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Transmitting Japanese culture and tradition from the city of Ginza “Tokyo University of the Arts + Tokyu Plaza Ginza” joint new project

Transmitting Japanese culture and tradition from the city of Ginza “Tokyo University of the Arts + Tokyu Plaza Ginza” joint new project

Tokyo University of the Arts Produce "Uruhashi-Summer Festival at the Summer Festival" held on July 26, 2019 (Friday) at Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo Fine Arts University will start a joint project with Tokyu Plaza Ginza on July 26, 2019 (Fri) as a project to convey the charm of Japan-culture and tradition-from the city of Ginza. The city, Ginza, where historic tradition and innovation for the future coexist, is a commercial city in the city, but it is also a base for Japanese information launch where various people gather. Tokyu Plaza Ginza revitalizes the entire city and inherits and creates Ginza culture as a venue for presenting and presenting historical culture

Produced by Toyooka, Japan’s No. 1 grape producing area! A pop-up store of factory brand “CREEZAN” that brings together the skills of a craftsman for the first time in Hankyu Men’s Tokyo!

Deploy from July 10 (Wed) to July 16 (Tuesday)! Born in Toyooka with a thousand years of history as a center for producing Japanese persimmons, “CREEZAN (Creasan)” is an original brand of Cony Co., Ltd., which has consistently engaged in making persimmons since its establishment in 1975. We deliver high quality and refined adult chopsticks based on our beliefs in making things that are not caught by common sense by Japanese craftsmen. This time, from July 10 (Wed) to July 16 (Tue), a pop-up store of CREEZAN will appear for the first time in Hankyu Men's Tokyo. The flagship series "JETTER (Jetter)" and sister series "STREAMER (streamer)" and other popular

Snoopy Jack Ginza Mitsukoshi! Snoopy in Ginza 2019

● Jul. 24 (Wed)-Aug. 12 (Mon., Tresing off) ※ The final day 6:00 pm ● Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Special Event Hall Peanuts Friends Travel Time! Ginza Mitsukoshi will hold "Snoopy in Ginza 2019" from July 24 (Wednesday). It is a popular event of the Ginza Mitsukoshi annual that will be held 21st this year. The theme of this year is Peanut Friends' Time Travel. This is the first time to be held in the new era "Rekazu", and it is featured in "the era". Snoopy and Peanut's fellows travel through time and space. We introduce Ginza Mitsukoshi original product which used ten pieces of original art designed for this time.

Came from Okinawa “Chiraumi”! Ginza summer feature appeared in Ginza Sony Park “Sony Aquarium 2019” held. You can also enjoy Okinawa food for a limited time.

Unique creatures deliver coolness. July 26, 2019 (Fri)-August 18 (Sun) # sonyaquarium 2019 Ginza Sony Park (Ginza Sony Park) is an experimental park located in the urban area for a limited time until the fall of 2020, and carries out programs such as various hands-on events and live performances where surprises and playfulness can be felt throughout the year. Since opening on August 9, last year, more than 3 million (※) customers have come to visit. ※ As of May 12, 2019 During the period from July 26 (Fri) to August 18 (Sun), this year's "Ginza summer tradition" "Sony Aquarium 2019" will be held under supervision of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

[At the Shiseido Art House] Exhibition “Noriyuki Ushijima and Western painters of the congregation are being held. (Simultaneous” All things are Chizukushi “)

20th July 2019 (Tuesday)-The exhibition "Noriyuki Ushijima and Western painters from the association: Urishima Noriyuki, Wakita Kazushi, Oka Kanosuke, Yamaguchi Yamaguchi, Ryo Yabashi" is being held at Shiseido Art House. (Until Sunday, September 1) The “Kokai Art Exhibition” (Mayumi Kabijutsuten) is a group exhibition by Western art and sculpture organized by Shiseido Gallery from 1950 to 1968. It is a pioneer of art criticism in Japan, and was the first director of the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art Atsumi Imaizumi (Atsumi Izumi, 1902-1984) was the first exhibition planned at Shiseido Gallery. This exhibition displays works by Noriyuki Ushijima, who is one of the founding members of this "Kaikai", and

“Ganbaro Hiroshima” offer dishes using fresh vegetables delivered from Shiraki-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima City for a limited period of time “Tajima Farm Fair” is held!

