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[Dream collaboration] A coworking space based on the concept of “work” and “learn” has opened in Ginza and Yokohama! “Good office” is affiliated with English conversation school “MeRISE English conversation”. You can work while learning English conversation!

[Dream collaboration] A coworking space based on the concept of “work” and “learn” has opened in Ginza and Yokohama! “Good office” is affiliated with English conversation school “MeRISE English conversation”. You can work while learning English conversation!

Coworking space “Good Office” in Ginza and Yokohama! The co-working space Oi Co., Ltd. collaborates with MeRISE Co., Ltd., which operates an English conversation school, and co-working spaces based on the concept of “work” and “learn” “Good Office Ginza by MeRISE” and “Good Office Yokohama” by MeRISE "has been opened. In this release, we will introduce you to the background of the collaboration between Ginza and Yokohama and the purpose of “working” and “learning”. ■ Outline of good office ■ With a flat-rate system of 20,000 yen per month, we provide a service that allows you to use the coworking space “Good Office” anywhere in Japan or overseas. Currently,

[Ginza Ashiya Shoten] & # 8221; Stationery Love & # 8221; born “pins for stationery lover” first, limited quantity sales start. From November 8th (Friday) onwards, it will also be available at the “Sparkling Pen Fair”

Six cute and original designs with fountain pens, nibs, inks and other motifs Ginza Ashiya Shoten (GINZA SIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will start selling original design "pins for stationery lovers" in stores and online shops. ※ Limited quantity and ends as soon as it is gone Since opening in 2017, the stationery department of the Ginza Ashiya Shoten has proposed writing instruments and objects as art pieces rather than just writing instruments. For those who love stationery, we have planned Pins “Wear and love stationery”. The concept is “to enjoy wearing stationery as a motif”. Ginza Ashiya Shoten worked on planning and design. Please try to wear your favorite 6

[Loft] Aiming for an earth-friendly lifestyle! Ginza Loft Sustainable Items

Sponge wipes that return to the soil and detergents that return to the sea Ginza Loft collects and develops items that take into account sustainability and sustainability that play an active role in everyday life. A wide range of reed diffusers that recycle empty bottles, sponges that return to soil, detergents that return to water, etc., against the backdrop of the widespread awareness of selecting the environment-friendly items for everyday life as little as possible. Items that are kind to the earth and people, with excellent functionality and design, are recommended for gifts. Sustainable detergent ■ It's cute but eco-friendly! Excellent design and recommended for gifts * All prices include

opens a pop-up store in Ginza Mitsukoshi for a limited time! A holiday collection to decorate the Christmas season is also available.

“Flora Notis JILL STUART” will open a pop-up store at Ginza Mitsukoshi from November 1st (Friday) to November 30th (Saturday) for a limited time. We offer limited kits exclusively for Ginza Mitsukoshi and art services by calligraphers. In addition, a holiday collection that colors the Christmas season will also appear on Friday, November 1, 2019. Reservations will be accepted at Flora Notices Jil Stuart stores from October 18th (Friday) except online stores. ● Flora Notis JILL STUART brand site: The Flora Notis JILL STUART is a 2019 that proposes a high-quality lifestyle wrapped in the scent of flowers, carefully blended with over 60 carefully selected flower essences with special

New products and new content appear in Ginza Sony Park! An urban park where you can enjoy autumn

The latest information from Ginza Sony Park (Ginza Sony Park), an experimental park in the city that is open for a limited time until the fall of 2020. Ginza Sony Park is a vertical 3D park with lots of contents that you can enjoy not only on the ground floor but also on the 4th basement floor. About one year has passed since the opening, and so far more than 4 million customers have visited the park. * As of August 15, 2019 New products and new content will also appear in Ginza Sony Park in October. Here is a summary of selected information. <THE CONVENI> New products on the

Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza Experience Report!

On July 26, 1980, “Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” was opened in a convenient location 1 minute walk from Tokyo Tsukiji Station (10 minutes walk to Ginza). This hotel is a hotel operated by Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd., which operates a number of hotels including Tokyo Disney Resort (R) partner hotel Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay and others. This time, we reported about "Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza", so we will report on the situation. Concept of “Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza is based on the concept of “Art Gallery Hotel”, and the interior and guest rooms use wall art with the four seasons of

[Loft] Umakabakakumiko’s horse cafe. 2019 @ Ginza Loft 1F Cafe!

Popular illustrator Kumiko Umakake's first message book publication event! Ginza Loft is the first message book by popular illustrator Ukakebakaku Miko from September 25 (Wednesday) to October 9 (Wednesday) "Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I'm sure Umakiku Magic Word 100" (Genkosha) In commemoration of the publication of (released on September 24), we will hold “Umakake Bakumiko Uma Cafe . 2019” . Uma Cafe sells popular goods such as Uma Cafe Drip Bags, Tote Bags and Key Chains, as well as Ginza Loft limited-edition works by Kumiko Umakakebaku. A collaborative cafe menu also appears at “Loft Food Lab” (Ginza Loft 1F Cafe). In addition, we will hold events where you

Takashimaya Watch Maison “Roman Gothier Fair” held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Luxury watch brand made in the holy land of the Swiss luxury watch industry Takashimaya Watch Maison The “Roman Gauthier Fair” will be held from September 18 (Wednesday) to October 1 (Tuesday) at Nihonbashi, Tokyo. During the fair period, there are rare models such as “ Logical One '' with a blue dial that is beautiful enough to be sucked in, and the debut work “ Prestige HM '' that was highly evaluated for the beauty of the finish from watch lovers. Will be on display. Please take this opportunity to see beautiful watches that combine <high ​​processing accuracy> and <traditional Swiss hand finishing>. Prestige HM (18K white gold case)

Brand “NAVISION” born from beauty skin research Tokyo, GINZASIX Ginza Ashiya Shoten Limited-time store held September 20 (Friday)-29 (Sunday)

Three campaigns, including a gift for one more purchase of "Navision HA Phil Patch" Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. is a limited-time store where you can experience the product lineup of the skin care brand “ NAVISION '' born from beauty skin research and the world view at Ginza Ashiya Shoten in GINZASIX in Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2019 It will be held from September 20th (Friday) to 29th (Sunday). In this limited store, NAVISION has a trial corner where you can experience the “Navision HA Fill Patch”, a sheet-type cosmetic for topical eyes with “microneedle technology”, and an installation exhibit that expresses the world view of the product. We have attractive content

Collaboration with artists active in the city of art, Ginza Art Gallery Hotel “Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” opens to stimulate the senses!

Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd., a hotel management company, will open “Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” in Tokyo Ginza on July 26th. “Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” is based on the concept of “Art Gallery Hotel”. Collaborate with galleries based in Ginza, a city of art, and adopt wall art featuring the four seasons of Japan by up-and-coming artists throughout the building. Produces an art space that is stimulated. In addition, we plan to enjoy a Ginza gallery tour, a plan that allows you to experience Ginza, and various other items that you can enjoy using your five senses. Immerse yourself in the creative world in a space like a