[Loft] Christmas “Christmas Caravan” is being held at Ginza Loft! A collection of Christmas items from various countries

Ginza Loft is holding the Ginza Loft Christmas promotion "Christmas Caravan" at each location from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. A collection of Christmas items from around the world, including Belgium, Denmark, and Greece. In addition to foods and ornaments, we have a large selection of Christmas gifts.

The key visual for Christmas was created by magma, an artist unit that has become a hot topic both domestically and internationally, and who created the visual for the Ginza Loft renovation on Friday, September 29th. As the second installment of the renovation, the objects and windows at the entrance on the first floor will be brightly colored with the theme of "X'MAX!"

*From December 26th (Tuesday), the third series of objects inspired by “New Year” will be released.

1st floor entrance object "X'MAX!"

Ginza Loft [Christmas Caravan] Overview
■Period: Currently being held – December 25th (Monday)
■Deployment location: Ginza Loft 1st to 5th floor locations

■Product example:
[1st floor: Christmas foods & gifts] *All prices include tax
●Belgium: GOODWILL Super Santa Series …1,210 yen – 6,930 yen A brand that has both a traditional and modern atmosphere. We selected the "Super Santa" series from various Christmas series.

●Lithuania: JAKELIS CANDLES …627 yen to 935 yen
Candle manufacturer founded in 1994. Each cone-shaped and round candle with a Santa motif is handmade by a craftsman.

●Denmark: SIRIUS …2,530 yen – 8,360 yen A lighting brand that follows Scandinavian design culture and is based on a simple and clean design. Gently lit tree-shaped and flickering candy-shaped glass lights.

●Netherlands: Only Natural …770 yen – 5,390 yen Honeycomb paper trees and ornaments made from recycled paper and apparel waste.

●UK: BREW TEA Oh Christmas Tea …2,916 yen A black tea blended with Assam and Kenyan tea leaves, citrus fruits and spices perfect for the holiday season, and safflower.

●Italy: Rusticella d'Abruzzo Panetoncino/Pandolino …1,481 yen each “Panettone'', which is made with a unique yeast and dried fruits, and a mini version of “Pandoro'', a Christmas cake from the Verona region made with simple ingredients such as yeast, eggs, and butter. size.

[2nd floor: Christmas coffret/body care gift]
●Portugal: CLAUS PORTO Classico Soap …2,640 yen This soap, filled with a special fragrance, has vintage graphics on the package and is recommended as a gift. We also have a lineup of candles and diffusers.

[3rd floor: warmer gift]
●Japan: TEMBER FINGERLESS GUNTE …2,310 yen Gloves with a focus on wool material and coloring. The fingertips are open so you can use your phone while wearing it.

●Spain: MANTAS EZCARAY …11,550 yen – 19,800 yen A mohair stole brand that continues the traditional manufacturing method of brushing with thistle seeds, with the dyeing, weaving, and processing processes carried out by skilled craftsmen.

[4th floor: Christmas decoration]
●Germany: Inge glas …3,080 yen – 3,520 yen A long-established manufacturer that also focuses on creating sustainable products. We offer head ornaments made of 100% recycled plastic and cardboard.

[5th floor: Christmas cards & wrapping]
●Greece: Kappa Decor …165 yen – 665 yen A ribbon manufacturer that features a wide variety of designs and color variations.
*Sold by weight starting from 1m, approximately 60 types available.

●Paper bags : 418 yen to 968 yen Paper bags of various sizes with Christmas motifs purchased overseas.
Extra large size is W50 x H70cm.

●Japan: nekonekodesign PAPER ARTS …550 yen – 1,430 yen A Christmas card featuring a delicate leather cut. Comes with paper legs so it can also be used as interior decoration.

[Loft Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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