[GINZA SIX] Papubbure x Osamu Watanabe Top artists create works with candy

~ Osamu Watanabe's work is on GINZA SIX ~

"Papabubble", which aims to be "the most interesting candy store in the world," will start an art exhibition in collaboration with Osamu Watanabe at the Candy Art Museum by PAPABUBBLE in GINZA SIX from Thursday, October 8, 2020. Did.

As one of the attempts to become the most interesting candy store in the world, a project to create art works by top artists. The third is a collaboration with Osamu Watanabe, who uses fake sweets decorations to create sweets that are the most familiar and happy memories of his life.

This time, we will exhibit Osamu Watanabe's work and sell collaborative candy with Osamu Watanabe.

・ Osamu Watanabe's work

Collaboration candy is on sale in limited quantities (550 yen including tax). Please check it out along with your work.

■ Osamu Watanabe

As a leading person who sublimated the technology of sweets deco into art, many solo exhibitions have been held overseas, and they have been featured in "Tokyo Kawaii TV" (NHK) and "Tetsuko's Room Special" (TV Asahi). , Attracting attention.

Fake sweets works, which are full of cuteness and elegance, are collected in various museums in Japan, including the Ohara Museum of Art. The sweets exhibition held at the Nagoya City Science Museum in 2019 recorded 70,000 visitors.
Cooperation: gallery UG

[Date and time]

Date: October 8th (Thursday) to December 20th (Sunday), 2020

Hours: 10: 30-20: 30 (* Same as GINZA SIX business hours)

Location: Candy Art Museum by PAPABUBBLE / 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo B2F

[What is Candy Art Museum by PAPABUBBLE]

From July 1, 2019, "PAPA BUBBLE" will continue to be "the most interesting candy store in the world" even after expanding to more than 30 cities around the world. The GINZA SIX store has been reopened as "Candy Art Museum by PAPABUBBLE".

The only store that mainly sells art works is the Papubbure store that operates in more than 30 cities around the world. Even if other brands are included, it will be a rare concept shop in the world.