The “Star Wars” collection from “New Yorker”!

“NEWYORKER”, which proposes traditional and sophisticated styles, will release the fashion items of the movie “Star Wars” on Friday, November 15 at the New Yorker Ginza Flagship Shop and the official online store. Yes.

The “Star Wars” collection of “NEWYORKER”, the third installment, has been well received.
This year, the classic item of Trad, the button-down shirt, is finished with a pop all-pattern design based on the motif of Stormtrooper and Millennium Falcon.
In addition, a stylish narrow tie will be developed, and a total of 4 items will be available.
It is a fashion item for adults who can enjoy the world of “Star Wars” in coordination and stick to high-quality materials.

BD shirt that expresses the world of "Star Wars" with a pop pattern print

A button-down shirt with the "Star Wars" character motif, finished with a pop pattern-conscious design.
Using a slightly glossy Oxford fabric with a slight gloss, the grosgrain tape with a small collar and a placket, and a patch on the chest are used to create a casual feeling.
Price: ¥ 25,000 + tax Material: 100% cotton

■ STORMTROOPER printed Oxford shirt

Featuring a stormtrooper print and a chest patch with the words “EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH”.
We propose Ametra style from the 1960s to the 1960s, combining the Star Wars logo narrow tie with a BD shirt.

■ Millennium Falcon Print Oxford Shirt

Featuring a Millennium Falcon all-over print and co-pilot's Chewbacca chest patch.
Coordinated with the "Galaxy" tie and the image of space flight is recommended.

Stylish narrow tie with successive characters on the lining

Narrow tie using high quality British silk fabric.
Uses a printed fabric with random characters placed on the lining.
The sword tip width is set as narrow as 6.5cm to give a sharp impression.
Price: ¥ 15,000 + tax Material: 100% Silk 100% Lining Cupra 100%

■ Star Wars Logo Tie

Design with the STAR WARS logo diagonally arranged like a regimen stripe.

■ Galaxy Ties

A design that expresses Starfield, which symbolizes the world of "Star Wars", in jacquard weave.


Available items: 2 shirts, 2 ties Sale date: November 15 (Fri)
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