Long-established precious metal GINZA TANAKA: 6 new silver and platinum foil gift items will be released on Thursday, September 5

Gift items that add beauty to everyday life with the beauty of materials and sophisticated design

GINZA TANAKA (Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry Co., Ltd.), a long-established precious metal company founded in 1892, is gorgeous as the flagship store “GINZA TANAKA Ginza Main Store” opens on September 5 (Thursday). All six gift items that combine the beauty and functionality of silver and platinum foil (paper weight tax-included price: 64,800 yen / letter opener tax-included price: 21,600 yen / bookmarker tax-included price: 6,480 yen / shoehorn tax-included price: 21,600 yen / tray Tax-included price: 9,720 yen / photo frame tax-included price 16,200 yen) will be available at GINZA TANAKA retail stores and online shops from September 5 (Thu).

This new product has a simple design that maximizes the beauty of silver and platinum foil itself, and because it is an everyday item, it sticks to functionality and beauty and provides a new value of “beauty for use”. To do. Sophisticated designs that can be used in any scene were created by creative director Hiroaki Nishimura *. At a reasonable price range as a gift, we will put it in a special gift box when handing it over. It is an item that you can feel the pleasure of giving and the pleasure of using.

Paper weight

This product is a total of 6 types of silver and platinum foil. There are four types of silver items: paper weight, letter opener, book marker, and shoehorn that feature curved lines and mirror finish. There are two types of platinum foil items: trays and photo frames. Paper weight is designed so that three parts become one oval shape, and you can enjoy various expressions by combining parts. The letter opener is a lean design that fits the curve. The book marker is designed with a string like a four-hole button, and you can choose from four color variations. The shoehorn has been designed with a focus on thickness and size, with a focus on ease of use as well as beauty. The trays are made from a combination of three different materials, with platinum foil sandwiched between glass and fabric to enhance the beauty of the materials. The photo frame is a design that takes advantage of the nuances created by applying platinum foil to open-faced Japanese paper. The frame and the main body are magnet type that can fix photos easily, and you can enjoy it as a stylish interior accessory.

– Product Summary –

[Release Date] Thursday, September 5, 2019
[Sales location] GINZA TANAKA directly managed store, online shop [Number of products] All 6 types

■ Paper weight <br /> Tax-included price: 64,800 yen Material: SV925
Size: about 5.9 × 5.4cm

Paper weight

■ Letter Opener <br /> Tax-included price: 21,600 yen Material: SV925
Size: about 17cm

Letter opener

■ Book marker <br /> Tax-included price: 6,480 yen Material: SV925
Size: Marker about 1.2 × 1.2cm
Approximately 48cm in total length

Book marker

Book marker

■ Shoehorn <br /> Tax-included price: 21,600 yen Material: SV925
Size: about 10.4cm


■ Tray <br /> Tax-included price: 9,720 yen Material: Platinum foil Size: About 13.3 × 13.3cm


■ Photo frame <br /> Tax-included price: 16,200 yen Material: Platinum foil Size: Approximately 19 * 12.3cm

Photo frame

Photo frame

* Product price is 8% consumption tax.
* Please note that product prices (including tax) are subject to change without notice.

* Profile of Hiroaki Nishimura
Hiroaki Nishimura (Hiroaki Nishimura)
Designer / Creative Director Takuma Nishimura Design Co., Ltd. Representative Director <br /> Established Takuma Nishimura Design Co., Ltd. in 2013 after working for Panasonic Corporation.
With a focus on product design, the company is engaged in a wide range of new business development and collaborative projects with major companies, venture companies, and town factories.
2018 Good Design Award Best 100, Good Focus Award [Technology / Traditional Design], iF Design Award, DFA Asian Design Award 2018 Silver Award, Design Intelligence Award 2017 (China DIA Award) Global Top22, Certified as The Wonder 500 ™, Kids He has received many awards including the Design Award, Japan Stationery Award, and JIDA Design Museum Selection.

[About GINZA TANAKA] Founded in 1892, GINZA TANAKA (Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelery Co., Ltd.) has a history and tradition that gives each individual lifestyle a further shine through the provision of high-quality jewelry and crafts. It is a long-established precious metal store. Using high quality precious metals such as pure gold and platinum, we make and sell jewelry and crafts that are rich in design and have high asset characteristics by making full use of craftsmanship techniques.

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Since its establishment in 1885 (Meiji 18), the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group has been developing a wide range of activities in business areas centered on precious metals. Boasting top-class precious metal handling in Japan, we have been manufacturing and selling industrial precious metal products and providing precious metal products as jewelry and assets for many years. As a group of specialists engaged in precious metals, domestic and overseas group companies cooperate in manufacturing, sales and technology to provide products and services. Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelery Co., Ltd. is a member of the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group and is responsible for the jewelry sales business. In order to further promote globalization, in 2016 we welcomed Metalor Technologies International SA as a group company. We will continue to contribute to a comfortable and affluent lifestyle through our business as a precious metal professional.

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