Soccer items from all over the world gather in Ginza! Experience football culture with fashion, art and music “GINZA FOOTBALL MARKET” starts on April 16th (Friday)

Linked projects such as rapper in-d's Park Live and Tetsuo Nakanishi's virtual soccer class will also be held | 2021 April 16th (Friday) -May 16th (Sunday) 11: 00-19: 00 #GINZAFOOTBALLMARKET

Ginza Sony Park will hold an event "GINZA FOOTBALL MARKET" in April 2021 where you can experience the various charms of soccer through fashion, art and music with SHUKYU Magazine, which sends out football culture rooted in everyday life. It started on the 16th (Friday).

In countries where football is pervasive, football is rooted in everyday life, with local teams cheering on stadiums, street football playing in the city, and wearing uniforms in everyday wear. "GINZA FOOTBALL MARKET" is from the perspective of fashion, art, and music in order to review how to enjoy football culture and discover new attractions in an environment where it is difficult to come into contact with soccer itself, including watching games at the stadium due to the corona. We will hold activities that cut out football culture.

During the event, fashion items, uniforms, magazines, etc. by football magazines and communities around the world will be on sale. In addition, we will hold workshops to customize your own uniforms using original patches and sheets created by creators exclusively for this event (free of charge). You can also customize the uniforms and T-shirts you brought from home.

When you come to Ginza, please experience the charm of soccer expressed in various cultures.

In addition, rapper in-d will appear on April 23, 2021 (Friday) as a linked project with "Park Live", which provides accidental encounters with music through live distribution of YouTube and Instagram by Ginza Sony Park. plans. In addition, Tetsuo Nakanishi, a sports journalist and personal coach of Japan's top players such as Takefusa Kubo, will also hold an online live distribution of a "virtual soccer class" for parents and children who enjoy soccer. Please enjoy the linked project of online distribution.

Comments from SHUKYU Magazine

Soccer, which is loved by people all over the world, has a great influence not only on sports but also on society and culture. I think there are many people who have realized this again in the Corona disaster. In addition, there are many ways to enjoy soccer besides playing and watching games. "GINZA FOOTBALL MARKET" is an event where you can experience the new charm of soccer. Discover the many possibilities of football through this event.


Period: April 16th (Friday) -May 16th (Sunday), 2021 11: 00-19: 00
Location: Ginza Sony Park (B1 / B1F)
Collaborator: SHUKYU Magazine

* There will be no EC sales of POP-UP STORE products during the exhibition period.
Some magazines can be purchased at existing online stores.
* We are implementing infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in the park. With the understanding and cooperation of our customers
Thank you.

  • Activity overview

Selling football items around the world

Selling football-related items from football magazines and communities around the world. A wide range of football items such as apparel such as uniforms and totes, miscellaneous goods, and magazines are collected.

Customize used clothing uniforms with original patches

With the cooperation of Avery Dennison, who handles J-League and Premier League numbers, we will hold a workshop to customize your own uniforms and T-shirts using SHUKYU Magazine's original patches and sheets. .. We have more than 30 types of limited edition patches specially created by creators for this time. You can customize it whether you bring it from your home or purchase it at the venue. Bring new life to your uniform by engraving the experience of "GINZA FOOTBALL MARKET" and new football memories with the original patch.

Experience the valuable opportunity to customize your uniform with Avery Dennison's original patches. (Participation fee and original patch are free)

■ Interlocking project: in-d Park Live

Rapper in-d appears in the live distribution content "Park Live" that offers accidental encounters with music that is a bit different from live houses and clubs. Enjoy a live performance only for this day by in-d who enjoys football in various forms such as play and fashion with a background of spending a football-centered lifestyle.

Date: April 23, 2021 (Friday) 21: 00-
Fee: Free
URL: YouTube:
Instagram: @ginzasonypark
Hashtag: #parklive #ginzasonypark

in-d profile
A member and rapper of THE OTOGIBANASHI'S, Creative Drug Store. Born in 1993. Formed a high school group and released two albums and a mini-album as a solo. 2013 Released THE OTOGIBANASHI'S “TOY BOX”. 2015 THE OTOGIBANASHI ”S“ BUSINESS CLASS ”released. 2017 Independently produced mini album“ d / o / s ”released. In 2019, full-scale solo activities started. EP“ indoor ”was released in May. Released. EP “outdoor” was released in July 2020, and EP “input” was released in August.

■ Interlocking project: Tetsuo Nakanishi's virtual soccer class IN THE PARK <Tetsu GAKU special edition>
Let's learn the soccer method "Nakanishi Method" practiced by Takefusa Kubo and others who are active in the world with parents and children!

2021 "Tetsuo Nakanishi's Virtual Soccer Class IN THE PARK", which teaches the "Nakanishi Method" to parents and children who enjoy soccer, as a special edition of the series "Tetsu GAKU" in which Tetsuo Nakanishi, a sports journalist and personal coach, serves as MC It will be held live on May 5, 2014 (Wednesday / holiday) on the official YouTube channel of Ginza Sony Park.

The "Nakanishi Method" is a soccer technology theory originally constructed by Tetsuo Nakanishi, and has been put into practice by top Japanese players such as Takefusa Kubo and Takuhiro Nakai who are currently active in Spain, Yuto Nagatomo, and Yuki Nagasato. It is attracting attention as a method that is being used.

This is a valuable opportunity for Tetsuo Nakanishi to directly teach the "Nakanishi Method" to parents and children nationwide who are enthusiastic about soccer, saying "I want to improve soccer, I want it to improve". There is also a corner where you can respond to individual consultations from viewers, so please watch and participate.

Date: May 5, 2021 (Wednesday / holiday) 13: 00-15: 00 (planned)
Venue: Live stream from Ginza Sony Park on official YouTube channel Cast: Tetsuo Nakanishi (sports journalist / personal coach)
Fee: Free

* Limited 5 pairs of parents and children will experience Tetsuo Nakanishi's personal clinic directly at Ginza Sony Park on the day of May 5th. For details, please see the following URL.

  • About Ginza Sony Park

Ginza Sony Park inherited the concept of "a facility open to the city" from the beginning of the former Sony Building, and opened on August 9, 2018 for a limited time before rebuilding the Sony Building. It is an "experimental park that keeps changing" in the city, where various events and live programs that make you feel surprised and playful throughout the year are held, and it becomes a "vertical three-dimensional park" with an atrium in the basement. I am. The park will be open until the end of September 2021. After that, rebuilding work will proceed, and in 2025, the final form of "Ginza Sony Park" will be completed.

Ginza Sony Park Official Website / SNS Account

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Efforts to prevent infection and requests to customers

In order to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff, we are implementing infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in the park. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

・ Please cooperate with the body temperature measurement at the time of event reception. Those with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher may be refused admission.
・ Please wear a mask in the park.
・ Please refrain from entering the park if you have a fever or feel unwell.
・ Please cooperate with hand sanitizer at the time of admission.
・ Please cooperate in securing the space between customers.
・ Please use at intervals in the elevator or escalator.

・ Install your rubbing alcohol.
・ The hand dryer in the toilet is stopped.
-Strengthen disinfection and ventilation of areas with frequent contact such as handrails and doorknobs.
・ Staff will wear masks, measure temperature before going to work, gargle frequently, wash hands, and disinfect hands.