The water yokan season has arrived again this year! The Fukui Antenna Shop will hold a “Water Yokan Fair” until November 30th!

-Fukui Prefecture's proud winter tradition "Mizuyokan" is lined up in Tokyo-

Fukui Prefecture Antenna Shop Aoyama store "Fukui Minami Aoyama 291" and Ginza store "Food Mart Fukuikan" from November 1st (Sun) to November 30th (Mon), of well-established and popular stores in Fukui Prefecture We are holding a "Water Yokan Fair" where you can enjoy water yokan while you are in Tokyo.

At the "Mizuyokan Fair", people who are refraining from traveling or returning home due to the influence of the new coronavirus will be able to enjoy the charm of Fukui's winter tradition "Mizuyokan" in Tokyo, which is the season of this year. In Fukui Prefecture, there are "<Egawa> Mizuyokan", a taste that represents Fukui with many fans, and "<Sweet shop Maruoka family> Mizuyokan" that utilizes fine white sugar and brown sugar from Okinawa and Haterumajima. In addition to the typical water yokan from well-established and popular stores, we also have sake that you can enjoy pairing with water yokan.

Water Yokan Fair

■ Fukui's winter tradition "Mizuyokan"

・ Reason for eating water yokan in winter

"Water yokan is something you eat in winter." It is a unique food culture unique to Fukui that surprises people outside the prefecture.

Fukui's water yokan has a low sugar content, so it cannot be preserved, and it quickly rots at room temperature and summer temperatures. In Fukui's climate, the room temperature rarely falls below freezing even in winter, and the sunshine hours are short in winter when it is surrounded by cloudy skies, so the corridors and porch served as a natural refrigerator. For that reason, it is said that the cold winter season has become the "season" of water yokan in Fukui (there are various theories).

Fukui's water yokan is characterized by its softness and freshness, but it is easily damaged and could not be eaten outside Fukui prefecture. Nowadays, the sales of vacuum containers have started from the one-sheet flow of paper boxes, and the chances of getting Fukui water yokan have increased nationwide. However, Fukui's water yokan is still a limited edition only in winter.

Water yokan (1)

Water yokan (2)

Water yokan (3)

・ Fukui water yokan that is fun to eat and compare

There are differences in the ingredients and finish of each shop, but the manufacturing method is the same as for general kneaded yokan, which is made by solidifying sugar and bean paste with agar. By reducing the amount of sugar, the sweetness is further suppressed, and by reducing the amount of agar, the taste is smooth and light.

The main ingredients are red bean paste, agar, sugar and simple. There are differences in sugar depending on the store, such as white sugar, granulated sugar, sardine sugar, brown sugar, and blending them, and the shade, flavor, and taste of water yokan are also different. In addition, the thickness of the water yokan varies from store to store, and Fukui's water yokan is a gem that you can feel the particularity of each store.

The names of water yokan differ depending on the area of Fukui prefecture, such as "water yokan" and "apprentice yokan", and their flavors and tastes are also unique to each region and shop.

・ Fukui's water yokan, which is becoming more popular year by year

Water yokan is known nationwide as a cool confectionery to eat in the summer, but in Fukui prefecture, it is customary to enter a kotatsu and eat it in a cold state during the cold season when it snows.

The popularity of Fukui's water yokan is increasing year by year, and the combined sales of water yokan from Fukui Prefecture Antenna Shop Aoyama store "Fukui Minami Aoyama 291" and Ginza store "Food Mart Fukuikan" are from 2017 to 2019. Sales have more than doubled in the past two years, and now in winter, it is so popular that many people visit the Fukui Prefecture Antenna Shop in search of Fukui's water yokan.

■ Overview of Fukui Prefecture Antenna Shop "Mizuyokan Fair"

This year's season has arrived, and you can enjoy Fukui's winter tradition "Mizuyokan" in Tokyo for a month (even after the fair, water yokan will be on sale until March). Fukui's water yokan is characterized by its softness and sweetness that melts with plenty of water. It is a famous winter confectionery in Fukui prefecture that is particular about sweetness, color, hardness, and packaging for each store. At the fair, in addition to the well-established and popular water yokan in Fukui prefecture, we also have sake that you can enjoy pairing with water yokan.

<Egawa> Water yokan

<Sweet shop Maruoka family> Water yokan

<Mamen Shoeidou> Water Yokan

[Holding period] November 1st (Sun) -November 30th (Mon), 2020

[Venue] Fukui Prefecture Antenna Shop Aoyama Store "Fukui Minami Aoyama 291", Ginza Store "Food Mart Fukuikan"

[Main products]

* 3 to 5 types of water yokan are always sold while being replaced.

(1) <Egawa> Water yokan 620 yen (tax included), large 850 yen (tax included)
It is made by adding carefully selected red bean paste, agar, and high-quality brown sugar from Okinawa to the sardines. There are many fans inside and outside the prefecture.

