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[The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8] Bright and energetic Tokyo! Online event “Brighten up Tokyo”

[The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8] Bright and energetic Tokyo! Online event “Brighten up Tokyo”

The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8 will hold an online canvas event "Brighten up Tokyo" from Wednesday, August 12, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020. This event puts the desire to make Tokyo bright and healthy. Everyone will be able to rediscover the charm of Tokyo by posting their favorite summer photos and illustrations as well as their "favorite way to spend in Tokyo" and "what I want to do/I want to do in Tokyo" on Instagram. At this event, we also offer gifts from the hotel. We will present a hotel accommodation ticket (1 group 2 people) and SARYU original label juice (2 people) by lottery from those who

NEW SUMMER STYLE 2020 in Ginza Mitsukoshi

■August 5th (Wednesday) to 25th (Tuesday), 2020 ■Ginza Mitsukoshi floors At Ginza Mitsukoshi, we will propose a summer style that will make you feel "safe, fun, and comfortable" from August 5th (Wednesday) to 25th (Tuesday), 2020. In the environment surrounding the world these days, this summer is likely to spend more time at home. In the meantime, we will introduce items that respond to the request of "I want to enjoy holidays", not only for fulfilling time with family, but also for enjoying yourself and relaxing time. [Beautiful and unique to me at home] "Easy care at home! ] <Yaman> A new custom before makeup that you want to start

Grand opening of “FANCL Ginza Square”

The message is "Beauty, health, new experiences." Renovating the entire building and enriching experience content FANCL Inc. will open "FANCL Ginza Square" on Friday, August 7th. We planned to reopen the whole building in April, but it was postponed due to the new coronavirus. On May 27 (Wednesday) after the cancellation of the emergency declaration, we will open as a pre-opening from the 1st basement floor to the 4th floor, and we will start the whole building business this time. With the message "Beauty and health are new experiences," we will be reborn as a store where customers can discover the possibilities of beauty and health that they have not

-Tokyu Stay “Private Telework Room” Now on Sale-

Supports comfortable telework/working for business users Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. has increased the number of companies that have introduced telework in Corona at some stores of the stay-type hotel "Tokyu Stay" developed and operated nationwide, and avoiding the risk of spread of business user infection and more comfortable In order to meet the needs for a telework environment, we have begun selling "private telework rooms" that do not have beds in the room, and have created an environment that allows us to concentrate more on the work. I will propose. This time, we are planning to use it for some stores in the Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kinki areas,

Conrad Tokyo starts selling special accommodation plan for the 15th anniversary

There is also a plan where you can stay in a suite with a view of Tokyo Bay and the Hamarikyu Garden, and enjoy staying with carefully selected wines and special dinners that you can enjoy in your room, hotel credits that can be used for spas, etc. Conrad Tokyo celebrated its 15th anniversary on the 1st of this month. In commemoration of the 15th anniversary, two types of special accommodation plans, "Blissful Wine Celebration" and "Anniversary Delight", will be available from July 22 (Wednesday) for a limited time today. I will sell it. "Brisful Wine Celebration" is a limited-edition stay in a Bay View Suite with a separate living

Tokyo’s first women’s and men’s store is NEW OPEN in the super cheap fixed-rate self-esthetic store “Jibun de Este”!

Monthly ¥5,980~! Unlimited access to all stores nationwide! Self-esthetic gym "Jibun de Esthetic" opens in Yurakucho Marui! Hashin Co., Ltd. ======================================== A new store has appeared at the super-discount fixed-rate self-esthetic store "Jibun de Este"! The first women's and men's store in Tokyo! & Sports gym "Megaloss" collaboration store! Yurakucho Marui Ladies & Men's Store Wednesday, July 29, 2020 GRAN D O PEN !! [Request for preview/interview] ~ Industry's first! New sense of "BEAUTY GYM" ===================================== New store overview Hakushin Co., Ltd. will open the industry's first all-you-can-use flat-rate self-esthetic "Jibun de Este" at "Yurakucho Marui Women's & Men's Store on Wednesday, July 29, 2020". The Yurakucho Marui store will

A refreshing Happy in the sultry summer… Axes femme cool mask with a unique brand view! !!

Cool masks, which are summer specifications of the original masks that were very popular before, have appeared from the apparel brand axes femme developed by IG Co., Ltd. With the spread of new coronavirus spreading again and anxiety spreading, there is a desire to deliver a refreshing Happy from axes femme in the coming hot and humid summer. The mask has been released. A refreshing Happy in the hot and humid summer… A world view of a brand like no other axes femme cool mask is now available! !! Cool masks, which are summer specifications of the original masks that were very popular before, have appeared from the apparel brand

Japan’s first store Next-generation lifestyle hotel “Aloft Tokyo Ginza” opening date decided

Opening Thursday, October 1, 2020 Sankei Building Co., Ltd. and Marriott International Co., Ltd. have decided to open "Aloft Tokyo Ginza" (hereinafter "Aloft Tokyo Ginza"), which is being developed by both companies, on October 1, 2020 (Thursday). It was. In line with this, we are also accepting accommodation reservations. Aloft, a Marriott International lifestyle brand, is bold and vibrant that sets it apart from traditional hotels, open spaces that encourage people to interact, state-of-the-art technology, and regular live concerts in the hotel. The series features "Live@Aloft". It provides an exciting experience for the next generation of travelers who love music and are sensitive to cutting-edge technology. Aloft Hotel is currently

● We will run the Message London Bus to keep the entertainment lights on.

This time, LUX Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Ride Co., Ltd., an advertising company mainly for mobile advertising, will prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and tomorrow in the entertainment industry, Message We will operate the London bus in Tokyo. Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, request for refraining from going out, requesting leave, etc. Nowadays, various industries have taken countermeasures with the hope that they will converge as early as possible for a day. Even in the entertainment industry, scheduled LIVEs and events, Large and small events such as summer festivals, dramas and programs etc. The cancellation and postponement were announced, and there was a mood of

[Hotel Monterey Co., Ltd.] Started antivirus and antibacterial processing for all hotels

You can use each facility in the hotel with more peace of mind. Hotel Monterey Co., Ltd. will carry out anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating processing for each facility of 21 hotels (total of 5280 rooms) operated by the Company in order to allow customers to use our hotels with more peace of mind. The coating material used is "Air Catalyst Cellfeel®" developed and manufactured and sold by Nichirin Chemical Co., Ltd., which can react with water and oxygen in the air to make the virus harmless and to expect an effect on the new coronavirus. I will do it. The coating material is used by West Japan Railway Company (JR