NEW SUMMER STYLE 2020 in Ginza Mitsukoshi

■August 5th (Wednesday) to 25th (Tuesday), 2020 ■Ginza Mitsukoshi floors

At Ginza Mitsukoshi, we will propose a summer style that will make you feel "safe, fun, and comfortable" from August 5th (Wednesday) to 25th (Tuesday), 2020. In the environment surrounding the world these days, this summer is likely to spend more time at home. In the meantime, we will introduce items that respond to the request of "I want to enjoy holidays", not only for fulfilling time with family, but also for enjoying yourself and relaxing time.

  • [Beautiful and unique to me at home]
  • "Easy care at home! ]
    <Yaman> A new custom before makeup that you want to start right now.
    A hands-free wearable facial device dedicated to the "lower half of the face" that strengthens beauty. While performing lift care*, you can simultaneously perform three different approaches: "lift," "stimulate," and "release." * Physically lifting and taking care of skin by wearing beauty equipment.

    Medilift 27,500 yen □ New Building B1 Ginza Cosmetics World/Yaman

    "Be like me at a remote drinking party with sync"

    <YUKAKO YOSHINO> Perfect background for remote drinking!
    The colorful and vibrant works of painter Yukiko Yoshino brighten the room. A gorgeous world in which creatures and muted characters that are expressed by combining vivid colors and various patterns are the main characters. By all means, decorate it in your room to enhance its presence as a background for remote drinking.

    "Tropical" F4, mixed media 154,000 yen

    □Main building 7F gallery
    *Period: August 19th (Wednesday) to 25th (Tuesday) <closing at 6:00 pm on the last day>, -Fun Dream Land- Yukiko Yoshino Painting Exhibition. The artist is scheduled to visit the exhibition from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm all day.
    *Schedule may change due to circumstances.

    "Change the mood with accessories. ]
    <VANDOME BOUTIQUE> For a spicy summer outfit.
    Large-sized accessories with a strong presence make a fashionable point for a minimalist summer coordination.
    The natural texture and color contrast create an elegant style. Also for remote drinking!

    a.Pierce / earring 16,500 yen / Parts: Buffalo, synthetic resin Hardware: Alloy
    b. Necklace 17,600 yen / Motif: Buffalo, synthetic resin String: Polyester □ Main building 1st floor Brand miscellaneous goods

    "Slow down on the morning of the holiday. ]

    <BALMUDA> Boil hot water in a stylish kettle and start the morning.
    Nowadays synonymous with fashionable appliances <Balmuda>. The small, beautiful electric kettle features a perfect size that does not take up storage space, and the shape of the nozzle and handle that are particular about pouring. The narrow mouth is also ideal for coffee drip.

    Bermuda the pot 12,100 yen 269×128×170mm 0.6L
    □Main Building 7F Remix Style/Kitchen Goods

    “Enjoy lunch with seasonal bellamping. ]
    <Marumi Pork> Enjoy Bacon with your favorite thickness <br /> Miyazaki Brand Pork Certified Marumi Pork is well-received by people of all ages because it is meat that is fatty and has no odor. I will. It is recommended to cut the hanging bacon made of such Marumi pork to the desired thickness and grill it.

    Marumi pork hanging bacon 400g 2,496 yen □ Promotion space on the 3rd basement floor of the main building *Sales period: August 1 (Sat)-October 6 (Tue) *The image is an image.

    "When a child goes to bed, enjoy the time of an adult. ]
    <SUGAHARA> A toast with a glass of clouds in the sky!
    <sghr Sugahara> deals with glass products with the concept of adding color to users' lives and making people feel like they are approaching. Enjoy a delicious beer while admiring the bubbles in the glass, like a cloud in the sky, at night time only for adults.

    Cloud beer glass 2,750 yen 95/80×130H 400ml
    □Main building 7th floor remix style/Western tableware

    *All prices include tax. Standard tax rate (10%) and reduced tax rate (8%) are mixed.