Artist Ben Mori’s solo exhibition “BEN MORI EXHIBITION ATLANTIC PACIFIC” will be held at Ginza Mitsukoshi! Exhibition and sale of works that have a fashionable sense, overwhelming power, and beauty.

■ Session: Wednesday, March 3 to Tuesday, March 9 * Until 6:00 pm on the last day
■ Venue: Main Building 7th Floor Gallery

The "BEN MORI EXHIBITION ATLANTIC PACIFIC" exhibition will be held from March 3, 2021 (Wednesday) at the 7th floor gallery of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building. Ben Mori, whose grandmother is world-famous fashion designer Hanae Mori, grew up surrounded by art and fashion from an early age. Paintings with original pointillism to shake off all current oppression, American (American) series and Japanese (Japanese / Oriental) series works. Ben Mori, who inherits the bloodlines of the United States and Japan, will present the ocean of his works as a bridge. Enjoy a unique world that is dynamic and beautiful like stained glass.

・ USA (USA) series

<New / First exhibition> Jungle 2021 Mixed media (Size: 1120x1620mm) 11,000,000 yen (tax included)

In the frame that seems to be trimming a small part of the deep and large jungle, while making you feel the real humidity, the rhythm and luster that goes beyond the reality unique to Ben Mori's art. It is a whole body work that stimulates the viewer's five senses with a sense of color. Plants and animals play a blissful harmony in Ben Mori's jungle.

<New / First Exhibition> Native American 2021 Mixed media (Size: 1000x803mm) 3,300,000 yen (tax included)

A continuous monotone like wrinkles deeply carved in the profile. The philosophical look of the experienced Native Americans conveys a strong belief that is not just wild. However, it is a masterpiece with a multifaceted concept that fascinates the viewer as an artistic icon rather than a serious one, with the heavy theme of the motif being beautifully repeated only in monotone.

・ Japanese (Japanese / Oriental) series

Blue Lion 2019 Mixed media (Size: 1120 x 1455 mm) 7,700,000 yen (tax included)

A blue lion that gives a glare. A mane that reminds me of Kabuki Renjishi, which is a traditional Japanese culture for some reason while being modern. While feeling nervous about the noble appearance of a messenger from heaven, bright butterflies are playing and transmitting a mysterious and peaceful power. The king of blue beasts who has the power to ward off evil spirits. It is also a symbolic work from Takami.

Ninja riding a bat 2020 Mixed media (size: 1167 x 910 mm) 4,400,000 yen (tax included)

A ninja who is now gaining worldwide popularity. A surrealistic reproduction of the dark historical existence that made a leap forward as a spy during the Warring States period. Surprisingly, in the Orient, bats ("Komori" and "Komori"), which are said to be auspicious when they settle in a house, are followed to draw a beauty technique that shakes off evil and brings in good fortune.

・ US & Japanese fusion series

Life artwork by Ben Mori himself (Japanese father and American mother). It is a milestone (indicative work) that I regularly produce (especially crocodile and snake) as my trademark in the past 10 years of career.

<New / First exhibition> Snake vs Crocodile 2021 Mixed media (Size: 1167 x 910 mm) 4,400,000 yen (tax included)

A notched reptile motif that creates an original three-dimensional pointillism used by Ben Mori. The latest work with the essence of Moriben, where the crocodile and snake are intertwined, which is the origin. Even though it is a flat surface, it has a sense of presence that pops out with depth. At first glance, the horrifying battle of beasts shines like a jewel with sharpened techniques and individual dots (3D paint). It shines as an extremely ugly and beautiful art piece that you will never see in everyday life.

・ Ben Mori Profile

Born in Tokyo. He has a Japanese father and an American mother. Enrolled in RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and majored in graphic design. After graduating, he returned to Japan and started working as a fashion designer / artist. In recent years, he has focused on artist activities. In 2015-2016, he was selected as the main contract artist of the art gallery run by the Sezon Museum of Modern Art. Participated in many domestic and international art fairs. (2020.12 ARTKYOTO 2020 (Kyoto National Museum) 2020.7 BEN MORI FREEDOM Exhibition (MDP Gallery Kamakura)) My paternal grandmother is fashion designer Hanae Mori. My sisters are fashion model talents Izumi Mori, Yuki Mori, and model Hikari Mori. The second and second son of five siblings.

・ Venue overview

"BEN MORI EXHIBITION ATLANTIC PACIFIC" Exhibition period: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 to Tuesday, March 9, 2021 * Until 6:00 pm on the last day Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 7th Floor Gallery Address: 4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo -6-16
TEL: 03-3562-1111 (main representative)
Business hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (for the time being)

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* Admission may be restricted from the perspective of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.
* Business days and hours are subject to change due to various circumstances.
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