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Low-calorie tapioca drink using “drink drip” amazake! Japanese sake specialty store “Kurayoshi Yurakucho” takeout sales started

Low-calorie tapioca drink using “drink drip” amazake! Japanese sake specialty store “Kurayoshi Yurakucho” takeout sales started

Surprisingly perfect compatibility! Amazake tapioca milk is recommended for adults visiting Ginza and Yurakucho Sake specialty store “Kurayoshi Yurakucho” operated by Globridge Co., Ltd. will start offering “Amazake Tapioca Milk” from August 15th (Thursday), 2019. ■ A unique combination of Amazake and Tapioca Healthy tapioca drink for adult women At the sake store “Kurayoshi Yurakucho”, we will start offering “Amazake Tapioca Milk” only in summer. The “sweet sake” called “drinking drip” contains vitamins B, amino acids, glucose, and oligosaccharides, and is said to have beauty and fatigue recovery effects. By combining amazake and milk, the effect of bowel regulation is also added. Because it uses the natural sweetness of amazake

-August 25 (Sunday) National Banana Split Day-A huge banana split pancake will appear for 3 days only August 23 (Friday)-August 25 (Sunday) 2019

EGGS 'N THINGS JAPAN Co., Ltd. is celebrating National Banana Split Day on August 25, 2019 (Sunday) and is limited to three days from August 23 (Friday) to August 25 (Sunday). We sell “<BIG> Banana Split Pancake” which is twice the size. URL: Product Name: “<BIG> Banana Split Pancake” Sales price: 2,800 yen (excluding tax) Sale period: August 23 (Friday)-August 25 (Sunday) Stores: All stores in Japan, except for some, Eggs' n Things LaLaport Nagoya Minato Acrus, Eggs' n Things Coffee Takasaki OPA, Eggs' n Things Coffee 髙 Takashimaya Station Mall Stores Please be careful. Eggs' n Things celebrates the National Banana Split Day on Sunday, August 25, and

A tie-up campaign at the TAPICARO, a tapioca store supervised by SASALA and Yuka Furukawa!

The hair removal salon “SASALA” operated by Viewtech Co., Ltd. will start a tie-up campaign with the tapioca specialty store “TAPICARO”, which was first supervised by SASALA image model Yuka Furukawa from August. ◾️ Scratch campaign with luxury items When you order tapioca at “TAPICARO” (details below) in Nakameguro, everyone will receive a “SASALA” x “TAPICARO” scratch. If you scrape the scratch and send the winning number to LINE, you will get a luxurious product on the spot. The scratch campaign will end as soon as it is gone. ◾️ “TAPICARO” This is a tapioca specialty store first supervised by SASALA's image model Yuka Furukawa. Yuka Furukawa is the only

New “Brownie assortment 8 bottles” will be released from Court Cool, the first brownie shop in Japan!

We will release 8 bottles of limited edition for a limited time, including the most popular “Tokyo Brownie”, “Earl Gray Brownie” and “Desert Wine Brownie”. New “Brownie assortment 8 bottles” will be released from Court Cool, the first brownie shop in Japan! Each item is individually wrapped and recommended for gifts and souvenirs. In addition, please enjoy with favorite drink for hospitality of important person. ◆ Product contents ・ Tokyo Brownie: Four standard plain brownies. Rich and rich taste. -Earl Gray Brownie: Two citrus-based ornate scented Earl Gray tea leaves were added to the dough and baked. ・ Desert Wine Brownie: A brownie with a rich taste using two rare

“Dewar ’s Highball Crossing Festival” will be held from August 10th!

From August 10th (Sat) to 18th (Sun), 2019, the music festival “Dewar's Highball Crossing Festival” organized by the Scotch whiskey brand “Dewar's” will be held at GINZA PLACE 3F panoramic space common ginza. It would be held. (* Dewars are imported by Bacardi Japan and sold by Sapporo Beer.) Today there was a media presentation, so let me tell you about it. Three attractions of “Dewar's Highball Crossing Festival” This festival is a music festival to be held with the theme of “origin” and wanting you to taste the origin of the highball “Dewars” while thinking about your origin (ancestors) in Obon. In a resort-like space, you can relax and

Maronie Gate Ginza 2 “Summer Feast Fair” Carefully selected 3 items. Experience report !!

