Finally the Hoppe Town general election in autumn! A great selection of delicious foods! “Restaurant” 16 brands

Date: October 1 (Tuesday) to October 22 (Tuesday, National Holiday) Venue: Daimaru Tokyo 12th and 13th floor restaurants

Directly connected to Tokyo Station, Daimaru Tokyo has excellent convenience and has 16 brand restaurants. In the fall when menus and seasonal items using seasonal ingredients appear one after another, the “Restaurant Party” will run for the food cheek town general election. A restaurant edition of the Hope Town general election that introduces the best menu to nearby businessmen and everyone who uses restaurants, and participates in voting by those who dine. The hot battle of 16 brands begins.
[Voting period: 10/1 (Tue)-10/14 (Mon / holiday), Election results: 10/18 (Fri)-10/22 (Tue / holiday)]

A famous store that welcomes customers and politicians from around the world
<Kyoto Tsuruie Hanayo> Seasonal lunch box 5,400 yen / 12th floor

Enjoy Italian food made with seasonal ingredients!
<XEX TOKYOSalvatore Cuomo Bros.> Salva course 8,800 yen / 13th floor

Tempura of tradition and originality
<Shinjuku Tsunahachi> Kuroshio 4,620 yen / 12th floor

Chinese cuisine with a focus on beauty and health
<The Tokyo Phoenix> Seasonal recommended set 4,400 yen / 12th floor

Kyoto's famous restaurant loved by writers
<Tankuma North Store> Naka-Autumn Kaiseki 9,900 yen / 12th floor

French cuisine master
<Brassley Paul Bocuse> bouillabaisse 3,520 yen / 12th floor

A well-established Western restaurant that is particular about its taste
<Ginza Tsubame Grill> Kumamoto red beef sirloin steak 3,630 yen / 12th floor

A buckwheat noodle that was also presented to Tokugawa Shogun
<Nagasaka Sarashina Fuya Tabei> Mushroom Tenge 2,241 yen / 12th floor

Other debut brands
<Neighborhood>, <Sabatini di Firenze>, <Maisen>, <Ricoro>, <Nihonbashi Ise Tada>,
<Nihonbashi Sushi Iron>, <Shinbashi Toshige> / 12th floor, <XEX TOKYO Teppanyaki An> / 13th floor

A large bulletin board will be installed near the front entrance on the 1st floor.