT Co., Ltd. from October 11th (Monday) to November 3rd (Wednesday), 2021 "Super Markit! Village (Super Mark It! Village) "will be held . This is the third installment of the "Super Markit!" Series, which focuses on things and things all over Japan and re-edits the charm of the region. In June, the first installment was "Super Markit! EHIME". ) ”, And in September, we held the second“ Super Markit! Island ”. The theme common to the series is "SDGs". In addition to

[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Focus on & # 8221; Ki & # 8221; of Eastern thought. A new solo exhibition “Surge” by artist Yujiro Ueno, which weaves various strokes, will be held from Saturday, October 16th.

Vortex 2021 1670 × 3333mm Canvas, oil on panel, acrylic Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZA SIX6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold a solo exhibition "Surge" by Yujiro Ueno as the 11th day of the exhibition series "Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore ART PARTY" featuring up-and-coming artists. It will be held at the gallery. The period is from October 16th (March) to November 5th (Monday), 2021. Vortex 2021 1670 × 3333mm Canvas, oil on panel, acrylic ·Overview Yujiro Ueno is a writer who has created paintings with the motif of creatures such as birds and beasts, focusing on the "ki" of Eastern thought, based on the idea that "everything is always influencing each other as

Chihayafuru Exhibition will be held !!

© Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Look back on its charm at once at the largest original painting exhibition ever <Monday, December 27, 2021-Monday, January 17, 2022 Matsuya Ginza> Exhibition Main Visual © Yuki Suetsugu / Kodansha Yuki Suetsugu's shojo manga work "Chihayafuru" (serialized in "BE LOVE" since 2007 / Kodansha) based on "competitive karuta". The passionate story that attracts readers has received high praise from various fields, and has been loved by fans for generations due to its three-term animation, live-action movie by gorgeous actors, and long-term serialization. The story is about to reach its climax, and the friendship and battle over the "competitive karuta" of Chihaya, Shin, Taichi and

“Manufacturing that leads to the future” will be held from October 28th (Thursday)

Discover "traditional crafts that convey new value" and "writer's feelings" At POLA Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), the project "SERENDOUCE" was born from the traditional craft coordination business of POLA Orbis Holdings Co., Ltd. with the mission of "creating an opportunity to meet Japanese crafts". ) CRAFTS ”will be held from October 28th (Thursday) to November 7th (Sunday), 2021. Manufacturing that leads to the future In the traditional craft industry, there are challenges to create new value, such as those that evolved traditional techniques into the current lifestyle, those that consider nature through manufacturing, and those that can contribute to society. Protecting the immutability that should be handed down and

Wine buffet & 4 stores open at the same time in Ginza. The shared restaurant “re: Dine GINZA” restarted on October 1st. At the same time, we started recruiting resident chefs and cooks

The shared restaurant "re: Dine GINZA" operated by favy Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "favy"), which promotes eating out DX, will be reopened on October 1, 2021 (Friday). In addition, we are looking for chefs and stores to move in at the time of the reopening. What is re: Dine GINZA? "Re: Dine GINZA" opened in January 2019 in Ginza, Tokyo as a "coworking space for chefs". With the theme of supporting the challenges of next-generation chefs aiming for independence and entrepreneurship, it started as a shared kitchen with 5 kitchens and 120 seats. It was featured in various media such as TV, radio, and the Web, and was very

The snack subscription “Snack Me” is now on sale for the first time in permanent stores! From October 8th (Friday) at Ginza Loft 1F

Snack Me Co., Ltd. will start permanent sales of about 45 products on the 1st floor of Ginza Loft from October 8, 2021 (Friday). We will sell about 40 popular products of snack subscription service and 5 flavors of the ultimate simple protein bar CLR BAR (clear bar) of the new product. * The illustration is an image. Actual deployment method is subject to change We had a pop-up shop on the 1st floor of Ginza Loft from September 1st to 22nd, 2021, but many customers came to the store and it was very well received, so we decided to sell it permanently. In the permanent sale of Ginza

Ginza Sony Park Temporarily Closed, Launched for New “Experimental Park” in 2024

[Sony Corporation] Ginza Sony Park has been temporarily closed for the new Ginza Sony Park, which is expected to be completed in 2024. Ginza Sony Park continues from the Sony Building, which was born in Ginza in 1966. It is an "experimental park" that only Sony can create to impress people. We have been with many of you for the three years from August 2018 to September 2021. I had an irreplaceable time. I'm really thankful to you. 50 years spent as Sony Building Three years spent as Ginza Sony Park Carefully nurture many thoughts received from everyone, We would like to create a new “experimental park” Ginza Sony Park

[Sake offer lifted! ] 50 kinds of tea splits x 50 kinds of karaage specialty business format “CRAFT TEA Ginza” is now available on October 1st, and a free campaign for up to 5 cups of tea splits is held!

Enjoy 2500 combinations of "50 kinds of tea split x 50 kinds of karaage" Craft Tea Co., Ltd. will start offering 50 kinds of tea splits and 50 kinds of karaage specialty business "CRAFT TEA Ginza" from 17:00 on October 1, 2021. To commemorate the lifting of the ban on the provision of alcohol, we will hold a bingo campaign from October 1, 2021 for a month, where up to 5 cups of tea will be free. ・ "CRAFT TEA Ginza" 50 kinds of tea split x 50 kinds of karaage specialty business format! The Japanese tea brand "CRAFT TEA", which was launched to increase the consumption of high-quality Japanese

Won the 2nd place overall in the buffet category of a major gourmet site! The autumn menu of “Ginza Breakfast Lab” aiming for the best breakfast in Japan is available for a limited time!

"Ginza Breakfast Lab" operated by As Food Systems Co., Ltd. will offer a limited-time menu using seasonal ingredients at a small bowl buffet from October 4th (Monday). "Ginza Breakfast Lab" creates a new style of hotel breakfast and offers a small bowl buffet where you can enjoy Tokyo ingredients carefully selected with the concept of "enjoying Edo Tokyo". Since the grand opening on Thursday, July 1, 2021, the authentic Japanese and Western buffet of colorful small bowls has become a hot topic, and it has been highly evaluated, such as the second place overall in the buffet section of major gourmet sites and the third place in the monthly PV