Special storage 7 years aged umeshu overcoming the problems of barrel aged umeshu “The CHOYA FROM THE BARREL 2012” online shop August 11th (Tuesday) at 9:00 am

1,000 limited sale!

Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd. will be offering the authentic umeshu “The CHOYA FROM THE BARREL” Vintage 2012 (plum production year) and Bottled in 2019.12 (bottled year.month) from Tuesday, August 11, 2020. It will be sold in the online shop Choyaan in a limited quantity of 1,000.

A rich, rich Kishu-produced Minamitaka Umehara liquor, which has been aged for 3 years or more in a dedicated plum wine tank, is aged for 4 years in a roasting French oak barrel. It is a very valuable authentic plum wine aged for a total of 7 years. Because the special long-term storage type umeshu is difficult to manage and the production volume is limited, we started test sales as a product for exclusive use in overseas markets such as limited duty-free shops from 2016, 2017 International Spirits Challenge (ISC) Gold Award We have won high praise overseas such as winning awards. This time, while the future of the overseas market is uncertain due to the influence of coronavirus infection, only the current warehouse will be sold only at the online shop. Please try special plum wine at this opportunity. (*Only glasses are sold at "The CHOYA Ginza BAR".)

  • Overcoming the problems of barrel-aged plum wine

  • The problem with barrel-aged plum wine was that the taste and aroma of plum lose the impact of the barrel and spoil the taste of plum wine. Therefore, Choya has conducted repeated research to balance the original taste of plum wine with the characteristics of barrels, and uses 1.5 times the amount of plums produced in homes to ensure that they are not affected by external influences such as "light", "heat" and "air". We arrived at the solution of barrel-aging Kishu Minamitaka Umeshu, which had been aged for more than 3 years in a specially designed tank dedicated to Umeshu.
    Founded in 1914 as a grape farmer, Choya, who produced wine and brandy, has developed the techniques of barrel storage and barrel aging that have been cultivated today.

  • Aged in French oak barrels made by a long-established manufacturer with a history of 350 years in Cognac
  • Brandy's highest peak Cognac in France We used barrels from a manufacturer with a tradition of over 350 years. The oak which was particular about France is dried naturally, and only the oak that passed the inspection for pollutants etc. is made into a barrel by a skilled Cooper. French oak charcoal of the same material was used luxuriously for the barrel baking process. Choya refers to aging in a dedicated tank for umeshu as "still aging". Plum liquor that has been "still aged" for three years is aged for another four years in a French oak barrel with a proven track record for aging this cognac. It was.

  • A taste that has been acclaimed at world-class fairs
  • The original fragrance of French oak imparted to the rich sweet scent, the smoky momentary stimulation. It has a mellow and mild acidity with a solid color. A deep and long-lasting finish woven by the blessings of Kishu's land and the warmth of wood. This well-balanced taste won the ISC Gold Award and was selected as Japan's first liqueur producer of the year.

    The package uses a black bottle that expresses the aging environment. The label incorporates the tone of grapes in the image of the technology cultivated in wine and brandy. The gift box comes in a smooth-feeling paper tube that expresses the mouthfeel, making it an ideal gift.

    Choya pursues the new possibilities of ume with the slogan "Todoke, the power of ume." and delivers the splendor of ume to people all over the world so that they can live healthy and happy days.


    ■Product and sales overview

    Product Name: "The CHOYA FROM THE BARREL 2012"

    Alcohol: 15%
    Name: Liqueur classification: Real plum wine content: 700ml
    Ingredient name: plum (100% of Nanshu ume produced in Kishu), sugar, spirit price: 5,000 yen (excluding tax) Free shipping Sales quantity: 1,000 pieces *First come first served basis. It ends as soon as it disappears.
    Expected Release Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
    Sale place: Official online shop "Choyaan" shop
    URL: https://www.choya-an.jp/page/60

    ■Company name<br />Name: Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd. established: June 1962 Capital: 28 million yen Representative: President Shigehiro Kondou
    Business Activities: Manufacture and sale of plum wine and plum-related products Location: 160-1 Komagaya, Habikino-shi, Osaka 583-0841
    Main sales destinations: National liquor wholesalers, Western countries, Southeast Asia, etc. Websites: https://www.choya.jp

    ■Contact information <br /> Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd.
    TEL: 072-956-0515 (Representative)