Japanese jeweler NIWAKA born in Kyoto. Grand opening of flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo

On February 6, 2020, Kyoto-based jeweler NIWAKA will open a grand flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo, a special concept store with a view to global expansion.
Opened in a convenient location facing Ginza Yanagi Dori in Ginza 2-chome, it is the largest store in Japan with 5 floors and a total area of 724 square meters (219 tsubo), and is a store that offers fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, and high jewelry.

The Ginza store was created as a special concept store where you can experience the world of NIWAKA jewelry. This is an extraordinary space that reinterprets the Japanese motif in a modern way with a view to future overseas expansion. The new expression of traditional designs created by NIWAKA's creative team embodies the spirit of "tradition and innovation" that has been inherited in Kyoto, the birthplace of the brand.

The exterior is inspired by the wisteria trellis, and the wavy mesh structure covers the outer walls of each floor to represent a six-tiered wisteria trellis. The wisteria flowers are gently swaying, and are designed abstractly as a bundle of light. The interior has a different theme for each floor, and boldly incorporates traditional designs such as latticework and shoji, and sublimates it as a modern design.

A flagship store that symbolizes the aesthetic sense of NIWAKA <br /> Hollywood actresses wear NIWAKA jewelry for the fourth consecutive year at the American Academy Awards, and NIWAKA has attracted worldwide attention as a jeweler. By opening a concept store in Ginza, Tokyo that symbolizes the aesthetics of the brand, we aim to expand our business globally.
In addition, in order to provide high-quality services while responding to the increase of customers in recent years, it has five floors, 1F is fashion jewelry, 2F-4F is bridal jewelry, 5F is high jewelry. The flagship store has been completed.

Store design created by jewelry designers
NIWAKA regards jewelry stores as "works" as well as jewelry. The designers of the Ginza store were the designers of NIWAKA, who have worked on numerous high and bridal jewelry. In order to achieve the same world view as jewelry, an in-house team of jewelry designers, 3DCG designers, display designers, and graphic designers was formed.
Through repeated 3DCG design work and trial production of mock-ups, the design was verified in detail while utilizing VR technology.

The main concept is "Wisteria trellis", which shines beautifully in Ginza. <br /> From the length of the tree and its noble purple beauty, there are many Japanese poems and patterns with wisteria motifs left in Japan. You. The main concept of the Ginza store is a wisteria trellis made of this wisteria flower, and the image is projected on the facade and throughout the floor.
The flower language of wisteria's "kindness" and "never leave" is bridal jewelry, the flower language of "getting in love" is fashion jewelry, and the flower language of "welcome" is the spirit of hospitality to customers. It represents.

New Los Angeles Jewelry Pre-announced Jewelry Now Available <br /> We have begun selling the pre-announced Los Angeles collection worn by famous actresses on numerous red carpets in Japan.
On the first floor, Japan's first handling of the “Kyono Matsuri”, “Ume Banquet” and “Kuon” fashion jewelry, as well as “Kyo Koji”, “Hanayuki”, “Yae Kasumi”, “Hanarei”, “Kano”, “Tang Hana” Heart's new jewelry.

  • 1F fashion jewelry
  • A comfortable white wood space where tradition and modernity harmonize <br /> When you step inside the store, a mesh-shaped chandelier imitating a wisteria flower shines in the center of the ceiling in a jet-black ceiling. The warm space design based on Shiraki embodies the hospitality of a Japanese brand.

    On the first floor, a chandelier inspired by a wisteria trellis is symbolized, a showcase made of the same mesh material as the chandelier is placed in the center for a luxurious and modern impression. The ceiling is a design that arranges the "grade ceiling" found in historic buildings, and the interior of the showcase is made of Kyoto Nishijin fabric, and Japanese design elements are scattered throughout.

    The reception area is gently separated by a delicate metal material, such as misu, which makes you feel calm.
    Also on the 1st floor, specially displayed “Kyono Matsuri” jewelry inspired by the Gion Matsuri, a timepiece of Kyoto. You can see colorful necklaces that use more than 10 types of colored stones and 4 types of materials, inspired by the Yamaboko, which is called a “moving museum”.

  • 2F bridal jewelry
  • The calm space brought by the curved surface of the lattice <br /> The 2F, 3F, and 4F, which handle bridal jewelry, are designed so that you can choose jewelry in a spacious space without worry, with a showcase in the center and both sides. Tables and chairs are arranged. Each floor has a different interior design theme, each of which is a sophisticated space that expresses Japanese elements in a luxurious manner.

    The second floor is designed based on the concept of a "grid" commonly used by Kyomachiya. This floor is a reinterpretation of this familiar lattice motif as a curved surface. The space that gently wraps around opens up new possibilities for lattice motifs. On the ceiling, an object with a gently wavy lattice using the Nishijin fabric of the Kara pattern is installed. In the depths of the lattice in front of the floor, the capital letter mountain of Kyoto is drawn with a purple gradation, giving the space expanse and change.
    In addition, the reception area has an arched design, giving the impression of being gently wrapped in a wooden lattice.

  • 3F bridal jewelry
  • Shoji floor with fresh purple and white contrast
    The third floor is a floor with the theme of "Shoji" familiar to Japanese people. Against the background of the dark purple color of the brand, various shapes of shoji are considered as glowing white surfaces and placed in a well-balanced space to create a modern design.

  • 4F bridal jewelry
  • A floor that expresses a wisteria trellis with dazzling crystals

    A floor that symbolizes the theme of the Ginza store, "Wisteria trellis." Around the purple ceiling, about 600 chandeliers imitating wisteria flowers sparkle elegantly. Material of Shiraki that reminds of Japanese and crystal chandelier that reminds of the ocean. By combining dissimilar materials and elements, a Japanese-like luxury expression has been achieved.
    In addition, the wall in the back of the front adopts the traditional architectural style of “armor upholstery”. The combination of Shiraki and indirect lighting adds depth to the space.

  • 5F High jewelry
  • A fantastic Kyoto alley that invites you to the world of high jewelry
    5F is a floor specializing in high jewelry. When you get off the elevator, "Kyo no Koji", inspired by the shining bamboo grove, spreads out in front of you.
    The alleys made of handmade washi are like a bamboo grove due to the shading of light, and behind the alleys are objects of the Nishijin belt with opal woven. You can enjoy NIWAKA's high jewelry in three private rooms that require minimal reservations while pursuing detail.

  • NIWAKA Ginza store
  • Design: NIWAKA
    Architectural design: ㈱IAO Takeda Sekkei / Building construction: Tsuboi Industrial Co., Ltd. / Interior design and construction: GARDE

    Grand opening: February 6, 2020 Location: 2-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Phone number 03-5159-1117
    Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
    Regular holiday: Closed on Wednesdays (open on public holidays) and closed during the year-end and New Year holidays Floor area: 724 m2 (219 tsubo)

  • About NIWAKA
  • NIWAKA is a jeweler that conveys the aesthetic sense of Japan, born in Kyoto, which has a 1200-year history, and is derived from the character "Gaku" consisting of "people" and "me." Each piece of jewelry is considered a “work,” and the design, inspired by Japan's unique arts and the four seasons, is made into jewelry with a strong passion that does not allow for compromising even the smallest details.
    The use of diamonds selected according to strict standards and outstanding craftsmanship produce high jewelry that is overwhelmingly radiant, beautiful from every angle, and worn at Academy Awards and other awards. But it has received high praise.