“Summer feast fair” held at Maronie Gate Ginza 2

From July 29 (Mon) to August 31 (Saturday), the “Feast of the Summer Feast” will be held at the Foods Cafe shop on the Marronege Gate Ginza 2 (3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku) .
The menu also has an original menu with plenty of summer vegetables and fruits!

"Summer feast fair" menu list

Tropical-style chilled tom yam four (underground second floor com four)

"Tropical style chilled tom yam four" (single item 840 yen) Limited to summer "chilled" tom yum four appeared. Ingredients are shrimp and mizuna and root vegetables. And the sweetness of sweet mango, which is sweetened with sweet chili, is the accent. Please enjoy our proud domestic rice 100% pho hot.

Tropical style chilled tom yam four
840 yen (tax included)

Tropical style chilled Tom Yum for GINZA SET
1,120 yen (tax included)
※ Shrimp, wheat, milk

Seiro steamed set meal of colorful vegetables (B2 floor Sakura dining room)

In the Maronie gate Ginza SAKURA dining room,
Using summer vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, corn) and chicken breast,
We propose easy-to-eat and easy-to-eat set meals recommended for this season!

Please relish this opportunity.

Seiro steamed set meal of colorful vegetables
1,380 yen (tax included)

Danoise Tart Peche (basement 2nd floor Dous France Vigo shop)

Recommended for the current season from the Bigo store (bakery)
Introducing the product!
Topped with fresh peach syrup pickles,
It is a summer standard danish. Please relish this opportunity.
Danoise Tart Peche
378 yen (tax included)

Coconut milk Mont Blanc (1st floor Angelina)

This month's monthly Mont Blanc, which is sold exclusively in August, is coconut milk Mont Blanc.
A chestnut paste is blended with white coral powder, white chocolate powder and coconut milk powder.
It is summer Mont Blanc that the flavor of coconut spreads out. Please enjoy the taste for a limited time.
Coconut milk Mont Blanc 500 yen (body price 500 yen) specified raw materials: Milk Egg sales period: 8/1 (Thursday) ~ 8/25 (Sun)

Summer feast shaved ice "Gion No. 2 ICE" where Satsuma rice cake and pigeons are exciting (2nd floor MeetFresh fresh sensen Marronje gate Ginza store)

Please enjoy the sweet and sweet potato topped on shaved ice, the popular pigeon barley for women, and the mochi mochi's Taiwanese tapioca, with a mild sweetness black sugar syrup.

Gion No. 2 ICE
(M size tax-included 540 yen · L size tax-included 864 yen)
※ Photograph is L size Sales period: Until August 25 (Sun)