Conrad Tokyo, a luxurious ensemble of strawberry and heart! “Strawberry Sweetheart Afternoon Tea” expressing items with heart motifs in Japanese strawberries and sweets for the first day of the Brenda Day

Conrad Tokyo (Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager Neil McKinness) has been using “Strawberry Sweetheart,” which uses plenty of Japanese strawberries at the bar & lounge “Twenty Eight” since January 10, 2020. Afternoon tea "will be held.

In mid-winter afternoon tea, sweets and savory inspired by the heart. For the first day of Valentine's Day, we used strawberry and sweets to express items with a heart as a motif, inspired by the feelings of loved ones, the cuteness of the strawberry and the bright red color. All the items are made from fresh, carefully selected high-quality ingredients from Japan, and the plates decorated with gorgeous red and pink are lined with sweets and savory that are full of photogenic and originality. The title “Sweet Heart” includes the meaning of the word “sweetheart” used not only for the shape of the heart but also for loved ones, family members, friends, people who have a good impression, and people who have been kind to us. .

“Chocolate Brownie Tea Bonbon Chocolat” is fascinated by the gorgeous red heart. The chocolate brownie and heart tea bonbon chocolate can be separated to enjoy the unity feeling of moist brownies and ganache cream and the soft tea scent of tea chocolate. “Strawberry tart white chocolate cream raspberry mousse” with pink and white heart-shaped meringue is attractive for its delicate and deep taste that makes you feel the sweetness and sourness of strawberries. Pastry chef's recommendation, “Strawberry and Rose Jelly”, contains a real rose. The lower layer is a sour strawberry jelly, the top is a panna cotta, and the third layer is a clear jelly with pretty edible flower roses. You can also enjoy the beauty of the appearance with a refreshing taste that spreads the scent of flowers. The base of “Raspberry Puff Cream” is covered with crispy plate-shaped chocolate, with sweet and sour raspberry custard cream and raspberry jam in the shoe. Finally, it was decorated with a fresh chin and heart macarons. While its presence is modest, the Strawberry Rose Mousse and the Pistachio Mousse of “Strawberry Rose Mousse Chocolate Tart Pistachio Mousse” are both smooth and crisp.

Savory has become an adult lineup. The adorable strawberry cream cheese corn is squeezed with a gorgeous pink strawberry cream cheese inside the beet corn, and the flavor and aroma of a crisp black pepper spread in the rich taste The "Pinchos balsamic sauce of strawberry and mozzarella cheese" made with the image of caprese with strawberries as a tomato is wrapped in mozzarella cheese with the sweet and sourness of strawberry and the saltiness of prosciutto ham and shaken in balsamic sauce and mozzarella cheese Accented with pink pepper. "Pate de Campagne and Berry Compote Open Sand" is a well-balanced pate and berry made by putting a pate de Campagne covered with strawberry powder on beet bread, topped with a compote using several berries and a slice of fresh strawberries. is.

“Strawberry Sweetheart Afternoon Tea” was born from the thoughts of loved ones and the loveliness of strawberries. Enjoy an exquisite and elegant time in the open luxury space a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while enjoying the view of Tokyo Bay and Hamarikyu Onshi Garden.

Overview of "Strawberry Sweetheart Afternoon Tea"

Period: Friday, January 10, 2020 to Saturday, February 29, 2020
Time: Weekdays 11: 00-16: 30 (* Time zone is subject to change.)
Saturday 11: 00-16: 30, 18: 30-20: 30
Sundays and public holidays 11: 00-16: 30, 18: 30-21: 30
* 2 hour place: 28th Floor Bar & Lounge “Twenty Eight”
● Standard afternoon tea per person 4,900 yen (excluding tax)
* Available in flat glass plate.
On weekdays, just like what you like from a selection of about 20 different drinks.

● Conrad with Bear ・ Standard Afternoon Tea ¥ 5,900 per person (excluding tax)
* Available in flat glass plate.
On weekdays, just like what you like from a selection of about 20 different drinks.
It is a plan with Conrad Bear.

● Champagne with free flow ・ Standard afternoon tea 1 person 8,000 yen (excluding tax)
* Available in flat glass plate.
In addition to the free flow of glass champagne, you can choose as many as you like from a selection of about 20 drinks on weekdays.

● Deluxe Afternoon Tea 1 person 6,850 yen (excluding tax)
* Prepared with a stair-type plate.
In addition to glass champagne, you can choose as many as you like from a selection of about 30 different drinks.

● Conrad with Bear ・ Deluxe Afternoon Tea ¥ 8,350 per person (excluding tax)
* Prepared with a stair-type plate.
In addition to glass champagne, you can choose as many as you like from a selection of about 30 different drinks.
It is a plan with a Conrad Bear.


● Sweets (5 types)
・ Strawberry tart White chocolate cream Raspberry mousse ・ Strawberry and rose jelly ・ Strawberry rose mousse Chocolate tart Pistachio mousse ・ Raspberry cream puff ・ Chocolate brownie Tea bonbon chocolate

● Savory (3 types)
・ Cone of cheese with cream cheese ・ Open sandwich of pate de Campagne and berry compote ・ Pinchos of strawberry and mozzarella cheese Balsamic sauce

● Plain scones, strawberry scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam ● Drinks

* Reservations and inquiries: Official website or 03-6388-8745 (Restaurants direct access)
* A 10% consumption tax and a 15% service charge will be added to the display fee.
* The displayed contents and fees are subject to change without notice depending on the purchase status.
※The image is an image.

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