(2) <Strauss Kinshindo> Water Yokan 620 yen (tax included)
Elegant sweetness using Sanon Tou. It is fresh and has a soft texture that melts when you put it in your mouth.

(3) <Iseya> Apprentice Yokan 720 yen (tax included)
Wakasa Obama's famous water "Unjosui" is used. No brown sugar is used and the sweetness is modest. A warm texture recommended for bean paste lovers.

(4) <Confectionery Anmaya> Apprentice Yokan 620 yen (tax included)
The flavor of azuki beans is alive because it is made from our proud homemade bean paste. It has a refreshing sweetness and a soft texture.

(5) <Okukoshi Kaan Yamauchi> Decchi Yokan 650 yen (tax included)
Famous water village, Echizen Ono water and flavorful bean paste. A refreshing taste that emphasizes the goodness of water while feeling the sweetness and richness of brown sugar.

(6) <Kubota Confectionery> Water Yokan 620 yen (tax included)
A unique blend of three types of sugar, including brown sugar from Okinawa. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a delicate sweetness.

(7) <Fujiundo> One-sheet sink water yokan 620 yen (tax included)
Using plenty of brown sugar from Hateruma Island, Okinawa, it has a gentle taste with a low sweetness while giving a rich flavor.

(8) <Japanese sweets shop Kikusudo> Decchi Yokan 620 yen (tax included)
Uses Uriwari's famous water. The flavor of red beans from Hokkaido, the refreshing sweetness of white sugar, and the moist and neat taste.

(9) <Sweet shop Maruoka family> Water yokan 620 yen (tax included)
While making good use of fine white sugar and brown sugar from Hateruma Island, Okinawa, it has a neat and clean sweetness. A smooth throat.

(10) <Mochi Tanakaya> Water Yokan 650 yen (tax included)
The sweetness is refreshing, and the aroma of brown sugar and azuki beans is abundant afterwards. Fresh and slightly soft texture.

(11) <Mamen Shoeidou> Water Yokan 620 yen (tax included)
The scent brought out by domestic ingredients in the flavor of brown sugar that worked well. A soft texture with a nice throat.

(12) <Tajima Sake Brewery> Fukuchitoseyama Abandoned Junmai Daiginjo Water Yokan Label (300ml) 1,000 yen (tax included)
It has a fluffy scent, and when combined with water yokan in the mouth, it synchronizes and enhances the taste.

(13) <Ipponyoshi> Raw sake brewing (300ml) 533 yen (tax included)
You can enjoy harmony in the afterglow while refreshing the sweetness.

■ About Fukui Antenna Shop

Fukui Prefecture is surrounded by the magnificent Sea of Japan and fertile land.
A number of traditional crafts backed by history, delicious water and delicious ingredients grown in the abundant mountains.
We will deliver the charm of Fukui that you can enjoy with your eyes, taste with your tongue, and make your heart happy.

Fukui Prefecture Antenna Shop (left) Aoyama store "Fukui Minami Aoyama 291" (right) Ginza store "Food Mart Fukuikan"

1, Aoyama store "Fukui Minami Aoyama 291" (5-4-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Grasseria Aoyama)


We display and sell various crafts such as food and local sake, which Fukui Prefecture, which ranks first in Japan in the happiness ranking by prefecture, and the frame of eyeglasses, which boasts the highest production in Japan.
On the 1st floor, there is a restaurant "Fukui, Watchtower" operated by a long-established inn in Fukui prefecture. You can taste "delicious Fukui". In addition, we have set up a tourist information corner and a special exhibition corner to disseminate information on Fukui Prefecture and provide business support to companies in the prefecture.

2, Ginza store "Food Mart Fukuikan" (Ginza West Building 1F, 1-3-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)


"Food Mart Fukuikan" is a restaurant specializing in delicious "food" in Fukui Prefecture.
At 291 we have delicious tastes including items that are not available.
Equipped with an eat-in counter, you can enjoy the seasonal taste of freshly made Fukui.

■ Fukui Antenna Shop Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

At the Fukui Antenna Shop, we are making efforts with consideration for the health and safety of our customers and staff. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

・ What we are working on for safety
(1) Staff are obliged to wear masks.
(2) We have canceled the tasting / tasting (including paid) service, and removed some testers and exhibition samples.
(3) Workshops and events will be canceled for the time being.
(4) We will provide simple customer service with short-term guidance. In addition, it may not be possible to check because it will be a long-term customer service.

・ What I would like to ask customers
(1) Please come to the store wearing a mask.
(2) When lining up at the cash register, please wait before and after.
(3) Please let us know your payment method (cash, credit card, mobile payment).
(4) Money will be exchanged on the tray.