[Loft] “Almost official! Karate Ni Ehime Antenna Shop” will be held at Ginza Loft. We have items that are filled with the charm of Ehime Prefecture.

From February 19th (Monday) to March 17th (Sunday), 2024, Ginza Loft will be hosting the “Super Markit” brand, which focuses on things and things from all over Japan and re-edits the charm of the region, with the cooperation of Ehime Prefecture. We will be holding the “Almost Official! Karate Ni Ehime Antenna Shop'' supervised by !(Super Markit) .

This is the fourth time the event has been held, and we will be selling samples of fruits and vegetables such as “Kamishima Lemon'' and “Setoka,'' as well as foods made with citrus fruits from Ehime Prefecture, as well as jams and soup stock. In addition to Ginza Loft, it will also be held at Tenjin Loft and Kagoshima Loft.

<[Almost official! Karate Ni Ehime Antenna Shop] Overview > *Products handled and scale of development vary depending on the store
■Period: February 19th (Monday) to March 17th (Sunday)
■Venue: Ginza Loft 1st floor special venue *Tenjin Loft: February 15th (Thursday) – March 15th (Friday), Kagoshima Loft: March 2nd (Saturday) – March 24th (Sunday)
■Planning and production: SUPER MARKIT Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
■Cooperation: Ehime Prefecture
■Number of products: Approximately 150 types (approximately 110 types of foods, approximately 40 types of miscellaneous goods) 

[Full of Ehime's charms, including citrus fruits and alcohol] *All prices include tax

●Kamishima Lemon (Shimanami Raku Agricultural Research Institute) We sell “Kami no Shima Lemon'' from Omishima Island in the Seto Inland Sea and Shimanami Kaido for 216 yen. Also on display are “Setoka'' and “Blood Orange,'' which are crossbred varieties of Kiyomi, Encore, and Murcott.

●Ehime seasonal table jam (SOIL TABLE) 1,400 yen A jam made with strawberries from Ehime Prefecture and marmalade based on “Ururun Tomato''.

●Chieko Mizutani x Yasumaru Japanese pepper-scented all-purpose dashi (Takahashi Shoten) 1,200 yen This is the first ever collaboration between Chieko Mizutani, Tomochika's alter ego from Ehime prefecture, and Yasumaru dashi.

●Kamishima Lemon Ale (Imabari Town Beer) 760 yen A refreshing craft beer made with Kamishima lemons. Fruity taste with little bitterness.

●Naked Barley Chocolate (Hinanoya) 550 yen Barley chocolate made by coating Ehime prefecture's proud "Naked Barley" pop confectionery with domestic chocolate.

●Home Up (Shikoku Dairy Products) 162 yen A soft-tasting cream soda that has been loved in Shikoku for a long time since its release in 1962.

●Rumlin (Arista Kiso) 302 yen Ramlin is a long-established confectionery from Imabari. A sweet for adults made by soaking castella cake in plenty of rum.

[Holding a jam and soup stock tasting event]
1) Sample sale of “Ehime’s seasonal table jam” by agricultural producer Kikuchi
◆Period: February 23rd (Friday/Holiday) noon to 7pm
2) “Chieko Mizutani x Yasumaru Japanese pepper-scented Japanese-style all-purpose dashi” tasting sale
◆Period: Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, February 25th, noon to 6:00 p.m.

[Loft Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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