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Finally the Hoppe Town general election in autumn! A great selection of delicious foods! “Restaurant” 16 brands

Finally the Hoppe Town general election in autumn! A great selection of delicious foods! “Restaurant” 16 brands

Date: October 1 (Tuesday) to October 22 (Tuesday, National Holiday) Venue: Daimaru Tokyo 12th and 13th floor restaurants Directly connected to Tokyo Station, Daimaru Tokyo has excellent convenience and has 16 brand restaurants. In the fall when menus and seasonal items using seasonal ingredients appear one after another, the “Restaurant Party” will run for the food cheek town general election. A restaurant edition of the Hope Town general election that introduces the best menu to nearby businessmen and everyone who uses restaurants, and participates in voting by those who dine. The hot battle of 16 brands begins. [Voting period: 10/1 (Tue)-10/14 (Mon / holiday), Election results: 10/18 (Fri)-10/22 (Tue /

Offering menus appearing at TBS Sunday Theater “Grand Maison Tokyo” at “My French”

My Co., Ltd. (location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yasuo Terasaki), has announced the menu that appears in the TBS Sunday Theater “Grand Maison Tokyo” broadcast from October 20, “My French Will be offered from October 21 (Monday). The menu that appears at the beginning is “Couscous Allaison” in the first episode of 1,480 yen (excluding tax). An unconventional French dish chef, Natsuki Obana, is a special menu of stewed tomatoes that is seasoned with various spices such as anise and cardamom, garlic, and meat bouillon. In the future, provision menus will be added according to the development of the drama. Couscous Allaison (Example) ◆ Handling stores are the following 10 stores

Ginza Mitsukoshi Christmas Cake 2019

Date: October 2 (Wednesday) 10:00 am-December 10 (Tuesday) 8:00 pm Ginza Mitsukoshi will accept reservations for Christmas cakes at the online store from 10 am on Wednesday, October 2nd. [Ginza Mitsukoshi Christmas Cake Special Site] This year's theme is “Neo Classic: Connecting people and the times”. Ginza Mitsukoshi will propose high-quality, special-looking Christmas cakes that are created in a modern way while being conscious of tradition. It is a lineup of urban and adult-like images like Ginza, and you can enjoy adult Christmas. Ginza Mitsukoshi limited <patisserie camelia> Elegance 16,001 yen 40 points limitation (approximately diameter 21 * 21mm in height) Tokyo's Ginza roadside store <Patisserie Camellia>. The atmosphere

Conrad Tokyo expresses the excitement of the holiday season with close friends “Holiday Tea Party” Sweets Buffet Collaboration with “Cass Kidson”, the UK ’s leading lifestyle brand

Conrad Tokyo's all-day dining “Cerise” collaborates with “Cath Kidston”, a British lifestyle brand that shines the life scene of women under the theme of “modern vintage” and “Holiday Tea Party” Suites The buffet will be available from November 2 (Sat). A holiday season where you can spend a fun time with your family and close friends by decorating illuminations that shine brightly and beautifully over long nights, choosing presents while thinking of the joyful face of the recipient. The sweets buffet, which expresses the excitement and precious moments of this period, includes sweets and macaroon towers with the motif of the print design of the winter collection of Cass Kidson,

All 27 types! Both lunch and side dishes are new in autumn! Daimaru Tokyo 8 Autumn Production Gourmet

October 1 (Tue)-October 22 (Tue) / Daimaru Tokyo Basement Food Hoppe Town September is coming to an end, and it's really autumn! If you say autumn, there may be many people who think of autumn of appetite most. Therefore, Daimaru Tokyo offers a lot of new autumn items using seasonal ingredients! Here are 8 recommended autumn production gourmets that you will definitely want to eat this fall, such as gorgeous bento boxes using one or more matsutake mushrooms and steamed rice bowls made from autumn ingredients! Defense party Also popular for autumn taste! It is a packed lunch of matsutake mushrooms and popular side dishes. <Western Ginza> Chef's well-known meal

A new menu full of seasonality appears in Ushigoro Bambina and Ushigoro Nuki in autumn

