Shiseido Parlor’s Halloween Suites & Happy Halloween at Parfait ♪

Shiseido Parlor is selling Halloween limited sweets "Halloween Chocolat" at shops nationwide until October 31 (Thu). Assorted crunchy chocolates with a crispy texture in a halloween-colored package with unique ghosts. With a cute bat charm, it is also recommended for sweets that respond to "trick or treat!" In addition, “Salon de Cafe Lazona Kawasaki” offers a “Halloween Parfait” unique to this season from October 1 (Tue) to 31 (Thu). Happy Halloween with a lively parfait and cute sweets made with purple mochi, pumpkin, caramel, berries and more!

  • "Halloween Chocolat" (Discontinued once the limited quantity is reached)

Product image (with 5)

Product image (with 15)

<Type> Halloween chocolate 5 pieces 594 yen (tax included) <With charm>

* Crunch Chocolate 3 types 5 pieces: 2 pumpkins, 2 caramel apples, 1 bitter
<Round> 1,566 yen (including tax) with 15 Halloween chocolates <with charm>
※ 15 types of crunch chocolate 3 pieces: pumpkin, caramel apple, bitter 5 each

Individual packaging image (pumpkin)

Individual packaging image (caramel apple)

Individual packaging image (bitter)

Assorted dome-shaped crunch chocolate with flavors unique to Halloween. There are three types: “pumpkin” with pumpkin powder kneaded in white chocolate, “caramel apple” with dry apple and caramel powder blended with white and milk blended chocolate, and bittersweet “bitter”. Available in a bowl-shaped package for 5 pieces and a round package for 15 pieces. Inside the intricate patterns like camouflage, ghosts, jacks, bats, black cats, etc. lurk, creating a Halloween night. Individual packages and cute packages are perfect for petit gifts.

Salon de cafe Lazona Kawasaki store only

  • "Pumpkin and Purple Halloween Parfait" 1,870 yen (with coffee or tea or herbal tea 2,145 yen) * Price includes tax

Shiseido Parlor's original jack-o-lantern design chocolate, caramel ice cream & sauce, purple parrot cream and other lively parfaits. Pumpkin sauce, purple brulee, mixed berries, etc. are layered and you can enjoy an exciting taste. Liven up Kawasaki Halloween with sweets.

* The period and contents may change depending on the availability of ingredients.

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