[GRAND OPENING May 8, 2024] A cutting-edge, self-service, hourly café modeled after an airport lounge [Time Coffee Ginza]

B&V Co., Ltd., which operates the major karaoke chain Karaokekan , will open a new type of cafe facility called "Time Coffee Ginza Store."
URL: https://karaokekan.jp/campaign/detail/1013

■About the concept

The spacious interior of the restaurant, with 112 seats (42 seats on the 1st floor non-smoking floor and 70 seats on the B1 floor smoking floor), is designed to create a cafe that evokes the image of a "relaxed and calm space like an airport lounge" amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

■About the system and its features

・You can come and go as you like using the 30-minute time-based system (starting with 60 minutes) ・A great value free-time service only available with an hourly rate! Of course you're free to come and go as you like!
・Self-service with automatic entry and exit and automatic payment system ・Customer management with face recognition system ・Wi-Fi and power outlets at each seat for remote work ・Reclining seats available for a relaxing stay ・All-you-can-drink 52 types of coffee beans and soft drinks ・Self-service hours from 7:00 to 5:00 the following morning, realizing unprecedented opening hours at cafes

■ How to use "Time Coffee Ginza Store"

1. Select and purchase your "stay time" at the terminal at the entrance. You will be given a receipt with a QR code printed on it, so hold the QR code over the gate to enter the store.
②If you wish to make an additional order, you can place a self-order using the "TTG-MONSTAR" in the store, confirm the number displayed on the call sign, and collect your items.
You can also extend your time by purchasing additional "stay time" at MONSTAR inside the store.
③When you leave the store, hold the QR code over the gate to exit.

Introducing the time-based payment system "TTG-GATEWAY" that combines the multi-function self-checkout "TTG-MONSTAR" developed by TOUCH TO GO Co., Ltd. with a gate. *About TOUCH TO GO Co., Ltd. https://ttg.co.jp/

■All-you-can-drink 52 types of drinks, including coffee made with three carefully selected beans

All-you-can-drink options include specially-prepared coffee made with special blend beans, Emerald Mountain beans, and Kilimanjaro blend beans, a wide selection of soft drinks, and 52 other drinks, including four types of health tea.

■ Free selection of 6 types of morning lunch (7:00-13:30)


Pork miso soup and grilled rice balls

Kitsune Udon

Ogura Toast

Gratin Toast

Pizza toast

You can choose one item from the above menu for free.

■Great value dessert and light meal menu (13:30-22:00)

・Tea chiffon cake 241 yen (265 yen including tax)
・Berry waffle 309 yen (340 yen including tax)
・Graham roll sandwich (bacon & cheese) 482 yen (530 yen including tax)
・Baguette sandwich (ham & cheese) 482 yen (530 yen including tax)
・Tortilla dog 250 yen (275 yen including tax)
・Caramel chocolate roll 391 yen (430 yen including tax)
・Cinnamon roll 391 yen (430 yen including tax)
・Ice cream cake (yogurt fruit) 345 yen (380 yen including tax)
・Ice cream cake (berry rare cheese) 345 yen (380 yen including tax)

■Opening campaign held!

From Wednesday, May 8th to Friday, May 31st, we are running an opening campaign where you can use the service for half the price of 450 yen (495 yen including tax) for 30 minutes, at 225 yen (248 yen including tax) for 30 minutes. (Starting from 60 minutes)

Come experience this new style of cafe at Time Coffee Ginza!

■ Facility Overview
~ A cutting-edge, self-service café with hourly rates inspired by airport lounges ~ [Time Coffee Shop Ginza]

[Time Coffee Ginza store] https://karaokekan.jp/campaign/detail/1013
Ginza 111 Leisure Building 1F/B1F, 4-2-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Number of seats: 112 (1F non-smoking floor: 42 seats, B1F smoking floor: 70 seats)
Business hours: 7:00 to 5:00 the next morning

[Nearest station]
Approximately 1 minute walk from Ginza Station, Exit B10 Approximately 2 minutes walk from Yurakucho Station, Exit A0 (East) Approximately 3 minutes walk from Ginza 1-chome Station, Exit 4

From the press release of B&V Co., Ltd.

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