“NEW YEAR EVENT” will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi to excite the new year!

■ Date and time: January 2 (Thu)-5 (Sun), 2020 ■ Location: Each floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi

2020. Ginza Mitsukoshi celebrates its 90th anniversary.

Ginza Mitsukoshi will be on sale for the first time at 10:00 am on January 2 (Thursday). Open until 6pm. January 3 (Fri) from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm An event will be held on each floor from January 2 (Thu) to 5 (Sun) to excite the new year.

  • Kasai Village Kagura Kotobuki Lion Dance

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    ● Thursday, January 2
    11 am-2 pm (approx. 20 minutes each time)
    ● 9th floor Ginza Terrace Special Venue Please enjoy the lion dance of the Intangible Folk Cultural Property designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the registered Intangible Folk Cultural Property in Edogawa Ward, based on the myth that has been transmitted since ancient times.

  • The 2020.1.12 opening! Support the Japan Rugby Top League!
  • ● January 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun)
    ● 9th floor Ginza terrace / terrace court ● Free participation

    In addition to photo panels and uniforms of the Japan Rugby Top League, where the teams of the Japan National Team who advanced to the top 8 at the Rugby World Cup 2019 collide, this is a support project that allows you to experience rugby. Would you like to support the hot rugby battle together? Please see the following URL for further details.

    [Rugby experience booth]

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    Aoyama Gakuin University rugby club players appeared as coaches. Why do not you try rugby with players?
    * A booth for children. (Target age: 3-12 years old)
    ・ Date: January 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun)
    4 times a day (11 am-12:30 pm-2 pm-3:30 pm-) * Each 40 minutes / Place: 9th floor Ginza terrace / terrace court-Age: 3 years old ~ 12 years old * Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.
    ・ Participation capacity: 30 people each time ・ Participation fee: Free ※ A numbered ticket will be given at the time of reception.
    ・ Participation conditions: Download the Isetan Mitsukoshi application to your smartphone, register as a member, and come to the venue. The coupon can be used twice per account (up to 3 children per time).
    ・ Experience contents: Target pass / Line out lifting / Tackle & Try

  • Large collection of makeup artists
  • ● January 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun)
    ● 1st basement floor Ginza cosmetics world

    A collection of popular artists will introduce the 2020 trend makeup.
    Artist example: <Guerin> January 4 (Sat) only, <Shiseido> <Sisley> January 4 (Sat), 5 (Sun)
    * For other participating brands, see the New Year's Festival website.

  • Kaga Hachiman rising painting experience
  • ● January 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun)
    Each day: 11:00 am-2 pm-(time required: about 30 minutes)
    ● Capacity: 5 people each time ● Participation fee: 1,430 yen (including material cost)
    ● 7th floor venue “Tools for living in Japan” (Horikawa, Kanazawa doll)

    Why don't you draw your face and patterns on the rise of Kaga Hachiman, a local toy of lucky charm that has been handed down to Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. You can take the painted up with you.

    * Terms and contents may change due to circumstances.
    * New Year's Festival website