Traditional handicraft “Kaga yubinuki” learn together “Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-silk Kaleidoscope final volume-” 1/23 from the (Monday) held in Yurakucho, Tokyo see Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan”

Do the activities of the arts and crafts of Kanazawa tradition “Kaga yubinuki” “connected to Kaga yubinuki” (presider: Yasuko stone) at the 1/2017-28, (Saturday) 6 days, yuraku-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 2f Gallery, arts and crafts “Kaga yubinuki” together “Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-silk Kaleidoscope final volume-” held.

• Board of Kaga yubinuki results:

♦ result Board, presided over by stone Yasuko, lecturer, along with 230 people, as well as Kanazawa, Yoshinobu Onishi, works of Noriko teacher, Nagoya and SANAE yokoi, Koyama, Ayako Terashima
“Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-silk Kaleidoscope final volume-“, result of stone Yasuko result Association members and presided over by the lecturer with 230 people, and as a guest OHNISHI, y. Kanazawa resident teacher, lives in Nagoya yokoi SANAE, Terashima, Ayako, living in Oyama works exhibit.


♦ combines the practicality of traditional arts and crafts and taste “Kaga yubinuki.
“Kaga yubinuki’ as a sewing kit is, beginning in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture Kaga Yuzen seamstress who made a string of”yubinuki”for yourself. Now that go beyond just the “yubinuki”, the beauty of the colorful silk belt is applied as well as various accessories such as pinned, necklaces, popular, such as arts and crafts as a hobby.


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♦ “Kaga yubinuki result of exhibition-kinshi Kaleidoscope final volume-” on the

Exhibition: exhibition works of Kaga yubinuki result-kinshi Kaleidoscope final volume-

Sponsored by: Association of Kaga yubinuki result
Sponsored by: Kanagawa co., Ltd.

Location: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 2f Gallery
Location: 100-0006, Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, yurakuchou 2-10-1
Phone: 03-3215-7962 (during the exhibition only)
Traffic: Kyobashi exit of JR Yurakucho station, 1 minute walk from Chuo exit
Tokyo Metro
Yuraku-Cho line Yurakucho station, 1 min walk from Ginza 1-Chome station
Marunouchi line, Ginza line and Hibiya line Ginza station 3 minutes
8 minutes walk from Hibiya station on Chiyoda line
5 min. walk from Toei Mita line Hibiya station

Date: 1/2017-28, (Saturday)

Opening hours: 1/23 (Monday) 10:00-19:00
1/24 (Tuesday)-26 (Thursday) 10:00-18:00
1/27 (Friday) 10:00-19:00
1/28 (Saturday) 10:00-16:00

Admission fee: free

Contents: approximately 230 works, as well as the Kanazawa in Kaga yubinuki result meeting presided over by stone Yasuko, lecturers and students and sales of books in the works exhibit OHNISHI Makiko, living in Nagoya and SANAE yokoi, living in Oyama, Terashima, Ayako, and yubinuki

Expected visitors: 3000

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