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Opened POP-UP space “ZeroBase Labs GINZA 4-chome crossing” at Ginza 4-chome intersection The first stage is a beer cafe with a theme of “discerning and high quality”

Opened POP-UP space “ZeroBase Labs GINZA 4-chome crossing” at Ginza 4-chome intersection The first stage is a beer cafe with a theme of “discerning and high quality”

Kesion Co., Ltd. will open the POP-UP space "ZeroBase Labs GINZA 4-chome crossing" located at the intersection of Ginza 4-chome today with the concept of "making various communications possible with free ideas". The opening will be a beer cafe where you can enjoy coffee supervised by Swim Masashi Oda, craft beer "KOKAGE BEER" from Karuizawa, and frozen yogurt ice candy "ICETACHE" popular in Hokkaido at the same time. "ZeroBase Labs GINZA 4-chome crossing" was developed as the third promotion space brand "ZeroBase" developed by our company, so that various clients can use it as an experimental place for communication design. .. The first item is a beer cafe with the

A “new sensation” gourmet that brightens autumn in Ginza with seasonal tastes such as fresh “grape” and autumn classic ingredients “potato” “chestnut”

GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, will offer sweets, gourmet foods, and special menus exclusively for this fall, with top creators arranging the blessings of autumn. We offer sweets with a new sense that proposes new ways of enjoying while preserving the original taste of the ingredients, autumn gourmet where you can enjoy using the classic ingredients of autumn such as potatoes, chestnuts, grapes and mushrooms luxuriously, adult women With the colorful menus such as the "Halloween" menu, you can enjoy Ginza's autumn in a gorgeous way. In addition, new stores and shops for a limited time have also appeared. GINZA SIX's first-ever store is full

A new shop opens on the Ginza Mitsukoshi Foods floor!

Main building B2 floor Japanese and Western confectionery zone A new shop for baked confectionery from Western confectionery manufacturer Morozov <Galette Aubourg Ginza Mitsukoshi> opens The first store will open in the Western confectionery zone on the second basement floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building on Wednesday, August 26. As the name implies, this shop, which means "baked confectionery of butter" in French, is a shop specializing in baked confectionery where you can enjoy butter. Introducing a limited edition product of Ginza Mitsukoshi, where you can enjoy the various expressions that butter has through the unique baked goods. Garrett Aubourg Calite Extra A thick-baked sable that uses the rich

Henri Charpentier unveiled a very popular authentic “parfait” recipe at the Ginza Maison store!

Appears on Henri Charpentier's recipe site "# Henri de Ouchi" From August 14, 2020 (Friday), Suzette Holdings Co., Ltd. has become a very popular seasonal fruit at the Henri Charpentier Ginza Maison store on the recipe site "#Ochide Henri" that will make your family's time fun with a smile We have released a special parfait with ice cream and ice cream as a recipe that you can easily make at home. (* Currently, the Ginza Maison has stopped providing parfaits.) According to a survey*1 published by My Voicecom Co., Ltd. on Wednesday, July 29, the number of people spending their summer vacation at home was 40%. I know that Through

Schumatz × Niigata edamame collaboration menu for a limited time!

Schumatz proposes a new style with a modern German taste for the summer feature "beer and edamame" The modern German food "Schmatz" will offer a collaboration menu using edamame from Niigata Prefecture until August 30 at 10 target stores. Collaboration project with magazine food "cooking communication": the producers who grow agricultural products to be representative of the Niigata Prefecture, visited by professional popular dishes family and food, travel <br /> nourishing to the <# Niigata Origin> The low calorie "EDAMAME" is a popular food as a super food overseas. Did you know that edamame has the largest cultivation area in Niigata prefecture and has 40 kinds of varieties grown in

“An paste shaved ice” is very popular again this year! “Adult shaved ice” of Kona coffee and orange liqueur and strawberry shiratama yokan are now available!

We will tell you the latest information from Ginza Sony Park, an experimental park in the city. When you come to Ginza, please feel free to drop by in the garden where the space of the space spreads slowly to the basement. *In order to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff, we have implemented infection prevention and spread prevention measures in the park. Thank you for your cooperation. New product information ■<Toraya Cafe/An Stand> Enjoy seasonal products! Raspberry bean paste and adult shaved ice! ■<THE CONVENI> A stylish shopper bag with a checkered pattern is now on sale! TOPICS ① Walk around art in Ginza park

“SOUTHERN ITALY FAIR” held in Tokyo, where you can enjoy safe, secure and delicious “Southern Italy trip”!

Fresh oysters, lobsters, mussels… Enjoy delicious Italian food! From August 11th (Tuesday) to September 30th (Wednesday), 2020 at two restaurants, "MAIMON GINZA" and "MAIMON EBISU" operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd. "SOUTHERN ITALY FAIR" will be held for a limited time only. Japanese and Italian dishes are said to have many common points in terms of bringing out the original charm of the ingredients with simple cooking methods and seasonings. Moreover, the difference in food culture that makes us think that the country has changed between the south and the north is very similar to that of Japanese food, probably because Italian

[Restaurant TOYO mail order product 2nd] Hamburg steak made with 100% Matsuzaka beef with a rich flavor and aroma!

Chef Omori himself cooks in the kitchen of Restaurant TOYO Tokyo, a special dish! TOYO JAPAN Co., Ltd., which has a head office in Paris and runs “Restaurant TOYO Tokyo”, which is featured in the French gourmet food guide “Go et Millau 2019”, offers products that are particular to homemade chef Yuya Omori. In the mail order business, we will start offering hamburgers that use 100% of Matsuzaka beef, which is very popular at stores. background Due to the impact of shortening business hours due to coronal bruise and other factors, it is necessary to build various sales channels in addition to sales through in-store food and drink. In conducting

Afternoon tea set limited to “bills Ginza” and “bills Osaka” will be renewed from Friday, August 14th!

The all-day dining "bills" from Sydney, Australia will be renewed from Friday, August 14th, with a renewal of the afternoon tea set menu that will be limited to "bills Ginza" and "bills Osaka". The afternoon tea set offered by "bills Ginza" and "bills Osaka" is a limited menu that can be enjoyed only at these two stores even at bills around the world. The menu items have been renewed and you can enjoy them even more luxuriously. The bills Ginza afternoon tea set includes savory based on Moroccan chicken pie wrapping "pastilla" unique to Bill Granger who travels around the world, and "Kadaif" used for desserts in Turkey and the

Summer limited products recommended for summer souvenirs from the Petit Four (small baked goods) specialty store alongside the popular Ginza bakery “Joan Ginza Mitsukoshi”!

Established in 1905, Donk Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO: Tadashi Nakatsuchi) is a well-established bakery born in Kobe that consistently sticks to the scratch manufacturing method in which craftsmen prepare dough from flour and bake it. "Marché du petit four Johan", which is attached to the "Joan Ginza Mitsukoshi Store", will release new standard products and summer-only products from July 23, 2020 (Thursday/holiday) Did. “Marché du petit four Johan”, which opened in March of this year, is a new concept store that offers European-style petite-sized baked goods and bread fresh from the kiln. In addition to Joan's popular "Mini croissants" and "Mini chocolate croissants", the