A lineup of new appetizing new menus in the fall Sung Co., Ltd. ( ) is located in all Ushigoro Bambina stores ( ) and all Ushigoro Nuki stores ( http: // ushigoro-kan .com / ) will start offering new menus. [Tuesday, October 1st, 2019] Ushigoro Bambina offers a variety of new seasonal menus devised by the chef, and Ushigoro Nuki offers Japanese craftsmen with a fine finish of autumn taste. "Ushigoro Bambina" Superb sirloin Bambina special red wine sauce 1,800 yen [Ushigoro Bambina] “Wine x meat” unique to Ushigoro Bambina. Please enjoy crisp potatoes wrapped in the finest core sirloin. It is a special dish that boasts

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo A delightful and cute Halloween sweet “Halloween Cake Set” that you can enjoy with your five senses will be available for a limited time only

October 1 (Tue)-October 31 (Thu)-"Halloween Cocktail" will also be available for a limited time from October 18 (Fri)- “Halloween Cake Set” with a scary and cute-looking sweet like Halloween in the “NAMIKI667” Bar & Lounge area (URL: of the lifestyle hotel brand “Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo” located in Namiki-dori, Ginza Will be available from October 1 (Tue). Two types of “Halloween Cocktail” will be available from Friday, October 18th. Halloween Cake Set Six kinds of limited-time sweets that make you feel like taking a photo unintentionally have been combined into one plate. “Mommy Carrot Cake”, a cream cheese squeezed in a line on a financier that feels the flavor

From October 4th, Ginza Cozy Corner will sell a new work “Mysterious Montblanc” full of surprises for a limited time.

This is Montblanc's first time! Including "Mysterious Montblanc", there are a wide variety of Montblanc! Please enjoy "Mont Blanc Week". Ginza Cozy Corner Co., Ltd. will hold “Mont Blanc Week” for a limited time from October 4, 2019. A total of 6 items, including “Mysterious Montblanc”, which is full of surprises, will be sold at stores handling fresh cakes nationwide. When autumn deepens, “Mont Blanc” makes you want to eat innocently. This time, “Mont Blanc Week” was lined up with a variety of rich Mont Blanc. This is Montblanc's first time! “Mysterious Montblanc” is full of surprises and reveals its identity on Friday, October 4th! In addition, the luxurious and

Luxury with 1 seat per square meter. “Tokyo Yakiniku Ichiya”, a taste of the finest ranks “Matsusaka beef” and “Kobe beef”, is a grand opening at the Coredo Muromachi Terrace in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

~ 92 tsubo, 94 seats on the first floor of the reborn Nihonbashi town "Coredo Muromachi Terrace" ~ Heijoen Co., Ltd., buying one black beef that can be seen by the producer, will open its grand opening of the 39th store, “Tokyo Yakiniku Ichiya” on Friday, September 27, 2019 at Coredo Muromachi Terrace I will do it. Founded 50 years Since opening the first store in Adachi-ku, Tokyo in 1970, “Heijoen” buys a selection of Wagyu beef from across the country, with a long-standing commitment to quality and quality. We offer high quality Wagyu beef, which is the merit of buying one, and we offer it after carefully aging. “Wagyu”,

New fall menu for Ushigoro S and Yakiniku Ushigoro

Numerous new menus woven by the taste of autumn Thang Co., Ltd. ( Https://Sangue.Co.Jp/ ) is, "Ushigoro es" all stores ( Http://Ushigoro-s.Com/ ) and "around grilled meat cow" all stores ( Http://Ushigoro.Com / ) We will start offering autumn menus. [Tuesday, October 1st, 2019] “Ushigoro Es” offers a variety of new menus that let you fully enjoy the taste of autumn, while “Yakiniku Ushigoro” offers a variety of seasonal dishes. "Ushigoro-S" New Ikura and Beef Fillet Pot (Autumn Q Course) [Ushigoro-S] Now is the season's sea jewel, “New Ikura” from Hokkaido. Please enjoy the delicious flavor of beef fillet that is made with just the texture and residual heat of