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Too much truffle cutlet sandwich of A5 Matsuzaka beef! The ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce is limited to 5 sets a day, and it is offered for 1980 yen ♪

Too much truffle cutlet sandwich of A5 Matsuzaka beef! The ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce is limited to 5 sets a day, and it is offered for 1980 yen ♪

Too much truffle cutlet sandwich of A5 Matsuzaka beef! The ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce is limited to 5 pairs a day and will be offered for 1980 yen. At Omoki Ginza Main Store, which is operated by D-R Co., Ltd., A5 Matsuzaka beef too rich truffle cutlet sandwich! We will sell the ultimate cutlet sandwich sanded with truffle sauce for only 1 pair of 1 set for 1980 yen. Matsusaka beef is recognized as the best beef cattle in Japan due to its excellent qualities and careful feeding management, and the superb taste is praised by the whole country and the world as a meat art. ■

MUJI Diner Ginza 1st “Guest Chefs Dinner” Announcement

Limited time event with a chef from Finland Good products plan, Inc. is the first of “Guest Chef's Dinner” which invites chefs from home and abroad and offers a limited menu at MUJI Diner Ginza, which opened on April 4 this year, May 18 (Saturday) Will be held for 4 days from May 21 (Tuesday). ■ 1st "Guest Chef's Dinner" MUJI wants to be a platform to build a better relationship between people and people, people and society, and people and nature. The MUJI Diner, which offers a menu with the theme of delicious "food" in a relaxed atmosphere, which is kind to the body, is invited to a chef

Organic non-heated in the first landing in Japan, nature reserve in Northern Europe Newly released at Honey Ginza LOFT store

All seven types of Kuma-san characters from April 26 (Fri) Next Innovation O Inn (Tallin, Estonia), based in Estonia, will renew seven BEAR CUBS (Bear Cubs), an organic honey from Estonian honey food company Nordic Food Products, at Ginza loft store I will release it. “ Honey ” formulated with Bee Pollen ※ 1 and Bee Bread ※ 2 So far, the first organic "non-heated juicing honey 120g" to be released in Japan is made by combining Hyakuhana Honey, Bee Pollen, Bee Bread and Bee Wax. "Unheated squeezed honey 120g" ¥ 2,300 (excluding tax) Manufacturer: Nordic Food Products (Nordic Food Products) Country of origin: Estonia, harvest area: Lääne county Production

Organic Matcha Specialty Store-THE MATCHA TOKYO Expands Products!

In the popular latte series, we offer drinks with taste and fashion, such as matcha tapioca with specially grown brown sugar and cherry blossom latte with cherry jelly. THE MATCHA TOKYO which continues to transmit the charm of safe, secure and delicious organic matcha to Japan and the world. We are increasing the variation of products using organic matcha. Matcha green tea tapiocalate (¥ 650 + tax) This time, "Matcha Tapiocalate", which uses 100% organic matcha and Kikaijima specially grown brown sugar in the popular latte series, has been launched. Besides, health and beauty oriented products using soy milk and almond milk are also available. In addition, we have prepared

Lemon sweets and drinks produced by Aoyama Thelma appear! We have experienced “BALLY CAFE (Barry Cafe)”, which is open for a limited time at Barry Ginza store!

High performance leather with a modern design and shoes. The Swiss-born fashion brand BALLY has opened a limited-time cafe with a variety of concepts, including collaboration with Mari Natsuki. This time, the fourth event, Amayama Thelma will provide a menu produced by Aoyama Thelma in commemoration of the collaboration collection " Bally X Thelma Aoyama Collection" announced by Theo Aoyama and "BALLY". A new BALLY CAFE has been opened. This time, I experienced the menu for a limited time, so I will tell you the pattern! The concept is "Spring Alps" Go upstairs on the stairs following the Barry Ginza store. Also pay attention to the beautiful decoration of the

Maronie Gate Ginza 2 “Matcha Fair-MATCHA FAIR” April 24 (Wed)-May 14 (Tue) 2019 2020 Limited time original menu appeared!

