Reiwa’s first “Setsubun” reset! Invite good fortune! Daimaru Tokyo Store Seven minutes sweets selection

Until Monday, February 3, 2020 / Daimaru Tokyo shop the first floor, basement floor Hope Town

February 3 (Mon) is "Setsubun". There is a custom that the day before spring, when spring comes, is called "setsubun", sowing beans at the turn of the season, eating bouts of beans for a number of years, removing evil, and praying for disease-free breathing. At the Daimaru Tokyo store, limited quantities of Japanese and Western confections that bring good fortune, such as fuku beans in a zodiac basin and roll cakes that look like Ehomaki rolls of colorful fruits wrapped in cocoa dough, are available. Here are 7 selections.

A small basin designed this year's zodiac "child". Rich soybeans, confetti, ogre and turtles with rich soybeans.
<Ginza Akebono> Zodiac basin (black and red) 935 yen each (the photo is black) / 1st floor

The package is also cute!
Savory roasted beans, egg rice crackers depicting oni and otafuku, plum flavored hail, etc.
Assorted in a package that looks like a basin.
<Akasaka Kakiyama> Beansaw of Setsubun 864 yen / 1F

A large fried rice cracker with a mumps and a demon pattern in connection with Setsubun with the wish of sickness and calamity.
<Kano Shojuan> Tafukuunmon (3 pieces) 2,376 yen / 1F

We packed Fugo, Kanehira sugar, Akaoni / Aoniki type okoshi in 3 gomasu.
<Azabu Juban bean source> Fukumasu 3 go 2,700 yen / basement

It's almost Ehomaki!
Wrap kiwi, pear, yellow peach, and strawberry in a cocoa dough that looks like nori, and roll it in the Eho style.
<Yuheim> Eho fruit roll cake (one) 864 yen / 1st floor

A baked confectionery made of Momoyama-made white bean in the shape of auspicious Oafuku beans.
<Tsuraya Yoshinobu> Fukuhanai (5 pieces) 1,134 yen / 1F

Sticky! I like to eat it. <br /> A soft fertilizer wrapped in smooth red bean koshian is covered with brown sugar-flavored castella.
<Genkichichoan> Onigiri Rice Cake 1,080 yen / 1F