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Complete membership bar lounge VILLA FOCH GINZA is now a luxury card lounge!

Complete membership bar lounge VILLA FOCH GINZA is now a luxury card lounge!

A good location with a 30-second walk from the Ginza 4-chome intersection, a cafe that is perfect for a quiet time during the day, and a bar that offers a lot of vintage wine and champagne at night, perfect for important business talks and meetings LUXURY CARD, which was founded in the United States in 2008 and offers the finest personal services from everyday life to the travel scene as Mastercard's top-class credit card, is the largest bar in the Ginza area, opened in September 2019 in Ginza, Tokyo. Announcing that we have started offering special treatment as a luxury card lounge that can be used by luxury card members

Candy doll decoration in Ginza? Appeared

~ Hina Festival Sweets will be released this year ~ Art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE /" is the world's most interesting confectionery shop. Toward the Doll's Festival on March 3, 2020 (Tuesday), the Doll's Festival products will be released this year on Saturday, February 15th. We have a variety of products including "Hinamatsuri Mix" designed to make girls smile and "Sakura Bablets". The inside and back of the doll are cute Hinamatsuri mix Whatever the age, the Hina Matsuri is a festival for girls that excites girls. The inside and the back of the doll will help you be happy with the most cute finish in the past and the Hinamatsuri

Department store buyers serve as hubs to provide matching and know-how for people and goods Wakayama Fair / Wakayama Knot, connecting traditions and skills colored by tradition and innovation, and customers at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store and Ginza Mitsukoshi for a limited time

Food: February 12 (Wed)-18 (Tue) Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building B1F Food Collection Living Goods: February 19 (Wed)-25 (Tue) Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Living GINZA stage Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. has been working with Wakayama Prefecture since FY2017, and has been conducting the “ Wakayama Product Attractiveness Rediscovery Project '' to widely disseminate traditional industries and technologies in Wakayama Prefecture both domestically and overseas through three core stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area. You. In this business, department store buyers will be the hub, utilizing the production power of the sales floor, buyers will enter the production site, brushing up products specialized for market needs in collaboration with businesses, and

Dating, entertainment, and an important scene for an upscale dining experience! Yonezawa beef specialty store “Uesugi” opens in “GICROS” in Ginza

Bincho Charcoal Grilled Beef Course & Bincho Charcoal Grilled Meat Lunch Limited Offer at Special Price from February 17 (Mon)-March 15 (Sun)! [See the PDF version ] NTS Co., Ltd., which operates “ charcoal grilled meat Uesugi '' which is extremely popular as a Yonezawa beef specialty wholesaler, operates “ Yonezawa beef Uesugi Ginza main store '' on the 5th floor of “ GICROS GINZA GEMS '' which opened in November 2019 in Ginza Open. We offer an entertaining course menu that pursues a creative cuisine that is distinct from traditional yakiniku. This time, during the period from February 17 (Mon) to March 15 (Sun), 2020, the regular price

The first Reiwa! Ginza’s Valentine & White Day “La Saint Valentin Afternoon Tea Set” is now available!

[Limited time: February 1 (Sat)-March 31 (Tue), 2020] February 1, 2020 (Saturday) at "THE GRAND LOUNGE" of "THE GRAND GINZA" (the Grand Ginza), a lounge and restaurant on the top floor of GINZA SIX handled by Value Management Co., Ltd. For a limited time from March 31 (Tue), a new menu for Valentine's Day and White Day will be provided. "La Saint-Valentin" is Valentine's Day in French. Valentine is loved as a special day in France as a "lover's festival". We wanted to have the same experience in Ginza, like Valentine's Day in Paris, the city of passion, so we have prepared afternoon tea that expresses the passion red with

The second of “2020” “Strawberry” fair! With carefully selected varieties of this season.

Shiseido Parlor is currently holding the “2020 Special“ Strawberry ”Fair” at the Salon de Cafe in Ginza from January to March 2020. In February, the second installment, we have three seasonal strawberries. “Nohime” from Ibi-gun, Gifu with a rich and rich aroma, “Fukuharu” from Kagamiishi Agricultural Garden in Fukushima, which has a sweet and sour taste, and “Sanno Farm” from Ikoma-gun, Ikoma, Nara, which has been very popular since January. It ’s ‟Old capital flower’. The harmony of each strawberry and traditional vanilla ice cream allows you to enjoy three different flavors. Please enjoy the carefully selected adorable strawberries at the cafe when the cold weather is severe. Nohime's strawberry

Two new perfumes from Lalique

Fragrance for daily wear of the Maison's timeless beauty Lalique's fragrance for women "Living Lalique" and men's fragrance "Homage A Lom", which capture the world of Lalique's timeless beauty, will be released on January 31, 2020 (Friday). "Living Lalique" Aude Parfum Two iconic aromas that carry the aesthetics of the brand The beauty of a woman who shines lightly like a swallow, which is also drawn on the Lalique logo and is a symbol of the Maison. Or an intelligent and sophisticated man who is proud and confident that he is masculine. Larisk's fragrance “ Living Lalique '' and men's fragrance “ Homage A Lom '' express the image of

“Hibiya OKUROJI” is born in the historic brick arch viaduct in late June 2020-44 stores including the first store opening in Tokyo and new business type are decided! ~

東 Under the Group Management Vision “Reform 2027”, the JR East Group is working on “Creating new services starting from people”, with the slogan “CITY UP!” To regenerate underpass space. Promoting the plan. 東 JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. will open “Hibiya OKUROJI” in late June 2020 in a space under a 300m elevated bridge featuring a brick arch carving a 100-year history between Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station (*). To do. 行列 Line eel shop "Una Fuji" in Nagoya, all-day dining "COOK BARN TOKYO" that sticks to Ibaraki ingredients, Kyoto and Tango hand-woven tie "KUSKA & THE TANGO", Niigata craftsmanship "NIIGATA1 ○○" where you can enjoy squaring ,

Matsuya Ginza × OTEKOMACHI × International NGO Plan International Valentine project “ Supporting girls around the world with chocolate (support) # Sapo chocolate ”

Available at Matsuya Ginza from February 5 to February 14 The International NGO Plan International is a joint project with Oya Komachi, a women's website operated by Matsuya Ginza and the Yomiuri Shimbun, for Valentine's Day 2020. #Sapo Choco ". This initiative began with the intent of expanding the circle of support by purchasing tablet chocolate sold at Ginza Valentine World in Matsuya Ginza and at the same time spreading #Sapo Choco on SNS. Was. A portion of the tablet chocolate sales will be donated by Matsuya Ginza and used for the "Girls Project" that the plan is conducting. The Girls Project protects girls who are victims of harmful practices

Tora Snake Coffee The first collaboration is Sasquatch Fabrics. Available at Dover Street Market Ginza from January 25!

What is coffee made by scientists? ! From Niigata, new roasting technology creates waves in the coffee world The tiger snake coffee, a topic of coffee beans produced by a scientist, a roaster using its own scientific formula and roasting technology, has teamed up with Sasquatchfabrix. As the first collaboration. Sasquatch Fabrics designs and produces T-shirt type 2 with the logo of "COFFEE & SCIENCE", which is also the brand theme of tiger snake coffee. From January 25, a set of 100g deep roasted and 100g lightly roasted coffee beans and T-shirts will be pre-sold at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA for 12,500 yen. Information will be distributed on the official