Take out at Ginza Sony Park and have a little fun at home

Enjoy at all store takeouts! Enjoy popular food at home and at work. There are also virtual walks of "# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" and online contents such as "Tetsu GAKU" that enhances intelligence!

From the experimental park Ginza Sony Park in the city, this time, you can enjoy Ginza Sony Park at home, take-out information on food / drinks at each store, "# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)", etc. We will inform you about the online contents of.

* Notice of partial suspension of events and shortening of store business hours due to the declaration of emergency is posted at the end of the sentence.

・ You can take out Japanese tea that has been carefully selected and sweets from "MAISON / tomette", which is a hot topic in France! / Selling chocolate created in collaboration with Minimal " GEN GEN AN Phantom "

・ Start of "House de Bussankan" where you can buy ingredients from all over Japan at Ginza stores online! " Kamapan & Friends "

・ Enjoy the taste of the East Coast of the United States and fast seafood at takeout! " Seafool "

・ "ÉCRU. GINZA" where you can take home coffee beans and baked goods and enjoy the taste of " ÉCRU. GINZA " at home.

・ Tetsuo Nakanishi's continuous course "Tetsu GAKU" -Understanding theories in various fields such as brain science, pianist, mathematics, and architecture, and verbalizing them. Increase intelligence at home time.

・ "Park Live" -In addition to live distribution, live archives of artists related to King Gnu and millennium parade are also enriched.

・ "# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON-Let's experience the world view online while staying at home / The much-requested "GNU-MILLE TAPE" will be on sale online from February 1st.

■ Shop & Eat information

GEN GEN AN illusion

"NEW GREEN TEA CHOCOLATE" born in collaboration with Minimal

Under the theme of "green tea" to eat, in order to confine the bitterness, umami, sweetness and lingering blueness of green tea in chocolate, "NEW GREEN" took about two years with Minimal, the pioneer of Japanese Bean to Bar. TEA CHOCOLATE "has been developed. GEN GEN AN Phantom is in charge of adjusting the tea leaves themselves, and Minimal is in charge of balancing the golden ratio of the best cacao butter and recipe that makes the best use of the tea leaves, and one of the ideal taste and quality that is convincing with the insatiable spirit of both sides I have prepared a sheet.
It will be on sale from February 2, 2021 (Tuesday).

NEW GREEN TEA CHOCOLATE 1,728 yen (tax included)

You can take out Japanese tea that has been carefully selected and food that goes well with the tea!

You can take out the carefully selected Japanese tea and the food that goes well with the tea. The food for "GEN GEN AN Phantom" was developed by the team at the Paris restaurant "MAISON" led by Chef Sota Atsumi, who won the highest award bistro award in the French restaurant guide "Le Fooding". Among them, pita bread is a reproduction of the recipe when Chef Atsumi prepared meals for medical professionals who faced this corona disaster in Paris.

Today's meat and herb pita bread & tea 1,500 yen (tax included)

[GEN GEN AN illusion]
・ Sales floor: B1 / B1F ・ Business hours: 12: 00-19: 00 * Business hours will be shortened until February 7, 2021 (Sun) ・ Regular holidays: Mondays (closed on the following Tuesday if it is a national holiday) )
・ URL: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/gengenan
・ Instagram: @ gen2an

Kamapan & Friends <Natural Bussankan>

You can enjoy the feeling of traveling while staying at home! We sell foods from all over Japan!

We sell "small-scale production" additive-free foods that are eaten daily in various parts of Japan and are hard to find in major supermarkets. We offer "usual bread" and "seasonal Kamiyama loaf" made in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, and breads from all over Japan that can only be purchased in each region on a daily basis. Please enjoy the tastes of various parts of Japan at home time.

Also on sale on the 2nd basement floor. Please feel free to drop by when you return from Ginza. Facing the concourse of Ginza Subway Station, it is easily accessible and you can shop in the cold.

Direct production, daily change! An array of breads from all over Japan that can only be found in rural areas!

・ Bakery Shiomi (Yoyogi, Tokyo): Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Kamapan (Tokushima, Kamiyama): Every other Thursday, every Saturday, grain koku (Iwate, Morioka): Every other Thursday, Akihiwa (Kanagawa, Manazuru): Every week Friday / Tokushima (Okinawa / Kitanakagusuku Village): Every Sunday * The arrival date of bread is subject to change.

"Home and Bussankan" has started, where you can purchase ingredients that are popular in various places online!

For those who will spend more time at home, "Home de Bussankan" will start from the end of January 2021 (scheduled), where you can purchase ingredients gathered at Kamapan & Friends <Natural Bussankan> online. A Kamapan & Friends corner will be set up on the online site of the Food Hub Project, and products gathered in Ginza will be available for purchase as "Furusato no Bussan Friends Set". https://foodhub.shop-pro.jp/

Kamapan & Friends corner starts at Chuo FM "Hello! Radio City"!

