New Friday’s new outer will be released from Friday, September 20th.

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes a traditional and sophisticated style, will release a coat and outerwear that will become a must-have item for winter from Friday, September 20 earlier than usual.
In this fall and winter, functionalities such as cold protection and water repellency will be added, and new outerwear with excellent design and versatility will be developed.
The lineup includes a coat that can be worn from early autumn and a beautiful down that can be worn for winter commuting.

Founded in 1964, “NEWYORKER” celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2019.
The theme for the fall / winter season of 2019 is “GIFT FROM THE CITY – a gift from New York”.
We develop a collection in line with a love letter that describes the thoughts from the 50th to the 60th anniversary, and proposes feminine and clean trad items.

New outerwear to be released before the tax increase scheduled for October.
Please take this opportunity to purchase a dish that suits you.

■ New item lineup

Can be three “i = I”
“Piii coat”

Put on, open, close and wear.
A new P-coat that can be worn like three jackets in three ways.

[Price] ¥ 49,000 + tax
[Development] Mid September
[Color] Light gray, navy

A city group that can be worn quickly
"Short down coat"

Glossy grosgrain tissue material.
A short down coat that also becomes a compact silhouette when the hem is squeezed on the A line.

[Price] ¥ 41,000 + tax
[Development] Mid September
[Color] Navy, Camel

A clean and clean
"Quilt coat"

A clean quilt coat with a glossy grosgrain quilted on one side to create a clean silhouette.

[Price] ¥ 43,000 + tax
[Development] Mid September
[Color] Navy, Camel

Basic that I want to wear every day
“7Days coat”

Stainless collar coat with removable liner.
In addition to the basic colors, the lineup includes dark green with a depth like autumn.

[Price] ¥ 45,000 + tax
[Development] Mid September
[Color] Navy, Gray, Green

Adults who wear 2WAY
"Dress down"

An adult down coat arranged with chambray fabric luster, color and stitchless specifications.

[Price] ¥ 49,000 + tax
[Development] Mid September
[Color] Navy, beige

Stylish outerwear with excellent cold protection
“Cold area down”

A stretchy light material with a drawstring that allows you to adjust the waist.
With large-capacity pocket.

[Price] ¥ 56,000 + tax
[Development] Mid September
[Color] Gray, Beige