Unsurpassed precision and beauty in one place. Japan’s largest traditional craft exhibition “The 66th Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition” will be held at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store from September 18!

An exhibition of about 600 pieces of the latest works of important intangible cultural property holders (human national treasures) and public works.

The Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store will hold the 66th Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition from September 18 (Wednesday) to 30 (Monday) at the 7th floor of the main building. This exhibition is the largest public exhibition held in Japan every year by the Japan Crafts Association for the purpose of protecting Japanese traditional crafts and fostering successors. Selected works selected through a rigorous screening from the seven general public works of ceramics, dyeing and weaving, lacquering, metalwork, wood and bamboo, dolls, and various crafts, and the latest work of an important intangible cultural property holder (human national treasure) About 600 items will be exhibited in one hall.

In 1950, the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties was enforced, and it was decided to protect and nurture craft techniques that are particularly valuable in history or art. In line with that purpose, since 1953 ceramic art, dyeing and weaving, lacquer art, metalwork, wood and bamboo crafts, dolls, and various crafts, the works of each artist are carefully examined and selected works are exhibited. Has been held every year.

This exhibition, which celebrates its 66th anniversary this year, introduces many of Japan's finest crafts that have been created in line with the modern life sensation. During the exhibition, this year's award winners will explain their works and hold a gallery talk. An art concierge will be on site to answer various questions.

[Example of exhibited works]

Japan Craft Association Presidential Award

Takamatsunomiya Memorial Award <Various Crafts> Mutsutsuchi Hanaho "Ritual" Takako Kawada

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize

Tokyo Governor Award <Lacquer Art> Shikinki Decoration Box "One Night" Kiyoshi Torige

NHK Chairman's Award <lacquer art> Sai-Kai Kai-e dry lacquerware "Moon rhyme" Kaori Miyoshi

Asahi Shimbun Prize <Dye-weaving> Raw silk kimono "Event in the sea" Akane Kamiya

Japan Craft Association Chairman's Prize <Kinko> Fukimin Nagakata Board Yasuki Hanwaka

Japan Craft Association Holder Prize <lacquer art> gold box "Umehana Soraki" Katsumi Nishi

  • This year's award winners' explanation ■ At the 7th floor of the main building, each day from 0:30 pm

■ Saturday, September 21
<Ceramic arts> Shu Mochizuki (Governor of the Japan Craft Association)
<Wood and bamboo work> Kotaro Kai (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award)
<Lacquer art> Kaori Miyoshi (NHK Chairman's Award)
<Sweaving> Kyoko Iwai (Japan Craft Association Encouragement Award)
■ Sunday, September 22
<Crafts> Takako Kawada (Takamatsunomiya Memorial Award)
<Lacquer art> Kiyoshi Toge (Tokyo Governor Award)
<Ceramics> Masayo Iguchi (Japan Crafts Association Encouragement Award)
<Kinko> Seiko Fujie (Japan Society of Crafts Encouragement Award)

  • Gallery Talk ■ At the 7th floor of the main building, every day at 0:30 pm~

■ September 18 (Wed) <Ceramics> Daisuke Tokudome (curator of Idemitsu Museum of Art)
■ September 20 (Fri) <Textile> Koeda Ogasawara (Professor Emeritus, Japan Women's University)
■ September 23 [Monday / holiday] <Lacquer art> Kuniaki Tomomori (important intangible cultural property holder)
■ September 24 (Tue) <Friday> Shinji Ito (Director, Museum Education Division, Tokyo National Museum)
■ September 25 (Wednesday) <Woodwork> Masanori Moroyama (craft historian)
■ September 26 (Thu) <Human Form> Hiroaki Korezawa (Professor, Otsuma Women's University)
■ September 27 (Friday) <Crafts> Masato Tsurugazawa (glass artist)

"66th Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition"
Date: September 18 (Wed)-30 (Mon), 2019
From 10:00 am to 7:00 pm * Closed at 6:00 pm on the last day Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store 7F Exhibition Hall Admission: Free Sponsor: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, NHK, Asahi Shimbun, (Public Corporation) Sponsored by Japan Art Crafts Association: Asahi Group Arts and Culture Foundation, (Public Interest) Okada Shigekichi Art Cultural Foundation, (Public Interest) Goto Museum of Art, Panasonic Corporation, (Public Interest) Pola Traditional Culture Promotion Foundation Cooperation: Azusa Audit Corporation , (One company) E Town Lab, Open Door Co., Ltd., Motoji Ginza Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation

Special cooperation: Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings Co., Ltd.

* Event details may change due to circumstances.

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store "66th Traditional Japanese Crafts Exhibition"