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“Nois de Bourg” popular in freshly baked financiers reappears in Ginza! Open a pop-up shop in Ginza Mitsukoshi from 6/26 to Ginza.

“Nois de Bourg” popular in freshly baked financiers reappears in Ginza! Open a pop-up shop in Ginza Mitsukoshi from 6/26 to Ginza.

Eyderweiss Co., Ltd.'s "baked financier" is a signboard product "Noyre de Boule ( )" is a pop-up shop in Ginza Mitsukoshi underground 2F cake shop I will open a store. Freshly baked financier In addition to the most popular "baked financiers" to be baked in the in-store kitchen, we offer baked goods such as Madeleine, Kanure, cake of lemon, pastry chef's proud saubles and cookies, cute wrapped petite gifts, gift for giving gifts You Lemon cake Taste of precisely because it baked Kitate-fresh The outside is crispy and fragrant while the inside is moist, buttery and almond-flavored finnciers. In order to deliver the taste of freshly baked, baked little

Let’s have fun with colorful tacos this summer! “Tacos 6 types of eating comparison plan” appeared for a limited time

You can make multi-colored ingredients and make original tacos Hawaiian cafe hole hole cafe & diner is offering "Tacos 6 All-you-can-eat Course" for a limited time until August 31, 2019 (Saturday)! Hawaiian Tacos 6 all-you-can-eat, highly satisfying course content with popular iron plate beef steak grill and sweets etc.! Tacos ingredients are in addition to the standard chicken, and there are other varieties such as "fried fish and cummintaltal" and "Kamage shiras and green onion", which are served in different sauces and seasonings. You can also roll up an appetizer or beef steak provided on the course in a tortilla to make your own original tacos. hole hole cafe &

[Theater type restaurant & lounge water play] Human national treasure Kyomai upper stream Inoue Yachiyo, Toyama Kiyori, a special performance is decided!

Theatrical type restaurant & lounge We will hold a special performance on Sunday, July 14th, 2019, with human national treasure kyomai upper five wards and Inoue Yachiyo. At Mizugiya, we will hold various performances such as Japanese dance, Gagaku, Bunraku, Ryukyu dance, Kagura and other performances including Noh and Kyogen on the 365th, and provide a place where you can experience a rich cultural experience. We have received At this time of the Gion Festival, at Nihonbashi, we decided to hold a Kyoto dance performance by Inoue Yachiyo (Human National Treasure) to enjoy the sense of the season in Kyoto. For performances, we will arrange Toyama Kiyoshi, which is also

Until midnight in Ginza! Barbecue “PLUSTOKOO ROOFTOP GARDEN BBQ” full-scale start that can enjoy the resort feeling

The “PLUSTOKOO ROOFTOP GARDEN BBQ” was launched in full swing through the pre-opening in May on the rooftop of PLUSTOKYO 1-chome “PLUSTOKYO” (Yomi: Plus Tokyo). "PLUSTOKYO" is an adult social space that proposes an unprecedented new way of playing, which combines music, art, food and entertainment elements, and is a club, cafe bar, and art gallery. "PLUSTOKOO ROOFTOP GARDEN BBQ" is a prime feature of being in Ginza, Ginza, enjoying a barbecue while enjoying the resort feeling until midnight, while staying in the middle of nowhere. A DJ booth is also set up regularly, and you can enjoy a barbecue along with good music by the familiar DJ team at

Holding “Tomato Jack!” At 10 facilities in Tokyo-to 6/30-

Tomato is the king of summer vegetables that is full of food from this early summer to the summer. You can just eat it! You can even heat it! Such tomato-themed events are held from June 4 (Tuesday) to June 30 (Sun). The name is also " Tomato Jack! " With the full cooperation of "Kagome" familiar with tomato ketchup, you can enjoy 78 kinds of limited tomato menus for a limited time using Kagome's selected tomatoes and processed tomato products at cafes and restaurants in 10 facilities in Tokyo. The chefs of a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean cuisine, are

AKOMEYA TOKYO “Tokjiro of the 4th generation Tokjiro natural ice” appeared!