Maronie Gate Ginza 2 "Matcha Fair-MATCHA FAIR" April 24 (Wed)-May 14 (Tue) 2019 2020 Limited time original menu appeared! Matcha FAIR ~ MATCHA FAIR is being held from April 24 (Wed) to May 14 (Tues) at the Foods Cafe shop of the “Marronnier Gate Ginza 2” (Ginza 3-2-1, Chuo Ward) is. A limited-time original menu will be released only in Japan where you can enjoy the flavor and color of matcha. "Matcha fair ~ MATCHA FAIR" menu list ※ "Meet Fresh" is on the second floor, "Angelina" is on the first floor, and other shops are on the second basement. 1 Angelina (cake shop) [Matcha tea Mont Blanc] (tax-included ¥

Deciduous meat mountain toro raclette cheese! We carry out half price campaign with a limited period for from April 22nd to May 16th with “ABURI”

Specialty menu "AMM raclette cheese" (A Aburi M meat M mountain) is half price 1,990 yen! ! “ABURI (Aburi) Shinbashi store” shop of “Meat Bar × raclette cheese” is a special menu “AMM raclette cheese garnish (usually 3,980 yen)” in which five types of meat are filled with balance to commemorate the renewal opening. We will carry out a campaign to offer 50% of the price at ¥ 1,990 for a limited period from April 22 (Mon) to May 16 (Thu). “AMM raclette cheese” is half priced at ¥ 1,990! ※The image is an image. ※ The type of meat depends on the day. The raclette cheese menu "AMM raclette

Enjoy the early summer on the terrace with a refreshing breeze and discover the organic wines A.Y.C.D. and smoothie cocktails! Seasonal “NAMIKI Garden Terrace” held

A lifestyle hotel brand located in Ginza Namiki-dori “NAMIKI 667” (URL: namiki 667. com) of “Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo” offers dishes using colorful seasonal vegetables and organic ingredients, as well as toasts for toasts Starting with liqueurs and celery smoothie cocktails, we will hold “NAMIKI Garden Terrace” where you can enjoy organic certified wines from various production areas with All You Can Drink (AYCD). In addition, we offer seasonal limited menu of color that feels early summer including parfait of refreshing taste that is good for coming season. NAMIKI Garden Terrace Fresh taste of domestic ripe liqueur and celery smoothie cocktail (can be changed to apple if you are not

Japan’s largest ice cream event that mobilizes a total of approximately 2 million visitors again! More than 100 types of ice cream from around the country selected by the Japan Ice Mania Association gather in Ginza!

Ice Cream Expo 'Aipaku® TOKYO' in Ginza Mitsukoshi decided! April 24 (Wed)-May 6 (Mon., closed) @ Ginza Mitsukoshi 2019 The Japan Ice Mania Association is an ice cream expo, "Aipaku," where ice from all over Japan is gathered in one place, from April 24 (Wed) to May 6 (May, 20, 2019). ) Will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Exhibition Hall and 9F Ginza Terrace. ★ ★ unprecedented 10 consecutive holidays GW is covered with ice cream! ★ ★ In this "Aipaku TOKYO" in Ginza Mitsukoshi, including popular products that had been waiting for 2 hours in past events, increase new products such as Aipaku limited to open for the

A special event will be held on the 10 days of Golden Week just before the summer production at Ginza Matsuya Rooftop “Beer Garden Becomes Beautiful”!

We will open a special beer garden on the rooftop of Matsuya Ginza, which will be beautiful during the Golden Week, prior to the summer from April 27 (Saturday) to May 6 (Monday), 2019. You can enjoy beer garden menu at a great price, and also offer children's menu abundantly at Golden Week Limited. It is a space where you can enjoy not only adults but also the whole family. Please spend a pleasant holiday looking at the refreshing Ginza sky of early summer. ■ Standard BBQ & Cheese Tackalbi PLAN One person ¥ 2,980 (tax included) -Cooking- Green salad · BBQ platter AU-made sirloin / domestic pork shoulder loin