Maronie Gate Ginza 2 holds the "Summer Feast Fair" from July 29th (Monday) (until Saturday, August 31st) This time, we will introduce the products from three stores carefully selected by the editorial department. First of all, I will introduce a bigo store. Bigo shops Speaking of Vigo's shop, it was an image of bread, but there are plenty of cakes. This time, the menu that appears in the “Summer Feast Fair” is tropical mango. You can only eat at Maronie Gate Ginza 2. Vigo's “Tropical Mango” "Tropical Mango" (378 yen) A refreshing mango pudding that blows away the heat of summer. The two layers of mango pudding, mango sauce, and

I want to eat only on hot days! Ginza Mitsukoshi “Marufuku restaurant The parlor” “cool” summer menu

Ginza Mitsukoshi 6F "Marufuku restaurant The parlor" ■ Marufuku coffee shop X Carpis collaboration menu comes up! A popular collaboration menu of the founding 85-year-old Marufuku restaurant and 100-year-old Calpis appeared in The Parlor. Marufuku-mochi store special product hot cake- "calpis" lemon whipped with yoghurt sauce-with drink Tax-included 2,268 yen (single item 1,512 yen) (Please choose a drink from coffee, tea, cafe au lait, sparkling wine) "Calpis" lemon smoothie- "Calpis" lemon with whipped-1,080 yen including tax ■ Marufuku Coffee Store × SUN FRUITS ~ Shaved Ice of Fresh Fruit ~ "Scissored ice of persimmon" Tax-included 1,944 yen ※ It is shaved ice which concentrated taste of the standard menu persimmon

【Hotel Gracery Ginza】 Breakfast Buffet TO-FU de Breakfast is delicious.

Hotel Gracery Ginza is holding a breakfast buffet entitled "TO-FU de breakfast made by Tofu Meister" at the hotel's restaurant, Bonsalute (3F), Monday, 1 July 2019. (Until August 31) This time, I would like to report to the Hotel Gracery Ginza, because I had a nice breakfast buffet. ■ We talked with Mr. Hitoshi Kato, the chef at Hotel Gracery Ginza, and Haruno Yamaguchi, a tofu meister, about the breakfast buffet this time. Hotel Gracery Ginza Chef-General, Hitoshi Kato (left) and Tofu Meister Haruno Yamaguchi (right) Q: How did you come up with this TO-FU de breakfast project? Tofu Meister Mr. Yamaguchi I think that tofu has the image of

Shiseido beauty salon brand portfolio “Shiseido Passage Beaute” opened in Ginza 7-chome

On July 20, 2019 (Saturday), Shiseido Beauty Salon Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Shiseido, opened the Shiseido Passage Beaute in Ginza 7-chome, which is also the place of establishment. The store's name "Shiseido Passage Beaute" has the meaning of "beauty" (Arcade), and images the location where various services from beauty can be received from the design of a store based on an arcade in Paris . As an opening campaign, Shiseido Parlor Ginza main store limited "Kampira Sugar" is presented. It is limited to the first 300 people who use the menu over 10,000 yen (tax-included 10,800 yen) or purchases the product. On the first floor, 4 private

“Summer feast fair” held at Maronie Gate Ginza 2

From July 29 (Mon) to August 31 (Saturday), the “Feast of the Summer Feast” will be held at the Foods Cafe shop on the Marronege Gate Ginza 2 (3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku) . The menu also has an original menu with plenty of summer vegetables and fruits! "Summer feast fair" menu list Tropical-style chilled tom yam four (underground second floor com four) "Tropical style chilled tom yam four" (single item 840 yen) Limited to summer "chilled" tom yum four appeared. Ingredients are shrimp and mizuna and root vegetables. And the sweetness of sweet mango, which is sweetened with sweet chili, is the accent. Please enjoy our proud domestic rice 100% pho