Notice of opening of “Biosebon GINZA SIX store” -First store in Ginza area!

Biosebon Japon Co., Ltd. will open a store on April 29th (Thursday) at GINZA SIX, one of the largest commercial facilities in the Ginza area.

To commemorate the renewal of the facility and the 4th anniversary, we will release a limited number of GINZA SIX store-limited flavors of the popular "Vanvlit" organic chocolate since its launch. We also have many other recommended items for souvenirs.

Taking advantage of our experience in various locations, we aim to become an organic supermarket that local customers can easily use on a daily basis.

《GINZA SIX 4th Anniversary & Renewal Memorial! 》
Limited to GINZA SIX stores! A limited number of organic hammer chocolates are on sale.

Handmade organic chocolate "Van Vrit" is a brand that Chocolatier from Amsterdam started in 2015 in Ehime prefecture. In Kanto, it is sold only in Biosebon.
In commemoration of the anniversary and renewal of the GINZA SIX store, a limited-edition hammer chocolate based on gold will be released. Beautifully studded dried fruits are pleasing to the eye, chocolate is perfect as a reward or gift for yourself.
We also have other recommended items for souvenirs.

▲ GINZA SIX store limited hammer chocolate / price: undecided * The image is for illustrative purposes only.

▲ Seasonal product Hammer chocolate (strawberry, dark milk) 160g (length and width 15cm> / Price: 1,944 yen each (tax included)
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<< Open commemoration! 》 Release of limited quantity HAPPY BAG

In commemoration of the opening of the GINZA SIX store, we will sell a limited quantity of HAPPY BAG, which is an assortment of popular directly imported items in Biosebon. There are 18 items, mainly items that can only be found in Biosebon, such as the organic vegetable milk "Isolabio", which is also popular on SNS, and the casual spice cake "Vondelmoren", which can be freely arranged.

□ Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

Popular by weight at all Biosebon stores

This is a popular corner where you can purchase your favorite amount (from 20g) of dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, granola, etc. We have been using paper bags since the store opened, contributing to the reduction of plastic packaging materials. In addition, customers can purchase as much as they like, which leads to reduction of food loss.

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■ Store overview

[23rd store]
Name: "Biosebon GINZA SIX store"
Location: 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Opening date: April 29, 2021 (Thursday)
Business hours: 10:30 to 20:30 (planned) * Business hours are subject to change.
Sales floor area: 25.80 tsubo Parking lot: Yes (Please use the GINZA SIX parking lot.)
Bicycle parking lot: Yes (Please use the GINZA SIX bicycle parking lot.)
Eat-in space: None

■ What we aim for

We want more people to experience the deliciousness of organic products carefully cultivated by producers and the enjoyment of living with organic products. That is why, with the motto of "casual prices that can be used every day," we emphasize dialogue with each and every customer and aim to be a familiar store that you can enjoy casually. I would like to change the concept of organic in Japan, such as for those who are particular about it or for special people, and it seems to be good for the body but difficult to use on a daily basis.