On June 21 (Fri), we will release limited number of oyster ice using natural ice from the 4th generation Tokujiro at AKOMEYA Kitchen (Ginza Main Store) and AKOMEYA Teahouse. Tochigi Prefecture The delicious water and clear air produced by the rich nature of sunlight, and the natural ice made with old-fashioned wisdom and effort are characterized by a soft texture and a smooth mouth that will never be forgotten once tasted! Please enjoy the taste of ice. ※ All listed prices are tax-excluded. ※ It will end as soon as ice disappears. AKOMEYA Kitchen (in Ginza Main Store) Hours served: 14: 00-17: 00 (LO16: 00) ※ Start time will be

Craft Brewery’s first * subscription service “CLUB BTG” started at Craft Beer & Deli Stand “BEER TO GO” in Ginza Sony Park!

One cup a day, weekdays-limited "working style reform type" task board … Spring Valley Brewery Co., Ltd. to enjoy the diversity of beer that will be the first craft brewery at Craft Beer & Deli Stand "BEER TO GO by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY" (hereinafter BTG) in Ginza Sony Park (Ginza Sony Park) We will introduce a new subscription service "CLUB BTG" that can be Now that “reform of work” is being promoted by various companies, we offer a new way of drinking as one of the options to spend meaningful time at the end of work. ※ This is Japan's first subscription service that is directly managed by Kraft Brewery's

Now you can eat the topical Tapioca pancake until summer vacation! An evolutionary tapioca pancake using colorful tapioca which is finished by adding tapioca powder to the dough

Hawaiian cafe hole hole cafe & diner is offering "Tapioca Pancake" for a limited time until August 31, 2019 (Saturday)! Initially, it was planned to end sales at the end of May, but in response to a response that exceeded expectations, many students now extend the offer period until the end of August, which is summer vacation. hole hole cafe & diner Shibuya: hole hole cafe & diner Shinjuku Higashiguchi: hole hole cafe & diner Ginza shop: Hawaiian cafe hole hole cafe & diner is offering "Tapioca Pancake" for a limited time until August 31, 2019 (Saturday)! Initially, it was planned to end sales at the end

Shiseido’s Bar “Bar S” offers cocktails for the anniversary celebration to Ginza

Operated by Shiseido Parlor, Bar S (the 11th floor of Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building) celebrated its 4th anniversary on Monday, June 3, 2019. We are grateful for our daily activities, and we are offering 5 kinds of commemorative cocktails from June 1 (Sat) to 29 (Sat). In honor of the founding place "Ginza", each of the three bartenders will offer a full drink. Please enjoy the world unique to Bar S where a sense of liberation and luster are woven. * Open Saturday from 2019. * Happy Hour (Tuesday-Friday 17:00-19:00 / Saturday 15:00-19:00) is also continuing. 【Ginza Hommage Cocktails】 (from the right of the photo) Brick Street Fizz ¥ 1,600

和 中 和 # # # # # 感 じ る 感 じ る 感 じ る 感 じ る 感 じ る 感 じ る 感 じ る 資 資 資 の み の み フ fresh “Frui Jure” ♪

Shiseido Parlor sells "Frui Jure" with a rich sense of flesh for a limited time. It is a taste that is full of a sense of fruit, with a soothing throat that melts well. It is safe for old and young men and women by not using alcohol. Please enjoy the summer special product which is packed with 5 kinds of colorful jelly in green and gold refreshing box. 【Fruy Jure】 5 pieces (FG20) 2,160 yen / 8 pieces (FG30) 3,240 yen / 14 pieces (FG50) 5,400 yen ※ Price is tax included. For a limited time product, it may be an early end of sale. ● Five flavors prepared