In the live broadcast program "Hello! Radio City" of Chuo FM (84.0MHz), a community radio station in Chuo Ward, a corner called "Kamapan & Friends' Direct Production Every from Ginza Sony Park" will start on Wednesday, January 20th. Every week from Wednesday to Friday, we will introduce the arrival information of vegetables, foods, seasonings, beverages, etc. and recommended products. In addition, the manager of Yuge will appear every other week to connect with producers all over Japan remotely, and deliver seasonal topics and the passion of the producers.
The program can be listened to from ListenRadio http://listenradio.jp/ all over Japan if there is an internet environment other than Chuo Ward.

Central FM "Hello! Radio City"
Broadcast time: 12: 00-13: 00, 18: 00-19: 00 (rebroadcast)
Program HP: http://fm840.jp/blog/hello/

[Kamapan & Friends <Natural Bussankan>]
・ Sales floor: B3 / B3 floor ・ Business hours: 12: 00-19: 00
* Business hours will be shortened until February 7, 2021. ・ Regular holidays: Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), closed days ・ URL: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/kamapanandfriends
・ Online store "Ouchi de Bussankan" * Scheduled to start at the end of January 2021: https://foodhub.shop-pro.jp/
・ Instagram: @kamapan_and_friends

* Some products such as deli, sandwiches, and soft serve ice cream will be suspended until February 7, 2021 (Sun).


Take out and enjoy the taste of the East Coast of the United States at home!

All items such as fish burgers, seafood tacos, fried calamari and other rare "seafood fast food" in Japan and seafood plates incorporating seasonal ingredients can be taken out!

Clam chowder, which is perfect for the cold season, is also popular. It is also recommended to have a rich New York style soup and rice together. In addition, French fries are made by cutting and fried potatoes from Hokkaido every day, and the outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy, making it a very satisfying dish.

Fish burger 680 yen Fish tacos 390 yen ~
Fried squid 650 yen Clam chowder 550 yen Fish burger combo 1,200 yen
Seafool plate 1,000 yen ~
* All tax excluded

Commitment to Seafool materials that are kind to people who are particular about ingredients

From the desire to meet the increasing demand of young people who choose not to eat meat in recent years, fried batter is made without dairy products and eggs, tartar sauce is also made with soy milk base, and taco ingredients are grand mushrooms. We are particular about the material in many hoods, such as substituting with.

・ Sales floor: B4 / 4th basement floor ・ Business hours: 11: 30-19: 30 (LO 19:00) * Business hours will be shortened until February 7, 2021 (Sun) ・ Regular holidays: Open daily (closed) Excluding days)
・ URL: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/seafool
・ Instagram: @seafool_gsp


A stand where you can drink coffee and wine from day to night

The specialty coffee offered at "ÉCRU. GINZA" is a limited edition "GINZA BLEND" that has a single farm and a single variety with a blend of different roasts to create a taste. Natural wines are selected and offered one by one.

"ÉCRU. GINZA" is a place where you can easily drink your favorite wine or coffee in the middle of Ginza. A place where people who spend their time in the city of Ginza can easily drop in, such as going out from the store and having fun on the ground floor, taking out to the workplace, refreshing during work or shopping, drinking before and after meals, etc. I hope to become.

If you bring back coffee beans and baked goods, you can enjoy the taste of ÉCRU at home!

ÉCRU. GINZA sells coffee beans and drip bag coffee so that you can enjoy coffee at home. We also sell sweets such as cookies, so you can feel like a cafe at home.

Coffee beans (130g) 1,300 yen, drip bag coffee 200 yen per piece,
Espresso syrup 2,600 yen, spice syrup 1,800 yen Coffee cookie 250 yen, cheese cookie 280 yen * All tax included

Seasonal non-alcoholic cocktails are now on sale!

Seasonal winter non-alcoholic cocktail "Rose Merlot" is now available as a new menu. Two types of roses cultivated without pesticides, several types of botanicals, and non-alcoholic gin made from the spring water at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake are combined with the merlot grape juice used for red wine. Please enjoy the adult feminine non-alcoholic cocktail (Moctel) with a high-quality taste and gorgeous roses.

Rose Merlot 650 yen (tax included)

・ Sales floor: GL / ground floor ・ Business period: 11: 00-20: 00 * Alcohol will be served until 19:00 until February 7, 2021 ・ Floor: GL / ground floor ・ Regular holiday : Open daily / URL: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/ecruginza
・ Online store: https://ecruginza.thebase.in/
・ Instagram: @ecru_ginza

■ Activities information

Tetsuo Nakanishi's continuous course Park College "Tetsu GAKU"

Performers from various different industries and Tetsuo Nakanishi verbalize and unravel the theory

"Tetsu GAKU" is a sports journalist and personal coach Tetsuo Nakanishi acting as MC. On the 14th of every month, Tetsuo Nakanishi, who is a personal coach of Takefusa Kubo, one of Japan's leading soccer players, will be a guest of experts in various fields such as pianist, brain science, mathematics, music, cooking, architecture, temples and shrines. This is a course to greet and verbalize the secrets of the achievements, and at the same time to further update the soccer technology theory "Nakanishi Method", which was originally constructed by taking inspiration from different industries and Japanese culture.

