“Wagyu beef at home” service that delivers the taste of famous yakiniku restaurants to the yakiniku fans nationwide with peace of mind and safety!

A project to support the Wagyu industry by Wagyu freaks who fell in love with Wagyu and ate around the country. We are pleased to announce the start of the "Home Wagyu" service where you can enjoy the taste of a famous Yakiniku restaurant.

Japanese beef at home

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, all people involved in Japanese beef, such as restaurants, wholesalers, and producers, are greatly affected. Above all, restaurants have been forced to refrain from business activities and leave for business, and even after the declaration of an emergency, they continue to work to prevent infections and continue to operate while taking out, delivering, and crowdfunding.

If this situation lasts for a long time, earning income like Before Corona will be tough and will cause significant financial damage. Although consumer demand for mail order in Corona has increased sharply, in addition to various permits (sozai manufacturing, meat selling, tsukemono manufacturing, etc.) , New capital investment, packing material procurement, purchasing/inventory risk, sales site production and promotion activities, etc. will cause new labor and cost, so it will not be easy.

In order to solve this problem, in the "Home Wagyu" project, looking at the With Corona and After Corona era, in order for the yakiniku restaurant to obtain stable profits other than store operations, in cooperation with the meat sales business operator, We will jointly develop a yakiniku set using the carefully packed sauce of the yakiniku restaurant, using Japanese black beef that is cultivated by producers all over Japan. A yakiniku restaurant that participates in "Wagyu at Beef" stores by outsourcing to "Wagyu at Beef" all operations related to the legal compliance required for mail order meat sales and purchasing and inventory risk You can concentrate on sales and generate new revenue by minimizing the hassle and cost of starting meat mail order sales. Also, products planned, developed and manufactured by the store (curry, stew, stewed noodles, cold noodles, etc.) can be sold through "Wagyu at Home".

Inter Table Co., Ltd. will be in charge of site management and sales, and sales will start sequentially from July through the "Ouchi de Wagyu" website and Instagram.

Website: https://ouchidewagyu.stores.jp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ouchi_de_wagyu

Wagyu product image at home

<Future development>
The "Home Wagyu" project aims to provide constant support to the Wagyu industry. Not limited to yakiniku restaurants, we will develop products with restaurants and companies that handle Japanese beef nationwide. In addition, utilizing this scheme, we will promote tie-ups with meat dealers nationwide and plan product sales at famous stores nationwide. We will deliver the products of the famous Yakiniku restaurant handled by "Wagyu at home" safely and safely to consumers nationwide without compromising the traditional taste and brand.

We will widely spread the charm of famous yakiniku restaurants to fans of yakiniku nationwide, promote the distribution of wagyu by creating consumer purchasing opportunities, and lead to the constant support of the wagyu industry including producers. ..

<Wagyu at the restaurant, famous yakiniku restaurant>
・Yakiniku Kunimoto Main Store, Yakiniku Kunimoto New Building: Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo<br /> A well-known restaurant loved by enthusiastic BBQ lovers in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo. You can enjoy yakiniku with a special sauce that brings out the good taste and richness of nationally famous brands of beef and draws out the goodness of each part with the accumulated technology and brings out the taste of the finished material through trial and error. ..

・Yakiniku Ginza Kobau: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo <br /> Yakiniku, which is luxuriously refined with the finest Japanese black beef carefully selected by the producers, serves a variety of customers at Ginza, which is lined with high-class restaurants in Tokyo I'm groaning. Homemade sauce that balances the aroma and sweetness of Japanese black beef is also excellent.

・Yakiniku Shimizu: Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo <br /> Despite being a place called Fudomae Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line, it is a well-known store in the downtown area where lovers of yakiniku gather every day. I thoroughly insisted on the stocking, and the sauce that has been improved for many years to bring out the taste of the Japanese black beef stocked, these combinations completed the best yakiniku.

・Yakiniku Sudo Haruyoshi: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture <br /> A well-known store that became independent in Kyushu after training at the famous “Yakiniku Kunimoto” store in Tokyo. The special sauce made by adding originality to the finished sauce and expanding the taste of Japanese black beef will teach you the deliciousness of Yakiniku.

