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A combination of Bridle leather and Italian full-fleshed astringent tannin tanning, which allows you to change with age. Flap type wallet. “BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet” debuts

A combination of Bridle leather and Italian full-fleshed astringent tannin tanning, which allows you to change with age. Flap type wallet. “BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet” debuts

"DaVinci FARO" A representative of adult casual bags produced from the slow life of Italy. Da Vinci Faro is a brand new brand developed by Alexandro Candeloli, the real son of Maestro in the bag world, Gabriel Candeloli. Even though it surely passes on the traditional techniques learned from the great father, the taste is a modern and sporty one that is completely different from the bag that the father produces. Da Vinci Faro is a collection that embodies such "what I really want to use now". BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet Da Vinci Faro Davinci FARO BRIDLE MISTO Flap Medium Wallet Da Vinci Faro Davinci FARO Bridle leather made

Conrad Tokyo begins selling special spa menu “100 Beauty Spa Package” to commemorate Hilton’s 100th anniversary at Suigetsu Spa & Fitness

[April 25th, 2019] Conrad Tokyo, a luxury group brand of the Hilton group, is limited to 100 beauty spa packages for a limited time from May 7 (Tuesday) at the hotel's 29th floor "Suzuki Spa & Fitness". We will provide it. This time, the specially prepared "100 Beauty Spa Package" commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Hilton group's founding, and is said to be 100 years of life. It is an anti-aging and wellness conscious content to be healthy and beautiful today. This package consists of 10 minutes of bamboo massage and 70 minutes of body treatment with Suigetsu Spa original aroma oil, and 80 minutes of facial treatment tailored

Tokyo’s first Karakusa Hotel & New Premier Brand is born. Karakusa Hotel Premier Tokyo Ginza May 1st (Wed) opened!

Official Website Limited Launch Plan Commemorative Kura Hotels, which operates and manages lodging-specialized hotels for tourists, will open “Takasa Hotel Premier Tokyo Ginza” on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Karakusa Hotels currently operates 5 hotels in Kansai and Hokkaido, but is the first to open in Tokyo. Karakusa Hotel Premier Tokyo Ginza scheduled to open on May 1, 2019 entrance Front & lounge Karakusa Hotel Premier Tokyo Ginza (1-6-6, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a hotel ranked upscale. We offer upper class service with 57 twin and double rooms featuring 26 square meters to 43 square meters and large windows and a complimentary lounge for guests. Within walking distance to Ginza, a

-Expressing the traditional techniques and craftsmanship of Provence-L’Occitane cafe is also the first store in a commercial facility L’Occitane GINZA SIX shop Atelier de Provence

Grand Opening on Friday, April 12, 2019 A lifestyle cosmetic brand with approximately 3,000 stores in more than 90 countries worldwide, L'Occitane Japon Co., Ltd. is in the Ginza area's largest commercial facility GINZA SIX on April 12 at the L'Occitane GINZA SIX store Atelier de Provence. We will open on (Fri). Born in Provence, surrounded by a vast land and rich nature, L'Occitane creates a new lifestyle based on plants. Under the concept of a completely new "atelier", the new store expresses the traditional techniques of Provence and craftsmanship that have been inherited by L'Occitane. The in-store workshop offers a place where you can experience the rich Provence lifestyle

Parent-child break room “Family Room Produced by Stokke” where trip trap can be used Ginza Mitsukoshi 9th floor Open in Ginza terrace!

Make shopping time with children more comfortable. A campaign is also underway! A baby products brand from Scandinavia, Stokke Co., Ltd., has opened a family room “Produced by Stokke”, a rest room where parents and children can relax, on the 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi. It was established as "parent and child break room" in the same facility from before, but with the theme of "we deepen parent and child's bond" which is brand concept of Stokke, we aim at the making of space where parent and child can relax between shopping It has been renewed. A baby products brand born in Scandinavia, Stokke Co., Ltd., has opened a family

Immerse yourself in the creative world at the art information base “Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” Opened on July 26, 2019

【HOTEL MANAGEMENT JAPAN / Hotel Management Japan】 Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd., a hotel management company, will open Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza in Tokyo in July 2019. (Planned to be released on April 19, 2019) Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza's concept is "Art Gallery Hotel". In addition to being able to experience “art space” realized through collaboration with artists, we aim to cooperate with the gallery in Ginza and aim to be a hotel that plays a role as a place for information dissemination of artists. Future opening plan: "Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza" || 【Characteristics of the hotel】 ● Experience the city of art "Ginza"-The Ginza Art-

Start service of the two-storey open top bus. The bus tour where “the superb view of Tokyo” is found is born

Two courses: "City Course" and "Bay Course" on Rainbow Bridge Heisei Enterprise Co., Ltd., which operates VIP liners and VIP tours for high-speed night coaches and sightseeing bus tours, has a two-story open top bus "VIP VIEW TOUR" ( ) from March 29, 2019. The service of will start. "VIP VIEW TOUR" is a two-story sightseeing bus that departs from "Tokyo Station" in the center of Tokyo and travels to major tourist attractions in Tokyo. There are 2 courses, "City Course" and "Bay Course". Both courses will tour Tokyo in about 70 minutes. The number of foreign visitors to Japan in January 2019 was 2,869,000, an increase of 7.5%

【Loft】 April 26 (Fri), Ginza Loft Grand Opening

Challenge the Loft Next Generation Flagship Store More! From Ginza to the World "Food" "Japan" "Sustainable" x Goods are sent! Loft Co., Ltd., on the first floor of the Ginza Loft (Ginza Belvia Hall 3rd to 6th floor) opened as a next-generation store in June 2017, which reached its 30th year, on April 26, 2019 (Fri) We will increase the floor significantly on the 2nd floor, and open the ground as a new Ginza loft (1st to 6th floors). From now on, Ginza in Tokyo, we will send out "Japan's miscellaneous goods now" for the next generation to the world as well as Japan. ◆ Store concept ◆ The loft

Art Nature Ginza store March 8 (Fri) relocation renewal opening!

Men's new flagship store in Tokyo, Ginza is born! Art Nature Co., Ltd., which provides comprehensive hair related services, will relocate and reopen the "Art Nature Ginza Store" on March 8 (Fri). The new Ginza store will open in Ginza 5-chome, which is lined with flagship stores of luxury brands that represent the world. The floor features a Japanese modern taste with the motif of traditional Edo Kiriko patterns has been transformed into a more comfortable high-quality space. Aside from the hustle and bustle, the hair design room offers a truly healing and professional hair growth and restoration service. We look forward to your visit to the store so that

“Ashiya Beauty Clinic”, a cosmetic dermatology department with unreserved reservations, opened in Ginza. The “Picotoning” campaign, the most popular in commemoration of the opening of the hospital, is also held.

Medical corporation ABC has opened Ginzain, a beauty dermatology department called Ashiya Beauty Clinic, which can not be reserved from Ashiya. Ashiya beauty clinic Ginzain [About Ashiya Beauty Clinic] A high-end residential area butcher in Kansai. The Ashiya Beauty Clinic is located in this location with the most status in Kansai. The main hospital, which was opened in 2014, is treated as a comprehensive beauty clinic from skin troubles to formation treatment and slimming medical treatment that introduced the latest equipment, as well as treatment in the hospital and aftercare at home. We provide comprehensive cosmetic care. Five years after the hospital opened, with the support of many local