【Ginza Yodoya Bookstore】 A signing event by Mr. Reiji Matsumoto will be held on July 19 (Fri) “Planet Robo Danguard A” luxury “Reprint Decisive Edition” publication commemorative event

Among the participants of the event, 10 people by lottery, as well as the illustrated colored paper presents by Reiji Matsumoto.

July 19th, 2019 (Friday) “Planet Robo Danguard A” luxury “Reprinted edition” In commemoration of the publication, the event space “GINZA ATRIUM” (Ginza Atrium) in GINZA SIX in Ginza Sotsuya Bookstore (Chuo-ku Ginza) We will hold a autograph session by Mr. Reiji Matsumoto.

  • Event summary

Planet Robot Danguard A, which was produced as an image creator by Matsumoto Reiji as a robot animation boom, and gained popularity. In parallel with this work aired as the only giant robot animation by Reiji Matsumoto, the manga version "Planet Robo Danguard A" is also serialized in "Adventure King" magazine, although the content and shape are different from the anime version, It is still a popular work. In commemoration of such "Planet Robo Danguard A" being published as a lavish "Reprint Limited Edition" from dotcom recommence, Ginza Ashiya Bookstore will hold a signing event by Living Legend Reiji Matsumoto.

In this event, as well as the sign to the target book "Planet Robo Danguard A", an illustration colored paper present of Reiji Matsumoto hand-drawn is also planned for 10 people by lottery from among the event participants! Mr. Matsumoto himself will sign the seal on the colored paper and hand it over.

  • Event application method

[Participation condition]
You can participate by purchasing one of the following products at Ginza Ashiya Bookstore.
With 1 book ("Planet Robo Danguard A [Reprint Decisive Edition]" First volume: 6,966 yen / tax included) Event participation ticket: 8,046 yen / 2 books with tax ("Planet Robo Danguard A [Reprint Final Edition]" lower volume: 6,966 yen / Event participation ticket: 8,046 yen / tax-included 3 "Planet Robo Danguard A [Reprint Decisive Edition]" Up and down Volume: 13,932 yen / tax included * "Planet Robo Dan Dunguard A [Reprint Decisive Edition]" In 3 receiving the purchase The fee for the event ticket is not included, and you can attend the event with only the book fee.

【How to apply】
・ Store · Telephone 03-3575-7755
・ Online shop ( https://store.tsite.jp/goods/search_list.html?input_search_word=20190719EVENT_2&input_first_search=1 )
※ The reception at the online shop will be accepted until 9 am on Thursday, July 18, 2019.

  • event information

Date: July 19 2019 (Fri)
Hours: 18:00 to 21:00
Place: Ginza Yodoya bookstore GINZA ATRIUM (central blow through ・ event space)
Organized by: Ginza Ashiya Bookstore Capacity: 50 people Contact: 03-3575-7755

  • profile

Reiji Matsumoto (LEIJI MATSUMOTO)
Real name, Akira Matsumoto. Born in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, born January 25, 1938 (Showa 13), lives in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, a cartoonist. My wife is Miyako Maki, also a cartoonist. His father is a pilot, a former Major of the Imperial Army Air Force. The real brother is Masa Matsumoto, currently a professor at Waseda University Graduate School. In "One Bee's Adventure" drawn in the first year of high school, "College Boy" won the first feature film manga newcomer award, and made his debut in 1954 (Showa 29).

<Typical work>
"Oen Iodon" (3rd Kodansha Publishing Culture Award)
"Galactic Railway 999" "The Cockpit" (The 23rd Shogakkan Manga Award)
There are many such as "Space Battleship Yamato" (sixth Nebula Award cartoon theater division, media division).

Received the award in 2001

Received the award of the 2010 Asahi Daisuke Ogura
2012 (2012) French Art and Literature Medal of Honor Chevalier
2018 (Heisei 38) Italy Lucca art literature medal Grand ・ Maestro received
The anniversary of the 80th anniversary of 2018 (Heisei 20).

  • Introduction of target book

Planet Robot Danguard A, produced as an image creator at Reiji Matsumoto as a robot animation boom, is broadcasted on Fuji Television Network every Sunday from March 6, 1977 to March 26, 1978, and it is popular You have
In parallel with this work aired as the only giant robot animation of Reiji Matsumoto, the manga version "Planet Robo Danguard A" is also serialized in "Adventure King" magazine, although the content and shape are different from the anime version, but it is still It is a popular work.
In this project, the original edition is recorded as an original edition that faithfully reproduces the pillars and details of the manga edition "Planet Robo Danguard A" during serialization and is linked to the animation produced by Toei Animation (current Toei Animation). It will be published as a luxurious "Reprint Decisive Edition" that also includes a comic book version of "Planet Robot Danguard A vs. Insect Robot Corps" published at the Toei Manga Festival published in July 1977.

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