GINZA SIX MIHARA LOCAL MARKET ~Craft beer and Ginza snacks~ (April 26-28)

GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, will be collaborating with Metro Minutes, a free magazine that connects Tokyo with local areas, to hold the second edition of last year's well-received MIHARA LOCAL MARKET from Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th, 2024.

This time, the theme is "Craft Beer and Ginza Snacks," and famous shops in the Ginza area will gather at Mihara Terrace in GINZA SIX. In addition to selling carefully selected domestic and international craft beers from the popular shop "Ladybirds Bottle Shop Tsukiji," as well as original beers exclusive to this event, there will also be the specialty sandwiches from the long-established coffee shop "Miyazawa," and chewy snacks with a hop aroma from "Beer Shop Le Pudding," which attracts beer fans from all over the country. Also participating from GINZA SIX, Tempura Yamanoue Ginza on the 13th floor will be selling a limited number of popular gift baramaki. Other famous Ginza shops will also be making an appearance.

In addition, the editorial team at Metro Minutes has selected four types of snacks that go well with the popular craft beers at GINZA SIX. They will be sold in limited quantities in original tote bags featuring illustrations by illustrator Sateto Sarada, who is also the key visual for this event.
Please enjoy this event where you can savor the flavors of famous restaurants in the gourmet town of Ginza on a comfortable early summer terrace.

[Date and time] Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th, 2024, 11:00-18:00 (17:00 on the last day)
[Location] GINZA SIX 2F Mihara Terrace *Craft beer and other menu items are available in limited quantities.
*Please check the Metro Minutes website for details about the event, including sales methods.
(Scheduled for release on April 23rd)
*Please check the Metro Minute Instagram @metrominlocalrhythm for sales information on the day.
*Content is subject to change without notice.
*The event will be canceled in the event of bad weather.

<Event participating stores>
・The popular craft beer shop "Ladybirds Bottle Shop Tsukiji" will be selling carefully selected domestic and foreign beers. We will also be unveiling original beers exclusive to the event! Here are some examples.

[Saitama] Mugi Zakkoku Kobo Microbrewery Mandarin Pop
An original beer created by a cutting-edge brewery in Ogawamachi, a village of organic farming, in collaboration with Metro Minutes and Lady Bird. The flavors of summer mandarins and Fukurai mandarins pop and pop with this delightful taste.
*Event only (GINZA SIX only)

[Mie] Himitsu Beer Flash Lager <br /> Made from an entire lemon tree grown at the brewery. The invigorating aroma and rich malt flavor combine to create a refreshing beer that is easy to drink. It also cleanses the oil from cooking, so you can enjoy it endlessly by pairing it with some snacks.

[Hokkaido] Brasserie Knot FLOWER
Brasserie Knot was founded in 2022 by Hiromi Uetake, a legendary brewer who has been active both in Japan and overseas. This flagship beer is a white beer with a gentle taste, with a soft aroma of orange peel and coriander.

[Sweden] Stigbergets Bryggeri Killer Pale
In recent years, this beer has been garnering attention in the craft beer industry, and is made with "Phantasm," a powder extracted from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The synergistic effect with the hops enhances the aroma, and one sip will have you feeling tropical!

[Norway] Amundsen Brewery RAY RAY JUICE 2.0
From Northern Europe, where unique beers are constantly being produced, comes this rich smoothie sour. In addition to mango, peach, and mandarin, it also uses marshmallow as a secret ingredient. The rich fruitiness, moderate acidity, and vanilla aroma are sure to become addictive.

[Spain] Naparbier RISING
This beer is made by a long-established brewery that is well-known for its lagers. The soft carbonation creates a layered harmony of coffee, chocolate, nuts, and raisins. It has a complex, full-bodied flavor, but a refreshing aftertaste!

A selection of snacks that go well with beer from famous restaurants in the GINZA SIX neighborhood.

Miyazawa Sandwich Founded in 1983, Miyazawa is a long-established coffee shop that is a place of relaxation for busy Ginza businessmen. Its specialty sandwiches are also known as a "midnight snack" for the high-end clubs in the area. The most popular item, the "egg sandwich," can sell 100 servings a day. This time, they are selling a "ham mix sandwich," which combines the egg sandwich with a ham sandwich accented with cucumber. This is your chance to eat a sandwich that can usually only be ordered after 4pm at any time. The combination of fluffy bread, which they have been using since the shop opened, and simply seasoned ingredients creates a refined, classic taste that you will never tire of. Its heart-warming flavor shows why it has been loved for so many years.

Anagoya Ginza Hirai Mesokko Box Meshi Anago Tsukudani <br /> Located at the back of an alley in Ginza 5-chome that still retains the good old Showa era atmosphere, Ginza Hirai is a popular restaurant that has a line at lunchtime. The owner was a long-time manager of a famous long-established restaurant in Nihonbashi, and opened the restaurant independently, so the restaurant is particular about the quality of its ingredients. The conger eel is basically small, about 20cm long, called "mesokko." It is said that this conger eel has a firm flesh and was loved by Edokko people as the highest quality. The signature dish, "Mesokko Box Meshi," is a very greedy dish topped with one plump boiled conger eel and one skewer of fragrantly grilled kabayaki. The sweet and spicy "Anago Tsukudani" is a taste that makes you want to drink more. Don't miss out on either of these two snacks that will let you experience "Japanese food goes well with beer!"

Hoplini at Beer Shop Le Purin <br /> The cute, plump finger food is an evolved version of the Italian fried bread snack "Zeppollini". Take a bite of the chewy, springy dough and you'll be surprised by the refreshing aroma and slightly bitter taste that hits your nose. Hats off to the idea of kneading hops into the dough. It's run by Beer Shop Le Purin, where beer fans from all over the country gather every night. Not only does it have a lineup of domestic craft beers that are sure to please, from famous names to newcomers, but it's also the careful cooking that shows the care put into each ingredient that is synonymous with the restaurant. What would you pair with this? A strong, bitter IPA? Or a refreshing lager? This is a beer snack that will expand the fun of pairings.

GINZA SIX snack sets will also be on sale, limited to 30 per day!

We have selected snacks that go well with craft beer from shops in GINZA SIX. The snack set includes four products from "Jingoro", "Imadeya Ginza", "Oginoya", and "Cocolo Kitchen KYOTO", and will be sold exclusively in an original tote bag with an illustration by illustrator Sateto Sarada.

■ GINZA SIX Gourmet Seasonal Special
Introducing a new trend for 2024! Sparkling wine and sweets pairing.

In the season of early summer's freshness, we want to try the pleasure of "bubbles and sweets". When we say "bubbles", there is a wide variety, including champagne with beautiful bubbles that tickle your throat, sparkling sake, beer with herbal aromas, whiskey soda, and more. This year's Golden Week, we are proposing "afternoon sparkling" instead of afternoon tea.
(Scheduled for release on April 17th)

[GINZA SIX Retail Management Co., Ltd.] Press release

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