The long-awaited opening in Shimbashi! Hon tuna specialty store “tuna ship-MAGUROSEN”

Viviana Co., Ltd. (President: Ken Masuda), which operates a multi-store restaurant, has opened a specialty store for tuna “Tuna Ship-MAGUROSEN” in Shimbashi on March 10, 2020 (Tuesday).
"Shimbashi is a sacred place for salaried workers, but there are few restaurants where you can eat the tuna you might like.
We want to enjoy the taste of real tuna by all means. With our original network born from long-running restaurant operations, we will transport "one real tuna from Ewa Prefecture, Uwakai, a real taste" every day. Feasible。
In order to provide raw book tuna without freezing and preservation, we will open in a limited time, from 11:00 to 18:00, as well as in limited quantities.
In addition, takeout and home delivery lunches will be rolled out in the future because we want to enjoy the deliciousness of this tuna more easily.
Daily transport of Honuma tuna from Ewa Prefecture and Uwakai
It is inevitable to taste the luxurious taste!
◆ About Tuna from Uwakai, Ehime

The shop does not use Indian tuna or smelt tuna, which have a large volume of distribution, but uses only tuna called the king of tuna.
Among them, this tuna from the Uwakai, Ehime prefecture is the best.
Smooth activity makes it very fresh and you can enjoy the original taste of tuna.
Furthermore, they are transported raw to stores without freezing, so the difference is obvious.
Please enjoy the impressive taste that melts your tongue.

◆ Salaryman First! Good cospa, easy and easy-to-understand menu development

"I would like even busy office workers to have it easily.
But the taste is first class! ”Was developed as a salaryman first menu.
For this reason, we did not set the parts of this tuna in detail, but developed it with lean and toro in an easy-to-understand manner, making it easier to eat in a bowl style.
After 15 o'clock, a rich a la carte menu will be available.
There is also an extensive drink menu, so it is recommended for a little drink.
Limited to 110 meals a day!
"I want you to have fresh tuna"

That is why
Without using any frozen ones
Use only fresh tuna

Business hours are from 11:00 to 18:00 ,
We offer in limited time.

Menu overview

Lunch menu is a classic bowl style!
Even a short lunch lime can enjoy the taste of luxurious book tuna.
Recommendation is "Hon Tuna Miiro Don" where you can easily enjoy each part of Hon Tuna.
Please enjoy the exquisite taste change that differs depending on the part.
We offer at a reasonable price setting than other stores.

Hon-tuna three-colored rice bowl / ¥ 2,500-(tax excluded) (best recommended!)
Hon tuna red meat bowl / ¥ 1,200-(excluding tax)
Hon Tuna Toro Don / ¥ 2,000-(excluding tax)
Hon tuna pickled rice bowl / ¥ 1,200-(excluding tax)
Hon tuna toro pickled rice bowl / ¥ 2,000-(excluding tax)
Hon Tuna Yukke Don / ¥ 800 – (excluding tax)
Negi Toro Don / ¥ 800-(excluding tax)

Hon tuna three color rice bowl

Hon tuna red meat bowl

Hon Tuna Toro Don

After 14:00, an a la carte menu will be available.
There is also a drink menu, so it is recommended for a little drink.

Honbon tuna three points / ¥ 1,200-(excluding tax)
Hon Tuna Sushi Sanuki / ¥ 780 – (Tax Excluded)
Hon Tuna Yukke / ¥ 680 – (Tax Excluded)

Three tuna prime

Hon Tuna Sushi Sanuki

Yutke of this tuna

store information

● Address: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 2-chome 161 New Shimbashi B1F B20
● Phone number: 03 6257 3980
● Business hours: 11 00 18 00
● Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ● Access: 80m from Shimbashi Station