Fragrance professionals to scent your dating help you high-end perfume shop opened in Ginza,!

Perfume total import sales representative, Riverside co., Ltd. fragrance Division new business outlets in the Ginza flagship store “Profvmi di GINZA (Ginza prohm di)” 2/1/2017 (Wednesday) to open the.

“Invisible to the eye. Not to sound too. Simple words cannot express. Faith, grace, kindness, peace of mind… ”
Profvmi di GINZA (Ginza prohm di), is a place like that smell.

Unexpanded as selective shop high end perfume carefully selected from around the world, including Italy, everyone once they’ve heard of the brands of domestic lines and related items, fragrance professionals can assist dating your scent.

With a Black Interior, arches of wood and light accents, luxury and high quality special space, your mind cuddled welcomes you. He named that store name Profvmi (prohm) is a portmanteau representing the “aroma” in Italy, “Profumo” from the proposed fragrance shop in Ginza, creating new value.
Handling brands & items
Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan soul/Signorina/Uomo
Prada: master brand Homme / femme / infusion de Prada
Valentino: Donna/Uomo
Versace: Gianni Versace Couture
Dunhill: icon
Asprey: purple water
Moschino: freshctulle
Missoni: Missoni-
John varveitos: artisan
Nina rich: lehrdutan
Juicy Couture: Viva la juicy
Jean-Charles Brosseau: ombre rose

Outline of new
Store name:Profvmi di GINZA (Ginza prohm di)
Location: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 6-Chome 9-7 Kinki building Ginza 1F
Phone: 03-3289-8868
Opening hours: 12 pm-21 (irregular)