<July 1 (Mon)-31 (Wed) @ Meripline Pessa Ginza Store> Hiroshima Italian brand MERI Principessa (Meriprinchi Pessa) Ginza store on the 3rd floor of the Hiroshima brand shop TAU, which offers dishes utilizing ingredients such as fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, and cheese from Hiroshima. In the "meripurichippesa Ginza store", we hold "Tawai Farm Fair" which offers dishes using fresh vegetables of Tanabe Farm (Tanabeuen) in Shirakicho, Asa Kita-ku, Hiroshima City for a limited time. At the fair, paste the leaves of the Tanagi Farm with walnuts, anchovies, cheese, olive oil, and mix it with pasta "Tanoi Farm Non-pestic vegetables such as Genovese wind ~ Setouchi octopus and tomato sauce ~" "Seafood

The long-established “Haruka Daruma” that has been established for about 300 years x “Chiko-chan!コ ラ ボ The original collaboration Daruma Saga Matsuya Ginza will be released in advance!

The original brand "Hanjiro" of Shirakawa Daruma Sohonpo, which boasts a history of about 300 years, will be scolded by Chico! The collaboration between Chiko-chan and Chiko-chan Daruma will be held at Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square between June 28 and July 8, 2019. We will sell at. [Product Features] It is scolded by the original brand "Hanjiro" of Shirakawa Daruma Sohonpo that boasts a history of about 300 years and Chico-chan! This product, which Chiko-chan collaborated, is Shirakawa Daruma that has been created by artisans one by one, making use of Japanese tradition and superior technology. The size is 45mm palm size and it is recommended to brighten the

Have fun in Ginza “1 day English conversation lessons” Learn as an expert in English conversation instructors

Held an event for members-only events Lilo Vacations Co., Ltd., which develops time share of villas with the concept of [village x family time], will hold English conversation lessons for members at Liloworks Higashi Ginza on Monday, July 8, 2019. We have created a luxury space in Ginza that is convenient for access so that members of Lilo Vacations can enjoy their full leisure time. <Information site for Lilo Vacations members> photo by We have introduced [Point Exchange] which can be exchanged for various products and events other than resort stays so that members can enjoy more important time. Family's irreplaceable time As part of this program, we

Enjoy the best seasonal flavors in the glass! Shiseido Parlor “2019 Midsummer Parfait” held

The first: July 2nd (Tuesday)-July 31st (Wed) / 2019: The first (Thu) August 1st, 2019 (Sat) Shiseido Parlor will hold "2019 Midsummer Parfait Fair" in two phases at Ginza Main Store Salon de Cafe from July 2 (Tue) to August 31 (Saturday), 2019 . In addition to strawberry parfait, there are a total of six types of parfait consisting mainly of fruits that are particular to the production area and the season, in addition to strawberry parfait. Under the long-standing relationship between the head of the beverage and the farmer, we will deliver a limited parfait with a selection of fruits and selected ice cream mariage. Please enjoy summer in

[New leading role of Party of Wonderland simmering cheese fondue! ] Alice’s fantasy restaurant menu renewal!

All parties are in SNS shine with cute dessert & sparkling cocktail! Fantasy restaurant "Alice in the country of labyrinth", "Alice in the country of picture books", and "Alice in the country of old castles" operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Inc., redesigned the grand menu, June 25 (Tuesday) We will notify you as we have started offering the service on a full scale. "Alice's fantasy restaurant" that has appeared in the food and beverage industry in 2003 The menu was boldly renewed at this time when the original issue was changed to "Rekazu" because this brand continued to be a symbolic icon of