Put a wish on the stars… Tanabata 8 star sweets

From Wednesday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 7 / Daimaru Tokyo store basement, the first floor cheek town

It will be Tanabata soon. Daimaru Tokyo's Hoppe Town is lined with romantic sweets inspired by the night sky of Tanabata. We will introduce seasonal star sweets such as oysters that imitate the stars, chocolates with scattered stars, and Japanese sweets that express the star's bridge.

Bale chocolate with the image of the Tanabata night sky and colorful stars scattered on it.
<Belle Amer> Palais Chocolate Milky Way 1 sheet 291 yen/basement

A renewal product with a variety of large and small star oysters.
The can is designed with the starry sky of Tanabata floating in the city of Tokyo.
<Akasaka Kakiyama> Star whisper 7 bags 1,620 yen / 1st floor

A limited edition mini rose with star-shaped lemon chocolate for this season only.
<Message de Rose> Mini Rose Etoile 66g 1,728 yen / 1st floor

Tanabata is expressed as a sweet snack. "Orihime" and "Tanabata" are kirioko Ogura with a perfect mix of "Milky Way" and fertilizer.
<Shiose> Tanabata Kamishi confectionery for each 486 yen / the first floor
(Milky Way)



On the Danish cream cheese cake, I drew the design of the Milky Way and the shining stars with white chocolate powder.
<Morozoff> Tanabata Danish cream cheese cake (Milky Way) 1,080 yen / 1st floor *7/4 (Sat)-7 (Tue)

Layer yogurt mousse with blue Hawaii jelly and topped with fruit.
Contains star-shaped nata de coco.
<Kyobashi Senbikiya> Tanabata jelly 648 yen/basement

A cute mini Doyaki with a branding with the motif of Tanabata.
<Seigetsudo main store> Tanabata limited mini dorayaki 4 pieces 648 yen / 1st floor

Assorted oysters with soy sauce and nori seaweed, and okaki with sugar, which is refreshingly scented by Shikwasa.
<Ginza Akebono> Tanabata Okaki 432 yen / 1st floor