[The second wedding style adapted to the after-corona era] Newly opened private photo studio in Ginza!

~You can be a bride without having a wedding. Providing a space where the two pledge to the future

We would like to inform you that M Creative Works Co., Ltd. has opened the wedding photo studio "LUMINOUS Ginza" on June 19, 2020.


  • Thoughts of "LUMINOUS"

  • In "LUMINOUS", we opened "LUMINOUS tokyo" in Odaiba in 2018 to realize the most beautiful bride in the world, and provided "a wedding photo that cuts a scene of a movie" with 28 sets of carefully selected shots However, we have received high praise (*) from our customers so far.

    Against this backdrop, with the desire to "be able to become a bride without having a wedding ceremony. We want to provide a new space where the two can vow to the future," this time on June 19, 2020, Higashi Ginza will be fully reserved. Photo studio "LUMINOUS Ginza" will be opened.
    Not to mention leaving a high-quality album so that you can look back at the pictures you have taken many years later, we value the time and space that the bride can experience. We will deliver a new style of photo wedding, a bride experience that can only be done now, with sincerity.

  • About "LUMINOUS Ginza"
  • Like the “LUMINOUS tokyo”, the newly opened “LUMINOUS Ginza” has designed a studio so that the bride can look the most beautiful in order to shoot a special one as if one scene of a movie was cut.
    On the day of the shooting, the groom also saw the exclusive photographer who knew all about the camera position, lighting and posing that allowed the two to be the most elegant in the slow time and space that made full use of the private reservation type. I will photograph the expression of a wonderful bride who does not have any.

    The studio incorporates modern and cutting-edge elements into the traditional design of every scene, and is designed to make the bride stand out in both dresses and kimono. Also, in consideration of having the bride feel the real thing on the day of shooting, we carefully selected the materials that make up each scene, such as using plenty of real stone and wood on the walls.
    In churches with a beautiful contrast between concrete and light, or in the scene of an oriental chapel, you can also leave wedding photos.

  • A reliable shooting plan that puts the feelings of the bride and groom first. No additional charge for the item.
  • With the intention of not letting the two who have stopped shooting, such as "I do not know the final payment amount until the end of shooting", "LUMINOUS" will guide you with a shooting plan that has everything you need for shooting Doing.
    There is no need to say, "There are only a few costumes in the plan" or "I can't choose a cute dress considering the budget." You can choose any of the 130 costumes lined up in a corner of the studio. In addition, rental of accessories such as accessories and bouquets is also included in the plan, and after the shooting, the photos selected by the two will be handed out as one album.

  • Location shooting plan at a real wedding venue
  • In "LUMINOUS", in addition to wedding photos at "LUMINOUS tokyo" and "LUMINOUS Ginza",

    Due to the number of couples who have postponed or canceled their wedding due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have prepared a shooting plan at special locations such as "wedding hall" and "chapel". In addition to being able to shoot on high ceiling chapels, gorgeous banquets, and stairs, you can also leave pictures of a real wedding hall, such as the entrance scene of the bride and groom.
    Continuing with “LUMINOUS”, we will look into the style of weddings adapted to the after-corona era, explore new wedding photo styles that will make the wedding experience more bride-like, and make customers happy and smile. Will be realized.

    * We have received a very high degree of satisfaction from customer surveys and reviews on the portal site,
    Photorait, a portal site specializing in wedding photo services, has earned a word-of-mouth satisfaction of 4.3 (maximum 5 points).

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