Bolivian-born Muscat distilled sake “Singani” held

October 18 (Fri)-25 (Fri), 2019 at BAR TIMES STORE (Ginza)

“Singani” representative brand “Los Palares”. The world-renowned “Singani” won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition held in the United States in 2017. Please try the refreshing taste and gorgeous scent of “Singani” on this occasion.

What is Singani? <br /> Distilled spirit derived from grapes representing Bolivia in Latin America. It refers only to distilled liquor made from Muscat of Alexandria taken in a specific region of Bolivia and is also subject to Protected designation of origin (PDO). The origin of "Singani" dates back to the 15th century during the Spanish period. The Spaniards who came to the Bolivian land began to grow grapes in the Potosi Valley, where the altitude was over 4,000m, to make wine, but they could not make good quality wine in the intense cold and distilled wine. It is said that the “Singani” was created as a result. “Singani” is characterized by a refreshing taste and a gorgeous scent, but unfortunately few people know its charm in Japan. Please try "Singani" at this opportunity.

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Tasting product overview <br /> Product name: Singani Ross Parares Anniversary Reserve Main ingredient: Muscat of Alexandria Alcohol content: 40%
Country of origin: Bolivian multi-ethnic country Manufacturing: Kuhlmann & Cia Ltda
Import source: SudoWork GK

A spirit made from grapes grown over 1,800 meters above sea level. You can also feel a vibrant citrus scent, a sweet scent like white peach, and a scent like flowers and herbs. The mouthfeel is smooth and has a long finish. Celebrating the 85th anniversary of Kuhlmann & Cia Ltda's founding, the “Singani Los Parares Anniversary Reserve” should be fully satisfied in the Japanese market, which is said to be the most demanding of quality in the world.

Overview of the tasting event <br /> Date and time: October 18 (Friday) to 25 (Friday), 2019, 12:00 to 18:00 Venue: BAR TIMES STORE
Ginza MS Building 6th Floor, 5-1-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

* Those who have sampled will cooperate with a simple questionnaire.
* This time only tasting. (Does not sell)
* We have enough squirrels for tasting, but they will be terminated as soon as they are gone.
* Advance reservation is not required.
* Anyone who is a bartender or general can participate.
* Please refrain from visiting by car if you are tasting.
* Minors cannot be sampled.

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