<Cooperation: Meat seller>
Yoshizawa Livestock Co., Ltd.
Founded in the 13th year of Taisho. Yoshizawa Livestock Co., Ltd., which is also a wholesaler of Tokyo meat market (Tokyo designated middle wholesaler 1090), which is the best Japanese beef market in Japan, has Matsusaka beef that is particular about not only meat quality and fat, but also pedigree and breeding method. Yoshizawa's conspicuous Japanese black beef is dropped from the brand's beef, and it is cut, commercialized, stored, and shipped in the best condition. Our own cutting factory in the market performs process management based on SQF (food safety system) and HACCP management method, and carries out production activities in accordance with the guidelines of the Food Sanitation Act. We deliver only safe and secure products that meet our voluntary inspection standards to our customers.

* In “Watashi Wagyu”, we will continue to increase the number of yakiniku restaurants that we can participate in and the meat sales business that we can cooperate with.

<What is the Japanese beef project at home>
Sincerely loved Wagyu for a long time, he ate around shops all over Japan every day for a long time, and a member who knew all about Wagyu became the founder, and to support the Wagyu industry suffering from coronal erosion, he has the same aspirations It consists of industry, advertising/marketing, and meat sales specialists. While making full use of each person's knowledge, experience, and personal connections, we will develop the latest marketing activities. At the "Wagyu Summit" held online in May this year, a total of more than 6,000 participants gathered and became a topic.

Katsuomi Koike (meat fool): https://www.instagram.com/bms12_nmnl/
Born as the eldest son of a fishmonger in Yokohama, but the days of grilling meat without inheriting the family business. Since I was a child, curry rice, pork cutlet, and any menu day I grew up in a home where fish such as sashimi and grilled fish always went up to the table, so I ask you to go to yakiniku once or twice a month. It was. Currently, I eat Japanese beef around yakiniku five times a week, more than 250 times a year, and on holidays, I continue to visit local yakiniku restaurants and producers. His books include "Meat Stupid: Shueisha", "Wagyu ◯◯ Koike-san: Shueisha", "the WAGYU BOOK: Jitsugyo no Nihonsha", Tabelog Magazine, Web Media Reading Thailand. In addition, he has a lot of results on the media, such as "Shakueri 007" and "People who "liked" that person.

Hiroki Tan (Tokyo Meat Report): https://www.instagram.com/tokyo_wagyu_report/
I am deeply impressed with the deliciousness of Japanese beef. The lightness of the footwork is outstanding because the roasted meat is enjoyed five times a week. Not only famous stores but also new pioneering stores that do not even have information are aggressively attacked. Recently, I moved to my favorite yakiniku restaurant. Utilizing his abundant overseas experience, he will provide information on Japanese beef not only domestically but also overseas, and will also support inbound demand at yakiniku restaurants. Also involved in developing menus for popular yakiniku restaurants. Recently, I'm interested in visiting local yakiniku restaurants and breeding and distributing Japanese beef. In order to let more people know the charm of Wagyu, he presides over a carnivorous website & Instagram "Tokyo Meat Report" that pursues delicious meat. The “Meat Comprehensive Summary!” report, which is issued at the end of each year, is widely used by yakiniku fans as a trend indicator in the yakiniku industry for that year, and there are many interviews from various media.

Yakinik Freak: https://www.instagram.com/yakinikufreak/
Perhaps because of the reaction to the youth era before beef liberalization (1991), "When you grow up, eat as much delicious meat as you like at a yakiniku restaurant." "Sukiyaki meat is not pork but beef." Dreams of the time. Now that I've grown up, my dream has come true and I'm living in a store where I can eat as much meat as I want. From the shock I received at Kahama Staminaen in Adachi-ku, which I ate while I was a student, I started to eat and walk around. Acquired sommelier, tofu master, international tofu master and sake evangelist ® from a reflection that did not succeed to the family liquor store. While offering rice wine, rice harvesting, sake brewing, planning various sake events, managing overseas sake competitions, developing sake apps, and collecting sake liquor coverage, we propose a marriage of yakiniku and sake.

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