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Restart with a new buffet style that matches the lifestyle of after-corona. Provide a safe and secure space with a perfect system-300 tongs prepared! Eliminate the anxiety of buffet with exclusive tongs and unlimited use ~

Restart with a new buffet style that matches the lifestyle of after-corona. Provide a safe and secure space with a perfect system-300 tongs prepared! Eliminate the anxiety of buffet with exclusive tongs and unlimited use ~

The buffet dining "Gran Eat Ginza" (URL:, directly managed by farmers, responded to the government's request for self-restraint from the beginning of March. We have resumed business. At Gran Eat Ginza, we have provided safe, secure, and delicious meals delivered directly from the production area. In addition to food safety , we will pay attention to corona infection and provide a fulfilling meal space, so after restarting, we will provide meals in a new buffet style according to the new era. As a countermeasure, we ask customers to wear masks when entering the store and when using the buffet table, and prepare a sufficient number of tongs to use

Mineral supply with oysters, not losing heat and viruses! Half price of true oyster plate!

6/15~6/24 Held all day General Oyster Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest*1 oyster bar chains, is live for 10 days from June 15th (Mon) to June 24th (Wed), limited to 24 stores, entitled “POWER OYSTER Fair”. We offer oysters at a special price. *1 From Fuji Keizai "Foodservice Marketing Manual 2016" < Example of production area planned to be provided > Iwate Prefecture solitary pine tree production, Iwate Prefecture Yonezaki production, Iwate Prefecture, Kamaishi production, Iwate Prefecture Otsuchi production, Iwate Prefecture Akasaki production, Iwate Prefecture Ofunato production, Miyagi Prefecture Shizugawa production, such as Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa production ※ stock situation, the offer by the store locality Is different. It may

Take-out sales of sweets inspired by “Beauty and the Beast” that tickle the maiden spirit for a limited time! “Afternoon tea sweets takeout” where you can enjoy authentic “home afternoon tea” at home

From June 5th (Friday) to June 30th (Tuesday) 2020 / Aoyama VINO BUONO (Vino Bono), Yokohama, Omiya At the restaurant "VINO BUONO" operated by Best Bridal Co., Ltd., whose brand slogan is "Let's deliver a lot of love.", "Princess Afternoon Tea-Beauty and the Beast-" is on sale at home. However, for your enjoyment, the afternoon tea sweets will be sold out for a limited time from June 5, 2020 (Friday). [Official website] *The same products will be sold at "Ristorante Mangere Water Edge YOKOHAMA" and "Cafe & Restaurant Shikiiwa". "Princess afternoon tea-Beauty and the Beast-" (for 2 people) for sale in the restaurant. You can take out 7 kinds

Upgrade your “home drink”! June 10 “Roast Beef Day”: 7 roast beef menus

From Monday, June 8 to 30th (Tue) / Daimaru Tokyo store basement cheek town The Daimaru Tokyo store, which has reopened the entire building from Tuesday, May 26th, is looking for a new lifestyle and thinking of "what we can do now at the department store's food counter", while providing our customers with "home time" and "mochimo" We will continue to provide you with information that will enhance your experience. June 10th is "Roast beef day" from the word matching. The number of people who are willing to enjoy "home drinking" is increasing, but roast beef with plenty of presence makes the house drink gorgeous at once. It is also

“Bicerin’s popular items” will be available from Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online Shopping from June 5 (Friday)

The products of Bichelin Asia Pacific and Middle East Co., Ltd. will be available from Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.'s online shopping site "Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online Shopping" from June 5, 2020 (Friday). The products to be developed are the popular "Set di Biscotti" which won the first special selection in the "Entertainment souvenirs" selection 2020 selected by 36000 active secretaries, as well as espresso, drip coffee and French press. We will develop 5 items including Bicherin original blended coffee that you can enjoy the taste of Bicheline at home such as coffee. Due to recent demands for refraining from going out, it is expected that people will have more

Started selling at “Oisix House Restaurant”, a collaboration project with top chefs (May 28-) Furthermore, products from 3 popular stores such as UMAMI BURGER will also be on sale

~Proposing a new dining table that meets the needs of after-corona even after the declaration of emergency has been lifted~ Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd., which develops home delivery of safe and secure agricultural products, processed foods, meal kits, etc., uses “Oisix” operated by our company, recipes and ingredients, seasonings of chefs of restaurants with Michelin stars We will sell a collaborative product that is a part of the set from May 28th. This product is a new dining table that matches the needs of after-corona in collaboration with the chefs of Michelin starred restaurants and difficult-to-reserve restaurants in the "Oisix House Restaurant" plan to support the restaurant business that

4 Oyster bars in Tokyo have started taking out “seasonal raw oysters”! Challenge the “peeling” of the family! Oyster bar at home

Start from 4 stores of General Oyster Group from May 29 (Fri) General Oyster Co., Ltd., Japan's largest*1 oyster bar chain, will start takeout sales of raw oysters at 4 stores only from May 29 (Fri). *1: From Fuji Keizai "Foodservice Marketing Manual 2016" In order to enjoy the deliciousness and fun of the oyster bar at home, we have started taking out some menus from May 10. As the second edition, we will start the takeout sales of raw oysters. Raw oyster image [Overview of Oyster Bar at home] ■ sales period: start from May 2 9 (Fri.) ■ Raw oysters takeout sale 12 pieces 4,560 yen, 24 pieces

“Authentic real-time takeout” service for “home rice” that makes your heart and body cheerful!

― Conducted at all 43 stores ― Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd., has decided to introduce "Rakuten Real Time Takeout", a takeout support service operated by Rakuten, Inc., and plans to roll out the service to almost all stores by the end of June. We will inform you because it became. Japan has entered a new era in which a new life style is required due to the unknown threat of the new coronavirus. In this unprecedented situation that many have to feel confused and anxious, diamond dining We decided to start a new service called "take out" while keeping the root of

“Avoid platters, cook individually” “Avoid drinks and drinks” Ginza Lion course

Under the corporate philosophy of "JOY OF LIVING-Providing the joy of living-", which is a group company of Sapporo Holdings Co., Ltd., Sapporo Lion Co., Ltd., which operates beer halls and restaurants, is a place where customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. Ginza Lion (excluding some stores) in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Miyagi that supports the "new lifestyle" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, based on recommendations from the New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Experts Conference. Will be provided at. Ginza Lion <New lifestyle> course (90 minutes all-you-can-drink 3,500 yen / 120 minutes all-you-can-drink 3,800 yen / food only 1,982 yen) All prices excluding tax

Eggs ’n Things takeout menu can be received smoothly! “Online ordering service” starts from May 15, 2020 (Friday)

From May 15, 2020 (Friday), EGGS'N THINGS JAPAN Co., Ltd. will introduce an online ordering service that allows you to easily pre-order and pay for takeout products from the Eggs'n Things official website. In addition, we will start delivery delivery of "Uber Eats" at some stores. 20 May 2008 1 4 days To the press      URL: Eggs' n Things will start an online ordering service from Friday, May 15, 2020, where you can order take-out menus from the official website in advance. This is a convenient system where you can purchase your favorite menu online and receive it at the designated store. By ordering and making payments in