Non-face-to-face room search, rental contracts, and even moving in are possible! Launched “non-face-to-face rental” service to prevent new coronavirus expansion

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, Clasco Co., Ltd. has started a "non-face-to-face lease" service that allows all non-face-to-face contracts using the web service or virtual preview at the rental brokerage window. I will inform you.

[Background of implementation]
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it has been decided to extend the declaration of emergency in some areas. Although Ishikawa Prefecture, in which Clasco operates a leasing business, has a policy of lifting the declaration, it is expected that it will continue to call for refraining from traffic to and from prefectures where the declaration has not been lifted. Even in Clasco, since the visit to the store was actually canceled from February due to the influence of the new coronavirus, there are some customers who are in trouble because they can not find a room, so while keeping the safety and health of our customers and employees, we are looking for a room. In order to respond to requests, we have decided to recommend non-face-to-face interviews at the leasing agency window, and have established a system such as online customer service and virtual preview on the web.

[Contents of non-face-to-face interviews conducted at Clasco]
(1) Web customer service Through video calls on the Internet, you can see a wealth of property information while meeting the store staff through the screen. You can check the appearance photo, interior photo, and surrounding information of the property.

Non-face-to-face web service

② Virtual preview & private preview

<Virtual view with staff>
Take a 360 ° virtual tour and browse inside and out of your room on the website. Information on the size and facilities of the storage can be viewed on the tour, and you can also live-visit the staff and move around the tour at the same time, so you can immediately ask questions and solve any problems.

Guide you through a virtual preview

<Easy and free 360 ° virtual viewing on the web>
You can freely go inside and out of the room on the website "Its demo preview" where the 360 ° virtual preview tour is open. As you walk around the room with a walk-through, you can experience the connection of the rooms, which you cannot see in the photo. Information about the size and equipment of the storage can be viewed during the tour, and it is also compatible with VR.

Property demo page

<Staff broadcast from property>
The staff will connect you to the video call from the property and talk with you to guide you through the property.

Staff relay from property

<Self-introduction “Jibunde Intro” by applying from the Web>
By applying in advance from the Web and going to the store to get the key, you can go inside to see the property on your own.

(3) IT critical theory You can receive important item explanations received before contracting via the Internet instead of face-to-face. Please be sure to show your “Building Land Building Trader Certificate” before explaining.

(4) Online contracting and application procedures, mailing You can use the web form or mail to send and receive lease contracts, important matters manuals, and other application forms.

Through these efforts, Clasco will strive to deliver stable and stable room hunting services to customers who plan to move.

【Company Profile】
Company name: Clasco Co., Ltd. Representative: Norihiro Komura, President and Representative Director Capital: 167.1 million yen (whole group)
Location: Kanazawa Head Office 4-24-21 Sainin, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0024 TEL 076-222-1111 FAX 076-264-9156
Ginza Office 7F, Mitsuzawado GINZA Building, 5-14-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 TEL 03-6833-5500 FAX 03-6675-9004
Business activities: Real estate sales, leasing, management, repair and brokerage Construction of built-for-sale houses, sales and creation and sale of residential land, etc.