You can see the "Tetsu GAKU" delivered so far in a video archive and a transcript by sports writer Kei Totsuka. Please enjoy it as content that enhances intelligence at home time.

Park Live

In addition to live distribution, the archive of live distribution in the past is also substantial.

Park Live, which has been directing "accidental encounters with music" every Friday night, is now moving online and continuing to provide music enjoyment to everyone.

Live videos by Shuntaro Tsuneta, Sonoko Muraoka, Kento Nagatsuka, ermhoi, including Ayatake Ezaki, who is also a member of millennium parade, which has been played over 100,000 times, including Park Live linked to "# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" Twelve archives have already been released. Please enjoy the live at home time.

From 20:00 on January 22nd (Friday), Park Live by AFRICAN TECHNOPOLICE (Satoshi Yoshida feat. Takuya Kuroda). This time, in addition to Satoshi Yoshida and Takuya Kuroda, players who are active in Japan and overseas will participate. We will also deliver a special session unique to this member.

Performers: AFRICAN TECHNOPOLICE (Satoshi Yoshida feat. Takuya Kuroda)
Date: January 22, 2021 (Friday) 20: 00-
Fee: Free, no advance reservation required
YouTube: https://youtube.com/ginzasonypark/
Instagram: @ginzasonypark
Hashtag: #parklive #ginzasonypark

"# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON

Let's experience the world view of "Numire Park (tentative)" while staying at home online.

"# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON has been temporarily suspended until February 7 (Sun) following the issuance of the state of emergency. It's a pain to everyone who was looking forward to it, but the image of the linked Park Live, which is being distributed online, the "Virtual Tour" where you can walk around "Numire Park (tentative)" on a virtual basis, and a scene from a music video. Please enjoy "AR Filter".

Park Live:
Virtual Tour:
AR filter:

Virtual Tour AR filter

The much-requested "GNU-MILLE TAPE" will be available online from February 1st.

"GNU-MILLE TAPE", which has been used in various places in "Numire Park (tentative)" and has received many requests for commercialization from those who have experienced it, will be available from 20:00 on February 1st (Monday). It will be sold in advance at the online store. Why don't you put it on your room, arrange your smartphone case or notebook, and add a little "Numire Park (provisional)" to your daily life?

<GNU-MILLE TAPE Product Details> * The image is for illustrative purposes only. Product Name: GNU-MILLE TAPE
Scheduled to be sold: February 1st (Monday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2021
* Purchase up to 2 for each color (4 in total)
Sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
Price: 1,100 yen (tax included)
Size: width 48mm x length 45m
Color: Yellow / Black (2 types)

Online store https://www.official-store.jp/kgmp/

<Program Overview>
Title: "# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON
Date: -Sunday, February 28, 2021
* Closed until February 7th (Sun) Holding time: 11: 00-19: 00
Venue: Ginza Sony Park
Fee: Free admission (advance reservation required)
Special site: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/gnu-millepark/
SNS: @ginzasonypark Hashtag: #Numire Park #ginzasonypark

■ Notice of partial suspension of events and shortening of store business hours due to the declaration of emergency

Ginza Sony Park has been working to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus, but this time, following the issuance of a state of emergency from the government, until February 7 (Sun), "# 014 Noumire Park (Tentative) ”DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON has been suspended. In addition, we will shorten the business hours and alcohol serving time of each store as follows. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. In addition, each store supports takeout, so please use it together.

Target period- Sunday, February 7, 2021

For customers who have made a reservation for "# 014 Noumire Park (tentative)" during the suspension period
All reservations made by February 7th (Sun) will be cancelled. There is no transfer date, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but please make a new admission reservation from the reservation page of the special site. Advance admission reservations are accepted until February 28 (Sun), the last day of the session.

Business hours of each store ÉCRU. GINZA: 12: 00-20: 00 * Alcohol is served until 19:00
GEN GEN AN Phantom: 12: 00-19: 00 Regular holiday Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday)
Kamapan & Friends <Natural Bussankan>: 12: 00-19: 00 Regular holiday Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday)
Seafool: 11: 30-19: 30 * Food and alcohol will be served until 19:00

It may be reviewed as appropriate depending on the situation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Ginza Sony Park Official Website / SNS Account
Web: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: @ginzasonypark #ginzasonypark #Ginza Sony Park

Efforts to prevent infection and requests to customers <br /> In order to protect the health and safety of customers and staff, we are implementing infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in the park. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please check here for details.